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I predict that #Ripple will disappear into the background and of the radar within a few years.

And #XRP will be a silent super power, working its magic behind mobile interfaces and apps.

At least, that’s what all the Banks would like to see happening.
Even though #ripple is working with them and being compliant - #XRP is a beast which will be hard to control, if the masses knows about it.

Cryptocurrencies by itself is still a valid threat. That’s why they need #xrp RIGHT NOW! Throwing the first punch, before #Libra’like
Coins are unrolled. And the masses start using it on a global scale.
Before that happens, digital Fiat aka CBDC should be up and running moving frictionless across borders, from P2P!

This puts pressure on all CB’s

Missing this window of opportunity is deadly for THEM!
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@ipinky77 came with the link which confirms the amendments of an existing law, Which is mainly focused on AML, crypto currencies and crypto custodianship has been added to this law, which goes into effect in Jan 2020.
Which makes my question even more important to think about.

“How will banks prepare themselves in order to maximise their position?”

Will banks step into the market and start buying?

#Ripple isn’t selling anymore....!

Exciting times.
Put this together with the US coming online with their RTGS early 2020, as one of the last nations to do so.

2020 holds a lot of potential to get to the next level.

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@digitalassetbuy @bgarlinghouse @chrislarsensf @Ripple 1 of 5
Think about it. Ripple has one company running in Luxembourg which is called Ripple Luxembourg S.A.
For the year ended 2018 Ripple Luxembourg S.A. reported EUR 529,630.89 in total assets and has a net equity of EUR 91,220.09. The loss for the year was EUR 7,730.26.
@digitalassetbuy @bgarlinghouse @chrislarsensf @Ripple 2 of 5
Is this entity of any significance to the Luxembourg economy? The local comer shop make more profit and has more assets on the balance sheet; never the less the Luxembourg Finance Minister is travelling to San Francisco to meet with this very own company?
@digitalassetbuy @bgarlinghouse @chrislarsensf @Ripple 3 of 5
What is wrong in this picture? This does not make sense, and if something doesn’t make sense, then we most certainly don’t know the full picture. If people would pay more attention, then the price would go nuts of pure speculation.
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Bank of Canada has ZERO Gold holdings. How can they go to a gold standard? There are many countries in a similar position. This means they all cant individually declare a gold standard for sound money. The US dollar was once backed by Gold but it was too restrictive & failed...
When the Dollar was no longer backed by Gold, the US made a deal with the Saudi led OPEC. Sell oil only in dollars. Made sense at the time because currencies were already pegged to a gold backed US dollar so now that the gold backing was dropped they could still remain pegged..
Because of the need for US dollars to purchase oil. Being pegged to the USD meant that whatever happens to the US economy, affects everyone, as we see today with the trade war. Also, since the US dollar was both a sovereign currency and the global reserve, this meant the US..
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If People Can't see what's happening by now in Global Finance they're BLIND

This past year = Largest Mergers/Acquisitions in history in regards to finance

All Surrounding Digital Assets/RTGS/Interoperability

Most If you Dive deep enough surround Ripple & #XRP
Why is it so difficult to find info on #XRP & #Ripple Tech unless deep diving through Bank and FI pdf's? Especially after 2016 time frame.

Ripple was always transparent about who they are working with.

My Opinion: Something huge is coming
What real purpose would Swift have in partnering with R3 (besides what's being fed to the masses via the news). Sure they are trying to stay relevant but there were other options such as Hyperledger etc.

Ripple & XRP will rule exotic corridors ….eventually all corridors.
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1. Merhaba Arkadaşlar, #Blockchain (#Blokzincir) ile rezerv para ve #dolar ilişkisinde kalmıştık.
2. Doları, Pandoranın kutusu yani kara kaplı defter olarak görelim, içinde ne var belli değil, kaydı tutan ne tuttu belli değil, açılırsa ne olur o da belli değil. O zaman açılmamalı/açılmayacak!!! Ancak yeni bir ihtiyaç ve talep olursa kutu bir kenara atılır ve açılmaz…
3. Mevcut ekonomi kurgusu çökerken/çökertilirken, #rezevr paranın akıbeti tam da tartışılacakken, ulus devletlerin sermaye üzerindeki etkisi sertleşirken, kaba kuvvet yönetilemez hale gelecekken bir makale ile #blockchain ortaya çıktı.
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Remember Microsoft Azure and #Ripple…

Microsoft just published their Q1-2019 report
Their Intelligent Cloud is their biggest profit maker (22%)
Azzure's growth --> 73%!!

Groundwork is being done, don't be fooled by the price!


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The @BitwiseInvest piece about fake volume is going to have far reaching effects in this space. It might take a few months to sink in, but it will soon enough. #bitcoin

Cool site that shows the fall out of volume.…
#Ethereum's volume is less than 10% of #bitcoin's, instead of 50%. That's a large difference that will affect all eth based tokens as well.
#Ripple $XRP's volume is another 70% lower than Ethereum's.
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"timeline" for the launch of the Global ILP

I kept reading about the BASEL III Liquidity Standard.

