What all steps can our friends with Diabetes take to keep their feet healthy?

Always remember, Prevention is better, cheaper and safer than cure.

Few pointers about footcare for patients with Diabetes. A thread 🧵

Do read and share.

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Diabetes can be dangerous to your feet🦶

Even a small cut can have serious consequences.

It can affect blood flow to the lower limbs, affecting healing and making prone to infection.

It can affect nerves leading to reduced sensation including pain. #Diabetes #Footcare (2/n)
If you have diabetes & develop a blister or cut or a sore, it could lead to a non healing wound that could progress & some cases requiring surgeries & even amputation. We see many cases in late stages, hence requires intervention. Many are PREVENTABLE. #Diabetes #Footcare (3/n)
Some basic guidelines. Do consult your Doctor & take advice if reqd.

Inspect your feet daily. Check for cuts, redness, blisters, or nail issues. Use a magnifying mirror to look at the bottom of your feet. Inform your Dr if you notice anything.
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Bathe feet in lukewarm water, never hot water.

Keep them clean by washing daily. Use lukewarm water- the temperature you would use in a newborn baby.

Be gentle, use soft washcloth. Make sure to dry between the toes.

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Moisturise your feet but not between the toes.

Use a moisturiser 🧴 daily to keep dry skin from itch or cracking. Keeping area between toes too moist may lead to fungal infection.

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Cut nails carefully.

Very important. Many cases of foot infections we see can start as an ingrown nail.

Cut nails straight across and file the edges. Don’t cut too short as they may lead to ingrown nails.

#Diabetes #Nails #Footcare (7/n)
Never treat corn or calluses yourself. Consult your Doctor and consult early. Early treatment with an expert can prevent a lot of complications and avoid surgeries.

Self medications, “bathroom surgery” may prove very costly.

#Diabetes #Footcare (8/n)
Wear clean and dry socks and wash/ change them daily. If required, consider products specific for diabetes.

If feet get cold at night, you can wear socks to bed. Never use heating pad or hot water bottle.

#Diabetes #Footcare (9/n)

Wear appropriate footwear/shoes as recommended especially during walking /exercise.Shoes that fit well

Shake out your shoes & feel inside before wearing. Due to reduced sensation, feet may not be able to feel small pebble or object & cause injury.

#Diabetes (10/n)
Keep your feet dry and warm.

Don’t let feet get wet in rain or snow. Wear warm socks and shoes in winter.

#Diabetes #Footcare (11/n)
Avoid walking barefoot 🦶

Even at home, you may step on something and get a scratch or a cut.

#Diabetes #Footcare #Mumbai (12/n)
Do you smoke?

Apart from other well known effects, smoking also restricts blood flow in your feet. It can increase the risk of complications faced by many of our patients with Diabetes.

#Diabetes #Smoking #Nosmoking (13/n)
Get periodic foot examinations with your doctor. It may be easier to detect early signs and take remedial measures. Early diagnosis and treatment greatly reduces risk of surgery and amputations.

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When to see your Dr

Pain in legs
Cramping in buttocks, thighs, calves on walking
Loss of touch, temperature sense, pain
Loss of hair on feet, toes, legs
Dry, cracked skin on feet
Fungus infection in between toes
Blister, sore,ulcer,corn,ingrown toe nail

#Diabetes (15/n)
Last and one of the most important.

Take good care of your diabetes, keep your glucose (sugar) levels under control. This helps in preventing complications.

Follow good balanced diet

Walk and exercise daily

Stay healthy 💐

#Diabetes (16/16)
@divya_sharmaMD would be great if you can share some of your foot-skin care tips and suggestions here too. Fungal infection in the skin between the toes is far too common and often the harbinger of serious complications.

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