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1/ The last few days on #cryptotwitter have been full of interesting conversation & I’ve learned a lot, including new perspective on what @eric_lombrozo called “#BitcoinMinimalism.”
@eric_lombrozo 2/ As many have pointed out, diversity of thought and open dialogue is critical for the natural selection of ideas within #crypto.
@eric_lombrozo 3/ But *how we debate* is just as important as *what we debate,* as this too defines #crypto’s culture and affects a newcomer’s decision to join us.
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If you were in #crypto before it was called “crypto,” chances are you got your start as a #Bitcoin nut.
People diverged from there:

- Some stuck to only #Bitcoin (maximalists)
- Some ventured a bit and came to love a few other #cryptoassets (mostmalists)
- Some ventured to explore the full world of programmable value, often with #Ethereum as the gateway (polycoiners)
What’s fascinating to me is #mostmalists and #polycoiners largely all still love Bitcoin as an economic and technological system, even though many have had falling-outs maximalists.
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0/ Having trouble staying on top of all the latest in the world of #crypto and #blockchain? I've got you covered. Well, at least for the last 24 hours or so 💁‍♂️

Let's get this thread going shall we.
1/ 📝 @DPRating published the September edition of its #GitHub Audit, rating more than 200 #crypto and #blockchain projects.

Teams that ranked disproportionately well included @Raiden_Network [ $RDN ], @NulsService [ $NULS ], @ParticlProject [ $PART ], and @POANetwork [ $POA ].
2/ ♻️ @PowerLedger_io [ $POWR ] introduced Asset Germination Events (AGEs), furthering the utility of its native #crypto token.

AGEs will allow people to invest in and co-own energy assets. More details to come via a Friday AMA.…
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0.0/ A lot of #crypto news today from the securities enforcement world:

- DOJ goes to trial on ICO-related securities fraud charges
- SEC charges broker-dealer & hedge fund with securities violations
- FINRA charges broker with fraud & dealing unregistered securities

1.0/ Let's start with DOJ. Today's news relates to a federal criminal case in the Eastern District of New York: United States v. Maksim Zaslavskiy.

Zaslavskiy was charged in November 2017 on three counts of securities fraud in connection with two ICOs: "REcoin" and "DRC."
1.1/ DOJ says Zaslavskiy lied to investors when he sold these ICOs.

According to the indictment, he told investors that both coins were backed by real world assets: he allegedly claimed REcoin was backed by real estate & DRC was backed by diamonds.
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0/ The SEC killed *all* of the pending derivative-backed #bitcoin ETFs today. Why did they do it, and what does it mean?


1/ All eyes were on the SEC this week, as the final deadline to approve or reject the two ProShares bitcoin ETFs was tomorrow, August 23.

Most of us on #cryptotwitter were expecting the ETFs to be rejected.

2/ But we weren't expecting the SEC to also reject *seven* other derivative-backed ETFs proposed by GraniteShares & Direxion. Those ETFs weren't due for final decisions until September 15 and 21 respectively.

The only ETF left now is the VanEck/SolidX commodity-backed offering.
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1/ Hey #CryptoTwitter, grab a glass of vino and come sit by the fire so we can discuss your narrow-minded views on FAT PROTOCOL THEORY.

See what I did there -- how I juxtaposed "narrow" with "fat"?


Just shut up and drink your wine. 👇
2/ First, let's acknowledge it as a "theory" even though it wasn't clearly labelled as such.

A theory is just a plausible principle offered to explain phenomena.
3/ In Joel's case -- @jmonegro penned the original theory -- he was observing the phenomena that #Bitcoin and #Ethereum both had market caps that far exceeded the value of applications built on top of either protocol.
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0/ Ross Ulbricht shouldn't spend the rest of his life in prison.

If you're wondering why his name keeps coming up on #cryptotwitter, please read this. It's long but important.

1/ In 2011, Ross created Silk Road, a global marketplace to buy & sell goods, whether legal or not.

Silk Road was perhaps the first use case for #bitcoin: censorship-resistant internet money for an online market that governments badly wanted to censor.
2/ Silk Road hosted many things, including a book club that a lot of us #crypto people would've liked, but the prime attraction for many users was drugs.

By September 2013, Silk Road had thousands of drug listings, including for cocaine, heroin, and LSD.
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0/ #Cryptotwitter sharpening its knives for @Ripple today. Plenty of good takes already on whether $XRP is a security, so let me tackle a different question: what happens next?

Spoiler: if you're wondering "when @bgarlinghouse perp walk," prepare to be disappointed.

1/ First, keep in mind that the SEC's guidance yesterday is *not* the law. It's only the SEC's current (and non-binding) interpretation of the law -- an explainer for how the SEC will make charging decisions in the #crypto space.…
2/ Ultimately, what is or isn't a security will be determined by the courts through litigation, which is how we got the Howey test in the first place. Congress could also pass a clarifying statute and make our lives easier. (please support @coincenter)
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Here's #HalFinney's back-of-the-envelope calculation from January 2009. Let's update that and turn it into a collective decision problem.
I'm starting with a bunch of simplifying assumptions:
1. The "ultimate payoff of world domination" is fixed at $10m per coin.
2. All-or-nothing scenario: world domination or bust. (I actually disagree with that.)
3. No interest rate or NPV accounting.
In that case we have a simple lottery. For one lottery ticket, you get a payoff of ε * $10M + (1-p) * 0, or simply $10M times ε. So what's your estimate for the world domination probability ε?
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