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1/14) We're delighted to see #Verasity included in this #ArtificialIntelligence & #Crypto report from @BinanceResearch!

$VRA recently received #AI & #ML tags on @CoinMarketCap, but how do we actually deploy #AI and #ML in our tech stack? A thread... 🧵…
2/14) @Vera_Views, our patented solution for video programmatic advertising & bot prevention, is powered by 13 tech modules.

These modules assist in identifying & preventing bots & fraudulent views for publishers and advertisers worldwide, storing this data on an open ledger... Image
3/14) Our #AI and #ML technology lets us analyse large amounts of data to identify patterns, trends & insights in order to optimise ad delivery in real-time, adjusting bidding and targeting based on the performance and viewability of each ad impression... Image
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QUELQUES #Cryptos que j'accumule en cette PÉRIODE de législation/regulation, et de #bearmarket

$BTC #Bitcoin
$ETH #Ethereum

Privacy Coins
$XMR #Monero
$ZEC #Zcash
$SCRT #SecretNetwork

Cosmos Ecosystem
$ATOM #Cosmos
$TORI #Teritori
$EVMOS #Evmos
$JUNO #JunoNetwork

$FLUX #Flux
$QNT #Quant
$HFT #hashflow
$VRSC #VerusCoin
$KAI #KardiaChain 

DEX Tokens
$UNI #Uniswap
$LRC #Loopring
$CRV #CurveDAO

Yield Farming
$AAVE #Aave
$SNX #Syntetix
$BAL #Balancer 
$BIFI #BeefyFinance

$GRT #TheGraph
$LINK #Chainlink
$THETA #ThetaNetwork
$ENS #EthereumNameService

Médias, Gaming, Sports, Vidéos
$CHZ #Chilliz
$VRA #Verasity
$ENJ #EnjinCoin
$TFUEL #ThetaFuel
$THETA #ThetaNetwork
$UFC #UltimateFCFanToken
$VIT #TeamVitalityFanToken

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As you now know there are 110B of total supply.

But what is it🧐

🧵 Image
✅In these 110B, we've 90B which will never be put on the market !

They'll be used to implement the #Pov !

So YES these are marker tokens, like when you hit your jewellery🪙, mechanical car parts. In our case, these tokens are immutable! Image
Are they useful and for who are they ❓

They're provided for partners, companies that will use the #Pov. The #CEX who're partners, have been informed of the plans for this distribution of tokeneconomics.

Moreover, they are satisfied😆 that this will not impact the $VRA offer. Image
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¿Sabías que nuestro cerebro está sesgado en muchas ocasiones y esto evita que tomemos las decisiones correctas a la hora de operar?

Hoy veremos uno de los sesgos más importantes que debemos de evitar si queremos ser buenos analistas


Hilo 🧵
2' ⏱ Image
Como siempre, aquí tenéis la tabla de contenido 👇

1️⃣ Sesgos cognitivos

2️⃣ ¿Qué es el sesgo de confirmación?

3️⃣ Efecto dotación & Sesgo de confirmación y tesis bajistas

4️⃣ Sesgo de confirmación y la toma de decisiones

5️⃣ ¿Puedo modificar mi sesgo de confirmación?
1️⃣ Sesgos cognitivos

Antes de comenzar, vamos a ver rápidamente qué es esto de los sesgos cognitivos.

Son interpretaciones erróneas sistemáticas de la información disponible que ejerce influencia en la manera de procesar los pensamientos y tomar decisiones.
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1) In today's market it's increasingly difficult to select high quality cryptocurrencies.

Most fade away and as such we need to search for the best fundamentals.

A thread on $VRA and why you should take a look at this cryptocurrency.

Read on 🧵👇

@verasitytech #Verasity #Vra Image
2) The last 17 years we have seen an immense explosion of video-sharing platforms.

Since the start of YouTube countless others like Tiktok or Twitch have entered the market.

This opened the door to an entire new industry that we couldn't imagine living without anymore.
3) Like any other industry in today's market these are owned by centralized corporations.

This means they ALWAYS profit the most from other people's work.

