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#Dienstag #RKI Altersverteilung 🇩🇪 //Thread 🧵//
Spoiler:Ich halte die Lage für dramatisch 💥
Während letzte Woche schon das „Allzeithoch“ der jüngsten überschritten wurde, nun auch bei den Grundschülern.
0-4: 87% über Maximum erste Welle, 5-9: +53%
#ProtectTheKids #LongCovidKids
2/ #Zuwachsraten
Für die Vergleichbarkeit wieder im Vergleich zu KW7 und zur letzten Woche.
Zweite Woche, in der alle Altersklassen wachsen, auch die Ältesten.
Gesamtbevölkerung +24%, klares Bild, wer darüber liegt:➡️
Überdurchschnittliches 1Wo-Wachstum bei 0-19 Jährigen und bei 40-44(49)
#Kitakinder #Grundschüler #SchülerWeiterführenderSchulen #Eltern.
Im Vergleich zu KW7:
5-9 Jahre: +321% #vervierfacht
0-4 & 10-14: +257% & +253% #verdreiEinhalbFacht
15-19: +167%: fast #Verdreifacht
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#EquatorialGuinea #Bata #Explosion

According to authorities, around 20 people were killed and around 600 injured in an explosion in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa. According to the government, the accident occurred on Sunday afternoon in Bata,
the largest city in the country, in a barracks. Explosives depots had caught fire due to negligence and carelessness, as neighbors in nearby farms had ignited fires that had spread to the barracks, it said in a message.
The pressure waves caused damage to almost all buildings and houses in Bata. The country's foreign minister asked friendly neighboring countries and international organizations for help.
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Intelligence sources revealed to @alhurranews channel about activities carried out by #Iran in the eastern region of #Syria extending on the border with Iraq, especially at the Albu Kamal border crossing.
The activities are under the supervision of Hajj Mahdi, and his assistant, Hajj Kamil, who is responsible for administrative and logistical matters, and both of them belong to the #QudsForce of the #IRGC and work under the command of Hajj Ghaffari.
Hajj Ghaffari, was responsible for the attempt to launch an attack against #Israel by drones in the Golan in August 2019.
These activities are characterized by the smuggling of heavy & counterbalance weapons in the Middle East, which raises Israel's concern in the region.
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#China #Quijing #Yunan #Explosion

An explosion occurred at a factory run by Qujing Lintie at 10AM, a majority-owned subsidiary of Chinese lithium-ion battery material manufacturer Shenzhen Dynanonic, a producer of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery materials.
Shenzhen Dynanonic is a subsidiary of major Chinese battery manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL).
12 people were injured in a factory accident in Qujing City in southwest China's Yunnan Province. The explosion was triggered by low temperatures and equipment problems that increased the pressure of the exhaust tower and led to a valve failure, the company said in a statement.
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#Spain #Madrid #Explosion

A multi-storey building was largely destroyed in an explosion in the center of the Spanish capital, Madrid. There is still no information about possible victims, reported the Spanish TV station RTVE and other media, citing the authorities.
The cause of the explosion remained unknown for the time being. The fire brigade was on site with several vehicles. Spanish media reported that residents of neighboring buildings, including a retirement home, were being brought to safety.
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#BREAKING - #Explosion am internationalen Flughafen von #Aden bei Ankunft von Mitgliedern von #Yemen|s neuer Regierung. BREAKING - Explosion at Aden's International Airport upon arrival of members of #Yemen's new government.
BREAKING - Esplosione all'aeroporto internazionale di Aden all'arrivo di membri del nuovo governo # Yemen. RUPTURE - Explosion à l'aéroport international d'Aden à l'arrivée des membres du nouveau gouvernement du # Yémen.
Flug der Vereinten Nationen zum Flughafen Aden Jemen wurde nach einem Bombenanschlag auf neue Regierungsbeamte am Flughafen Aden zum Flughafen Addis Abeba in Äthiopien umgeleitet.
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Numerology and Symbolism in the #Nashville #Explosion

AT&T Building
Where the explosion happend is a 15 story building.
1/5 = Jan 5

Jan 5
Returns from Mar-a-lago each year

Jan 5
In Iran is now a national day of mourning for terroist
Qasem Solemonni

See Thread
Jan 5 (1/5)
•Georgia Runoff
•Congress returns

The RV gave a 15 (1/5) min
Time Warning

The suspects name is
Anthony Quinn Warner
A.Q Warner - Could mean
•A Qasam Warner
•A Q°anon Warner

AT&T owns Time Warner
AT&T Time Warner
Interestingly 1/5 - Jan 5 is also known as the "battle of Nancy"

Jan 5
marked the end of the Burgundian Wars

Jan 5
Will also mark the end of the
Battle for the Senate as Georgia completes it's 2 special Elections that day.
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According to a report the police arrested between 3 and 5 people in connection with the Nashville explosion.
Acoordingly the FBI begun its investigation of this incident.
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#Afghanistan #Kabul #Explosion

