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I watched FINDING MANNY last night and encourage all who stand for Good over Evil to share this experience. Of the many poignant moments, seeing pictures of happy families together before they were ripped apart and exterminated, created the roar of #NeverAgain in my head
Accompanying Manny and his family from the ghettos of Poland, to the concentration camps of Germany, and hearing when Manny talks about finding out his father died on a death-train railcar next to his own, is a journey that should be curriculum in freedom-loving countries
In spite of the horror he experienced from a specific group of people, when asked if he hated Germans, Manny said: "From my point of view you deal with each person as they are, there is no common denominator."
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THREAD: @AmbZhengZeguang - welcome to UK

I have 10 questions for you

1. Millions of #Uyghurs are in prison camps, women forcibly sterilised, people used for slave labour, horrific torture & sexual violence reported /
The evidence is there, & increasingly experts recognise it as genocide. Why are you doing this to Uyghurs & why won't you allow international, independent monitors to visit unrestricted?/
2. Why have you torn up an international treaty, lodged at the UN, valid until 2047, in which you promised to protect #HongKong's autonomy, freedoms, rule of law and basic human rights? Why has your regime destroyed #HongKongers' freedoms?
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EP6 of my personal story in Chinese at . If you have Chinese speaking friends, please forward it to them. English versions are available in book form at
I always believe it is important to keep memories alive so that no one can...
... bury them. The persecution of #FalunGong is so ruthless, so inhumane, so anti-humanity and anti everything. Yet, because of the #CCP 's coverup, the world knows very little.
That's why I am doing this #OralHistory series.
And let me tell you, because we...
...looked the other way when the #CCP persecuted Falun Gong, and thought it had nothing to do with us, the CCP was able to extend its persecution to #Xinjiang , #HongKong , #Tibet , and many other places in the world. The CCP might even try to invade #Taiwan .
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1/3: This is a true story: a #FalunGong couple in #China took the train to #Beijing but were stopped & ordered to get off at the station just before Beijing. The railway police told them that this was done at the request this couple's local police, who found out that they had...
2/3...bought train tickets to Beijing.
They had no other choice and had to buy two return tickets. When they called their local police as ordered, the local police already knew that they had bought the return tickets, because everything is connected with...
3/3...the social credit score system.
I recently heard this story from the above-mentioned couple who finally managed to escape China. (I won't say how here. )
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🚨 Must-read thread 👇👇👇

It’s focus is on Australia but it’s equally important to the US, Canada & any country that values basic rights, freedoms & rule of law.

The #CCP is engaged in least 1 full-on #genocide, & 2 that approach that designation (vs #Tibetans; #FalunGong).


#Tibet: (note we're looking at @MauraMoynihan1's 1998 WaPo piece here, so this is a long time in the making).
Clarification: The #CrimesAgainstHumanity perpetrated by the #CCP against these groups are ALL a long time in the making. My comment about #Tibet above is that we as "enlightened" societies knew full well back in 1998 the horrors that the #CCP is capable of & still opened...
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1/4 I understand the #FakeNews print edition of #EpochTimes was delivered to mailboxes across Canada

It's important to know what to be concerned about, who's behind it & why they'd target #CDNpoli

See thread

#ONpoli #BCpoli #ABleg #SKpoli #MBpoli #polQC #NBpoli #NSpoli #NLpoli
2/4 See military history

