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Auch in der #Ukraine häufen sich beunruhigende Vorzeichen.
Hochrangige ukrainische Beamte erklärten teils offen, dass Kiew bis zum Ende des Jahres eine Militärlösung für den Donbass-Konflikt finden will.
Hinzu kommen massive Waffenkäufe und Truppenmanöver.
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Gleich auf verschiedenen Ebenen häufen sich in den letzten Wochen die Hinweise, dass die #Ukraine eine neue Offensive im Donbass starten könnte.
So erklärte Vertreter des ukr.Sicherheitsrates Danilow, dass am 9. Dezember der sogenannte "Plan A" für den Donbass ausläuft.
Als "Plan A" galt eine politisch-diplomatische Lösung des Konfliktes.
"Plan B" wäre dementsprechend eine Militärlösung.
Danilow erklärte, der Sicherheitsrat bereite eine "Entscheidung zum Donbass" vor.
Die Situation an der Front könne sich "jederzeit verschlechtern".
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On Nov. 25, #Armenia handed the #Kalbajar district back to #Azerbaijan, in line with the Nov. 10 agreement, which also ended the 44-day-war in #Karabakh. Here is a THREAD
Thus a 27-year-long illegal occupation of #Kalbajar came to an end. Tens of thousands of forcibly displaced #Azerbaijani residents of Kalbajar will finally be able to return home.
The invasion and total ethnic cleansing of #Kalbajar by #Armenia in early April 1993 was one of the most crucial moments and darkest chapters in the #Armenia-#Azerbaijan conflict.
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#NagornoKarabakh: Azerbaijani forces have entered the #Kelbajar region, as part if the agreement with 🇦🇲🇷🇺.

Kelbajar is the most mountainous areas of Karabakh, the main road from #Armenia to NK #Stepanakert runs right through it. Now the Armenians only have the Lachin road
#NagornoKarabakh: earlier in the day @AFP recorded Armenian forces pulling out of #Kelbajar.

The entire districts was to be handed back to #Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 00:00 tonight
#NagornoKarabakh: This @BBCWorld report of #Stepanakert a week before the fighting ended shows the desperate situation the Armenian side was in. Hospital were overwhelmed, houses shelled to pieces.
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Here are maps (in Russian, some translated by us) of the Russian peacekeeping force deployment in #NagornoKarabkah in chronological order starting from 11 November.

Sources: Russia's Defence Ministry (unless otherwise mentioned)

#russia #armenia #azerbaijan #turkey
11 November - 1960 servicemen , 90 armoured transport vehicles, 380 support vehicles to be deployed from the 15th Motorised Aleksander Brigade.

#NagornoKarabkah #Russia #Armenia #Azerbaijan #Turkey ImageImageImageImage
12 November - 6 temporary observation posts and 3 permanent observation posts established at this point.

#NagornoKarabkah #Russia #Armenia #Azerbaijan #Turkey Image
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Standing—as I always have— alongside the #ArmenianAmerican community in New Jersey and across our country who have experienced terrible losses in recent weeks due to the devastation inflicted on the region by Azerbaijani President Aliyev, with the full support of Turkey.
We should be concerned about national security issues that would affect the United States in the Caucasus.

I have 4 steps the U.S. must take to begin a new chapter of U.S. policy in the region and right past wrongs.
1️⃣ The U.S. must lead a response to the humanitarian needs created by this violence, including robust assistance to make a difference for those on the ground.
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Putin gives an interview providing details on the situation in #NagornoKarabakh. He touches upon history and geopolitics, all the way down to the joint Turkish-Russian peacekeeping mission. Here are some highlights:

#azerbaijan #armenia #russia #turkey
Putin - "The most important thing about the ceasefire is that we stopped the bloodshed, officially around 4000 people were killed, but I believe it was even more, thousands of wounded… this isn’t a film, this is a tragedy that takes place in the life of concrete people”
MINUTE 1:00 - To understand what is happening, we must go back in time, this all started in 1988 with ethnic clashes in Sumgayit, Azerbaijan, at that time ethnic Armenians suffered, this spread to Nagorno Karabakh, and because the Soviet authorities at the time did not react...
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1/5 - Turkish parliamentarian of Azeri origen from Igdir, Sinan Oğan, briefs Azerbaijan's Ictimai TV on Turkey's decision to send troops to Azerbaijan, here are some highlights from what he said: (see thread)

#nagornokarabakh #azerbaijan #turkey #armenia

-We [Turkey's Parliament] have adopted decisions to send troops to different countries, but none were as important as this motion [decision].

