đź“°Essential reading for those tracking "fake news" (which I can't hashtag for some reason)

There is so much in this @ggreenwald piece worthy of quoting that I don't know quite where to start, but here goes. Best just read the whole thing end-to-end. 🧵1/n
"Every journalist, even the most honest and careful, will get things wrong sometimes, and trustworthy journalists issue prompt corrections when they do. That behavior should be *trust-building*. But when media outlets continue to use the same reckless and deceitful tactics…" 2/n
"—such as claiming to have “independently confirmed” one another's false stories when they have merely served as stenographers for the same anonymous security state agents while "confirming” nothing—that strongly suggests a complete indifference to the truth &, even more so…"3/n
"…a willingness to serve as disinformation agents for various official factions." 4/n
"And when a journalist spreads a false story and knows they have done so, but still refuses to correct it or remove it — as is the case for many of the above examples — then they are just tawdry liars who should be driven out of journalism." 5/n
"But they are not driven out and will not be because the reality is that their job is to spread disinformation as long as it is in servitude to the right factions (the CIA, FBI and DNC) and against those who are ideologically disfavored." 6/n
"Again we see the core truth of U.S. corporate journalism. The outlets that most vocally claim to condemn disinformation and fake news…" 7/n
"—to the point of agitating in favor of corporate and online #censorship of their critics and competitors in the name of combating it—are the most prolific, aggressive and destructive disseminators of #disinformation." 8/n
"Their refusal to remove the fake news here even after I explicitly notified them of it just makes this latest example a particularly vivid one."

@ggreenwald's on fire—again, read the whole piece end-to-end. Now for a little of my own commentary… 9/n
What @ggreenwald is clearly doing is *pursuing truth*, what every journalist worth anything today is likewise doing. He's doing it, as are all those who are seriously in this game, aware of our own biases & expectations. And he's doing it most thoroughly. For this… 10/n
.@ggreenwald has earned my respect & admiration & has become one of the few monthly subscriptions I pay for. Doing proper, truth-seeking journalism is a lot of work. I appreciate his willingness to report what most wont, do it eloquently & often challenge my assumptions. 11/end

• • •

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25 Jan
🚨 Must-read thread 👇👇👇

It’s focus is on Australia but it’s equally important to the US, Canada & any country that values basic rights, freedoms & rule of law.

The #CCP is engaged in least 1 full-on #genocide, & 2 that approach that designation (vs #Tibetans; #FalunGong).
#Uyghurs: 2017-2021.state.gov/determination-…

#FalunGong: chinatribunal.com/final-judgment/

#Tibet: archive.is/2to2v (note we're looking at @MauraMoynihan1's 1998 WaPo piece here, so this is a long time in the making).
Clarification: The #CrimesAgainstHumanity perpetrated by the #CCP against these groups are ALL a long time in the making. My comment about #Tibet above is that we as "enlightened" societies knew full well back in 1998 the horrors that the #CCP is capable of & still opened...
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18 Jan
I've been listening to a reading of @AI_Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago. This book is so powerful, so timeless, so important, with some much intellectual fodder for today.

Many have heard, "The line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being," but...
2/ what does that actually mean? Only into the 4th chapter, "The Bluecaps," of the Abridged edition (which, incidentally, should be required reading on its own), I'm being blown away, again, about how important this powerful meditation on what humans are capable of, & how/why...
3/ I'll use this thread to post some passages that really grab my attention (& this will take a while, certainly). In case you're wondering this is exactly what I'm listening to, the authorized Abridgment by Edward E. Ericson, Jr.
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17 Nov 20
1/n "The circumstances & events are eerily reminiscent of what happened with #Smartmatic software electronically changing votes in the 2013 presidential election in Venezuela."

—Whistleblower documented in sworn affidavit obtained by @SidneyPowell1, on why he came forward.
2/n "I am alarmed because of what is occurring in plain sight during this #2020election for President of the United States… What happened in the United States was that the vote counting was abruptly stopped in five states using Dominion software."
3/n "I want to point out that the software and fundamental design of the electronic electoral system and software of #Dominion and other election tabulating companies relies upon software that is a descendant of the #Smartmatic Electoral Management System."
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15 Nov 20
It's amazing to me that anyone even discusses whether the #CCP will live up to its promises on anything. How many examples of disingenuous agreements/promises do you need?

The only way the CCP ever complies is if you have the leverage to force it to (or it has one over on you).
This is so predictable that we might call it "Mao's Law." 1st draft, anyone care to edit?

"The #CCP's compliance w/ any agreement is independent of the nature or details of that agreement; happens only when 1) you have powerful leverage or 2) it's fleecing you & you can't tell"
Another version of, or perhaps a corollary to, "Mao's Law":

"Any promise or agreement the #CCP makes, it will break, and if you take issue with this you will find yourself in jail, bankrupt, or 'hurting the feelings of the Chinese people.'"
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23 Jul 20
.@SecPompeo: If we want a free 21st century, blind engagement won’t get it done. We must not continue it.

The free world must triumph over this new tyranny.

#CCP #China
.@SecPompeo: Corporate acquiescence to the #CCP is commonplace.

#CCP regime is a Marxist-Leninist regime. Xi is a true believer in this ideology.

Act not on basis of what Chinese leaders say, but how they behave.

“We must distrust, but verify.”
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30 Jun 20
🚨 I've decided to put together a THREAD of prominent voices for #HongKong from around the word. Start with U.S. politicians. Note how @RepGregSteube is saying (as I read it) the newly-revealed #HK #NationalSecurityLaw will "threaten democracy around the world." 👇👇👇
[2/n] @HawleyMO: "Question now is whether Beijing will use this as a pretext to jail pro-democracy leaders."
[3/n] @RepJimBanks highlights how the #HongKong #NationalSecurityLaw "prohibits 'collusion' w/ foreign govs or institutions, which could target those who've lobbied the U.S. Congress for sanctions."
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