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As per the guidelines of the #ElectionCommission for the #PunjabElections2022, the #AamAadmiParty has made public its list of candidates on social media. Many have criminal cases registered against them.

#AAP has released the list of all the candidates for the total 117 seats in Punjab. There are 32 candidates in the list who have criminal cases registered against them.
A case of murder has been registered against Ajnala candidate Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal. Sajjan Singh Cheema, candidate from Sultanpur Lodhi, has been booked for allegedly committing murder.
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"10 मार्च को BJP की जीत की अग्रिम बधाई"

मैं नहीं चाहता कि BJP यह चुनाव में बहुमत प्राप्त करे,
पर आज जो हालात है, उसमे BJP की जीत तय है।

BJP ने कांग्रेस की बदनाम करने वाला खेल खेल गया, अब समाजवादी या कोई भी दूसरी पार्टी Congress के साथ गठबंधन नहीं करना चाहेगी
जो BJP का वोट है वो तो बना रहेगा, पर विपक्ष का वोट प्रतिशत ज्यादा होते हुए भी बट जाएगा।

30% वोट लाने वाला शासन करेगा जबकि 70% लोग उनको नहीं चाहते तब भी...

BJP को बस इतना ही करना होगा,की हमेशा कुछ-कुछ दिनों को किसी-किसी पार्टी को बदनाम करते रहना है...
जिससे कोई गठबंधन न हो पाए
अब BJP चुनाव जीतने के लिए कम मेहनत करेगी, ज्यादा मेहनत विपक्ष को एकजूट होने से रोकने के लिए करेगी।

अगर आपने "दन दना दन 'गोल'" और "चक दे इंडिया" फ़िल्म देखी होगी तो आसानी से यह बात समझ में आ जाएगा!

BJP चुनाव जीत चुकी है यदि वो गठबंधन रोक पाई तो...
दो हालात हो सकता है:-👇
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Operation Mocking Bird.
List of participating Organizations:
Proud Boys
Oath Keepers
5 eyes alliance
 New Zealand
 United Kingdom
 United States
What we are seeing now is a result of this operation continuing to control the opinion of the general population.
It is now bigger than ever and includes fake personas that have social media accounts and post opposition to each other. The list may surprise you.
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نادرا اور چیئرمین نادرا کے خلاف مہم کی حقیقت۔۔۔۔۔
یکطرفہ مہم کیسے شروع ہوئی؟؟؟؟
الیکشن کمیشن کی جانب سے ایک خبر لیک کی جاتی ہے کہ الیکشن کمیشن نے چیرمین نادرا کو ایک خط لکھا ہے جس میں نادرا کو وارننگ دی گئی ہے کہ وہ آئینی ادارےالیکشن کمیشن کو اپنا ماتحت ادارہ مت سمجھیں n/1 Thread
یہ خبر اور لیٹر مطیع اللہ جان صاحب بریک کرتے ہیں (جوکہ آجکل سکندر سلطان راجا صاحب) کے بہت قریب سمجھے جاتے ہیں،
مطیع اللہ جان صاحب اس پر ایک وی لاگ کرتے ہیں اور اس کے تھمنیل پر لکھتے ہیں کہ
"چیئرمین نادرا کے پر نکل آئے،الیکشن کمیشن پر رعب ڈالنے لگے"
باقی آپ خود پڑھ لیں n/2
وہ اپنے وی لاگ میں کہتے ہیں کہ آج الیکشن کمیشن پر ایک مختلف زاویے سے حملہ ہوا ہے اور یہ حملہ دہشتگردوں نے نہیں ایک سرکاری ادارے نے کیا ہے،
مطیع اللہ جان صاحب تاثردیتے ہیں کہ جیسےیہ نادرا نےحکومتی ایما پر یہ حملہ کیا ہے
(اسی ویڈیو میں صدر عارف علوی کی بھی تضحیک کی جاتی ہے)
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"Autocratisation, defiance of SC order:" Andhra Pradesh High Court slams State Election Commission, quashes decision to hold local body polls without 4 weeks MCC [READ ORDER]

report by @meera_emmanuel

AP High Court slams State Election Commission for misinterpreting Supreme Court order on enforcement of Moral Code of Conduct for local body polls