-Just as we helped our brother Azerbaijan 100 years ago, we'll help them again today if needed.

Hopefully Turkish soldiers will be in #NagornoKarabkh and other parts of Azerbaijan for the peace mission to control the ceasefire regime, they will be tasked in the Russian-Turkish Monitoring centre and other areas in #Azerbaijan
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Neuer Thread zu #NagornoKarabakh :
Im nun befriedeten Konfliktgebiet beginnen die Aufräumarbeiten.
Straßen müssen von zerstörter Technik befreit, Landflächen von Blindgängern geräumt werden.
Hierfür wird zum Teil die Technik der Friedenstruppen eingesetzt, die mithelfen.
Um mit der Minenräumung schneller voranzukommen, verlegte Moskau zusätzlich zu den Friedenstruppen auch Minenräumeinheiten nach #Bergkarabach .
Es heißt, insbesondere der Lachin-Korridor, der #Armenia mit " #Artsakh " verbindet, solle möglichst schnell sicher gemacht werden
Wie schon in früheren Threads geschrieben, wurden einige Beobachtungsposten der russischen Friedenstruppen zudem bewusst neben christlichen Stätten, Kirchen und Klöstern positioniert, um sie zu sichern.
Armenische Sender verbreiteten nun Aufnahmen dazu.
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#Russia using sappers to clean up munitions along Lachin corridor linking Armenian-controlled #NagornoKarabakh with #Armenia, aiding with return of refugees/displaced persons. Crossroads to Shushi/a pictured with @ICRC vehicles. (…)

#Russia Defence Ministry releases more footage of military gunships escorting members of the peacekeeping forces from Yerevan, #Armenia to #NagornoKarabakh. More BTR armoured transports seen.

Footage from military sappers from #Russia along with accompanying vehicles making their way to #Armenia headed to #NagornoKarabakh shown earlier.

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Sorry but guess their cause of death was put down as covid? #PiatraNeampt…
Do you think they just burned #Christmas? In the typical satanic ritualistic style? #Romania #VladtheImpailer Image
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#Israel has been granted access to air bases in #Azerbaijan on #Iran's northern border, @ForeignPolicy quoted senior US officials as saying.

"The Israelis have bought an airfield," a senior US official told FP, "and the airfield is called Azerbaijan."
"The report said that the Azeri military has four abandoned, Soviet-era airfields that could be available to #Israel and four air bases for their own aircraft, quoting the International Institute for Strategic Studies' Military Balance 2011." #Azerbaijan #NagornoKarabakh
And our recent piece with @HamidRezaAz on how #Iran views the #NagornoKarabakh conflict, where we discuss the #Israel & #Turkey factors at some length: @GulfIntlForum @AnasAlQaed…
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Updates zu #NagornoKarabakh im neuen Thread 👇
Die Verlegung der Friedenstruppen in die Region dürfte mittlerweile abgeschlossen sein.
In den letzten Tagen flogen schwere Transportflugzeuge vom Typ An-124 reihenweise in den Kaukasus und brachten Technik und Menschen dahin.
(1/7) ImageImageImageImage
Einige Beobachtungsposten der russischen Friedenstruppen wurden dabei bewusst neben wichtigen christlichen Stätten, Kirchen und Klöstern aufgebaut.
So soll offensichtlich verhindert werden, dass es zu Vandalismus und Schändungen der Stätten kommt.
(2/7) ImageImageImageImage
In den Gebieten, die die #Armenians verlassen und die an #Azerbaijan übergeben werden müssen, zünden die Menschen kurz vor Abzug ihre Häuser an.
Alles, was transportierbar ist, wird mitgenommen.
Was, nicht mitgenommen werden kann, wird dem Feuer überlassen
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What is the current status of #Shushi?
Well ambiguous, according to the "agreement" it's part of #Azerbaijan, but in reality, now Russian "peacekeeping" forces entered the outskirts of the city, & surrounded by #Armenian forces, Azerbaijani forces are trapped:
Today, Az officially asked the Russian Defense Ministry to provide them with a corridor to Shushi. Russia has not responded yet. Today, General Rustam Muradov Commander of Russian peacekeepers in Artsakh met with the Pres #Artsakh which infuriated the Azerbaijani side.
(This is a de facto recognition of Artsakh authorities by the Russian side, at least for now). Moreover, Russian state media, Sputnik, published a video showing the deployment of Russian heavy artillery and BM-21 Grad MRLS in Lachin and the surrounding areas.
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#Expertopinion | Russian peacekeepers in Azerbaijan

