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Thread for ‘but is this happening in schools’ #Edutwitter. Yes it is. Firstly personal testimony: “the school nurse had referred her to the school counsellor [who] informed [her] that a hatred of one’s breasts could be an indicator of a non-binary”…
More testimony: “I am utterly horrified at what was taught at a PSHE lesson at my school recently. It was to a group of children, most are 11-12 years old. It is so, so much worse than I thought.” #Edutwitter #DiverseEd #LGBT…
More personal testimony: “We did request to see their transgender policy and it was kafkaesque – it repeatedly conflated sex & gender… & downplayed the effects of binders, blockers and hormones” #Edutwitter #WomeEd #PSHEPeeps…
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Day 5 - June 17

#Ottawa Light Rail #Transit
#PublicInquiry #LiveTweet Mega Thread


Today's guests:
Antonio Estrada (Rideau Transit Group) – Morning
Rupert Holloway (OLRT Constructors) – Afternoon

#Ottawa #OttawaLRT #OLRTCommision…
Antonio of RTG starts the party off on time. He was RTG's first CEO from March 2013 to March 2018

He is (now?) working for ACS one of the construction partners.

The City approved his appointment.
Back and forth talking about how The City approves or disapproves board members.

Antonio's background is mostly in P3's

Now talking about P3's
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I'm sorry if I am tagging the wrong @SpecialReport but I need to add this to the #TonisArmy #fightforjustice for the family of murdered #AmbroseGGBall for over 7 and half years leaving his mum Toni aka Ruth Lovell @annelovell743 and her sister @ginalovell545
with a body in @HaringeyToday over 7 years #MSMLies with the same #CorruptMedia keeping the #TruthAtAllCosts buried to protect @MetTaskforce who are worse today than they were over 20 years ago with #rodneyking as @WhiteHouse @BarackObama @POTUS45 and now @JoeBiden
who we have been tagging over the years because @DavidLammy and his wife @nicolagreenart who has painted #Obama many times being the same couple #DavidLammy being a key player in what has been blocked at all levels from his mother having her voice and #TruthMatters heard.
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@Haggis_UK As always...#LiarJohnson muddies water with obfuscation and evasion...aimed to confuse/brainwash members of the public including MPs of ALL parties - political, if any clarification is needed!

#OfficeGSBrown "this a moral issue" is root of the crisis at heart of UK Government!
@Haggis_UK With all due respect, does @CrispinBlunt seek to trivialise and deflect attention from the central rot at heart of UK Government under direction of #LiarJohnson?
@Haggis_UK @CrispinBlunt Investigations into breaches of covid regulations, resulting from #LiarJohnson's absence of moral leadership are complex insofar as they involve different regulations in place at time of each transgression; carrying different penalties.

Some may incur financial penalties only.
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1/ Let's play compare and contrast:

(Left) The police attacked the victims in lock step with a violent #Nazi.

(Right) The police trumped up as many charges as possible under the direction of far right groups.

Just wait until we get to compare the #media response. #cdnPoli Image
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#NHSwhitepaper Thread:

Contrary to some of the headlines, the reforms are NOT the
‘end of privatisation’

(Will explain below)

The white paper wants to reverse legislation that mandated competitive tendering, which meant every contract had to be put out ‘to the market’....

Which was a nuisance
Created unnecessary beurocracy And wasted a lot of money

This legislation was brought in under Cameron’s coalition government

(Against the advice of the unions, health think tanks, royal colleges...basically everyone)

The suggested move away from forced competition

And towards integration is very positive

As I explained in @tortoise #publicinquiry

The barriers between services, created by the imposed ‘market’, hindered the H&C system’s ability to have an effective coordinated response

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I have signed. When you understand how much power there is in collective action and the possibilities it can bring about, no action feels like a waste of time, It only becomes arguably a waste when not enough people do the same, that's my point.#PublicInquiry #CovidUK (bloody awful audio. Covid Britannia is certainly on my list to reshoot. Seeing the sickening revisionism, the government sought to have entered into the parliamentary record Covid Britannia has bee. Numped to top of the list
Closely followed, though, by
Ode to Tory Neglect through the lens of Ben Bradley MP after he posted a pretty Fucking fascy - anti-leftist- propaganda video on opposition day debates. Johnson has indicated in a message obviously written to be leaked he may “rethink clearly vacuous legislative debates.”
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@NadineDorries I am a patient in EUPT. We need a public inquiry. The trust runs on a culture of abuse and has not learned any lessons. I have been a patient since 2009. This is a trust wide problem. Currently having to go through a JR to get any care needs.
There is 0 accountability. No lessons are learnt. I can give you 100s of examples of abusive care and practice. Doesn’t matter the evidence the trust lie and twists truths. Changing documents. Falsifying care plans. There is a systematic issue within the trust.
They get away with anything. I mean anything. There is 0 accountability. Safeguarding is non existent. When abuse from staff is reported. Nothing is acted upon. Not even basic fact checking. The lengths they go to cover up is unbelievable.
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Yesterday I called on @BorisJohnson, key ministers & stakeholders to launch a #publicinquiry into UK #Hospital #FireSafety.

