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1/ The H1 2019 @ElectricCapital Developer Report is out!

@MariaShen compiled this with data infra built by @jubos and contributions from @puntium and @thuanlee.

We analyzed 22 million commits across 22k+ code repositories. Read it here:…

Some tidbits 👇
2/ Why study developer ecosystems

Adoption and liquidity require wallets, infra, and apps/services. And engineers follow distribution + revenue, so winning platforms draw more devs. It is as important to understand developer ecosystems as users, miners, exchanges, and regulators
3/ We analyzed 22M commits and 27K repositories.

While network values fell 80%+ from all time highs, overall commit rates across all repositories remained flat.
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Here is a collated list of reasons of why it makes sense for
#XRP holders to get exposure to #XDC…
1. XDC was highlighted by Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of SBI, Board of Directors at Ripple. SBI is the largest external shareholder of R3.
2. XinFin and R3 are actively working together and XinFin brings best enterprise-grade public smart contracts blockchain to bridge enterprise Corda private blockchains
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Here’s why I am totally indifferent to the news about the Fed's Faster Payments initiative.
IMO the future of payments, both domestic and international, the FED is going to become totally irrelevant, redundant, and obsolete.
How can this be you ask?
Bc they (Ripple and partners, encouraged by the WH) are building a completely new payments platform on DLT, to replace the legacy Rothschilds banking infrastructure which includes the Fed R, BIS, all Central Banks, World Bank, IMF and SWIFT. Recall that the Federal Reserve
/CB system no more Federal than Federal Express. It is a privately owned corporation established by the Rothschilds et al.

Alternate pathways on DLT (Ripplenet and the ILP to integrate with other platforms) are being established to integrate with new systems for moving
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@diliprao explains in this thread (attached link) the reason behind @CoryTV's tweet on Mastercard acquisition of NETS.

Nets provides infrastructure for clearing and real-time cross-border *payments* (i.e. faster payments).



As real-time cross-border payments are not a widely adopted "thing" as of today, banks don't have to rush to find their nostro accounts abroad, in order to have enough liquidity to process payments in the countries of destination, as demanded.

Instead, what banks do today is:

1)Process payments requested by customers.
2)Delay the crediting of funds to beneficiary.
3)Fund their nostro accounts in the countries of destination (takes 1-3 days), having the certainty if how much liquidity is needed, and
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1/ Speculative theory on future XRP price behaviour:

XRP Price Step-Ladder Formation

If there are now quite a few institutions running on xRapid including MoneyGram, that could potentially mean the price is being sustained at a certain range so that minimal price volatility in 3-4 seconds is retained.

There will be a stage in the near future where the current #XRP price range becomes a bottleneck to liquidity to facilitate all the concurrent xRapid transactions because the "size of the pipe" would simply not be large enough.
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[1/3] @MoneyGram, world‘s 2nd largest money transmitter, on @Ripple‘s #XRP product xRapid:

[2/3] ...what @Moneygram expects in terms of #xRapid volume growth...
[3/3] ...and Moneygram‘s final take on Ripple‘s #XRP product...
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It's all starting to make sense with #XRP to me, unless I'm going crazy. I feel like it is linked to #qanon, @realDonaldTrump, @Lagarde, @chrislarsensf, @JoelKatz, @bgarlinghouse, @yoshitaka_kitao and other major, major high up players.
@realDonaldTrump @Lagarde @chrislarsensf @JoelKatz @bgarlinghouse @yoshitaka_kitao They are revamping the financial system so all of the transactions are on a ledger that everyone can see, unlike fiat. The mainstream media has been blasting Trump over this #RussiaGate thing since his presidency.
@realDonaldTrump @Lagarde @chrislarsensf @JoelKatz @bgarlinghouse @yoshitaka_kitao The CIA controls, and has controlled the mainstream media since the 50's, look up Operation Mockingbird. It's all real. I'll post a link to the video of how the CIA and other major players executed the plan to take over mainstream media below.
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1/13 | Hello #XRPcommunity! 😊

With June coming up there have been a lot of news recently around the #G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan. 🇯🇵

I dived into the matter to see if something could relate to #XRP, trying to connect dots, so let's have a look. 🧐
2/13 | I was particularly looking at the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting, which takes place in Fukuoka from June 6 - June 9.

Below you can see the detailed track schedule.

3/13 | It is interesting to have a look at the countries participating next to the G20 member states.

As you can see, South-East Asia is particularly well-represented with Thailand 🇹🇭, Singapore 🇸🇬, and Vietnam 🇻🇳 participating.

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On 14/05/19, @bgarlinghouse participated in the "9th High-Level Conference on the International Monetary System" organized by @SNB_BNS_en and @IMFNews to discuss the "Past, Present and Future of the International Monetary System".


