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“I have been writing this post in my head for nearly 3 yrs & until today I've never been brave enough to post it. But recently some ppl doing similar work & facing much the same reality have used social media to speak up about a topic that for so long has not
been discussed. Their bravery has given me the courage to finally share my thoughts & experiences about something that I’ve needed to for so long.

Today I euthanized 5 dogs. This is not an uncommon task for a vet to perform & getting into the profession you are well aware of the
fact that this is something you will have to do in your chosen career. However, the dogs I put down today were not sick, they were not injured, they were not old & they were not unhealthy. They were not untamed & they were not aggressive. They were perfect, healthy & normal dogs.
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GM everyone.

At the request of @cryptoavon, today’s coin breakdown is on @helium ( $HNT ). If you have any coins you would like to be featured, comment below.

#1 The @helium ( $HNT ) network is a decentralised wireless network that enables devices anywhere in the world to wirelessly connect to the internet and geolocate themselves without the need for power-hungry satellite location hardware or expensive cellular plans.
#2 The mechanism powering the @Helium network is a blockchain with a native protocol token that incentivises a two-sided marketplace between coverage providers and consumers. $HNT
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GM everyone.

Today we will be covering @SChainCapital ( $SCC ). This is a 7 MILLION dollar market cap project. If you have any coins you would like to be featured, comment below.

#1 @SChainCapital is another addition to the #FaaS (Farming as a service) projects known as DeFi 3.0. SCC invests their treasury on multiple chains and returns the profits to $SCC holders.
#2 $SCC is the first DeFi 3.0 project to be built on $FTM. $SCC is a blockchain investment fund that employs DeFi. They provide a decentralized ecosystem that facilitates secure, autonomous and meaningful transactions of $SCC.
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GM everyone.

Today we will be covering @HordApp ( $HORD ). This is a 9 MILLION DOLLAR MARKET CAP project suggested by @jairvanbrussel. If you have any coins you would like to be featured, comment below.

#1 @HordApp allows you to follow the best crypto portfolios in the market. Powered by decentralised smart contracts, $HORD allows its users to use its dynamic ETF’s to follow the market-leading holdings.
#2 @HordApp believes in the power of technology for making impactful and positive changes in the way users manage their crypto assets. @HordApp are working towards making decentralised finance fairer and more transparent. $HORD
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1/ #VET VET/ETH pair
The same scenario repeats every time…✅💥

1️⃣ Top
2️⃣ Bearmarket in a descending channel
3️⃣ Breakout + Retest of the Daily EMA 100 (red line)
4️⃣ Take off

#VeChain #VeFam
2/ To give more details:
➡️ Top of the last breakout = to the top of the small wave 3
➡️ the bottom of the retracement (on the EMA 100) = the bottom of the small wave 4
➡️ the ATH on VET/ETH = the top of the small wave 5.
3/ The last time we breakout the daily EMA 100 on the VET/ETH pair, #VET we recorded +700% in 53 days. The retest on the EMA100 = small wave 4, the rise = small wave 5
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1/ #VeFam You have 1H to choose the 5th member of the legendary alliance! ⚔️🔥 2 possible choices, see below ⬇️

#VET #VeFam
2/ Ready set go!
It looks like a 5th #VeKing has arrived in the alliance before the decision! Suspense
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1/ Many of you have offered to send me donations for my analysis and my support to the community, and again, thanks for everything! 🙏🏽💸

🚨 Like & RT this post! 🚨

#VeChain #VeFam $VET $VTHO #VET #VeKings #Bitcoin Image
2/ The thing is, I have always refused donations. I prefer you to keep that money for yourself. So I looked for a way to make you contribute to the growth of the @Nordes__ community without impacting your bags + giving you many advantages 🏅 See below ⬇️
3/ I really enjoy #VeKings NFT especially for 3 reasons:

1️⃣ The characters & warrior spirit fits well with the theme of my channel 🥷🏽
2️⃣ It contributes to the growth of #VeChain since it works on its BlockChain ✅
3️⃣ ...I can get the community involved! How?? Image
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𝟭/ 𝗕𝗲𝗴𝗶𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗿𝘀: 𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗶𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗯𝗲𝘀𝘁 𝗕𝗹𝗼𝗰𝗸𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗶𝗻 𝘁𝗼 𝗯𝘂𝘆 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗳𝗶𝗿𝘀𝘁 𝗡𝗙𝗧? 🚀