#AndhraPradesh #electioncommission
The act of Election Commission can described as democratic backsliding: Andhra Pradesh High Court

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#SupremeCourt bench led by Justice DY Chandrachud to shortly deliver JUDGMENT on an appeal filed by ECI against the oral observations made by Madras HC that @ECISVEEP was "singularly responsible" for the #COVIDSecondWave in India & should be tried for "murder charges"
#MadrasHighCourt had made the remark while hearing a plea by AIADMK's R Vijayabhaskar raising concerns over whether adequate facilities are in place to ensure COVID-19 protocol during vote counting at the Karur constituency, where about 77 candidates are contesting the elections
The Supreme Court had, however, maintained that it cannot dilute the hallmark of the judicial process.

"We will strike a balance to maintain the independence of our high courts while taking your concerns into account," the Bench had said.…
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[Breaking] Election Commission of India moves Madras High Court against "murder charges" comment; says media should not report oral comments made by Judges

@meera_emmanuel with details

#ElectionCommission #MadrasHighCourt

"You are responsible for the situation today. No action against political parties taking rallies despite every order of the Court. Your election commission should be put up on murder charges probably," High Court had orally remarked on April 26.…
ECI has now stated that media reports on these comments have tarnished the image of the ECI as an independent constitutional agency that is entrusted with the constitutional responsibility of conducting elections.

#ElectionCommission #MadrasHighCourt
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#Breaking Karnataka HC refuses to entertain two IAs seeking to postpone elections of local authorities in the State, scheduled to be held on April 27 amid COVID-19.

Karnataka HC was hearing a case registered suo motu after noting that in large number of municipal corporations, elections not being held as per Constitutional mandate.

ORDER: Firstly, we must note here that intervenor wants drastic relief of postponing elections for 10 local authorities. We fail to understand under which provision of law, intervenor can seek relief of stay.

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In the light of recent reports on EVMs during #AssemblyElections2021, we are reposting The Quint's extensive coverage on EVM-VVPAT vulnerabilities from our archives.
Thread ⬇️
Repost | An expert committee report recommended EC to redesign #EVMs and facilitate audit of EVM-VVPAT votes to address concerns related to voting system.
@poonamjourno detailed in Jan 2021.
Repost | "#EC should count 100% #VVPAT slips. Time to count VVPAT slips is equal to the time it takes to count #EVMs," former Chief Election Commissioner, SY Quraishi told @poonamjourno in this Dec 2020 interview.
(From the archives)
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#AssemblyElections2021: Election Commission of India addresses media; to announce election dates for Assam, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal shortly.

#AssemblyElections #Elections2021
Chief Election Commissioner, Sunil Arora briefs media on #AssemblyElections2021 for 5 states -- Assam, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

"Amid the challenges of #covid19, we shall find immense comfort in the stories of hope": Sunil Arora, Chief Election Commissioner of India.

#Elections2021 #AssemblyElections2021
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#BiharElectionResults2020: Over one crore votes counted so far and the EC hopes to finish the counting process by tonight…

#BiharPolls #BiharElectionResults
#BiharElectionResults | RJD's Lalit Kumar Yadav wins Darbhanga- Rural.

Track #BiharResults here:…
#BiharElectionResults | Mishri Lal Yadav of Vikassheel Insaan Party (@VIPPartyIndia) wins #Alinagar. Counting is still underway, a look at trends at the moment, as per the Election Commission of India.

Track #BiharResults here:…
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#BiharElections2020 | 8.05% provisional voter turnout recorded in Phase 2 of #BiharElections till 9 am.

More than 2.85 crore voters will exercise their franchise in the second phase. As many as 41,362 polling booths have been set up in this phase.

Voters queue up to cast their votes for the second phase of #BiharAssemblyElections at the polling station.

19.26% provisional voter turnout recorded in till 11 am in Phase 2 of the elections.

#BiharElections2020 #BiharPolls
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#BiharElections2020 | As polling for Phase-1 of #BiharElections begins, here is a quick look at candidates with criminal cases contesting in this phase.

