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Psyops in America
Ashli Babbitt DID NOT get shot.......

Before we begin, we must refresh our understanding of Psychological Operations.…
---“The purpose of psychological operations (PSYOP) is to demoralize the enemy by causing dissension and unrest among his ranks, while at the same time convincing the local population to support American troops. PSYOP units also provide continuous analysis of the attitudes and
behavior of enemy forces to the tactical commanders in the field so they can develop, produce and employ propaganda in a successful manner.” The US ARMY

No, this is not about the military, its headed another direction.
Understanding PYOPS is important to this report on Jan 6 and Ashli Babbitt. What we witnessed did not make sense to anyone. Did the assault on the capitol cause confusion? Dissension amongst conservatives? Did it give Congress a reason to drop the objections of electors and
confirm the electoral votes? Was the operation successful? Absolutely yes. If you watched the video and read the quote above, it worked.

We are going to use video, photograph, documents, and emails to help you see the Psychological Operation.
Once you see, you will be able to see when they happen in real time, and you will be able to go back and look at many in United States. First its heart breaking, and will turn into anger. Who are funding them?
The silent majority, the Patriots, and the anonymous are here to walk you through the dark time and into the light. Dark to light. Many of us knew Antifa was coming. We saw posts and screenshots revealing they were going to be dressed as MAGA. We sounded the alarms.
How did John Sullivan, AKA Jayden x, put all of this together? Planning and practice.
John Sullivan was the Antifa producer for Ashli Babbitt, the bottom of the advertising "contact for more info", this website is now shut down.
8 Image
John Sullivan payment was disguised as licensing fees from CNN and NBC, how would CNN know there would be $70,000 worth of video? Did Jade Sacker aid on behalf of CNN? She and Sullivan are interviewed by Anderson Cooper on Jan 6.
9 ImageImageImage
The list of key actors in the videos, watch them frame by frame, one actor at a time, volume up, volume down, you will see them communicate.
1 Ashli Babbitt
2 Blue Sweatshirt
3 Yellow Flagman
4 Flappy hat guy
5 Suit guy with mask
6 Orange jacket
7 Blue jacket
Video shot by John Sullivan with sound removed, it can be a lot easier to see whats happening. John Sullivan is ANTIFA and these are ANTIFA members.
The blue sweat shirt guy is signaling and getting his hand prepped for the interviews outside. Would you run when you hear gunshots? You can see yellow flag guy protecting her form that column other angles you can see him using his foot too for the bottom.
The gun comes out, points toward Babbitt, turns to the left, fires but its too low to shoot her in the shoulder. Slow motion is needed.
Police officers dressed in riot gear and carrying long guns, as seen in the videos presented, carried her away down the stairs. Have you ever seen a gunshot victim or anyone with an injury carried away like that? Usually would clear the scene. Gunshots make people scatter.
14 Image
She didn't receive any real medical attention. No life saving. Would the medics come to her? Would they bring a stretcher and try and save her life? There was 20-30 minutes of them tapping and moving her around taking photos. If this was real people would scattered.
Tayler Hansen present for the Babbitt shooting, memorial and even photo op's with her other 2 alleged "spouses"
Hansen is laying on the ground to get the "money" shot does that look like an honest representation of what he has been up to?
16 ImageImageImageImage
Alex Jones paid for Ashli Babbitt video!!! Is Alex Jones an easy target to discredit? That groundwork was laid years ago. Does he incite the right? Drive division?
17 ImageImage
Best video found compliments of Wooz News. Has some gaslighting, but showing you its fake is effective..
Best break down of video found.. very informative...
Does blue sweat shirt give an accurate interview? did he protect the blood we wiped off of her long enough? BTW who did he call while everyone was screaming right after she got shot? Do you think he could hear?

