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Operation Mocking Bird.
List of participating Organizations:
Proud Boys
Oath Keepers
5 eyes alliance
 New Zealand
 United Kingdom
 United States
What we are seeing now is a result of this operation continuing to control the opinion of the general population.
It is now bigger than ever and includes fake personas that have social media accounts and post opposition to each other. The list may surprise you.
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1/ In edited interview w/ @HowardKurtz, WH reporter Peter Doocy erases history by omitting that he challenged Jen Psaki on 8/24 about her contention that no Americans were stranded in Afghanistan.

He was referring to Fox News 'Fatima,' who contacted @FoxFriendsFirst from Kabul. ImageImageImageImage
2/ Fox News 'Fatima' first appeared on @FoxFriendsFirst "LIVE" by phone from Kabul on 8/24. She claimed she was unable to get to the airport, though later on #Hannity her husband said she'd spent three days at the airport but could not get on a plane.

3/ On 8/27, @FoxFriendsFirst reported 'Fatima' had been miraculously rescued and reunited w/ her family

But she wasn't reunited — she was in Germany
And she hadn't contacted her family, even though she spoke to @FoxNews
And she was never "stranded"

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#FoxNews’ COVID Denial Hasn’t Aged Well | Vanity Fair (Sept. 2020)

Six months into the pandemic, and as U.S. deaths top 200,000, Trump’s favorite news channel continues to downplay the horrific toll of the crisis.


One of those chief offenders is Tucker Carlson, who announced coronavirus “hasn’t been the disaster that we feared” and added this “short-term crisis may have passed…it looks like it may have” back in April.

[#Hannity] mocked predictions from expert virologists and epidemiologists and the news outlets that covered their warnings.

“You know what’s amazing about the corona thing? Every model, every person: wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong,” said Hannity

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#FoxNews Implements Vaccine Passports for Staff

The system allows for employees to self-report to #Fox the dates their shots were administered and which vaccines were used

Of course #Hannity #Carlson… still support ANTI-VAXX LIES

#FoxCorporation, the right-wing talk channel’s parent company, has quietly implemented the concept of a vaccine passport, they self-report to the dates their shots were administered and which vaccines were used… they can then bypass the otherwise required daily health screening

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Fox News is so fair and balanced and "America First" that Sean #Hannity was getting briefings from Russian chaos agent Paul Manafort during the Trump campaign.
Steve Bannon was very concerned people might find out Manafort was still advising Trump's team. Manafort "resigned" from the campaign three months before this.
"The reality is you cannot count on [Trump] to win a debate."

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1/ @FoxNews Medical 'A-Team' expert @DrMarcSiegel evaluates Trump's health

SIEGEL: He was standing there for like a half-hour for that interview…from the way he described the details of this, I would say that it's a moderate case

▪️Trump was seated
▪️He had severe COVID w/ O2
2/ Here are images of Pres. Trump *not* standing there for like a half-hour for that interview with @DrMarcSiegel.

Trump was seated.
3/ Here is the @CDCgov definition of severe COVID:

"you were admitted to a hospital (✔️) and needed oxygen(✔️)"

Patients with severe COVID are advised to remain in isolation for "up to 20 days."

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This falls into the category of "if I wrote this scene in a movie nobody would believe it."
Live #COVID19 work-up
@foxnewstalk @TuckerCarlson
The President of the United States will "undergo a medical exam" conducted by Fox's Dr. Marc Siegel
2/ Dr. Marc Siegel has been #FoxNews medical commentator since 2008, & is on the faculty @nyulangone . He said on #Hannity that #COVID19 "should be compared to the #flu. Because at worst, at worst, worst-case scenario it could be the flu."
3/ It was Siegel who was on camera w/#Trump for the infamous "person, woman, man, camera, TV" segment in which @POTUS bragged about his cognitive function test.
In April on @TuckerCarlson he announced that #hydroxychloroquine "cured" his father of #COVID19 .
But he has...
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#Hannity Scroll During Trump Interview:

"The President REPORTEDLY told Woodward in Feb 7 call, "You just breathe the air…" — it's on TAPE!

"on Feb 26 said publicly that coronavirus was 'a little like a regular flu'" — oof!

"March 19, Trump REPORTEDLY told Woodward" — on TAPE! ImageImageImageImage
2/ Here's the chyron as it appeared on #Hannity — while Trump downplays @realBobWoodward book, @FoxNews throws doubt by scrolling "Trump REPORTEDLY told Woodward"…recorded on TAPE!

3/ I don't know where Trump is going with this 🤪

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Oh. My. God. If you haven’t seen sad @seanhannity lately, you may not be aware what a pathetic dickwad he’s become as he tries to defend the incompetent moron destroying America. Pity the poor viewers who swallow this crap night after night. #ByeHannity
With more than 171,000 now dead, we must #NeverForget that Hannity was Trump's willing accomplice throughout, feeding his viewers the deadly lies and misinformation that ensured the #TrumpVirus would ultimately infect millions across America. #ByeHannity…
In June, @TonyatAIS told me: "Fox News feeds (viewers) a steady diet of editorial that undercuts science experts, just as Donald Trump does" and shared data showing #Hannity viewers were the least concerned about protecting other people's kids. #ByeHannity…
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Recent Q post Told Us to 'Follow The Pen' And Asked Us If we Were not 'Following' ??

