Clashes have broken out between #Armenia and #Azerbaijan in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, with at least one Azerbaijani helicopter shot down.…
Have a listen to the @PopularFrontCO episode on the region.…
Also, recently we did an episode on the tension between #Armenia and #Azerbaijan proper. Have a listen to these two if you need a primer on what’s going on.…
The authorities in #NagornoKarabakh / #Artsakh have announced a “total military mobilisation" of the male population. This is a big deal, not just the usual border skirmishes. Image
Footage realised by #Armenia showing burning Azerbaijani military vehicles.
Armenian tanks moving through the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh.
More footage of Azerbaijani military vehicles hit on the Nagorno-Karabakh / Artsakh border.
Ten military casualties reported already.
Turkish state media already on the ground in #Azerbaijan. Shells landed close to them.
Azerbaijan state media having a normal one this morning.
Absolutely. This is why this isn’t just a small deal—whilst many have never heard of Nagorno-Karabakh, they will get to know far and wide if the war gets hotter. It pulls in many other countries.
Reports that Turkish backed militias from Syria have been sent to #Azerbaijan. If you see anything else about this please ping me. Seems unbelievable, yet it also doesn’t.
Last week it was the Kurds and the Greeks.
You’ve seen the Azerbaijani Eurovision style war song, now have the Armenian orthodox priest with a rifle.
Men in #NagornoKarabakh / #Artsakh singing a patriotic song as they volunteer to fight against #Azerbaijan.
#Armenia has released the names of 16 of their soldiers who were killed today. Look how young many of them were. Image
Clashes all over the region. Image
Reports that #Azerbaijan has taken Fuzuli city.

(Sorry to use a Bozkurt as a source but generally they have decent intel on the situation from the Azeri side due to their regime being completely involved in the assault)
Turkish drone engineer Selcuk Bayraktar tweeting about #Turkey’s use of his Bayraktar military drones within the #Azerbaijan conflict, quoting a video that shows the drones hitting #Armenia positions in #NagornoKrabakh / #Artsakh.
#Azerbaijan Ministry of Defence: “We will fight to destroy the enemy completely.” Image
Young children allegedly killed by Armenian shelling.
Armenian ATGM strike on Azerbaijani positions. Reports of several killed.
The Fight For Nagorno-Karabakh: Documenting Losses on The Sides Of Armenia and Azerbaijan…
New footage of #Azerbaijan’s drone strikes on military vehicles belonging to #Armenia.
The troops were killed in artillery fire after. Apparently the ATGM missed. (Thanks @Rebel44CZ)
The fighting in #NagornoKarabakh / #Artsakh is spread out over so many positions. Very hard to see this simmering down quickly now.
Azerbaijan anarchist Giyas Ibrahimov has been arrested for speaking out against the state’s assault on N-K.
#Armenia has released the names of 84 soldiers killed in just under two days.
I’ve been skeptical about the claims Turkish backed mercenaries from Syria have been sent to Azerbaijan to fight—the evidence is flimsy. Aymenn has excellent sources in that part of Syria though, so this is looking more and more possible.
N-K / Artsakh forces on the frontline: “The most important thing is that we have spirit. There’s nothing to be afraid of...”
Russian MiGs seen flying over the capital of #Armenia today.
If you’re wondering what the fuck is going on in #NagornoKarabakh / #Artsakh, have a listen to the episode we did about the region with @AramShabanian. Explains the history behind the fighting.…
Also, have a listen to the episode we did recently with @Richard_RSC about how it was only a matter of time before things kicked off in a big way between #Armenia and #Azerbaijan.…
#Azerbaijan has attacked #Armenia proper—as in they’ve not just hit the contested area of #NagornoKarabakh / #Artsakh now, they’re actually striking the borders of the Armenian republic. This is a huge escalation.
Be very wary of claims like this. Whilst there is evidence that Turkey has sent some of its Syrian mercenaries (some of them jihadist if it is the units claimed) to Azerbaijan, there is no proof yet that its definitely true. Hold out for more info.…
(Yes, the video of fighters claimed to be Syrian mercenaries has been geo-located to being on the Azeri side of the N-K border, but we still don’t know who the fighters were. They haven’t been identified. They could just be Azeri troops.)
More footage from the frontlines in #NagornoKarabakh / #Artsakh.
More footage from the frontlines in #NagornoKarabakh / #Artsakh.
More claims that #Turkey is sending its mercenaries from #Syria to fight alongside #Azerbaijan against #Armenia.

