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Ireland's GRA 2015 was "an extraordinarily high-profile piece of legislation, with all the accompanying media coverage, political debates and processes", claims Mulally, in @IrishTimes. Check Google search results for the topic from 1/1/2014 - 31/12/2015:…
Google Trends data for 1/1/2007 (the year of Lydia Foy's High Court win regarding changing factual birth cert to one recognising "legal gender") to 31/12/2016. The GRA was enacted on 15/7/2015 (blue peak on graph below). Does this look like it was "extraordinarily high-profile"?
The #DentonsDocument lobbying playbook recommends piggybacking gender ID legal changes on more popular reforms, citing Ireland's marriage equality legislation as providing a "veil of protection" to GRA, which was "more difficult to win public support for".…
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What's happening?

@savethesevern involves Wales’ #GeigerBay coalition and groups from south west England.

We’re trying to halt the dumping of sediment from the construction of the @hinkleypointc in the Marine Protected Area near Portishead, #Bristol

We urge the Marine Management Organisation to revoke the license granted earlier this year to @edfenergy to dump the waste.

We believe it puts @The_MMO in breach of its international obligations to protect the Severn Estuary’s marine environment.

🧵 ⅖
We also demand that the UK’s Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, George Eustice, acknowledges the ban on dumping that causes harm in the Marine Protected Area, and instructs @the_MMO appropriately.

CC @DefraGovUK…

🧵 ⅗
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#Hindu #Funerary Monuments - Chhatri

Chhatri is a memorial chapel built over a #tomb found throughout the region of #Rajasthan, #MadhyaPradesh and #Maharashtra. These memorials commemorate the death of rulers, their consorts, relatives and the elite. 1/🧵
If Samadhis were funerary monuments of saints in #Hindus, Chhatris were #Rajput's choice of the memorial. They made sure that the memory of the chivalry of their ancestors passed on to the next generations. Though, all Chhatris did not necessarily contain the mortal remains. 2/
Chhatri i.e. umbrella, first appeared as a canopy above the tomb in #Islamic #architecture. #Hindu kings transformed the tomb into Chhatri. By the 16th C, Rajput courts had started building Chhatris. It was a place where a noble was cremated, memorialized and later worshipped. 3/
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Looking forward to hearing more about the latest research on how those in the UK that experience #PeriodPoverty have been impacted by the #Coronavirus pandemic #PeriodsInAPandemic
First @EmmaCraddock89 & @bloody_spoonie give a brief overview of the "Periods In A Pandemic" project- focusing on how women, girls & people who menstruate have managed their menstrual health during the pandemic #PeriodsInAPandemic
Williams says that the project sought not only to inform how #PeriodPoverty initiatives have adapted and could improve during the pandemic, as well as centre the voices & experiences of those affected in the policymaking debate #PeriodsInAPandemic
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👋 Welcome to @BristolCouncil’s virtual Cabinet meeting!
📺 Follow all the action on YouTube:
📚 Today, we’ve got 15 papers to consider:
Today's meeting is being chaired by Deputy Mayor Cllr Craig Cheney while I am at #COP26 representing #Bristol in Glasgow #BristolClimateAction 🌎

Read more about what I am up to at the conference on yesterday's blog 👇…
The We Work for Everyone project aims to improve employment outcomes for people with learning difficulties through a dedicated, individualised approach
Cabinet approves spend of the remaining value of £1.68m on this project
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Wow - a TV production truck has ended up in #Bristol harbour this morning.

📻 Our reporter is there 👉
An eyewitness says they heard someone shouting "no, no, no" as it went in.…
UPDATE: Cranes & chains are in place ready to lift the truck out of the water
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Looking forward to hearing more about what #Bristol should be asking for from the #COP26 Summit #futurecity21
Chair Andrew Kelly opens by saying that there is general consensus around #COP26 that "now is the time" to act on the #ClimateEmergency. #FutureCity21
Kelly asks the MPs on best practise on climate emergency in their constituencies. @karinsmyth highlights the work in her area on #Food & #Allotments - helping secure a just transition & providing affordable locally grown food #FutureCity21
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Shortages of food, fuel and essentials. Rising costs of food and energy. Taxes going up. People in #Bristol West are seriously worried about the future. So what would Labour do differently? THREAD
The government lurches from crisis to crisis and has no plan to deal with problems as they pile up.

Take the shortage in lorry drivers, causing food and fuel shortages.
Over the last couple of weeks, ministers first denied there was a problem, then tried to blame the public for panic buying, and now they say that this chaos is the intended outcome of their failed Brexit deal.
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If you live in #Bristol it's worth knowing that the Covid rate is still growing fast (the log plot shows the rate doubling every 8 days at present). We're now #16 in the list of local authorities with highest rates (most of those higher in the list are in the NE or NW). ImageImage
In Bristol, the fastest growth is currently in 30-34 year olds (note this is a log scale). Image
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Here's a thread about what's happening to #Bristol's COVID rates (adults and children, and spread to different areas).

