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#telfam The more I read up on it, the more it seems that the timing of @telcoin's Federal approval hinges on the outcome of the Custodia case against the Fed.
So let's get into the weeds on that. Read on:

#Telcoin $TEL
2) The latest news is U.S. District Court of Wyoming Judge Scott Skavdahl ruled this past Friday (11-Nov) that Custodia’s case warrants a trial.…

#Telcoin $TEL
3) The Fed argued that the 2 year delay in approving Custodia is not unreasonable because digital asset banks “present substantial risks and complexities requiring careful and diligent review.”

#Telcoin $TEL
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#telfam Continuing this thread for anyone keeping score. Read on:

#Telcoin $TEL
2) Firstly, a point of clarification: Regarding who would ultimately stamp the approval of @telcoin's master account with the Fed - The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City overseas that part of the country.…

#Telcoin $TEL
3) However, the CEO of Fed Bank Kansas is a member of the FOMC so it would be hard to imagine the overarching ‘Board of Governors’ isn’t involved in the decision, given the spotlight on it.

#Telcoin $TEL
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#telfam After further research, I can clarify & expound upon a few things. Read on:

$TEL #telcoin
2) It seems the Federal approval that @telcoin is seeking is not from the FDIC. In fact, they might not have any interest in that at all (yet), as I had thought.

$TEL #telcoin
3) That much was stated plainly by @telcoin's attorney (Mark) during a Nebraska hearing all the way back on Feb 23, 2021. Here’s the transcript from that hearing. It's fascinating to hear Mark and Paul (CEO) talk about all of this:…

$TEL #telcoin
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#telfam I don't usually do this but what we heard this week confirms for me what I had hoped was happening behind the scenes at @telcoin. This is by no means financial advice. I’m just tired of the BS out there - good and bad. Read on:

#telcoin $TEL
2) Here's what I've gathered (and some speculation to consider):
Telcoin LLC (@telcoin) is a blockchain tech start-up founded in 2017. It’s a real company run by real people, with actual licenses all over the world.

#telcoin $TEL
3) During the previous bear market, they completely overhauled the company and its original staff, including 1 of the 2 original founders (though the community has suspicions that he’s still lurking around and (IMO) seems to be collecting a royalty percentage).

#telcoin $TEL
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1) In today's market it's increasingly hard to select high quality cryptocurrencies.

Most eventually fade away and as such we need to search for the best fundamentals.

A thread🧵on $TEL and why you should take a look at this cryptocurrency.

Read on 👇

@telcoin_team #telcoin Image
2) It's no secret that mobile phones are hugely popular today.

According to the World Bank there are nearly 5 billion mobile phones operating globally.

Surprisingly there are just 1.2 billion bank accounts in the world.
3) Reason for this is that in many parts of the world it is far easier to access mobile services than it is to access banking services.

Telcoin is meant to be a payment protocol, using mobile payments to provide borderless transfers similar to Western Union, but at lower costs.
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I'm challenging myself and will analyze 150 coins suggested by my followers in October.

First draw: $THETA, $HBAR, $AION.

Entire list, see link below👇…
1st draw:

Next up ➡️2nd draw:

#ThetaNetwork #hederahashgraph #AION…
2nd draw: $TLM, $FTT, $GT

Analyses of these coins in the link below.

#AlienWorlds #FTX #gatetoken…
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I enjoy supporting #crypto with utility because what happens when you set out to accomplish something without purpose or direction? You find yourself years later asking yourself what the point was.
$XRP, revolutionizing cross-border payments with absolute competitive advantage in the "On demand liquidity" sector to which is a term #RIPPLE PATENTED.

Say goodbye to high fees and slow Tx times, billions of dollars saved in rate changes by being a bridge currency.
$VRA Proof of View, ALSO PATENTED, solves a $160 billion dollar issue when it comes to ad monetization and Ad spend from companies. Will revolutionize the way gaming is done allowing players to form their own competition, autonomous from Google and Apple and so much more
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I started a #cryptotwitter account to be plugged into the community. I love #crypto, I really am horrible with people so I stick to research and deep dives, facts and occasional hopium opinions based on data.

I will say months ago, I knew there would be a major shakeout.
I've been a long-time advocate for $XRP and $VET. I immediately saw the value of #XRP due to the problems it solved within financial systems. The fact that anywhere in the world I could bridge #XRP to any currency I needed anytime, wish I knew about it when I was overseas.
#XRP can literally save governments trillions of dollars over time in transfer fees and rate changes, the current system doesn't work and the taxpayers are left to pay the difference.
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$VRA Deep Dive, just my research and general thoughts on the project. There is quite literally so much to this that I anticipate not being able to cover everything.

This will be enough to get you to DYOR on #Verasity.
First above all else...Data.