(If this is proven completely, I hope journalists finally stop referring to Turkish backed auxiliaries as “the rebels”)…
#Armenia has released footage showing troops of #Azerbaijan fleeing sniper fire. This is getting very ugly very quickly.
If you were under any illusion of what will happen to the people of #NagornoKarabakh if #Azerbaijan takes it...
Intense shelling on the Armenian frontline in #NagornoKarabakh / #Artsakh. (Via Bars Media)
Reports of Azeri drone strikes on Stepanakert, the capital of #NagornoKarabakh / #Artsakh.
Brutal (censored) footage released by #Armenia showing evidence of many killed #Azerbaijan soldiers.
Cross border fighting in #NagornoKarabakh counties.
New Kamaz trucks moving across the border into #Armenia from #Iran.
Another Armenian tanks destroyed by an Azeri drone.
Turkish backed mercenary (apparently an “honest man” who fought alongside the militias committing horrific war crimes in Afrin) from #Syria confirmed killed fighting in #Azerbaijan.
Worth reading this piece from last year in regards to the Turkish drones used by #Azerbaijan to strike #Armenia.…
French journalists hit by #Azerbaijan. Some serious injuries.
Azeri suicide drone hitting what is allegedly an Armenian troop transport bus.
Rockets fired at a drone flying very close to #Yerevan, capital of #Armenia.
#Azerbaijan has struck a bridge in the middle of the day in #NagornoKarabakh as civilians drive by.
French reporter @allankaval is still in a bad way. He’s received surgery in Stepanakert. I met Allan in Silopi in 2015 covering the Kurdish uprising. Good guy. Really hope he pulls through.
More tanks destroyed on the battlefield. The age of tanks is over I think.
The bombing of Stepanakert.…
#Azerbaijan showcases advance weapons sold to them by #Israel whilst showing them off in insane war pop video.…
"The deployment of 1,000 Syrian fighters working for a private Turkish security firm, as well as Ankara’s outspoken support for Azerbaijan in the worst fighting between the two neighbours since 1994, confirms Turkey’s rise as a regional power..."…
Aftermath of attacks by #Azerbaijan on urban areas full of civilians in #Stepanakert, #NagornoKarabakh.
Amazing photo taken of volunteers fighting for #NagornoKarabakh.

(Anyone know who the photographer is?) Image
New @PopularFrontCO podcast episode out now: We speak to @ArtyomTonoyan about the serious clashes between #Armenia and #Azerbaijan over #NagornoKarabakh


> Image
Anti-war Statement of Azerbaijani Leftist Youth
Turkish backed Syrian mercenary in #Azerbaijan talking about shelling from #Armenia. He is a member of the the Syrian militia Hamza Division according to Elizabeth Tsurkov. Hamza Division is a group known to disappear women and loot homes in Afrin.
More footage of Turkish backed Syrian mercenaries fighting inside #Azerbaijan. They even mention #Armenia in this one.
These are apparently the positions of some of the Turkish backed Syrian mercenaries inside #Azerbaijan. (Via Aldin) Image
Bodies of Turkish backed Syrian mercenaries sent back to #Syria after being killed on the battlefield whilst fighting alongside #Azerbaijan against #Armenia.
#Azerbaijan is playing footage of drone strikes on #Armenia positions on their public advertising boards in the capital city of Baku.
Azerbaijan’s foreign ministry says one civilian has been killed and four wounded in an Armenian rocket attack on the Azerbaijani city of Ganja.…
Footage of #Azerbaijan shelling on capital of #NagornoKarabakh. Some are saying this shows evidence of cluster munitions.
Completely indiscriminate Azeri shelling of civilian areas in Stepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh.
Interesting... @HikmetHajiyev, the #Azerbaijan President’s assistant, deleted this tweet after it appeared to have a man wearing fatigues and a Turkish neo-fascist Grey Wolves paramilitary patch in Ganja in Azerbaijan. ImageImageImage
(I didn’t clock this by the way, a friend just sent it me. It’s legit. Tag whoever found this if you know.)
Narrowing supply route getting hit. If the Azeris cut that thin area off in a pincer movement, Nagorno-Karabakh will be completely surrounded immediately.
This is the tenth day of fighting between #Armenia and #Azerbaijan for #NagornoKarabakh.