Meaning We Should Know Their 'Playbook' By Now

Q is Asking Us to see the 'SMEAR' Campaign that's going to Start(Already Started) On POTUS Now...!! ImageImage
6 Q posts with SMEAR #BarrComing
#B2equalsBillBarr ? #Senate ImageImage
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#FoxNews Hosts LIE About WHAT THEY SAID

#Hannity: A month ago he suggested the pandemic might be a “DEEP STATE” PLOT to hurt the economy or, at another point, claiming concerns over the novel virus was a “NEW HOAX” designed to “bludgeon” #Trump

#Hannity’s perceived confidence in his coronavirus coverage, VIDEO AND AUDIO RECORDINGS DO EXIST.

The Fox star spent weeks MISLEADINGLY COMPARING the DEADLY VIRUS to the SEASONAL FLU while claiming Democrats were “politicizing and actually weaponizing an infectious disease”
In a Monday night tirade, #Hannity labeled rival network #MSNBC “CONSPIRACY TV” while wondering aloud—without a hint of irony—how the public could trust “OUTRIGHT CONSPIRACY THEORISTS” on the coronavirus.
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The Narativ podcast can fill your mind with #SuperBowl Sunday anti-matter. You can watch episodes here or on any iOS podcast app. @narativlive.…
Or you can listen to the @NarativLive podcast (without video) on any podcast app while #DonaldTrump is being interviewed by #Hannity during the #SuperBowl2020. @NarativLive
Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcasts and share them. And if you’re inclined join our patron community at Enjoy the game!
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Check the top comments. @jack doesn't really have control...
Who has the 'real' control?
Can you remove the top comments?

Trump and Q-team have made Twatter their bitch...
What, no krassbros?
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La porte-parole de #Trump, #Sanders, montre ici, à son corps défendant face à Chris Wallace, pourquoi tant d'acteurs politiques ou sociaux veulent museler les journalistes. Ceux-ci rapportent des faits contrariant leurs récits idéologiques qu'ils entendent muer en réalité. RT+1
2) Car s'il faut trouver 1 sens au compte Twitter de #Trump, instrument d'abord de conquête puis d'exercice du pouvoir, ce n'est pas- seulement- en déversoir instinctif de haine contre la #presse et les médias indépendants mais comme leur possible substitut à terme.
3) #Trump a toujours été d'abord 1 fabricant et marchand de récits, centrés sur sa personne, dans les affaires puis en politique. Ses récits mirifiques sont marqués par l'exagération, l'invention pour vendre et seule 1 presse indépendante a pu rendre Trump "comptable" des faits
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Respect to @jack for going on @seanhannity it’s more than any other platform or Democrat has done to bridge the divide.
#Hannity ask @jack @TwitterSupport why they never have Conservatives as part of their think tank groups or watchdogs $TWTR
@jack is there a way or place we can provide examples of suspensions or shadowbans to help both the platform and users feel heard? Or perhaps a panel of frequent users to share experiences? $TWTR
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Here’s Why Jeff Sessions Might Be Playing 4-D Chess

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 04/26/18 (Thu) 13:01:03 1f0a66 No.1197560

Interesting theory.
It’s nice when you can work in peace.…
No redactions.

#QAnon #Q #GreatAwakening @POTUS
Anon -
Just going to post pictures of a MOONCHILD to piss (off) the shills because WE KNOW.

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 04/26/18 (Thu) 13:16:46 1f0a66 No.1197788

How many pics can you find of JL & HRC?
re: Haiti?
Marching into the Darkness - lyrics.
Follow the stars.
It’s everywhere.
Anon -

#BreakingNews Strzok and Page text messages have been delivered to Congress on #Hannity radio now

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 04/26/18 (Thu) 14:40:47 f37e49 No.1198932

Important to note [texts only].
[R] = Renegade
Not RR.

#QAnon #Q #GreatAwakening @POTUS
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1/ Lost in the #hannity hoopla is the fact that the judge ordered the government to turn over the seized materials to Cohen (and Trump/Trump Org) for them to review. That is a surprise ruling and a HUGE victory for Cohen/Trump.
2/ Ordinarily Gov’t “taint team” makes decisions about privilege and bears risk of being wrong. But subject/target of investigation only sees materials if/when charged. This allows Cohen/Trump to assert privilege AND see evidence before being charged - big advantage.
3/ Upshot is that Judge Wood will most likely determine what is privileged after parties litigate the issue following their respective review of the materials.
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A MOAB was used off the coast of Southern California that was the 5.3 (explosion 💥) “earthquake” #QAnon said watch the news. Here is the proof! #MAGA #BuildTheWall #WWG1WGA #KAG2018 #AmericaFirst #Hannity @jerome_corsi (see thread)
Today off coast...
News USA Today
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9. John Podesta didn't write that article that came out the other day. Robby Mook wrote it, Hillary helped.
Skippy was in ill health at the time. He is not doing so well health-wise.
10. The intellience community is annoyed because some of you guys aren't normally watching Dilley scopes and only in there to watch for Intel, write things down, then publish it on YouTube as if it were your own. You start to build your own brands around it.
11. The INTEL Community know & they don't like it.It's not a good look whether you're doing it to Q or Dilley's Intel Source or other sources.
"Annoyed" is not even the right word.
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