@MMuradov3: The Second Karabakh war ended with the 10 November trilateral agreement, which stipulates deployment of 1,960 Russian peacekeeping troops within bigger part of ex-NKAO and Lachin corridor. (1/15)
This clause, which means the appearance of the Russian militaries in legitimate capacity on Azerbaijani territory for the first time since 1992 (excl. the staff of the Gabala radar station closed in 2012, which did not represent a major political issue for Azerbaijan)... (2/15)
...has received a mixed reaction in Azerbaijan which has long been taking a principled position on the presence of foreign troops. However, there has hardly been any better option right now, mainly for the following reasons. (3/15)
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♦️#Pakistan Soldiers for Sale♦️
#Turkey has been in the news lately, where it's prez is going all out to be the caliphate of #Islam. Off late #Erdogan has shown its keenness towards #Kashmir.
@desertfox61I @VsNarrative @SoldierNationF1 @AbuBakaar_29
The pugnacious leader is making statements in the #UN & hiring #Kashmiri separatists in media to tarnish #India 's global image. If we are talking about #Kashmir, #Pakistan is never behind. The closeness between Erdogan & Mr Imran Khan has been growing.
Now #Pakistan has put its air force pilots on sale, to fight for #Turkey. To understand the issue we go back in 2016 where the failed military coup d’etat in #Turkey involved several Turkish Air Force officials, including pilots & some other senior functionaries.
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Winners and losers in the Second #NagornoKarabakh War. A thread. 🧵
1/ Having largely recaptured NK, Azerbaijan has been able to resolve the one grievance that has been central to its politics - indeed, its national identity - since independence.
2/ Apart from the war itself, the re-settlement of displaced individuals over the next few years will provide the Aliyev dynasty with a virtually inexhaustible reservoir of support: its position has become unassailable in the foreseeable future.
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[THREAD] @SenMarkey issues a statement on the #NagornoKarabakh agreement.
“It is a disgrace that the United States under Trump-Pompeo leadership has once again ceded an important foreign policy matter to Russia, this time to the detriment of our Armenian friends who have been targeted, attacked, and exploited by Turkey and Azerbaijan.”
“It is a stain on this administration that they’ve allowed President Trump’s friend Erdogan to stage a land-grab in the South Caucasus and make a mockery of the OSCE Minsk process."
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🇦🇲My thoughts on situation in Armenia. The clear winner is Russia, obviously Azerbaijan will take this win in the short term – great for the spirits in the country, for Aliyev himself, but in the long run Russian military presence is a big problem.