A explosion is reported in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul atm no more infos.
Reports of a rocket impact. No reports of casulties at that point
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❌ Breaking news ❌

Casualties follow a major explosion near Bristol
Reports #bristolexplosion one dead, two missing and several injured

Multiagency emergency service - major incident response

Press DM for expert views…
Ten ambulance unit and air ambulance dispatched to a major incident following an #avonmouthexplosion near #bristol…
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#URGENT | Fuel oil tank #explosion causes a major fire in a residential area in #Beirut, reports say

#SputnikUrgent #Lebanon
UPDATE | Videos of the explosion's aftermath in #Beirut have appeared online. According to preliminary data, there are several victims and they are receiving help from medical workers from the Lebanese Red Cross Society

#SputnikUpdates #Lebanon
UPDATE | Lebanese Army soldiers and civil defence volunteers have started to evacuate people from nearby houses. Firefighters are working at the scene

#SputnikUpdates #Lebanon
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[#PoliceduCiel] #explosion
Ce matin, un #Rafale de la #PoliceduCiel est intervenu pour une perte de contact radio d'un aéronef en direction de Saint-Brieuc.

Pour rejoindre rapidement l’appareil, il a été autorisé à passer en supersonique en haute altitude à 11h52 vers Créteil.
Le contact radio a été rétabli avec l'#avion civil et la situation est redevenue normale.

La #PoliceduCiel est une mission permanente, assurée par l'@Armee_de_lair, qui vise à protéger les français de toute menace aérienne.
En 2019, l'@Armee_de_lair a fait face à 450 situations anormales, dont 210 nécessitant une intervention des avions de chasse et hélicoptères.
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Miremos atrás, muy atrás, unos 500 millones de años atrás, hasta llegar al período #Cámbrico.
Un pequeño #molusco, pionero entre los suyos, se despega del fondo marino y, de esta forma, dará comienzo a una historia que no dejará indiferente a nadie. 👇🦑
📸Brest van Kempen
Este pequeño molusco consiguió utilizar su #concha, hasta entonces solo con función defensiva, para un objetivo completamente distinto; flotabilidad.
📸Voltaire Neto
Descubrió que llenando su #exoesqueleto de gas, podía, literalmente, alcanzar nuevas cotas. Dándole una ventaja clave frente a sus parientes que seguían pegados a fondo marino.
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FUNFACT #Germany #Oppau (#Lebanon #Beirut) #Ammoniumnitrat #Explosion
100 years ago

Measured by the number of victims, the explosion at the Oppau nitrogen works was the biggest accident in the history of the German chemical industry and the biggest civilian explosion in Germany.
On the morning of September 21, 1921, at 7:32 a.m. in the factory of the Badische Anilin- & Soda-Fabrik, in Oppau, today part of Ludwigshafen am Rhein, there were two explosions of about 400 tons of ammonium sulfate nitrate, a fertilizer, in quick succession.
The catastrophe was triggered by the targeted use of loosening explosions within the fertilizer, which had a tendency to clump, which until then had been considered safe. The detonations damaged buildings 75 km from the scene of the accident.
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"Added to the food crisis and fallout from the explosion is the increasing bite of U.S. sanctions, mostly targeted at Syria, but also hitting its Lebanese neighbor."
by @AlanRMacLeod… #BeirutBlast #Beirut #Lebanon #explosion #thursdayvibes #Beruit
In addition to those who died, more than 3,000 other people were injured, with bodies buried in the rubble, officials said.
AP Photo
#BeirutBlast #Beruit #LebanonExplosion #Lebanon Image
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How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?

No coincidences.

I mean...the last 48h or so...
🔥🔥🔥 and these in the picture aren't even all of the habbenings.

Nobody believes that these are just coincidences.

Are you awake yet?
#TheGreatAwakening Image
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People are scared of Aleister Crowley that’s why they don’t recognize when Beyoncé and jay z give him reverence every chance they get. Disney lives for Crowley. Folks can only spot hathor because it’s obvious. these two are deep into the number 4 ,44,444. ImageImage
\yyj \yhla jwr tja
By Aleister Crowley (1986)
PDF file;… ImageImage
Magick Without Tears by Aleister Crowley (1954)
pdf file ;… Image
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Buenos días emergencistas.

Vamos a hablar de las lesiones por #explosión y onda expansiva.

También conocidas como "Blast Injury"


Una "explosión" es la liberación simultánea, repentina y violenta de energía calórica, lumínica y sonora.

Éstas se pueden categorizar como:

-"deflagración" según si las ondas son subsónicas

-"detonaciones" si son supersónicas. Image
Lo primero es diferenciar los tipos de explosivos en función de cómo liberan la energía.

▶️Explosivos de bajo grado/orden

▶️Explosivos de alto grado/orden Image
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Eine weitere Ansicht von der #Explosion in #Beirut, welche d. Hafen lahmlegte & weite Teile d Stadt verwüstete. Es gibt unzählige Verletzte, die in Parks behandelt werden. Bisher sind 10 Tote gemeldet. Angeblich brannte ein Munitionsdepot...

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