Key attendees and panelists included:

-Agustin Carstens, BIS Chairman
-Christine Lagarde, IMF Chairwoman
-Tobias Adrian, IMF Director
-Ahmed Abdulkarim, SAMA Governor
-Norman Chan, Hong Kong Monetary Authority Chairman
-Elvira Nabiúllina, Central Bank of Russia Governor

Interesting facts:

1) @bgarlinghouse was the only participant from the private sector. The rest of participants were high executives of different Central Banks and Monetary Authorities.

2) @bgarlinghouse thanked @Lagarde for being included in the conference.
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When #xrp starts being used as a bridge asset as a standard it will be the perfect investment for any savvy investor. Why?

Consider first an investment into stocks. Stocks have over the last hundred years proven to be a great investment, averaging something like
a 7% yearly return on average adjusted for inflation. But stocks are volatile and companies often fail. They are a high risk investment. Many unforseen events can bring down the business.

Now, consider XRP. Imagine an ecosystem for XRP is being developed.
This may take some time. At this moment payment providers are using xRapid but banks are not really live yet. Regulations are not clear.

It is thus still risky. Imagine in the future, all regulations are passed and XRP enjoys a good traffic from banks.
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1/n Dear Bitcoiners. Next time someone tells you that the #XRP Ledger is more decentralised than #BTC, and you look at them dumbfounded, this is why. The fact this is even contemplated shows the issue. 3-4 mining pools control >51% of the authority
2/ if someone were able to persuade 3-4 key people that a re-org would be a good idea, then it could happen. In this case it is the damage to Binance’s (fine) reputation that would prevent them from doing it. But a malicious actor might not have that concern. With XRP there
3/ is literally no mechanism in the protocol to do a chain re-org. The concept of ‘longest chain wins’ just doesn’t exist on the XRP Ledger. Once a transaction is final (in a few seconds) that is it. It is final. If you wanted to introduce a change to the protocol to ‘unwind’
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@Coil and Amazon 1-click + #XRP

I believe Coil can be a big player in the future. The reason why I’m saying that is because they are solving the friction of purchasing content online to a large extent.

I’d like to draw a comparison to Amazon’s 1-click.
Amazon’s 1-click has been considered a game changer. That’s because it is very convenient to buy stuff on Amazon once you’ve bought something once and activated 1-click.

You are then more likely to buy on Amazon than other sites because it’s so convenient and quick.
I personally love that feature on Amazon and ordered more stuff than I should have otherwise.

The opportunity for Coil is to make it as convenient for customers as 1-click is.

To sign up to new homepages for content is time-consuming and inconvenient.
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SBI Holdings, Inc.
FY2018 Financial Results (Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2019)
April 26, 2019

Services that SBI Virtual Currencies will Begin Immediately after Changes of Crypto-asset-related Laws and Regulations

#xrp #ripple #xrpcommunity #xrpthestandard #SBI #xrparmy
SBI Holdings, Inc.

April 26, 2019

Money Tap will now consider accepting an investment from U.S. #Ripple, in order to strengthen technical cooperation and the promotion of initiatives related to international remittances

#xrp #xrpcommunity #xrpthestandard #SBI #xrparmy
SBI Holdings, Inc.

April 26, 2019

Full-scale efforts towards increasing financial services using Ripple’s XRP and R3’s Corda

promoting Collaboration Between Ripple and R3,
Companies with Technology Closest to a Global Standard

#xrp #ripple #xrpcommunity #xrpthestandard #SBI
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It seems that there is an escalation in the FUD/ negativity and disinformation activity in the community.Remember the night is always darkest just before the dawn...
Here’s a little distraction from all the negative energy.
Remember that the PTB choose certain dates/times for significant changes and events.
Ripple the company uses the Saturn symbology- so let’s take a look at the astrology related to Saturn in 2019.
The planets are aligned for an interesting time April 30> May 2019 @digitalassetbuy @HamEggsn @luminusdesign #xrp #financialresetiscoming
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The link to that PDF



G20 have been BUSY for a long time, the evolution is maybe slow, but they arent stoping for it!

G20 wants to do many good things
And make sure there is an even playing field on several levels.

Two of which can be read at #25 & #26
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Here's a thought about #XRP

What if BearableGuy's $589+ Prediction really meant 5th Month (MAY), 8th Day and 9 for Year 2019

This would make perfect sense as one of the meanings for $589+ in addition to price prediction

Credit to @PuneetS93269300 for bringing this up
This is starting to come together perfectly

