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I'm in awe of the #whitecoatsforblacklives effort across the country. To see the unity on display everywhere is truly moving.

I'm sure I missed a bunch, but I put together a #thread here of all the posts from institutions today.👇

#BlacksLivesMatter #medtwitter ImageImage
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Almost 3 years ago, I took a knee to fight white supremacy. It wasn’t very popular back then. Racist doctors at Vanderbilt decided not to renew my surgery contract for my 4th year and then bullied me with others on #MedTwitter asking me to kill myself and donate my organs to them
The most harrowing part of this entire experience was doctors falsely accusing me of so many horrible things without any actual evidence. Rape, hit and run, murder, domestic violence, fetal tissue harvesting, and you name it, I was accused of it. And reporters ran stories on it.
Still to this day, The Daily Caller, ZDoggMD, The Verge, Breitbart, Vice News, Nextshark, Gomer Blog, and The Daily Dot have their defamatory articles about me plastered all over my Google search results. They are used to defame me everywhere I go, all without actual evidence.
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(1/9) #Physicalexam #Tweetorial @VCU_IMRes Cardiac auscultation is all about identifying normal from abnormal sounds. Like any skill this takes practice. In 1904 Dr Charles W. Larned published how to “mimic” heart sounds
Here is how to practice without a patient or even a heart! Image
(2/9) Set Up: While listening to your stethoscope, take the diaphragm in the palm of your hand and grasp it firmly
The following runs through how to make some basic cardiac sounds. Sounds where recorded with @Thinklabs electronic stethoscope – no hearts used! #meded #medtwitter Image
(3/9) Normal Heart sound: Tap a simple One-Two tap with the first and second fingers – you just made S1 & S2! @AudreyBJernigan @chrisyoungmd @DrJaredDyer @JCHillyard @kywaybill @TedRader4MD @fsmalick @Stern_bergler @RabiaQaiser3
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The number of physicians I see on Twitter absolving themselves from change and action by saying “my anti-racist act is taking excellent care of each of my patients” is alarming and points to a major part of the problem.

A thread..
2/ Medicine and health is in no way confined to the four walls of your hospital ward or clinic. Although generations of physicians may not have received formal teaching about SDOH does not mean we can pretend they don’t exist today.
3/ Even if you provide optimal care to your Black patient, they return to a life of racism and injustice. Inequity at every stage of life - perinatal outcomes, education, access to jobs / wealth, incarceration, food access...I could go on.
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Are we racist in healthcare? Here’s some evidence about racial bias in pain management (THREAD):

#medtwitter #BlackLivesMatter
1/ A 20 year meta-analysis and systematic review revealed black patients were 22% less likely than white patients to receive any pain medication.
2/ Black patients with painful injuries such as fractures, burns or penetrating injuries were less likely to receive pre-hospital pain management.
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Differentiating portal venous gas from pneumobilia on ultrasound. See thread. #POCUS #FOAMus #FOAMed #IMPOCUS #MedEd #MedTwitter #ultrasound @ACEP_EUS @USIGcleveland @MetroHealth_EM @aedrake65
Case 1. Liver TRV sweep. Which is present? Answer poll.
Case 1. Which is present?
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I usually don't do this. But given the times (and my recent graduation), I thought I'd reflect on racial microagressions I've experienced as a black male med student in training. So I made this thread compiling some of these instances below. 1/9
Other black students/doctors on #blackmedtwitter #medtwitter, please feel free to contribute your experience since this only reflects mine. 2/9
Told by a patient how great of an example I am setting because other black people are lazy. 3/9
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It's been clear for months that *something* has gone wrong with the @CDCgov's usual response to outbreaks.

But what? 1/x…
@CDCgov To find out, we reviewed thousands of emails, interviewed more than 100 state and federal officials and talked to public health experts, CDC employees (secretly, since the agency wouldn’t give us access), and medical workers. Here’s what we found. 2/x
@CDCgov The dominant narrative in #medtwitter #scitwitter #epitwitter has been that the CDC is being muzzled. And President Trump did try to seize the spotlight, dismissed findings, and suspected agency officials of leaking information to embarrass him. But... 3/x
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𝙄𝙛 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝘽𝙤𝙙𝙮 𝙎𝙮𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙢𝙨 𝙝𝙖𝙙 𝘽𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝘼𝙢𝙗𝙖𝙨𝙨𝙖𝙙𝙤𝙧𝙨 (INDIAN VERSION)
(A Thread)

