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Rs are throwing shade on the NYT story on #Rosenstein.

They’ve gone all out to keep Trump from going ballistic and firing anybody.

It’s all about concern about the midterms.

(Even Ingraham has deleted her tweet.) #rosenstein 1/5
In an absolutely incoherent monologue last night, #hannity tried to spin the NYT story as a setup by the Left! (How confused can he get??!) 2/5
Au contraire, it was leaked by a faction of the Right, which was then quickly overpowered by a more reality-based faction of the Right. 3/5
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New #QAnon 2120.

Anon: New shill tactic is to smear Sean Hannity

Just so everyone understands, Q has directly told us to watch Hannity. Q also links us to Sara Carter, who is literally on Hannity every single night.

Hannity is a patriot.

#Hannity #Trump #SundayFunday @POTUS
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NEW Q! 🔥Monday, August 27 #QAnon…
Who is systematically arranging the leaks to select individuals?
Why is this important [to drop] prior to BO testimony?
Q! 🔥 Monday, 8/27 #QAnon #DARKMONEY

Focus Here:
HRC election loss = CF inflow stop
CF inflow stop = No Name Institute inflow ramp
Compare donors.
Direct correlation?
[He did not depart on his own terms]
Think FLYNN [30].
Exactly [30].
We are in control.
BIG week ahead.

[He did not depart on his own terms.] -#QAnon

#DONEin30 ✔️✔️✔️
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Tic Toc Watch #Hannity tonight Booms coming
They are in Full Panic Mode...
What is Fake News CNN talking about right now...???
Not [PS].....

Re_read drops re: Who knows where….
Now comes the pain.
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1. Assange has exculpatory evidence on collusion that never included in the FISA applications. The DNC was NOT hacked by Russia. He can prove it.

He's been visited by Waldman multiple times in 2017. The SSIC is desperate to cut an immunity deal with him, behind closed doors.
2. As per @dbongino , JA may ALSO have evidence of a dirty 'quid pro quo' between Clinton/Obama and Deripaska/ Putin.

POTUS Clinton gives up Magnitsky sanctions, in return for Russia giving them Trump-Russia dirt (that was fake, lol).

Trump has that evidence, too.
3. Mueller's been running the SC as cover for Clinton/Obama THE WHOLE TIME (as @dbongino has always said).

The Manafort case is a Clinton hit on someone who also knows about what's been going on - a hit that may also well be on behalf of Deripaska, who hates Manafort.
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Respect to @jack for going on @seanhannity it’s more than any other platform or Democrat has done to bridge the divide.
#Hannity ask @jack @TwitterSupport why they never have Conservatives as part of their think tank groups or watchdogs $TWTR
@jack is there a way or place we can provide examples of suspensions or shadowbans to help both the platform and users feel heard? Or perhaps a panel of frequent users to share experiences? $TWTR
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Here’s Why Jeff Sessions Might Be Playing 4-D Chess

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 04/26/18 (Thu) 13:01:03 1f0a66 No.1197560

Interesting theory.
It’s nice when you can work in peace.…
No redactions.

#QAnon #Q #GreatAwakening @POTUS
Anon -
Just going to post pictures of a MOONCHILD to piss (off) the shills because WE KNOW.

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 04/26/18 (Thu) 13:16:46 1f0a66 No.1197788

How many pics can you find of JL & HRC?
re: Haiti?
Marching into the Darkness - lyrics.
Follow the stars.
It’s everywhere.
Anon -

#BreakingNews Strzok and Page text messages have been delivered to Congress on #Hannity radio now

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 04/26/18 (Thu) 14:40:47 f37e49 No.1198932

Important to note [texts only].
[R] = Renegade
Not RR.

#QAnon #Q #GreatAwakening @POTUS
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1 NEW Q on Monday🇺🇸
#Grassley/#PlannedParenthood 💥
Apr 23 2018 21:56:53 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: ac300a 1164847 NEW……
Coming soon.

#MAGA #QAnon #QanonPosts #Qanon4chan #WeHaveEverything #TrustThePlan #Qanon8chan #GreatAwakening
2 NEW Q on Monday🇺🇸
#Grassley/#PlannedParenthood #RedCross💥

Future Proves Past 🧐
Where Does All The Money Go??🤔
500 million=6 houses??🙄

#MAGA #QAnon #QanonPosts #Qanon4chan #WeHaveEverything #TrustThePlan #Qanon8chan #GreatAwakening #Haiti
3 NEW Q Early Tuesday🇺🇸
Hey @NBCNews @CBSNews @abcnews 🤡what gives???

