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#Breaking: Clashes today between Syrian refugees and Turkish people in Esenyurt, Istanbul #Turkey, leaves at least 12 people wounded.
#Update: I am hearing from multiple sources that this was a clash between Syrian Refugees who have settled in #Istanbul and were shops owners, and the Turkish Muslim brotherhood were smashing up their shop windows. #Turkey even Turkish riot police needed to come between them.
#Update: Out of multiple local sources on the ground they say that Turkish men from the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood were harassing a young #Syrian girl. Then a few Syrians responded back to defend the girl when then the Turkish men smashed the windows of the shops and looted it.
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Just sat down to read @amnesty's new report on human rights in #Turkey. Some highlights: 57,000 detainees are currently in prison without indictment/pending trial (over 20% of the prison population) [1/5]…
At least 529 academics (including some of #Turkey's brightest minds) are charged with terrorism propaganda for signing a declaration for peace in Kurdish-majority areas. President of Turkish human rights foundation, former chair of Turkish medical association, are in prison [2/5]
Of 129,411 public sector workers dismissed since 2016 failed coup (which killed 250 people) at least 121,928 couldn't overturn their dismissal (despite government lauding a commission to correct unfair dismissals). Passports revoked, can't work in public sector, stigmatised [3/5]
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My First #Sashimi since I left #USA 4.5 Months Ago. I love (Love x Love) #Turkish food BUT I also love #Japanese #Thai #Mexican #Vietnamese Cuisines. 4.5 Months is a LONG Time to Go Without Any Other World Food! Another Reason to Visit Big City #Istanbul Once-In-A-While;-)#Turkey
Not bad- nothing really special, but for the craving will do. Using Farm-Raised salmon was the main bummer (Tasteless!!). Seaweed salad a bit too sweet- not vinegary enough. Any how ... I guess this is the best I can get in #Istanbul as far as #Japanese food goes;-)
Soooo to make the long story short, had this been a mind-blowing-Ly good eat experience, then, I would have shared with you the name of the establishment. But in this case: I won’t;-)
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I'm starting a new thread on the naẓar amulet for protection against the Evil Eye. Now, the Evil Eye and the symbolism surrounding it is a widely acknowledged and historically relevant phenomenon across many cultures, so I'm just going to focus on the blue-eyed glass talismans.
Our journey starts in ancient #Mesopotamia, where 100s of votive figures were found in the excavation of the temple of Tell Brak. The most exclusive feature of these idols were their eyes. These amulets go back to 3300 BC and are the oldest eye amulets discovered.
The Evil Eye is a common term to refer to a specific curse being cast, intentional or unintentional, by the jealous looks of others towards the success of the one they envy. The ocular amulet is than in fact the charm meant to ward off the true Evil Eye.
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1. I know with #Khashoggi murder Trump-Saudis deals are likely to garner more interest especially the fact that KSA uses Trump Hotel in DC. But the real story that @washingtonpost and @nytimes likely ignore for their own financial interest is Trump Tower in #Istanbul.
2. I am relatively certain @Trump family is receiving funds from Al-#Qaeda and possibly #ISIS affiliates there. #Turkey's allied to these groups. 2001 AUMF declared a state of war currently exists against them. Pundits wrongly say @RealDonaldTrump can't be charged with treason
3. for Russia. But there's zero argument that he can't be charged with conspiring with Al-Qaeda. @WhiteHouse, @WHNSC staff & @SenateGOP @HouseGOP who knew & didn't report to @FBIWFO can be charged too. In 2021 Dem AG should seek life without parole for treason in Florence.
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There exists some debate among Islamic scholars and historians about the engraved signet ring of the #prophet Muḥammad. The most common reading of the engraving is "Allāh Rasūl Muḥammad", while others argue that "Muḥammad Rasūl Allāh" is historically correct.
The oldest sources do indicate that the opposite of popular belief could be correct. In a ḥadīth reported by #Muslim and al-Bukhārī the Prophet says: “I have acquired a ring of silver and engraved on it Muḥammad Rasūl Allāh, and no one should have an engraving like this.”
In another ḥadīth reported by al-Bukhārī, Anas ibn Mālik says: "The engraved signet ring of the Prophet is three lines: Muḥammad on one line, Rasūl on one line and Allāh on one line."
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At the start of this story I wrote that I was SURE #Khashoggi had been told “by someone he trusted״ that it was safe to go to the Istanbul consulate. That he was observant & no fool.
Khalid told Khashoggi, a contributing columnist to The Washington Post, that he should go to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to retrieve the documents and gave him assurances that it would be safe to do so."
this is Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to the US - who then said "the reports that suggest that Jamal Khashoggi went missing in the Consulate in Istanbul or that the Kingdom’s authorities have detained him or killed him are absolutely false"