1992 Li invents #FalunGong/Taoism…

2000 Tang invents #EpochTimes/Mercer-Bannon $$…

⚠️Li ruled Tang Dynasty/history repeats/#Uighurs⚠️

Li & Tang today
3/4 If you read those links in their entirety, you'll see it's no small propaganda op. We're talking about a nearly identical repeat of history, by decedents of the original Chinese Tang Dynasty via parallel political/military conditions that cover everything from Iran to Uighurs
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.@UCNZ's current gagging of Brady and the fatal car crash against her petition coauthors two months ago are covered by Sky News in Australia. Brady's house has also been burglarized and her car tampered with - both suspicious occurrences.
Photos of the fatal car crash two months ago in which a Brady coauthor died.
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I'm pretty much sure you've never seen this kind of "Truth Clarification Cash Notes" in #CCP's #China. #FalunGong( practitioners in China either handwrite or print sentences on it, such as "The Tiananmen Square Self-immolation was a hoax in which... ImageImageImageImage
the CCP framed Falun Gong with people's lives." "Falun Dafa is Good", "Quit the CCP", etc. Sometimes the quit-CCP hotline phone number(a US number) is provided for people to call to quit the CCP. These kinds of notes are widely circulated in China.
I don't know whether...
..this is one of the reasons why the CCP wants to hurriedly launch its Currency/Electronic Payment system. See my show at
Falun Gong's resistance movement is no doubt one of the most tenacious resistance movements the CCP has ever encountered. These...
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This is a true picture in China. Amongst the #CCP's "Zero-out Campaign" against #FalunGong(See my show about it here: ) my Facebook friend Kevin Fisher's sister put up these posters on her door: "Falun Dafa is Good", "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance is good"... Image
..."The world needs Truth-Compassion-Tolerance", "Human beings need Truth-Compassion-Tolerance". "How can it become a crime to practice Truth-Compassion-Tolerance?" "Clear the name of #FalunGong".
"Falun Dafa is suffering from historical injustice!" "Call for Justice! ...
...Call for Conscience!" "It is the responsibility of all mankind to hold those who commit the crime of persecuting Falun Gong accountable."
The #CCP police were stunned by these posters and left without daring to knock her door.
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Wow, this is good news. Once I was covering an event inside the #UN building in #NewYork as a reporter. A UN officer shamelessly accompanied me all the time, listened closely as to what questions I asked my interviewees; whom I interviewed, etc. Two very high profile VIPs...
...changed their minds after agreeing to accept my interview under the pressure from the #CCP. That officer had been with me all the time and actually saw me off the building.
For a short moment, I felt so insulted, feeling like I were in the Chinese labour camp again, where...
...the vicious police had criminals accompany #FalunGong practitioners all the time, even when we went to the restroom. No human rights or dignity whatsoever!
Glad to see now #CCP's propaganda workers driven out. The #UnintedNations have almost become another tool of the CCP.
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The @ABCAustralia published a loaded presentation of #EpochTimes in the context of #Propaganda used by the #CCP to attack #FalunGong without ever seeking a response from @EpochTimes, in clear violation of its own editorial standards.…
Last week, the Australian #FalunGong association warned @ABCNews that the program they intended to broadcast could be exploited by the #CCP in its ongoing #Propaganda and #Disinformation campaign against the practice.…
The president of the #FalunDafa Association of Australia wrote a letter to the @ABCAustralia saying she is “deeply concerned” about “reckless, misleading, and unsubstantiated allegations” published by the public broadcaster.…
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THREAD: I want to say some things about China, Chinese people, the brutal, mendacious Chinese Communist Party regime, & what we should do about it all.

I am conscious that I tweet a lot. But bear with me and follow this thread if you have time.

First: I love China & its people
Second, I first went to China aged 18

I began my exploration of the world by teaching English in Qingdao

I studied a Masters in China Studies at @SOAS

I lived in #HongKong for the first 5 years after the handover

I began my adult life in China…
Third, for the first 3 decades of my adult life, I went in & out of China regularly - I have lost count, but I have probably visited China more than 50 times

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Qingdao, Dali, Guilin, Yangshuo are places I love :)
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"We have little illusion about our chance of success … but we simply refuse to let #HongKong succumb to tyranny. We try anything and everything; we soldier on,” it said. -LIHKG statement.…
While I admire and honor anyone who chooses to remain in Hong Kong under siege by the fascist #CCP, sometimes tactical retreat is a smart move. I hope activists who can live to fight another day by getting out of #HK do so and are honored to equal degree. #BeWater #DontGetCaught
Look at the #FalunGong - they have regrouped outside of China and are doing massive damage to the CCP through public education and support to anti-CCP electoral candidates in the USA. That is arguably more effective if you have the option than sitting in a CCP prison.
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🚨 THREAD: @RepChrisSmith opens @VoCommunism policy forum on organ procurement & extrajudicial killing in #China.

+Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, @mprobertson, @donaldcclarke, @OrganCoalition's Susie Hughes, @Eastofethan, @nadinemaenza, @LouisaCGreve

#ConfrontTheEvidence #CommunismKills
.@USCIRF Vice Chair @nadinemaenza urges US government to do a thorough investigation.

“For decades, we have known that Chinese authorities had facilitated organ harvesting from #FalunGong prisoners of conscience.”

The #CCP has gone to great lengths to hide the truth, she says.
What can be done?

@mprobertson and @donaldcclarke agree key thing is to establish the reality of forced organ harvesting in #China with authority, prefer not to offer policy recommendations.

