@claddingscanda1 Why?

Legacy concerns over security or arson risks
convenient FOI blocking strategy for an embattled @GOVUK

All of which is ridiculous when national enforcement registers are a) required by law to be in the public domain
b) list full details

cfoa.org.uk/11823 ImageImageImageImage
@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK Given the sensitivity of this subject matter here are some useful links signposted to allow more informed positions.

Here’s an informative article from @kentfirerescue on enforcement policy & key enforcement considerations.

@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue All statutory enforcement agencies are bounded by legislation & a clear regulators code.

Primary legislation- Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006

Secondary The Legislative and Regulatory Reform (Regulatory Functions) Order 2007 (as amended)

@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue Planning enforcement is interesting as trees, newts and bats appear to have more protection than families impacted by a #buildingsafetycrisis

@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue An authority responsible for enforcing the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, is required by law (the Environment and Safety Information Act 1988) to maintain a public register which gives some information about these notices.

derbys-fire.gov.uk/safety/busines… Image
@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue National Enforcement Register hosted on the National Fire Chiefs Council website on behalf of all fire authorities. This provides a single point of contact to view notices served, either on an authority by authority basis, or nationally (England & Wales)

@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue Stitching this thread together with pervious posts when this erupted

@claddingscanda1 isn’t the first project to map U.K. Towerblocks - there’s a number of campaign or academic studies.

Here’s one of the longer standing ones post #RonanPointDisaster
@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue As international comparison the Australian - Victoria Cladding Audit which commenced in 2015 #LacrosseFire (2014)

Post #Grenfell Approach under leadership of @TedBaillieu is far more independent, transparent & robust vs @mhclg sector lead #EWS1 or LA Deltasx2
@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue @TedBaillieu @mhclg With a quick scroll of Google and you can find any number of block mapping projects & data

@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue @TedBaillieu @mhclg Again an early interactive map focusing on Manchester


is it any wonder why @AndyBurnhamGM championed a proactive post #Genfell response & mentioned in dispatches by @team_greenhalgh

@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue @TedBaillieu @mhclg @AndyBurnhamGM @team_greenhalgh Another international comparison from #Budapest, mapping election results.

A good idea considering important #FireSafetyBill is stuck in ping pong when #grenfell2 is around the corner + #bankruptcy + #Homelessness + #mentalheathCrisis

@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue @TedBaillieu @mhclg @AndyBurnhamGM @team_greenhalgh There’s any number of case studies which presents important detail on our built environment.

Who has any right to dictate which ones makes the public domain or not?

green-alliance.org.uk/resources/Gree… Image
@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue @TedBaillieu @mhclg @AndyBurnhamGM @team_greenhalgh I like this one & title says it all

Are @claddingscanda1 corporate evil or also a residents group trying to empower other residents?

Who’s objecting to their work needs closer scrutiny: envy, jealously, competition, or other more sinister motives?

@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue @TedBaillieu @mhclg @AndyBurnhamGM @team_greenhalgh Here we go a evil corporate entity collecting data on blocks for sinister purposes, compromising security & exposing to arson??

No - in reality, respected surveying practice commissioned by NI Housing Executive @nihecommunity no less.

nihe.gov.uk/Documents/Asse… ImageImage
@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue @TedBaillieu @mhclg @AndyBurnhamGM @team_greenhalgh @nihecommunity Or this incredibly comprehensive study “Failed Cladding On Manchester Tower Blocks”

even telling everyone how to replicate & backed by Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors.

researchgate.net/profile/Robin-… ImageImageImageImage
@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue @TedBaillieu @mhclg @AndyBurnhamGM @team_greenhalgh @nihecommunity Another local authority tall building study - Lambeth Council

pity they used 25m height differentiation vs 11m, 18m, 30m, 50m ergo the important fire standard thresholds.

lambeth.gov.uk/sites/default/… ImageImageImageImage
@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue @TedBaillieu @mhclg @AndyBurnhamGM @team_greenhalgh @nihecommunity Back to concerns over corporates - sorry folks there’s a ton of those.

Also a equal number of web mapping & data sharing for Citizen Housing.

Make up you own mind on who’s the good, the bad or the ugly!

cadcorp.com/support/resour… ImageImage
@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue @TedBaillieu @mhclg @AndyBurnhamGM @team_greenhalgh @nihecommunity UKFRS have been required to collect building data & conduct operational & enforcement inspections since 1947 under Fire Acts.


Why don’t @GOVUK, @ukhomeoffice @mhclg have a robust maps?

Could crowd source have helped them do this quicker or better?
@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue @TedBaillieu @mhclg @AndyBurnhamGM @team_greenhalgh @nihecommunity @ukhomeoffice Or whole site dedicated to maps - wonderful maps.

Don’t see any hysteria over clandestine security or arson risk or more sinister undertakings!

mappinglondon.co.uk ImageImageImageImage
@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue @TedBaillieu @mhclg @AndyBurnhamGM @team_greenhalgh @nihecommunity @ukhomeoffice I like questions - it lets me take on mini projects to papers to policy

Just stumbled across this one

Classic gov road map but then in the U.K. experts & regions, agree, disagree & all do something else - re height thresholds.