#MedTwitter #MBBS #physiology
GIT ( Digestive System)
Nervous System
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Women in Anesthesiology Statement on Racism in America

Women in Anesthesiology is an independent anesthesiology organization consisting of women of every color. Injustice felt by one of us is felt by all of us.
We recognize that our specialty of anesthesiology is not immune to the inequalities experienced by the black community. We recognize that pregnant black women are less likely to receive a labor epidural or to receive the preferred anesthetic for cesarean delivery.
We recognize that black children are less likely to have a parent present at induction of anesthesia or to receive antianxiety medications before surgery. We recognize that black children and adults sometimes receive inferior pain management.
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This is thread: subtleties of systemic racism, Canada

When I was in medical school, experiencing "pseudo" single parenthood (a partner who lived in a different city for also education), I was required to travel to a different province for a total of 16 weeks. 1/
I knew before starting med school I would have to travel, but not the details. It was a draw amongst students, arbitrary, divided in 4-week periods. At that point, med life had already been hard, I had 3rd baby, following a high risk pregnancy. 2/
A family member who was supposed to come help me out, had her travelling visa denied...twice. Anyways, I tried to fight for accommodations explaining the undue hardship this would cause on my family, but I was told that they had to be fair to all the other students 3/
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The first time my loving husband was stopped and searched for no reason was at age 13, while riding his bike in his neighborhood. The police were searching for marijuana. Recently, he was pulled over for an expired tag. 2 officers approached his car from both sides
with their hands on their holters. They parked in a way that cornered his car in. As he handed them his license, he noticed they had called in another patrol car for “backup.” He’s always asked the same questions: 1) is his car truly his? and 2) is he really a doctor?
It’s never spoken, but he knows that when they see "Harvard Medical School" on his license plate, they inevitably think the car must be stolen. He has been stopped so often, that he makes it a point to either wear scrubs or keep scrubs in his car as proof that he’s truly a doctor
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🧵 I posted this mini lit-review re: racism & the mental health of Black folks on IG and someone suggested I put it on Twitter so here it is!

Especially for the #AcademicTwitter #MedTwitter folks who are always asking for “evidence”
Found a good number of studies and a reviews, but thought to highlight these 3
Takeaways and Receipts
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@ Zdoggmd is this your producer threatening protestors with automatic weapons?
Is this your producer? @ZDoggMD
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Is being pregnant magical🌟?
I’m not so sure, but let’s give OB a Nephrology twist. 🍼🐣

#nephtwitter #obtwitter #endotwitter #reallythekidneysarethecoolest #medtwitter #tweetorial

Why do you gain weight when you are pregnant?
The average woman ⬆️gains a plasma volume of 1250 mL (an increase of 45-55%).

Significant lab values changes include
- Plasma Na ⬇️reduced by ~ 5 mmol/L
- Plasma osmolality ⬇️reduces by ~10 mOsm/kg
- Cr ⬇️decreases by 0.3 mg/dL due to increased GFR among other changes ImageImage
There is an entire milieu of hormone changes during pregnancy🤰. Some are natriuretic and some are anti-natriuretic.

Sources: Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology Chapter 42, ImageImage
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1/ #MedEdMethodsMonday this wk is on DEEP LISTENING.

2020 has been full of challenges & events revealing the divisiveness in our world.

#MedTwitter, as leaders in #MedEd we must practice to listen deeply to pts, colleagues, & learners.

What do I mean by “deep listening?”
2/ Good Listener, redefined

I’ve always thought I was a good listener. My friends and patients often told me so.

Then I took a leadership class @YaleSOM this spring for my #MedEd Masters & 🤯

Have you heard of the 3 levels of listening??
3/ Listening Levels
I never heard of levels of listening until my class when we were discussing #coaching.