That's why $589+ is in Green (bull start) - May 8, 2019

EOY2018 is in RED (bear market) until May

We read it all this time as 1 sentence when we had to look at it as 2 different sentences
I can't believe all this time no one got it right! Well at least 2 - 3 weeks before we finally get to the bottom of it
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How much does DTCC use of DLT depend on ISO20022 adoption? They said they need "data standards to enable compatibility between ledgers" Swift might be driving changes in FIs that make Ripple easier to adopt as they digitalize. #xrpthestandard #xrp…
DTCC conversion to Swift's ISO20022 occurred last November, setting the stage for greater integration - at least for large companies. Apparently smaller companies struggle with infrastructure to convert to this "rich" ISO. (Also true of TCH, btw). #xrp
Co's can voluntarily reorganize w/ DTCC & ISO20022 with a real-time connection. and test a new DTCC Corporate Action web interface this year. Will the buildout make it more comfortable for co's to adopt Ripple? Interesting .pdf @Fame21Moore…
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ANACM Anadolu Cam Sanayii AŞ - Halk Yatırım Kantitatif Analizi…

#anacm #bist #borsa #bist100 #BIST30 #bist50 #halkyatırım #anadolucam #rapor #hisse
BIMAS BİM Birleşik Mağazalar AŞ - Halk Yatırım Kantitatif Analizi…

#bimas #BIMAS #bist #borsa #bist100 #bist30 #bist50 #temettü #bim #rapor #hisse
MGROS Migros Ticaret AŞ - Halk Yatırım Kantitatif Analizi…

#mgros #bist #borsa #bist100 #bist30 #bist50 #migros #rapor #hisse
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0/ Strong finish to the week in the #cryptocurrency and #blockchain space. Partnerships, funding, mainnet/testnet launches, interviews; that's just some of it!

Below, a 23-part thread covering the latest from the budding #crypto industry over the past day or so. Enjoy!
1/ 🙋‍♂️#Crypto spot and futures trading platform @ErisX_Digital announced two additions to its board of directors: @EthereumJoseph (CEO & Founder, @ConsenSys; Co-Founder, #Ethereum) and #fintech entrepreneur, Chris Conde!
2/ 📢 @HelloICONworld [ $ICX ] published a write-up detailing their strategy to expand the #ICON public #blockchain ecosystem!

There's plenty planned for 1H19, including the launch of a DEX, DID #smartphone app, and Tokyo-based #dApp launchpad.…
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1/ The winning story to talk about is digital vs. paper, not centralized vs. decentralized. That’s what drives adoption. The decentralization will come, eventually, when the time is right. Here are my thoughts on why #XRP is indeed #xrpthestandard. @haydentiff @XRPTrump
2/ #Ripple’s current approach, to work with banks and money transfer agencies for cross-border payments, is truly genius for several reasons. First, they are solving real problems for real people, many of whom are those who need help the most…
3/20 low income people in impoverished regions who get remittances from friends and family abroad. It’s not just an idea being developed, it’s actually in production at countless financial institutions.
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0/ Having trouble staying on top of all the latest in the world of #crypto and #blockchain? I've got you covered. Well, at least for the last 24 hours or so 💁‍♂️

Let's get this thread going shall we.
1/ 📝 @DPRating published the September edition of its #GitHub Audit, rating more than 200 #crypto and #blockchain projects.

Teams that ranked disproportionately well included @Raiden_Network [ $RDN ], @NulsService [ $NULS ], @ParticlProject [ $PART ], and @POANetwork [ $POA ].
2/ ♻️ @PowerLedger_io [ $POWR ] introduced Asset Germination Events (AGEs), furthering the utility of its native #crypto token.

AGEs will allow people to invest in and co-own energy assets. More details to come via a Friday AMA.…
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So far, this is the most thorough and accurate analysis of #XRP price action I've found:
Live feed from largest XRP bagholders today:
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0.0/ A lot of #crypto news today from the securities enforcement world:

- DOJ goes to trial on ICO-related securities fraud charges
- SEC charges broker-dealer & hedge fund with securities violations
- FINRA charges broker with fraud & dealing unregistered securities

1.0/ Let's start with DOJ. Today's news relates to a federal criminal case in the Eastern District of New York: United States v. Maksim Zaslavskiy.

Zaslavskiy was charged in November 2017 on three counts of securities fraud in connection with two ICOs: "REcoin" and "DRC."
1.1/ DOJ says Zaslavskiy lied to investors when he sold these ICOs.

According to the indictment, he told investors that both coins were backed by real world assets: he allegedly claimed REcoin was backed by real estate & DRC was backed by diamonds.
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Ive been asked to shed some light on my opinion surrounding #xrp and the IMF. We all know the story about #Ripple + Chris Larsen + IMF so we wont go into that again.. lets look at the fundamentals behind why I believe xrp has a greater role to play in the global economy..
Currently the IMF issues what they call SDR (special drawing rights). These are issued to financially troubled nations as a means to provide them with liquidity to help get them out of sticky situations.. The SDR is backed by NOTHING. It has no real value like fiat money.
Since the SDR is backed by nothing & has no real value, the IMF uses a basket of worthless fiat currencies to determine a value for these SDRs. We look around the world today & we see with the US dollar as king, global currencies are unstable..
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