Pictures are worth a thousand words....
Compare active crime scene with crime scene photos. Thank you Tom Fitton Judicial watch through FOIA...
20 ImageImageImageImage
Documents and Emails through FOIA show contradiction. Fake news said name is Babbitt on the 6th. Death report shows Babbitt on the 6th. Autopsy report shows Ashli Elizabeth Pamation 7th.
Email informing medical examiner name is Babbitt and changed on the 8th.
21 ImageImageImage
Medical examiner docs and emails show us something else interesting. The medical examiner orders finger prints from his cell phone, which seems odd, from the FBI, who then returns them to the Internal Affairs Division, and the email chain has an FBI Cross boarder agent.
22 ImageImageImage
Deep Fake. ANTIFA faked her death. CNN/NBC paid. What will they do next? Who is behind all of this? The names mentioned were given their chance to respond. Make your own decisions. Main Stream Media gaslighted the public.
Thanks to Lgah for your help. May GOD bless us all.
23/ Image
Update: John Sullivan replied to a tweet with a meme creating the idea who me Antifa, In Jan after the riot I reached out to him through Twitter and he engaged with video and trump insults. Argumentative etc.
Today’s interaction seemed different. He copied the article from the New Yorker, where he is portrayed as new to the scene videographer. The article does mention, BLM leaders disavowing him as an agitator. I witnessed the same discussions on Twitter in Jan
With accounts encouraging people to stay away from him.
During this interaction he wasn’t as combative. He said all was going to come out in his trial. The truth. He says. I questioned him with all of the same ones from the original posting and all were unanswered.
a review of his account Jayden x. He has 800+ tweets and less than 20 followers. His original account was suspended. I get the sense he regrets engaging in the fake death of that woman. Unidentified Psyop female. Will her identify be revealed in his trial ? #antifascista
John’s brother James has also engaged in #Antifa recruitment under the name Proud Boys, another brand of Antifa. James was also seen Jan 6. Antifa and Proud Boys have pretend clashes in the streets. Another tactic to cause confusion and division.
John Sullivan says he was there to document as a reporter.
Lets allow him to tell us in his own words..
For context this is jan5 in DC and he is laughing because the Trump supporters didn’t recognize him.
Medical examiner website says cremations are only for hospitals and funeral homes.

#AshliBabbitt ImageImage
Correcting email response
General counsel explains the approval for cremation was given on 01/08 but was requested by the funeral director. Says its routine. Crime of the century received body on 01/06 mid day/afternoon, approved creation 1.5 days later. Release date requested. Image
Antifa acting as journalist for cover.
This is brazen especially in today’s world with everyone has a computer in their pocket that takes HD pics and vids.
Here are the other few that were at jan6
“Armenian Council for Truth in Journalism”
“Info Wars” “Political Trance Tribune,” “Insurgence USA,” “Thunderdome TV” and “Murder the Media News.”
The “journalist” mentioned here all are using journalism and documenting as a defense in courts for Jan6.
How else are you going to catch a conservative committing a felony unless ANTIFA fakes one?
.4. Notice @TaylerUSA is NOT listed above, yet seen all over video. His face not searched by FBI. We reached out to him and have received no response.

• • •

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Jan 21, 2022
Lin Wood break down with recieipts....
My opinion on writing this just a week ago was dont do anything to cause division. Pleas forgive me, read in its entirety before judging. 1
add a hashtag
Linwood was loud, erratic, truth speaker, semi good story teller, bold, reputable, honest, faithful, Jesus follower, rubble-Rouser, exposing the Cabal without using an anonymous persona. Doing what we all want to do and thats scream from the mountaintops all that is fookery....2
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Jan 6, 2022
Operation Mocking Bird.
List of participating Organizations:
Proud Boys
Oath Keepers
5 eyes alliance
 New Zealand
 United Kingdom
 United States
What we are seeing now is a result of this operation continuing to control the opinion of the general population.
It is now bigger than ever and includes fake personas that have social media accounts and post opposition to each other. The list may surprise you.
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Jan 4, 2022
i belive @JackPosobiec knows that #ashlibabbitt was not killed at Captiol.....
We have reached out to him and he will not respond....
Jack you got some splainin' to do!!!
jacks affiliation with alex jones goes back to 2017, could this be the start of his involvement?
alex jones knows asli babbit wasnt shot, jack posobiec is still carrying the torch.

waiting ....

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