#BiharPolls #Bihar
#BiharPolls | PM @narendramodi urges voters to cast their vote in the first phase of Bihar Assembly election and participate in 'festival of democracy' while taking precautions against #COVID19.

#BiharElections #BiharElections2020
"Good luck to all of you in the first phase of #BiharPolling": tweets @RahulGandhi as voting begins in Phase-1 of #BiharElections2020.

#Bihar #BiharElections #BiharPolls
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#ElectionCommission Meeting was held today regarding holding of bye-elections due in various states Image
Election Commission: All By-polls and General Elections of Bihar to be conducted at the same time
#ElectionCommission: Announcement of elections will be done at appropriate time
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PIL against #ElectionCommission which has failed to check the rampant practice of false affidavits is listed for tomorrow , Delhi HC, Item no. 8, Court No 1. Renjtih Thomas v. ECI & Ors. Will ECI will conduct an inquiry against @rajeev_mp?
@rajeev_mp is one MP who may have filed false affidavit but the larger question is what is the #ElectionCommissionofIndia doing as a constitutional body to ensure that politician across spectrum disclose true information about their assets?
@IJaising @karunanundy @svaradarajan
Voters of India have a fundamental right to know the antecedents of their candidates under Art. 19 (1) (a). But #ElectionCommisisonofIndia says : go to local criminal court. I can, but majority of people can't take on sitting candidates. What is the duty of #ECI then? @sunetrac
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As we approach #resultsday, a thread of our coverage of the #LokSabhaElections2019:
Dharmendra Pradhan may be the BJP’s money man in Odisha but his rising star could cost the party

@SagarChoudhary_ reports:
Election Commission lies in affidavit before SC in VVPAT case filed by opposition parties.

@rag_ps reports:
#LokSabhaElections2019 #ElectionCommission
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Phase- 1 Schedule for 2019 General #Elections2019 as announced by #ElectionCommission

Phase- 2 Schedule for 2019 General #Elections2019 as announced by #ElectionCommission

Phase- 3 Schedule for 2019 General #Elections2019 as announced by #ElectionCommission
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Thread: For 2 days, I captured 105929 tweets with the hashtags #SurfExcel, #BoycottSurfExcel and #BoycottHindustanUnilever. Follow this thread for an analyse
When I started my capture, the tweet volume was around 170 tweet per minute <=> 8300 tweets per hour
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11 Apr - 91 consti. in 20 states
18 Apr - 97 consti. in 13 states
23 Apr - 115 consti. in 14 states
29 Apr - 71 consti. in 9 states
06 May - 51 consti. in 7 states
12 May - 59 consti. in 7 states
19 May - 59 consti. in 8 states

Result - 23 May
2/ How India is going to polls #LokSabhaElections2019

11 Apr - 91 consti. 20 states
18 Apr - 97 consti. 13 states
23 Apr - 115 consti. 14 states
29 Apr - 71 consti. 9 states
06 May - 51 consti. 7 states
12 May - 59 consti. 7 states
19 May - 59 consti. 8 states

Result - 23 May
3/ How are the various constituencies going to polls in various states?

Take a look

#LokSabhaElections2019 #ElectionCommission
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General Elections will be held in seven phases beginning from 11th April this year to 19th May. #ElectionCommission #PollsWithAIR #LokSabhaElections2019
Number of Parliamentary Constituencies voting on different polling dates in States and UTs :
#UttarPradesh polling Schedule:

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There's been a lot of talk about #electionsecurity since we know #Russia will try to hack the #2018Midterms.

This thread will give brief overviews of #votingmachines, #opensource software & #handmarked #paperballots. THREAD 1/10 #MondayMotivaton
Jurisdictions don't have 💰 or staff to buy new machines frequently or keep the ones they have up to date with security updates. There's no voting machine that can't be hacked. 2/10…
Manufacturers & election officials say since the machines aren't connected to the internet, they can't be hacked. But that's not accurate. Polling places transmit voting results using modems. 3/10 #technology #hack #telecommunications
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