Now where streeview for those 143 blocks ImageImageImageImage
@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue @TedBaillieu @mhclg @AndyBurnhamGM @team_greenhalgh @nihecommunity @ukhomeoffice Keep mentioning Google maps & street view.

Well here’s the shard - London’s Iconic Block

I’d hazard a more high value target - but one with extensive security & counter hostile reconnaissance measures

U.K. very experienced in counter terrorism.

goo.gl/maps/ch9ib8P9B… ImageImageImage
@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue @TedBaillieu @mhclg @AndyBurnhamGM @team_greenhalgh @nihecommunity @ukhomeoffice Plus any number of 3D map modelling companies

Concerns over mapping - piff its already been done over and over and over again

+ the world hasn’t ended & the security or arson risk is the same bar unquantifiable fluctuations.

zmapping.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQj… ImageImageImageImage
@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue @TedBaillieu @mhclg @AndyBurnhamGM @team_greenhalgh @nihecommunity @ukhomeoffice Arson risk - what’s next let’s shut down museum of london for mapping the great fire of london

It might be an arson risk?

@claddingscanda1 @GOVUK @kentfirerescue @TedBaillieu @mhclg @AndyBurnhamGM @team_greenhalgh @nihecommunity @ukhomeoffice @TowerBlocksUK resumes activities after hiatus

They have sourced @mhclg list of towerblocks from LAs delta returns + consolidating their own database + view to log FRAs structural certs & digital data

Cc @claddingscanda1 @BldgSafetyReg @EOCS_Official

towerblocksuk.com/single-post/to… ImageImageImage

• • •

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11 Jan
@sarahjolney1 @mhclg 1/3 Sadly waking watch relief fund should be called the fire alarm relief fund

I’d surmise @govuk had the £30mil in contingency, they know fine well @mhclg backed @lgahousing guidance repeatedly stressed communal fire alarms = false fire alarms (see heard and embedded posts)
@sarahjolney1 @mhclg @GOVUK @lgahousing 2/3 @mhclg have been very sly in down grading the standards in the building safety fund from new build combustible cladding ban to intended pre #grenfell standards

This reduces the number to blocks in scope for limited funding & demand on sector = quicker recovery

Is it safe?
@sarahjolney1 @mhclg @GOVUK @lgahousing 3/3 Why is @mhclg gifting @RICSnews £700k of public funds for #EWS1 which remains open to fraud

When Australian - Victoria came up with a more robust federal audit regime in Nov 2017

+ no ghastly wait on #Hackitt white elephant or new Legislation - when operation clean sweep
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Casualties follow a major explosion near Bristol
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Multiagency emergency service - major incident response

Press DM for expert views

Ten ambulance unit and air ambulance dispatched to a major incident following an #avonmouthexplosion near #bristol

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Yesterday I called on @BorisJohnson, key ministers & stakeholders to launch a #publicinquiry into UK #Hospital #FireSafety.

As the second wave of #covid19 picks up critical mass must address the plethora of fire safety defects & concerns.

Press DM for comment
We do appear to have a fire safety problem in UK hospitals

@ukhomeoffice stats indicates an alarming number of fires in high rise hospitals & in the thread woefully inadequate PFI new build quality to legacy issues.
When @NFCC_FireChiefs @labcuk both advise member enforcement agencies to take a soft touch to fire safety in mega #nightinggale field hospitals & significant departures from Health technical memorandum (HTM) Firecode alarm bells are ringing.
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Appears Beirut explosion is validated by various sources now as originating in the port area.

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21 day deadline count down for @ProSecurityMag #TPSO #firespecial submission deadline

Get your article in to @SecurityRollo or myself as guest editor by 21st August for the bumper September #Firespecial

#security #fire #firerisk #firesafety #majorincident #disasterresponse Image
Day 1/21 @ProSecurityMag #TPSO September 2020 #firespecial

Submission deadline - 21st August

Day 1 #Arson

The #security professionals role in arson assessment, prevention, control & response

DM your views, articles & comments @SecurityRollo or myself ImageImageImageImage
Day 2/21 @ProSecurityMag #TPSO September 2020 #firespecial

Submission deadline - 21st August

Day 2 #FirePrevention

The #security professionals role in fire prevention - tactics beyond security patrols.

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22 Jul 20
@sloumarsh @denis_campbell @guardian @Robert_Booth

Following @KingsCritCare closure due to fire safety concerns

wider UK Healthcare fire cases THREAD
failures by @NHSuk @DHSCgovuk to assure safety following five london hospital fires & post #grenfell

Major life loss events to fire in health care premisses are rare but not unknown.

However during 2008/2009 the sector was rocked by the five London hospital fires + one more during this pan-london post incidence report

In 2010 health sector was hit with austerity cuts from which NHS has never truly recovered

Estates & safety budgets were decimated.

Compounding issues faced by under resourced fire safety managers.

However, what happend in new Hospitals accross the country was criminal
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