BASEL : Basel III is a global, voluntary regulatory framework on bank capital adequacy, stress testing, and market liquidity risk.
The original Basel III rule from 2010 required banks to fund themselves with 4.5% of common equity (up from 2% in Basel II)


...Banks have to hold a total of 7% CET1 capital ratio, from 2019 onwards"
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0/ The #crypto/#blockchain space is starting the week off strong! Many projects continuing to develop at a commendable rate. Let's see what's been going on over the 24 hours or so, shall we? 17 parts to this bad boy, let's do this 👇
1/ 🗳️ @WillWarren89 (CEO, @0xProject) announced an upcoming vote on #ZEIP23 which, if approved, would provide “0x with native support for trading any arbitrary bundle of ERC20/ERC721.” If implemented, ZEIP23 would be 0x's first-ever “hot upgrade.”…
2/ 🎨 @ColemanSMaher (Partnerships, @OriginProtocol) unveiled the Origin-enabled, a feeless, peer-to-peer marketplace for #art.

A number of artists signed up at launch, including @TrevorJonesArt, the first Scottish painter to incorporate AR into his work.
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1/ The winning story to talk about is digital vs. paper, not centralized vs. decentralized. That’s what drives adoption. The decentralization will come, eventually, when the time is right. Here are my thoughts on why #XRP is indeed #xrpthestandard. @haydentiff @XRPTrump
2/ #Ripple’s current approach, to work with banks and money transfer agencies for cross-border payments, is truly genius for several reasons. First, they are solving real problems for real people, many of whom are those who need help the most…
3/20 low income people in impoverished regions who get remittances from friends and family abroad. It’s not just an idea being developed, it’s actually in production at countless financial institutions.
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Ive been asked to shed some light on my opinion surrounding #xrp and the IMF. We all know the story about #Ripple + Chris Larsen + IMF so we wont go into that again.. lets look at the fundamentals behind why I believe xrp has a greater role to play in the global economy..
Currently the IMF issues what they call SDR (special drawing rights). These are issued to financially troubled nations as a means to provide them with liquidity to help get them out of sticky situations.. The SDR is backed by NOTHING. It has no real value like fiat money.
Since the SDR is backed by nothing & has no real value, the IMF uses a basket of worthless fiat currencies to determine a value for these SDRs. We look around the world today & we see with the US dollar as king, global currencies are unstable..
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Forget about SWIFT/Stellar/IBM & the rest. #Ripple is the chosen 1. #xrp is what will take the financial world forward & bring us to the new world order where artificial intelligence, robots & machines, will be able to make autonomous payments. #XRPthestandard #XRPthebase
If you find yourself doubting, take a step back & have another look at #Ripple. Start again with my tweets on the board of directors at Ripple. Understand that a company is driven by this board. Look at their globalist roots and agenda. Theres no way that #xrp fails. #XRPthebase
To those claiming that #xrp can only reach a certain value after many years are restricting something they understand very little about. All #Ripple needs to do is flip a switch when the time is right and the gnashing of teeth from btc & eth maximalists will commence..
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1/ in markets, investor psychology is everything. i shared my thoughts on greed, investor psychology, shitcoin, and market cannibalization at @dezentral_io in berlin and wanted to share some of these ideas here...

option b: skip directly to slides here:…
2/ investors in the crypto ecosystem saw everything go up and to the right. everyone in the market is feeling good, and worth a lot on paper. everyone outside the market is feeling FOMO, and wants in on some juicy returns. the narrative is "blockchain, make me money!"
3/ everyone starts looking for the next #bitcoin, #ethereum, #ripple. people begin to believe that the market will go up and to the right forever, and investors flush with paper returns from the crypto casino rush to multiply their money at the shitcoin roulette wheel.
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1) Fundamental Analysis of Electroneum ($ETN) by @HungryforFA

Qualitative Analysis:

Electroneum is a cryptocurrency built on its own blockchain , built to allow anyone (not only tech savvy) to access features such as transferring and mining right through their smartphone
2) That’s why they call themselves “the mobile cryptocurrency, designed for mass adoption”

In the developing world, mobile phones far outnumber bank accounts. This has led to an increasingly complex “mobile money” ecosystem allowing transfers among mobile phone users.
3) There are 2 billion unbanked people in the world, many of them have mobile phones. ETN estimates it's current target market 350M

Currently Electroneum has an impressive 2.16 M users. One of the widest used #cyrptocurrency already
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#Stellar #Ripple $STRXRP - 4 years of 2 quite similar coins.


#Ripple - $XRP finally started to catch up with $STR
#Stellar #Ripple $STRXRP - update

Stellar been added on Coinbase, not Ripple, historical cousins might now diverge.

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