The authors of “Coactive Coaching” describe 3 levels of listening.…

1. Internal listening
2. Focused listening
3. Global listening
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A thread for #MedTwitter:
We are a collective entity comprised of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and peace officers who all served the people of Palestine together during the height of their occupation. We wrote this guide as a general guideline for wherever it may be applicable.
We are about 25 strong, and are from 18 different countries across every continent but Antartica and Oceana. We bear no alliance or allegiance to any one country, and have sworn to serve and protect the liberation of people wherever they may be. We believe that Palestine
should be free, that Black Lives Matter, that Trans Lives Matter, that Cops are Bastards, that this is the Liberation of Our Times, that There Are No Rioters, only a Tyranical Regime, that Together, We Shall Overcome, and that with No Justice, there will be No Peace.
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Honored to join @JohnKingCNN with @ashishkjha this morning, to reiterate that #covid19 disproportionately affects Blacks and other minorities - and that is because of structural #racism.…
As many of us have said: the racial disparities in #covid19 were not inevitable.

But changing racial disparities in a pandemic - like anywhere in health - takes focused action, not just hand wringing.…
With #COVID19 our individual states were able to take some of this action, despite federal inaction.

Unfortunately, our federal leaders continue to be not simply ineffective -- but actively harmful. They are inflaming the fires.

Of covid, but even more so, of racism.
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Bollywood celebrities as Histology Slides. (A Thread)

#MBBS #MedTwitter #anatomy
Iss post ke liye bhot khoon paseena bahaya hai. 1 week ki mehnat hai. Also no celebrities were harmed or contacted during the making of this post.
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1/ THREAD: Becoming a Published Author in a Pandemic
I published my first academic paper in the American Chemical Society Chemical Neuroscience (what?!) called “Heralding Healthcare Professionals: Recognition of Neurological Deficits in COVID-19” with the incredible @AMannanBaig!
2/ The full text will be available as open access in a few days, but here's the link to the ACS abstract:…

#covid19 #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus #neuroinvasive #brain #neurotropic #pandemic #virus #medtwitter #nursetwitter

3/ I always imagined that my first publication would be in maternal or women's health as they are my main clinical passions. My new position @MountAuburnHosp was supposed to start in March but then the #pandemic happened and everything changed @plrosen
#mamasmatter #gynfluencer
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To the follower who took the time to DM me criticism about my outrage surrounding the genocide of our Black community and my retweets of the voices of this conflict because you do not think this applies to Surgery or the social media sensititivies of #MedTwitter - YOU ARE WRONG.
There has never been a more pressing need in healthcare as the communal commitment we all need to make to support, fund, protect, and advocate in the fight for the lives of Black Americans.
This is a war against the system we all live in. The one we claim to thrive in. The system that supports your research, that you pay taxes in, the one that insures the patients you serve while also ignoring the pressing need for justice for Black lives.
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The murder of #GeorgeFloyd and the racial profiling of #ChristianCooper while birdwatching have me thinking about how I can do allyship better, particularly as a #medicaleducator. Some thoughts for #medtwitter...(a thread)
As an undergrad student in the humanities, it seemed clear to me that race was a social construct. But when I started med school I was taught that spirometry required a “race correction” or that ACEi shouldn’t be given to Black patients.
Mired in my own impostor syndrome, I felt confused about the lines between science and ideology.
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#MedTwitter: let’s have a chat about how to have professional, educational disagreements on #SoMe. In the last few days, I’ve seen a lot of trainees who feel they can’t voice an opinion anymore, and I’ve also seen attendings who feel that they can’t ever correct a trainee 1/
All of this started over a popular resident who claimed that tension pneumothoraces are a clinical diagnosis. Much, much debate ensued, and people were mean. Feelings were hurt. We can do better—here’s how 2/
So, the first step is that when someone tweets a medical opinion you disagree with: assume the best of them. Assume they’re a kind, smart, humble individual and try to see their opinion as being voiced by the best version of themselves. 3/
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#askMedPeds w/ @nmpra, #MPPDA, & #AAP is BUMPING with over 200 people! Tune in w/ us for some wholesome #MedPeds information for upomcing applicants.

Great to see @maxabillioncruz, @MedPedsMike, Dr Doolittle, et al. all on the call!

Intros to orgs:

@nmpra: #MedPeds residents org + med student membership. Incoming prez @maxabillioncruz

#MPPDA: Med-Peds PDs org that collaborate w/ ABIM, ABP, and other communities. Prez is @MedPedsMike (U of MN PD).

#AAPSOMP: Keeps everyone up to date on ACP, AAP, cert

#MPPDA Prez Elect really emphasizing that he wants applicants to be able to come forth with questions to any of the PDs. Knows that it will be a stressful year, and wants to have everyone leaving to be less stressed.

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