As the second wave of #covid19 picks up critical mass must address the plethora of fire safety defects & concerns.

Press DM for comment
We do appear to have a fire safety problem in UK hospitals

@ukhomeoffice stats indicates an alarming number of fires in high rise hospitals & in the thread woefully inadequate PFI new build quality to legacy issues.
When @NFCC_FireChiefs @labcuk both advise member enforcement agencies to take a soft touch to fire safety in mega #nightinggale field hospitals & significant departures from Health technical memorandum (HTM) Firecode alarm bells are ringing.
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When our kids are all grown up, we hope one day they will tell their own children about the beautiful woodland in their neighbourhood and how the community came together to save it #WestbrookWoodland #villagegreen @WeLoveBath @MoreTreesBANES @waspschool @WestonLitter THREAD Image
The woods are a magical place, with a brook running through it. The dappled sunlight shines through the trees and glints off the clear water @Uhperry #WestbrookWoodland #Bath Image
Kids would paddle in the brook and some would use rope-swings to bravely cross it. Some kids were so daring they would jump straight across, taking a deep breath before they leapt from one bank to the other. @BathPlayProject #WestbrookWoodland Image
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The decision not to hold a full public inquiry into the murders of 22 Innocent people means the current Nova Scotia govt. no longer has the confidence of its citizens.

The only solution is to topple this government. Time to answer the question:

#HowStrongAreWe? #Portapique
.@brianhillGlobal The independent review panel will have no power to compel witnesses or testimony, no power to subpoena evidence, no power to challenge any agency or org that refuses to provide info, and no power to make binding recommendations to govt.…
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[THREAD] No wonder #GIRFEC is such a discredited shambles. You get a 'certificate' for completing this infantile @PerthandKinross 'training' module.…
There are so many errors in this Jan 2019 'guidance' seeking to legitimise daylight #datatheft it's hard to take remotely seriously…
It still references the infamous 2013 ICO 'memo' that had to be withdrawn due to citing the wrong threshold for data processing (unlawfully replicated in 2014 child protection guidelines) & contains case studies that contravene 2016 @UKSupremeCourt #namedperson judgment.
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Thread] 10 reasons why the Netherlands (and everywhere else) should beware Scotland's failed #GIRFEC policy:

1. UK Supreme Court struck down Parts 4&5 of 2014 CYP Act because the mass #datatheft on which #GIRFEC policy relies breaches #Article8 & #GDPR…
2. Scottish @homeed forum & @tymestrust are petitioning @ScotParl for a #publicinquiry into past & present #GIRFEC breaches of #humanrights…

3. #GIRFEC victims' testimony was excluded from evidence to parliamentary committee
4. Remedial legislation to resurrect #girfec #namedperson blocked by parliament: #shanarri too vague/subjective and no legally compliant code of practice…
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BC #publicinquiry EXCLUSIVE : Kwok Chung Tam, the alleged ‘heavyweight’ Big Circle Boys opioid trafficker and Richmond casino loan shark, could be poster child for BC inquiry into #vanre real estate money laundering… #bcpoli @jonmccomb980 @BC1 @globalnews
2. Kwok Chung TAM, aka Guocong TAN, (on his authentic PRC passport) has been successfully fighting deportation for over 25 years. And according to recent court filings, Tam is believed to be residing in a luxury Richmond condo.
3. “The Asian crime cartel was so powerful that police said it could stockpile heroin and dictate the street price of the drug in North America,” Tam’s investigative file with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said.
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A completely inadequate response to the petition. How does this address:
- Overspending
- Lies spread by secret social media adverts
- misconduct in public office (referendum lies)
- Press and media (partic. BBC) lies and bias
We need a #BrexitInquiry…
This is not just about the referendum result, it's about ALL the abuses and wrong doings that have led us to a Government that wants to implement brexit
A BREXIT #PublicInquiry is needed, not a referendum inquiry.
Take the #SecretFacebookAds. A previous gov't petition response put forward the idea that it's okay for political campaigners to lie, because it's up to the opposition to challenge them. On that basis alone, the FB ads should be banned, you can't challenge a lie you can't see. /3
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