The overall rate has grown like this over the past two months. (1/7)
For context, here's what that graph looks like if we go back to August last year. It may or may not feel like it, but we're about to exceed our previous peak (of 508 per 100K). (2/7)
It was possible to predict that we'd exceed that peak some time ago, by looking at the same plot on a log scale. We can also project to where the rate will be on "Freedom Day", if we follow the same trend. It's not good. (3/7)
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Here's the Covid rolling rate for #Bristol (all ages). It's up to just under 400 per 100K now. This is the linear version of the plot, but it's worth looking at the log version (next) ...
The log plot shows that exponential growth is continuing at the same pace. We'll exceed our January peak in a few days (in fact, we almost certainly already have, but have to wait for the 5-day data lag to catch up). There's something else worth noting though ...
I already posted this plot, which shows that the rate hasn't been growing quite as fast in 10-14 year olds in the last couple of days. So why is the overall rate for Bristol still growing at the same pace? The answer is that ...
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Here are 16 of our many open positions @NordicTweets especially suited for junior and entry level applicants (we have R&D offices in many countries, see…).
DM me if you have any question! A group of people huddled around a screen. Title: "Work
Graduate Software Developer: Design, implement and test simulations written in C++ and SystemC in South West Hertfordshire, #UK 🇬🇧…
Summber #job 2021: #Poland 🇵🇱
Work with a variety of tasks, such as design, implementation and software testing for embedded systems. You have the knowledge of the tools to support development of embedded software as well as C and good skills in English.…
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I follow this account and yet this post of #Bristol protesters claiming media bias in reporting the #KillTheBill protests has not appeared on my Twitter timeline. Has social media's algorithms been changed to show us a biased perspective of the news?
Nor has this post appeared on my Twitter timeline...
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“Capitalism is racism”

Socialists, communists & #antifa were among those at the far-left anti-police protest in #Bristol, England today. #BristolProtest
#Antifa passed out literature at the #BristolProtest explaining that non-violent protest is white supremacist & helps in the “violence of capitalism.” The flyer quotes from American convicted murderer & wanted fugitive Assata Shakur.
A man at the illegal, far-left #BristolProtest wears a Soviet fur cap at a drumming circle near Bristol Cathedral.
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We need to come attuned to the fact that the methodology of policing deployed here is very clearly a policy choice coming from the top down.

Every time:

Wait till it's night. Use dogs and horses and batons. Turn a sit-in into a stand up angrier protest. Apply force

This is not an accident. This is not bad apples. This is not a one off isolated incident.

The same strategy & techniques happens every night. The same pattern of events without fail.

They very obviously do it at night for a range of reasons: (a) less protesters at night, (b) more difficult to film police misconduct & (c) night-time is more disorientating/frightening for protesters being beaten up than in the day time.

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Obviously I'm not trying to erase or downplay the authoritarian tendencies pre existent in UK politics but watching this I can't help but feel like we're entering frankly new territory.

We are hurtling into authoritarianism - fast.

Liberty is delicate and previous. It needs to be nurtured and ruggedly defended.

The spare, unequally distributed & contingent freedoms we have are being pulled from beneath us.

The lesson is obvious: don't allow them to do it.

The lockdown is an instructive metaphor. The value of civil liberties is only appreciated when you have that stripped from you.

Imagine some of the tendencies & power techniques involved in this lockdown becoming permanent & refined.

That makes me angry.

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A significant number of people have gathered in Castle Park in #Bristol.

Officers are engaging with them and asking them to disperse.

All gatherings remain a breach of COVID restrictions.

We continue to urge people not to attend.

We will take enforcement action if necessary.
Protestors have left Castle Park and are now marching through #Bristol city centre.
Once again, we’d remind those in attendance protests aren't currently permitted.
We’re still in a pandemic which has cost many lives and remains a significant challenge for the NHS.
At least 300 people continue to march through #Bristol city centre.
Officers are in attendance and continue to monitor the situation.
Specialist resources, including horses and dogs, have been deployed.
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THREAD: Third #KillTheBill protest in Bristol today has been called.
There is still a covid pandemic, & lockdown is still in force.
All the latest updates from College Green & Bristol city centre in this thread, and on this liveblog 👇…
This is the scene on College Green right now.
#KillTheBill #BristolProtest
Latest updates here:…
The owners of a cafe on College Green said they fear for the future of their business with more trouble tonight. They've managed to weather the pandemic.
Full story from @Rob_Murray92 here…
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1/ Avon and Somerset Police are currently holding a line with Riot, Mounted and Dog Officers against a small, but very volatile group of #KillTheBill protesters in Bristol.

This follows Police removed a previously peaceful camp from College Green
2/ This #KillTheBill protesters tells a livestream that @ASPolice previously gave permission for protesters to stay on College Green.

He then says they got notification immediately leave and all officers left before 9 vans of riot police & a helicopter arrived.
3/ #KillTheBill Protesters currently sitting in and enjoying @lilyallen's song; Smile.

Police have allowed mainstream cameramen through the line to film Protesters. #Bristol
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Happening Now: Protesters Gather In The Streets Of Bristol On College Green Facing Off With Officers On Foot And Horseback
#Bristol #UK #Protests
Current Situation.. Police Are Dispersing The Crowd Of Protesters Bristol Police Also Stated “we remain in lockdown and we cannot allow this gathering to continue” Arrests Were Also Made During The Protests
#Bristol #UK #Protests

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The protest in #Bristol was against the Tory bill to stop the right to protest. Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill. It was not a BLM protest, yet this is being suggested, in order to attack anti-racist movements & to peddle racist stereotypes…
You know how people were angry they weren't allowed to protest fatal, racist police violence & institutional racism including police harassment & violence here in the UK, after police murdered George Floyd in the US. You know how ppl were angry they weren't allowed to protest...
...after the news a police officer was charged with kidnapping & murdering a young woman in London, in a culture where sexual harassment is the norm for most women, where sexualised male violence against women is a threat & reality women organise their lives around? You know...
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Rioters Also Spray Painted Several Building During The Bristol Protests
#Bristol #UK
Rioters Targeted Police Vans And Lit Them On Fire As Well As Clashing With The Police
#Bristol #UK
Images Showing The Damages From Rioters During The Bristol Protests..
#Bristol #UK

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