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This is Khashoggi Case False Narrative. #Khashoggi Relocated to #Turkey. He & his shady Turkish-Pakistani Partner (Arab Spring Operatives with Soros Fubding)With big $$$$$ Set Up NGO-Businesses Here. He bought a lavish flat in #Istanbul. Opened 3 hefty bank accounts. U Selling BS
How Do I Know All This You BS-Seller? I’ve been in #Turkey Reporting on #Khashoggi Case Since Day 1 via Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds (Check It Out). I have Top sources in #Turkey & within #US #Intel Community (Former & Present). And I contacted #Saudi Embassy in DC. You Selling BS
Do You Want A Documented Proof? “Who Financed & Organized the Lavish Conference #Khashoggi Attended (Flying 1st Class from #Istanbul To #London) Just a few days prior to being supposedly sliced-dicedI’m Inviting Everyone 2 Checkout this #DeepState Funded Conference 4 #Terrorists
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One of the names published by @ragipsoylu of the 15 Saudi nationals traveled to Turkey on the day @JKhashoggi disappeared, matches a Facebook profile of an officer in the Saudi special forces: Please meet Naif Hasan S. Alarifi
A poet wrote a poem for him mentioning his full name with a picture of him here:
Older photos of him
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#Khashoggi Case Thread: I am going to ‘pin’ this post to use it as an ‘Info Thread’ on the #Khashoggi Case. I am in #Turkey. I’ve been following the case closely and with access to sources & experts here. This is a very ‘sensitive’ criminal case due to ‘Diplomatic Booby Traps’!!!
The Evidence Obtained Outside Cameras will not show any evidence of ‘tempering’ but other than license plates of dozens of diplomatic cars (Many with tinted windows-large trunks) with related time stamp, drivers Info, model/year: Nothing.
#Turkish Intel-Investigative Bodies also have the list of all Diplomatic & Private Saudi & “other significant’ Planes in #Turkey for the period of ‘interest.’ Many of the Target airports have their own security cameras & related evidence.
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I have barely slept.I have been unable to stop thinking about #JamalKhashoggi. I knew him from when we both were columnists for #Saudi-owned Asharq al-Awsat b4 I was banned.We met just once, I think. But reports yest of his killing came same day as #Kavanaugh & my worlds collided
Trump has emboldened so many dictators,esp Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman.With so much attention been sucked up by US,the killing of Jamal,who wasn’t an esp outspoken critic,is sure to embolden regimes further & signal to dissidents & opponents that their harm will go unnoticed
To think that you could go to your country’s consulate to get paperwork for an upcoming wedding and be killed and dismembered because of your writing is horrific. It’s evil. And to know that the regime responsible for that has a best friend in the most powerful country in earth!
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1/ The #Saudi kidnapping of #Khashoggi reminds me of the kidnapping of #Hariri. It is meant to embarrass the other party, this time the gov of #Turkey, and provoke a diplomatic crisis. This is drug Cartel methods. It has no other goal than to assert power over the other.
2/ However, resorting to these methods to assert power in the political and international affairs sphere is always a sign of weakness and a sign of a power in crisis. #SaudiArabia
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Holy COW !!
The people of #Turkey need to take action NOW or else this madman #Erdogan will take them to Stone Age era in weeks !
“If they have dollars, we have our Allah,” says #Erdogan to the economic meltdown in #Turkey and the record devaluation of the #Turkish lira against the U.S. dollar.
The #TurkishLira has weakened to a record low. Here's what #Turkey's president might say in a speech later today. @markets
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A list of terrorist acts of the Iranian regime
Assassination Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou, the leader of the #Kurdistan Democratic party, in #Vienna, #Austria, in 1989
#ExpelIranDiplomatTerrorists #Iran
@ForeignOffice @Jeremy_Hunt @ukhomeoffice @sajidjavid @FedericaMog
A list of terrorist acts of the Iranian regime.
The assassination of Shapour Bakhtiar, the last Prime Minister of the Shah regime, in Suresnes, #France in Paris 1991
#ExpelIranDiplomatTerrorists #Iran
@ForeignOffice @Jeremy_Hunt @ukhomeoffice @sajidjavid @FedericaMog
A list of terrorist acts of the Iranian regime.
The assassination of Kazem Rajavi, NCRI member, and brother of Iranian opposition leader Massoud Rajavi, in #Coppet, #Switzerland, in 1990

@GermanyDiplo @AuswaertigesAmt @HeikoMaas @BfV_Bund @eu_eeas
@usosce @GER_OSCE
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If you are traveling to Istanbul & Antalya, or are interested in traveling, this might interest you.

1) Istanbul Card is a bliss. It costs 6 Liras and with a top-up of 15 more, it is best to get around.

2) Avoid taksi (taxis). They are exorbitant

3) If you are a museum person and are going to check out major ones then get the Fast Track pass (125 Liras). If not, just buy the regular tickets at museums/palaces you are interested in.

4) Basilica Cisterna is not a part of the above-mentioned pass.

5) As a vegetarian/vegan, tons of food options! My breakfast is usually a crunchy simit/ acma with cheese.

6) Wear jeans + Half-sleeved tee + carry a scarf for Blue Mosque. Men, tee+ jeans. Or you can get a covering skirt/covering cloth + scarf for free at the mosque

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