I started a #cryptotwitter account to be plugged into the community. I love #crypto, I really am horrible with people so I stick to research and deep dives, facts and occasional hopium opinions based on data.

I will say months ago, I knew there would be a major shakeout.
I've been a long-time advocate for $XRP and $VET. I immediately saw the value of #XRP due to the problems it solved within financial systems. The fact that anywhere in the world I could bridge #XRP to any currency I needed anytime, wish I knew about it when I was overseas.
#XRP can literally save governments trillions of dollars over time in transfer fees and rate changes, the current system doesn't work and the taxpayers are left to pay the difference.
Just an opinion but when the $XRP escrow disappears and we have a truly public free market ledger that can't be manipulated by a company over time (Not saying #ripple is doing this, hypothetical stance) it'll be easier to have the utility truly come to life across the globe.
#vechain is the other topic to discuss. I came across $VET while researching supply chain blockchain, I worked in a cold storage warehouse for a brief time and with a fresh perspective coming from IT, I saw inefficiencies built within the system that hamstrung the leadership.
#Vechain, I realized, is 2-3 markets away from completely changing the entire supply chain environment. From verifying products in their originality, thus preventing fraud, to distributing digital certifications as products moved every step of the way.
This was most recently proven as a use case with the covid vaccine disbursements. My thoughts immediately understood what it could do for our food chain. Too often too late USDA was forced to spend wasted hours tracking down contaminated food products.
Usually, this resulted in food recalls AFTER people had already gotten sick. Generally, there are food temp devices that can catch this early but they can easily get overlooked. Imagine being able to KNOW in 5 seconds where all the food from one bad batch was distributed from.
There are a hundred other factors I can't talk about in this thread regarding that hypothetical for #vechain, the main point is $vet can solve them, and that's ONE market.
Personally, $XRP and $VET for me are long-term holds, yeah we are investors but the better part of me is looking at the bigger picture. The technology is amazing and it's only improving as mass adoption occurs. Two very different coins that solve a host of problems for the world.
The shakeout I mentioned earlier is relevant for many reasons. It happens every cycle, nothing is really any different from the past from a data perspective, a lot of people see similarities to the 2013 bull run.

Step back and think 10 years down the road.
#Blockchain will change the world in ways we've yet to see.

I felt like writing this out to share some thoughts on just TWO of the many many tokens I love. I haven't even started on $TEL and what that will do for being your own bank.
Amidst a hemorrhaging market, take a step back, zoom out, and look at the bigger picture beyond today's price or even tomorrow's price when things are super green.

Don't give up your generational wealth because of coordinated #FUD, that's their goal. Sell when you are ready to.
Looking forward to discussing all of the other coins later, hope this helps in keeping you focused on the goal, happy for those who sold at the top and bought the dip, happy for those choosing to #hodl.

#XRPCommunity #telfam #telcoin #vechain $VET #VET #vefam #XRP #xrp

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$VRA Deep Dive, just my research and general thoughts on the project. There is quite literally so much to this that I anticipate not being able to cover everything.

This will be enough to get you to DYOR on #Verasity.
First above all else...Data.

Website: verasity.io
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#Telcoin thread with a little bit of info on #TEL:

We may not have to pay Capital Gains Tax on $TEL.

Thread below, take everything with a grain of salt, either way, it should be informational to those looking into Telcoin.
So my discussion on $tel last night started with talks on TA and how technical analysis is the act of taking past historical data, identifying volume and percent gains among so many other things and identifying future possible trajectories.
#LB649 Passed into law yesterday authorizing #telcoin to become the first digital asset bank in the state of Nebraska. This is unprecedented for any #cryptocurrency so far, to be spoken on in a positive light by US Senators who are proud to represent their constituents.
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I'm preparing a breakdown of $TRIAS for us less tech savvy people. I have a friend who is a cybersecurity savant. He just reviewed the white papers for me and I quote "It is super scalable, makes sense and the concept is how things should be done."

10k token, calling it now.
I trust his capabilities, im a business man, I can't understand everything and he is a veritable genius. That being said I often compare historically supply and demand similar to $MKR which went from $22 to $6000 in no time at all. Picture for reference. Image
Currently, $TRIAS supply is 10 million with circulating supply being 5 million per admin. They are doing a token burn on top of this. Image
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