#MSM refuses to report, anyone surprised??🙄 #Soon

#MAGA #QAnon #QanonPosts #Qanon4chan #WeHaveEverything #TrustThePlan #Qanon8chan #GreatAwakening #AdamSchiff #MockingbirdMedia #FakeNews
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A MOAB was used off the coast of Southern California that was the 5.3 (explosion 💥) “earthquake” #QAnon said watch the news. Here is the proof! #MAGA #BuildTheWall #WWG1WGA #KAG2018 #AmericaFirst #Hannity @jerome_corsi (see thread)
Today off coast...
News USA Today
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1. #MediaMatters is the #MainStreamMedia organization that has nearly #CompleteControl of all our major media outlets across #America. They are managed by this man, #DavidBrock.

What is #NarrativeEngineering?
2. This genuine 2017 #BusinessPlan leaked from #MediaMatters - the left's most omnipotent #MediaWeapon, is the #ModernDay #BluePrint of #MassMediaControl or #NarrativeEngineering as we say.

Complete PDF plan:…

3. In this 49-page plan, #MediaMatters for #America exposes how they keep @realDonaldTrump off the airwaves - keeping you under-informed & unaware by using #TriedAndTrue under-reporting techniques across these major networks.

@ABC @NBC @CBS @CNN @FOX @PBS @NYTimes @LATimes #WaPo
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"@DonaldJTrumpJr called IREO “truly a fantastic group” when the companies announced the project in April 2016"

Trump Organization’s real estate partner in India IREO accused of defrauding its foreign investors of at least $147 million
(h/t @Khanoisseur)…
.@EPAScottPruitt spent over $105,000 on first-class flights in 2017, in addition to the $58,000 Pruitt rang up on charter flights and a military jet to carry him from an event with Trump in Cincinnati to catch a connecting flight to Europe out of NY
Former official: @DonaldJTrumpJr pushed ‘blatantly illegal’ project in India

Trump project in Mumbai had its permits revoked after investigators found “significant irregularities", including a suspected $100 million fraud scheme…
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1/ (#AwanGate #PakistanGate #HezbollahGate #WeinerGate)

#WeinerLaptop made NO sense

(WHY have 650k-1M Email, Print at home?)

UNTIL we got #AwanLaptop

Then, All made sense


Awan received Congress Email Devices at His "Home"

Shipped to Pakistan, Configured to Sync with #AwanLaptop & #WeinerLaptop (Others?)

Shipped Back to Awan

Passed out in Congress like Candy by DWS

Read the WHOLE thing

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1. #QAnon's drops can require some time for personal analysis and input from the many good people digging. Here's my summary of key intel from the last week+ (1/19 - 1/27) of #Q drops. For Twitter efficiency, I will provide the direct link to the related posts as I review.
2. Chuckie Schumer was put on notice by #POTUS that his role in #Treason is known. Did you notice how # Schumer sulked away to the corner after his failed shutdown effort?…
3. Read this whole #Q post as it has so much meaning. "Will Sessions drop the Hammer?" HAMMER refers to the very secretive NSA spying program. The same tools used to spy on #Trump will be their undoing.…
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9. John Podesta didn't write that article that came out the other day. Robby Mook wrote it, Hillary helped.
Skippy was in ill health at the time. He is not doing so well health-wise.
10. The intellience community is annoyed because some of you guys aren't normally watching Dilley scopes and only in there to watch for Intel, write things down, then publish it on YouTube as if it were your own. You start to build your own brands around it.
11. The INTEL Community know & they don't like it.It's not a good look whether you're doing it to Q or Dilley's Intel Source or other sources.
"Annoyed" is not even the right word.
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Thread on a few members of mueller’s partisan attack team (courtesy of @seanhannity)
1.) Jeannie Rhee
Huge democrat.
Donated nearly $10,000 to democrats.

2009-2011 worked directly with former Obama A.G Eric Holder.

Attorney for former Obama deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes while he was being interviewed abt Benghazi attacks.
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1/ @SenFranken, you were set up.
Roger Stone knew beforehand
He encourages Trump to go after investigators @alfranken
#Tweeden is regular panelist on Hannity
The picture is literally Photoshopped
Create: 12/21/06 modified: 7/1/09 one day after recount win
Coincidence? No
2/ @alfranken asked for investigation on HIMSELF. What else would he do? Dont say anything, looks bad. Deny outright, looks VERY bad. Say he didn't remember it the same way, apologies and asks for an investigation on *himself*
An independent investigation clears him
3/ Tweeden gains a lot from this.
Could be a big star, viewed as a hero.
She has a huge platform now.
She may end up taking down a senator.
She could get a book deal, TV interviews
What's she have to lose?
She would get a promotion at Fox. She's is already a frequent on Hannity😂
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