🚨 #VeChain VS #Ethereum 🚨

My review! ✅

2/ A few days ago, I got more deeply interested in the subject of NFTs. Even though I've been invested in the crypto sector for several years now, I completely assume my delay on the subject of NFTs. And that's a mistake I wanted to make up for 👀
3/ So I asked for your opinions on the best NFTs to buy for fun. I then did my own research and challenged myself to buy 1 NFT on 2 different platforms. One that works with #VeChain BlockChain (VethorWallet, VeSea) and one with #Ethereum BlockChain (Opensea)
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#VET VET/ETH pair 🔥
The same scenario repeats every time:

1️⃣ Top 💥
2️⃣ Bearmarket in a descending channel 📉
3️⃣ Breakout + Retest of the Daily EMA 100 (red line) 👀
4️⃣ Take off 🚀

#VeChain #VeFam
To give more details:
➡️ the top of the last breakout = to the top of the small wave 3
➡️ the bottom of the retracement (on the EMA 100) = the bottom of the small wave 4
➡️ the ATH on VET/ETH = the top of the small wave 5.
This analysis is another indicator of decorrelation. Daily EMA 100 breakout + retest on VET/ETH pair = start of small wave 5 = decorrelation with #BTC = high risk high reward
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Hilo análisis VeChain #VET

Hoy os traigo una de las criptomonedas más consolidadas y con utilidad real que hay ahora mismo en todo el mercado.

VET no es solo un token, es un producto que está siendo comercializado a grandes multinacionales mediante su blockchain, VeChainThor.
¿Para qué sirve?

Desde su origen ha tenido diversas utilidades más allá de la inicial, verificación (true-false), actualmente su pilar fundamental es la trazabilidad de productos, donde sus servicios son destinados a un gran número de empresas de diversos sectores.
Actualmente y de forma rápida destaco algunas de las que podéis ver en la imagen anterior para poner en relación e importancia real la criptomoneda de la que estoy hablando.

- BMW.
- Renault.
- Louis Vuitton.
- PWC.
- DHL.
- Walmart.

Entre otras, muchas de ellas asiáticas.
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I'm using 3 charts to decide when to start taking huge profits.

See all 3 below:

#VeFam #VET #VTHO #AltSeason
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Here is a THREAD I promised covering:

1. My thoughts on this run - for BTC and $VET
2. What you should do - trade vs hodl
3. How to cash out - method i'm sticking to

Purely my opinion, please like / retweet if you like it! :)

#VeChain #VeFam #VET
My Thoughts on BTC

1. We just had our highest weekly close at $62K BTC - good news, likely continue our FINAL leg of this bullrun
2. Current top estimates for #Bitcoin across CT / analysts varies between 100K to 300K
3. You do not want to hodl back down after this run
4. From my experience in 2017, many called for BTC to top out between 20K to 100K but we only hit the lowest range
5. During the flash crash from 20K to 13K, lots were saying there was gonna be continuation and newbies just held on to their investments.
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- (1/3) When will VET make its ATH ⏳
- (2/3) VET price prediction? 💸
- (3/3) Exiting the market at the right time ✅

Don't forget to like and RT! Ready? Let’s Go ⬇️⬇️

2/ NFA: All the information given here is not investment advice, but only the result of my own research and analysis. They can very well be realized as the opposite. Please, and even more so now, before you invest: DYOR and only invest what you can afford to lose 🤝
3/ 𝑴𝑬𝑮𝑨 𝑻𝑯𝑹𝑬𝑨𝑫 (𝟏/𝟑) 𝑾𝒉𝒆𝒏 𝒘𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝑽𝑬𝑻 𝒎𝒂𝒌𝒆 𝒊𝒕𝒔 𝑨𝑻𝑯? ⏳
WHEN? If we could predict everything, we would all be millionaires, that's a fact. But since we can't predict the future, we can make TA predictions to get as close as possible to the truth!
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📢 1st ever VPunks Challenge Details - 9/26 📢

🚨 The Challenge Details: 🚨
💥 Every day there will be about 4000 $VPU allocated to the Challenge. Each successful challenge will receive 200 $VPU (Amount may change and will likely roll over to future days)
💥 The Quest is to buy one of the suggested VPunks on the auction page.
💥 The suggested list will be selected from multiple prices in the auction page.
💥 The more VPunks you own, the longer your suggestion list will be.
💥 Your unique suggested list will live in your "My Account" as a new link/section.
💥 A list of suggestions will be refreshed every day and the length is proportional to the number of VPunks you own.
💥 The VPU Reward is only for the Buyer.
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Hoy 17/09/2021 presento #HiloInstintoFinanciero 56

- Tópico: $VET | #VeChain
¿Por qué la vengo nombrando hace rato?