(Ten days of brutal conflict and yet media coverage is small and many are still saying the "threat" of war looms whilst war has already arrived.)…
I don’t think it’s a stretch to translate this as: “There will be no ceasefire.”

Turkey living out its attacks on Armenia through Azerbaijan.
A pro-war celebration through an Armenian area in #Istanbul. Says it all.
Regarding the "intercepted" (clearly fake) "PKK is sending gerilla to Armenia to help them" nonsense that Azerbaijan is currently being told to speak about by Turkey.
Good piece from the #Armenia side showing the aftermath of indiscriminate bombing by #Azerbaijan, filmed by the excellent @gabriel_chaim.…
More bombing of urban civilian areas of Stepanakert. This was filmed by Bars Media (reliable) on the 4th.
Several cities hit by Armenian rockets also.
"Local residents have been gathering in shelters to escape the violence, distraught over continued strikes on the city."…
We've got a hattrick. EU, UN, and NATO all "concerned" (NATO "deeply" so) about the war between #Armenia and #Azerbaijan. ImageImageImage
Shells fall as “mediation” takes place.
.@iamcardib posts something in support of Armenians due to the war between #Armenia and #Azerbaijan. She’s then forced to apologise by an Azeri twitter mob.

Cardi should’ve listened to Popular Front:…

#NagornoKarabakh: A church has been shelled by #Azerbaijan. Saint Ghzanchetsots is wrecked.

Images of the destruction of the church from the inside. ImageImageImageImage
The UN says #NagornoKarabakh belongs to Azerbaijan (although so what?), but is what the people attacking the region want to do to Armenians.
Turkey backed jihadist leader in occupied Afrin, #Syria telling fighters that the fight in #Azerbaijan is part of their battle, invoking full sectarianism.
A 63-year-old woman killed by Armenian shelling.
A journalist is seriously wounded after #Azerbaijan shelled the church today.…
Azeri forces have taken some stretches of land inside #NagornoKarabakh.

• • •

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Today is a good day.

RIP Pavlos🌹 Image
Fuck Golden Dawn: Greece Golden Dawn Neo-Nazi leaders guilty of running crime gang…
The moment in #Athens when the Golden Dawn verdict was in.
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Four years ago I made a doc in Malmö about the gang violence. Trust me, it was too big to ignore then. It's outright negligible that the government has let it carry on till now.…
The problem with gang violence in Sweden is largely a mixture of the government pushing immigrant populations into a ghetto and ignoring them, under-resourced police, and overtly lenient laws when it comes to organised criminal violence.
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Police on the ground are saying that they think three officers were shot. At least one is confirmed but two more is what cops there are saying.
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Personally I don’t believe there is a single political entity you can vote for that will properly help the working class in the UK, but otherwise this is spot on. East Midlands lad too ✌🏻.
Don’t know the source of this by the way. My mate sent me it this morning. Some saying it was a Momentum ad—Momentum is a fucking joke. Either way though, focus on the message. Still stands.
FAO Americans focusing on his fucking polo shirt instead of what he’s saying:
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Last night widespread anti-police-violence clashes took place across #Colombia after police tasered a man to death in the street. Police responded by using live rounds on protester, killing several already.
Police firing on protesters.
There are reports of several police stations being burned to the ground. ImageImageImage
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A fiction film about the rise and fall of the Conspiracy of Cells Fire, directed by David Fincher, starring Edgar Ramírez and Sameena Jabeen Ahmed. Death Grips and Saint Pepsi on the sound track.
Opening scene: 🎵 Giving Bad People Good Ideas is playing in the background as a young man and woman do their first small scale bank robbery “for the cause”. They fuck up the getaway car as they can’t drive properly then get out and have to leg it. Laughing as they run etc.
(Actual film is more about young romanticism of direct action than it is terrorism as such, and then the perpetual spiral into more and more nihilistic ideas until they’re all in prison or dead. Chaotic romance between the two young militants is lynchpin too. Emo af on the sly.)
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