Creators get small compensations, advertisers get exposure and the corporations keep most of the money.
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Here are 7️⃣ crucial statistics to show why & how Veraviews by #Verasity solves a really important problem 👇 #VRA
1. What is Veraviews?

Based on Verasity's patented "Proof of View" (PoV) fraud detecting technology, VeraViews is a blockchain-powered ad-stack.
2. $100B Dollars

By 2023, advertisers’ total loss to ad fraud could skyrocket to $100 billion. $VRA #VRA #Verasity
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To all my new followers, welcome!We’re just getting started👀

Here are some of my favorite threads I’ve written just in the past 3 weeks👇
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Seguramente hayas hecho staking más de una vez pero...¿sabes si lo has hecho de forma centralizada o de forma descentralizada?
¿Sabes cuál es más seguro?¿Sabes los riesgos de uno o de otro?🧐

Y más concretamente, ¿sabes cómo es el staking de #vra?👀
Te lo explico 👇
✅El staking descentralizado es el realizado en casi todas las plataformas DeFi: se hace directamente a través de un smart contract.
Cuando quieres ingresar o retirar fondos, tan solo tienes que interactuar con dicho smart contract sin necesidad de requerir a un tercero.
En estos casos, si el smart contract está bien desarrollado nada puede impedir que retires tus fondos. Lo máximo que puede ocurrir en estos casos es que se quede sin fondos para repartir los beneficios correspondientes.
En ocasiones puedes tener periodos establecidos.
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A Protocol & Product layer Platform for Esports & Video Entertainment 🚀

Presenting: Verasity


// A THREAD 🕹 Image
Coin Market Cap Metrics

CMC Ranking: #180 ✅
Market Cap: 330m ✅
Circ. Supply: 4.47B ✅
Max Supply: 10.3B ✅
24h Vol: 61m ✅

Price: $.074 ✅ (7 cents)

Exchanges: KuCoin, ZT, HitBTC, Gateio, OKEx
#Verasity is a cryptocurrency company that is involved in:

- Esports
- Video Entertainment
- Advertising

Mission: to increase engagement & ad revenue for video publishers on any video platform, while also rewarding viewers.


Through its patented Proof-Of View Technology ImageImage
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I enjoy supporting #crypto with utility because what happens when you set out to accomplish something without purpose or direction? You find yourself years later asking yourself what the point was.
$XRP, revolutionizing cross-border payments with absolute competitive advantage in the "On demand liquidity" sector to which is a term #RIPPLE PATENTED.

Say goodbye to high fees and slow Tx times, billions of dollars saved in rate changes by being a bridge currency.
$VRA Proof of View, ALSO PATENTED, solves a $160 billion dollar issue when it comes to ad monetization and Ad spend from companies. Will revolutionize the way gaming is done allowing players to form their own competition, autonomous from Google and Apple and so much more
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$VRA Deep Dive, just my research and general thoughts on the project. There is quite literally so much to this that I anticipate not being able to cover everything.

This will be enough to get you to DYOR on #Verasity.
First above all else...Data.

Gaming Site:
White Paper:…

Proof of View (Patent Allowed 16/023,354) - Protocol Layer
Max Supply: 10,356,466,695 $VRA
Circulating Supply: 4.15B $VRA
Current $VRA Price: $0.01961

Staking Features:
Program status: Active
Current APY: 25.55%
Staking end: March 31, 2022
Staking pool
Total capacity: 2,500,000,000 $VRA
Available capacity: 14,788,354 $VRA
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My sights are set on the next target,
@verasitytech. Let's gather intel on #Verasity in this 27 part thread to decide whether or not to pull the trigger. #VRA 1/27
𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗜𝘀 𝗩𝗥𝗔? - 𝗢𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘃𝗶𝗲𝘄
Verasity is a #blockchain project reforming online advertising for all video platforms. By utilizing its patented 'Proof of View', Verasity increases advertising revenue for video publishers on any platform by a large margin. $VRA 2/27
𝗢𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘃𝗶𝗲𝘄 𝟮
Verasity is both a protocol and product layer platform for video entertainment and Esports. One of their many working products, Proof of View, is the first and only protocol-layer patented ad technology for #blockchain. 🥇 $VRA 3/27
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