#Armenia #NagornoKarabakh
I know not everyone will feel this way and it may be easier for me to say than for many Armenians. I’ve never lived in Armenia, but I consider myself part of Armenian diaspora, even if I’m not active in any diaspora community life. I’m not an expert. /2
I understand national trauma and self-preservation instincts can leave long lasting effects, it shapes your narratives through you upbringing, through you family stories. /3
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#BREAKING: Thousands of Armenians have come to streets of #Yerevan to protest against the decision of #Armenia's Prime Minister of #Pashinyan for handover of #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh to #Azerbaijan under pressure of #Russia. #Putin has simply traded #Armenia for #Idlib!
People of #Armenia are angry over being betrayed by #Russia & also #Armenian government. They are now protesting against the #Armenian government over handing over #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh to #Azerbaijan on order of #Russia.
Minutes ago, protesters entered the government building to find #Armenia's Prime Minister #Pashinyan.
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BREAKING - #Armenia Prime Minister signs statement handing over territories under de facto #NagornoKarabakh authorities to #Azerbaijan. Here is the text point-by-point:…
#russia #turkey
1. Full ceasefire declared starting 01:00 hours 10 November, Armenia and Azerbaijan remain in the positions they [currently] occupy
2. Aghdam region and parts of Gazakh region will be returning to Azerbaijan by 20 November.
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Terminó la guerra en #NagornoKarabakh. Pashinyán firmó un acuerdo por el que cesan los combates y la mayor parte del territorio vuelve a manos de #Azerbaiyán. Es una dura pero previsible derrota para Armenia. Image
El alto el fuego comienza esta noche. Armenia se retirará de los territorios en etapas desde el 15/11 al 1/12. La ciudad de #Shusha quedará en manos de Azerbaiyán. ImageImage
Quizás lo más importante es que Rusia enviará 2000 soldados durante 5 años con la posibilidad de ser renovado para mantener la paz. #Stepanakert queda en manos armenias y se establece una ruta para conectar la ciudad con Armenia: el corredor de Lachin. Image
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⚡️JUST IN: #Russia/n peacekeepers reported to be deployed in #NagornoKarabakh, as part of the trilateral agreement b/n #Moscow, #Armenia & #Azerbaijan.
The peacekeepers will be supported by all branches of military, including airforces, artillery, special focres & navy
#Putin-#Aliev-#Pashinyan peace agreement:
- Parties preserve their positions as fixed at the moment (Shusha under AZ control)
- #Armenia de-occupies territories around #NagornoKarabakh + part of Karabakh that #Azerbaijan took over
-ARM keeps 5 km Lachin corridor
- RU peacekeepers be deployed to the Lachin & line of contact b/n ARM & AZ in Karabakh for 5 years
+ prolongation for 5 more years if parties agree
- there'll be 1,960 RU peacekeepers w/ small arms,
90 armored fighting vehicles,
380 pieces of automotive & specialized equipment.
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1/3 - New #Armenia MoD shows UAV coordination (very likely Russian-made Orlan-10) with artillery targeting Azeri units near Karintak-Shushi/a. Apparently the 2nd video showing such a UAV during the war. (see thread)

#nagornokarabakh #azerbaijan #russia
2/3 - Comparing the screenshots below, it is probably an Orlan-10 UAV, the previous video was on 4 November(. Screen configurations a bit modified on Russian video, but overall looks similar and consistant with other open-source reports of Orlan-10 use.
3/3 - Here is a geolocation of at least one of the parts of the video, the location of the rest are inconclusive but very possibly right near it just above Karintak village.
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1/7 - Russian Mi-24 gunship shotdown over Armenia from Nakhchevan exclave in #Azerbaijan, killing 2 crew, injuring one, Azeri authorities state it was an accident. (see thread)

#nagornokarabakh #armenia #russia #turkey
2/7 - Russia Today - "The chopper went down on Monday evening as it was escorting a motorcade to the Russian military base. The aircraft was hit by a missile from a portable air-defense system, whereupon it lost control and plunged into mountainous terrain on Armenian soil" (1)
3/7 - Armenia's Ministry for Emergency Situations posted photos of the downed helicopter: Stating that it took place today (9 November) at around 18:39 hours, it was shot at above Yeraskh village and fell near the village of Paruyr Sevak. (2)…
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