🔵 - ¿Qué es?
🔵 - ¿Para qué sirve?

¡Y mucho mas!

No voy a pedir requisito mínimo porque me lo vienen preguntando hace rato

Asi que a romper de ♥️ y de 🔄 Image
🔵 - ¿Qué es #VeChain?

▫️ Es un proveedor de servicios de Blockchain para el rubro de gestión logístico
▫️ Busca mejorar todos los procesos de la cadena de suministros (Coches, prendas, vacunas)
▫️ Busca integrar infomacion en los productos a traves de codigos QR
▫️ La idea es permitir automatización de procesos y ver en tiempo real el proceso logístico donde los datos plasmados sean inmutables

A continuación su ecosistema: Image
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Price Fractals 📚

In good hands, fractals can provide the ultimate edge for future price movements. In this THREAD we gonna explain exactly why

▪️ What are they?
▪️ Why are they so useful?
▪️ How to see them?
▪️ Can I mix different TFs?
▪️ How not to use them?
▪️ Examples

▪️ What is a fractal?

In simple terms, we could say they are the same repeating patterns over again.

They are ruled by the same principle and therefore we see the same or very similar outcomes.

▪️ Why are they so useful?

First of all, it is important to understand that fractals are so powerful cause they appear not just in the markets but everywhere around us, even in nature.

The same repeating patterns across different objects

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I have already mentioned my fascination and love of precious metals. Gold and Silver have been in the battle, almost unnoticeably this year. Why? Because the media props you up with the narrative called “bitcoin."
And like many things making headlines it's a very weaponised narrative: contrived and put forth as what they call “digital gold.” As I've said before, Bitcoin is no more gold anymore than fiat is real money.
I have written quite a bit around the debasement of currency and have started to touch on the [corrupt] organisations who oversee legislation for monetary policy.
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I started a #cryptotwitter account to be plugged into the community. I love #crypto, I really am horrible with people so I stick to research and deep dives, facts and occasional hopium opinions based on data.

I will say months ago, I knew there would be a major shakeout.
I've been a long-time advocate for $XRP and $VET. I immediately saw the value of #XRP due to the problems it solved within financial systems. The fact that anywhere in the world I could bridge #XRP to any currency I needed anytime, wish I knew about it when I was overseas.
#XRP can literally save governments trillions of dollars over time in transfer fees and rate changes, the current system doesn't work and the taxpayers are left to pay the difference.
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OK - now #insurrectionBlues defendant Jonathan Ace Sanders, Sr. - he's requesting publicly paid counsel. Judge Meriweather asking questions. Inner City Press will live tweet, thread below. Song:…
Judge Meriweather: Mr. Sanders, you are retired?
Sanders: I retired last week.
Judge Meriweather: You have a military pension less than $50,000 a year?
Sanders: That's right.
Judge Meriweather: And a rental bringing in $1000 a month?
Sanders: That too.
Judge Meriweather says he's eligible, and appoints / pays the lawyer of his choice. That's not usually how it works @SDNYLIVE.
Assistant US Attorney: We want a special condition on no alcohol or drug use.
Judge Meriweather: Shall we go into a break-out room?
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$10M exploited. BTW I screenshot these so they will survive in case someone deletes a tweet one day in the future. Image
$17M in hacks this week Image
This one is being emptied as we speak I think. $14M so far lost Image
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$51M rug pull on yet another BSC scam. ImageImageImage
$30M exploitted Image
$10M exploited. BTW I screenshot these so they will survive in case someone deletes a tweet one day in the future. Image
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[THREAD] Pérenniser son portefeuille de Cryptomonnaies.

Le portefeuille suivant a été construit dans la même logique qu'on applique et utilise en bourse.
Il permet de reproduire :

- Du risque
- Du rendement
- De lisser ses résultats sur le long terme

#MJR Image
La construction de ce type de portefeuille est simple :

- On a des obligations : 2%-3% de rendement qui sont une dette remboursé par l'état
- Des Actions : comme Apple, FB, Google,..
- ETF : un groupement de plusieurs actions
- Matière première
Ces éléments, bout à bout, permettent de créer de la stabilité dans son portefeuille, tout en étant exposé au rendement des marchés financiers.

Par exemple, si j'achète pour 1000 $ d'actions en le répartissant de la façon suivante
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