Gaming Site:
White Paper:…

Proof of View (Patent Allowed 16/023,354) - Protocol Layer
Max Supply: 10,356,466,695 $VRA
Circulating Supply: 4.15B $VRA
Current $VRA Price: $0.01961

Staking Features:
Program status: Active
Current APY: 25.55%
Staking end: March 31, 2022
Staking pool
Total capacity: 2,500,000,000 $VRA
Available capacity: 14,788,354 $VRA
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#Telcoin thread with a little bit of info on #TEL:

We may not have to pay Capital Gains Tax on $TEL.

Thread below, take everything with a grain of salt, either way, it should be informational to those looking into Telcoin.
So my discussion on $tel last night started with talks on TA and how technical analysis is the act of taking past historical data, identifying volume and percent gains among so many other things and identifying future possible trajectories.
#LB649 Passed into law yesterday authorizing #telcoin to become the first digital asset bank in the state of Nebraska. This is unprecedented for any #cryptocurrency so far, to be spoken on in a positive light by US Senators who are proud to represent their constituents.
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It's Time to Get Back To The Future!

10 Predictions About The Future of #Telcoin

#SendMoneySmarter $TEL Image
#Telcoin represents a look at the future of #fintech, #crypto, and the way people view efficiency, security and convenience with regard to many aspects of managing their money and investments.
Sadly, many newcomers to $TEL have little vision, depth of understanding, or patience when it comes to what #Telcoin has been building... and what's coming next.

These are my predictions for those needing perspective and patience.
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10 Things You May Not Know But Need to Know About #Telcoin / $TEL TODAY!
I've exchanged more than 100 DMs with members of #Telfam already this month.

Most have NO CLUE what #Telcoin is doing, what it's done and what it will do.

Impatience and misinformation are your enemies.

It's time to $TEL it like it is.
1. Good Decisions Are Being Made

#Telfam was angry last fall when #Telcoin made the right decision to delay launch until early 2021 so that iOS & Android $TEL wallets could launch at the same time.

This was a prudent business decision that has paid off beautifully.

How so?
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$TEL #Telcoin
A lot of Link Marines know me from my early $link days or the video memes I've created. I've been in crypto since about 6 weeks prior to the 2017 madness. I saw a lot of paper gains & walked away with about 25% of them. But the next 4 years I dug in & studied ImageImage
everything I could about the industry. I also took the beating I needed. I went down the rabbit hole and came up with the simple fact that oracles were THE key to blockchains expansion.. the internet to the computer. Chainlink became my world & the rest is history.

Throughout that entire process there was one white paper I read that I couldn't stop thinking about. There was one bag I accumulated & refused to consolidate to LINK. This one was personal. That money was going down with the ship if it had to.
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1) "MTN, Africa’s largest telecoms company, ... will apply for a mobile banking license in Nigeria and plans a launch of its mobile money service in Africa’s largest economy in the second quarter of next year, its CEO said."

$TEL #Telcoin #Telfam…
2) Open your eyes, look beneath the surface. Everything #Telcoin does is calculated. I'd like to point you to Q3 2018 of the roadmap and this tweet on June 18th

$TEL #Telfam
3) #Telcoin then announced @JumiaNigeria which fits the "explore solutions for a variety of use cases across Africa". And like I've mentioned multiple times, I know that MTN is the African operator behind the whole thing.

$TEL #Telfam
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1/22 $TEL Review Intro
$TEL’s answer to crypto adoption is to make it easy and intuitive to send crypto payments over mobile phone networks. It’s a great idea and has huge potential if the team can execute.
2/22 $TEL Review Vision
The grand vision is to enable $TEL to be sent to any mob number in the world.
With more than 5 bil cell phone users in the world $TEL will use the telecoms network to send crypto payments making crypto accessible and usable especially for the unbanked👇
3/22 $TEL Review Use Case

$TEL hope to be used as a p2p transactional currency and for remittances. It will initially focus on the remittance market, but hope to grow to include those use cases from its WP👇
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@CryptoMedicated, thank you for providing a quick analysis on $TEL - #telcoin. Much respect sir. The community appreciates it, but I respectfully disagree with your analysis, and let me tell you why. I'll address all 9 of your points with a rebuttal. Check out the thread.
1) Bearish on $TEL prospect: @CryptoMedicated
I disagree, and please check the stats, and even that's too low. The thing is that #telcoin doesn't operate like every crypto, as a matter of fact the manner in which they operate will allow them to thrive.
2a) $TEL locked out of the US: @CryptoMedicated
Permanently?!!! You should note that #telcoin is a GSMA member, which isn't an easy feat. Did you know that Sprint, ATT, Verizon, and TMobile are members as well.
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