Once this is clearly established, policy naturally will follow.

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Can #China’s #OrganHarvesting be stopped?!

Sanctioning 28 companies may do!

According to a research report from this institute @ircc_research, China’s organ transplantation technology 92% relies on support from these 28 companies.… via @wordpressdotcom
As China is not self-sufficient at all when it comes to medical devices, and for example even in 2019 is massively dependent on the import of devices for organ preservation, and up to 92% of the medical equipment is being into China imported, based on the evidence found.
The organ harvesting in this case is quite similar to contract killing, except that the agreement is made with China, instead of directly the killer, and you don’t know the name of the victim – you just know that the killer will find a ‘suitable donor’ for you.
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"The Epoch Times seeks to restore honest journalism, the purpose of a free press."

Wall Street Journal @WSJ publishes op-ed by @EpochTimes publisher Stephen Gregory in response to misleading @NBCNews and @MSNBC attacks. (Thread 👇)…
@WSJ @NBCNews @MSNBC The #EpochTimes is a nonpartisan, independent media company that publishes a daily newspaper and website. Our motto is “Truth and Tradition.”

Last week #NBCNews and its sister network #MSNBC launched a series of irresponsible and misleading attacks on us.
The network led with the claim that we have spent “more than any organization outside of the Trump campaign itself” in the past 6 months on “pro-Trump advertisements.”

NBC refers to ads promoting our print subscriptions—typically short, lively videos featuring recent articles.
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Dear readers,

As you know, The Epoch Times is a proudly independent news organization dedicated to truthful reporting.

Thanks to your support, we are now America’s fastest-growing newspaper. (Thread 👇)…
It appears, however, that not everyone is thrilled with our growth and our dedication to restoring honest journalism.

@NBCNews & @MSNBC dedicated a good amount of their time attempting to discredit us.

We were surprised at witnessing what appears to be a new low…
…that media are willing to drop to in an effort to quash voices they don’t agree with.

@MSNBC host Rachel @Maddow, known for her biased coverage of the Trump admin and for getting the Trump–Russia collusion story wrong, dedicated 30 minutes of prime-time television to us.
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On Aug 20 @MSNBC’s Rachel #Maddow did a half-hour segment attacking The Epoch Times based on an NBC news “investigative report” from earlier that day. (Thread 👇)
The crux of #Maddow's attack is an attempt to conflate programming of the NTD digital show Edge of Wonder, an entertainment show that explicitly focuses on the most audacious conspiracy theories out there, with #EpochTimes journalism.
We explained the fact that Edge of Wonder is an entertainment show not connected with #EpochTimes to the relevant #NBC journalists in a Jun 20 statement. They chose to ignore this.

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Seeing the success of The Epoch Times as America’s fastest-growing newspaper, @NBCNews has published a hit-piece that is riddled with inaccuracies, blatant errors, and misrepresentations.

(Thread 👇)…
@NBCNews NBC News mischaracterizes our subscription campaigns for our print newspaper. We provided @NBCNews with a statement back in June to clarify this, but they chose to ignore it—against well established journalistic practices.…
While The Epoch Times has been at the forefront of covering the actions taken by officials in the Obama admin targeting the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, @NBCNews is refusing to look at verifiable evidence and simply dismisses this reporting as a “conspiracy theory.”
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1/ Each of us must stand loud and clear for the rights and dignity of all people. That means calling attention to #HumanRights abuses and demanding change.

For the past 20 years, #FalunGong practitioners have experienced appalling & unacceptable human rights abuses in #China.
2/ Banned by the Chinese government in July 1999, many Falun Gong practitioners have been subjected to arbitrary detention, torture, forced labor, and constant harassment.
3/ On this sad anniversary, the Chinese government should end the persecution of Falun Gong and allow an independent and transparent U.N. investigation into the human rights abuses suffered by Falun Gong over the past two decades.
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Last week, @EpochTimes was contacted by two NBC reporters who posed a series of highly inappropriate questions about the religious beliefs of our staff.

Here is our open letter response.…
The NBC reporters questioned the religious beliefs of some of our @EpochTimes staff members, sought to discredit their beliefs, attacked our journalism based on personal opinion rather than objective analysis, and even sought out information on the personal lives of our staff.
Unfortunately, the bane of #Journalism today is the all-too-common practice of writing news to conform to a pre-existing narrative or agenda. The best journalism of the past had the truth as its standard, not political advantage.
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