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Operation Mocking Bird.
List of participating Organizations:
Proud Boys
Oath Keepers
5 eyes alliance
 New Zealand
 United Kingdom
 United States
What we are seeing now is a result of this operation continuing to control the opinion of the general population.
It is now bigger than ever and includes fake personas that have social media accounts and post opposition to each other. The list may surprise you.
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#Amsterdam - #museumplein 31--1-2021
The (indirectly) #CIA connected mayor Halsema again ordered the police to clear the square of the mostly peacefull protesters against #lockdown.
(RT Video)
Femke #Halsema travelled through the United States in 1996 as a fellow for the German 🕎Marshall Fund. This fund, nothing to do with Germany, is a front for the #CIA 😉😎……
Rotterdam, muslim(Salafist) socialist mayor #Aboutaleb (PvdA), German Marshall Fund of the USA (#halsema Green/Left mayor Amsterdam also Fellow of the #CIA funded #GMFUS).
Deep State Swamp in #Rotterdam en #Amsterdam?… 
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I survived the Iraqi desert for 467 days as I watched men who were like brothers to me die. Brave men sent by crooked politicians like Joe Biden to bleed and die so far away from home.

We finally have a President who leads with "peace thru strength" as he rebuilt our...

military that was left in shambles by corrupt politicians like Joe Biden.

We have a President that truly cares about America and its citizens. One who has earned our love and respect. @realdonaldtrump worked for the American people like no other President ever has. 2/5
He worked for our vote, unlike Joe Biden. President Trump didn't cower in a basement for a year or bow to the mobs. Trump has led this country as a true Patriot.

I am disgusted by what this country has done to him. I am disgusted with the hypocritical white-liberals 3/5
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☝🏼 Susan Rosenberg was pardoned by Clinton. She was guilty of 3 bombings in one 258 people died and injured 5,000. Now she’s working for BLM!
#DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #MAGA2020 #Conservative Image
Unlike Obama and Biden, releasing Chelsey Manning and Gitmo War Prisoners. I checked these figures myself last weekend because I didn't feel like he was abusing his power. Abuse is spelled OBAMA. #abuseofPower #Democrats #Disgusting
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@Austin_Police arrested 20-y/o Julian Roldan Gawel 4 taking down d #UnitedStates/#Texas flags Fri night Juneteenth in front of #Austin Police Dept HQ where a #protest was happening. @TheJusticeDept @DHSgov @FBI #WeSeeYou @tedcruz @chiproytx @DNI_Ratcliffe
The protesters gathered outside APD HQ chanting hateful slogans, carrying hateful signs, calling OUR police officers derogatory names, & attempted to enter the building. Once they failed, they turned to the American & Texas flags flying from city-owned poles nearby.
Rioters lowered both flags, put them in a pile on the pavement & after several failed attempts, set them on fire. Julian was CHARGED WITH THEFT, EVADING ARREST, & RESISTING ARREST. Julian CROSSED STATE LINES in order to incite a riot, his case was referred to the @FBI.
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Hi everyone. I'm one of those restaurant workers, a former entrepreneur, and a student of foreign policy. I can't believe our system is so broken we can't protect our citizens from #COVIDー19 the way South Korea can, but I've been developing a solution for ~2 years. Thread, 1/x
Yes, our country is embroiled in political gridlock. Yes, our country is divided. But it has been since our country's founding. The sooner we disabuse ourselves of the notion that it's #SenateDemocrats' or #SenateRepublicans' fault, the better. 2/x
I don't say this as a facile "it's always been this way" response. The fact is that we are a network of 150-plus-year-old settlements that sought religious freedom and self-determination. We determined our borders initially by rivers and geographic coordinates, not culture. 3/x
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Here we go. The #Democrats...I mean Communists....are using the virus to try to implement their agenda, including "infrastructure" which I guarantee is related to their #GreenScam.

#DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #NancyPelosi
Democrats just unveiled their #GreenScam infrastructure plan in late January, not to mention they've been talking for at least a year now about using an infrastructure package to get their green scam implemented.…
And the Democrats green scam plan includes massive money for #BigBanks. The big banks are funding them.

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There’s going to be so much of this stupid. 😂
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According to @BotSentinel, the hashtag #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica is one of the top 10 hashtags being tweeted by trolls and bots over the past 24 hours.
@BotSentinel A reminder that the #WalkAway movement is an astroturfed campaign pushed by Trump supporters pretending to be Democrats who are "walking away" from the party.
@BotSentinel These are the top tweets driving the (#)DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica hashtag.

There's a huge degree of overlap with the astroturfed (#)WalkAway, (#)DemExit, and (#)Blexit movements.
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#Democrats in the House decided to write legislation BACKWARDS TO PROTECT #SchiffShow He & the whistle blower acted TOGETHER, & now he wants RETROACTIVE protection of the whistle blower’s identity, when the LAW only protects the WB from WORKPLACE RETALIATION, not his FACE.
2/ Were this kind of legislation to stand, the garbage that #Kavanaugh faced will look like amateur night. This could allow for HUNDREDS of WB’s to come forward with NO INFORMATION WHATSOEVER. This gives us “guilty until proved innocent.” Democrat’s will have a field day wasting
3/ MORE taxpayer dollars protecting any Tom, Dick or Harry. No “first hand knowledge” necessary. It’s Red Flags for Congress: anyone can report from anywhere about anything on the defendant with NO REPERCUSSION or consequences. #Democrats can inundate a hearing with “whistle
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