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Für diejenigen, die #Politik in den #USA nicht regelmäßig verfolgen, eine kurze Einordnung zu Kevin #McCarthy, der gerade im 15. Anlauf (awkward) zum Sprecher des Repräsentantenhauses gewählt worden ist. McCarthy gilt als Vertreter des "moderaten" Flügels der #GOP - im
Gegensatz zum (komplett frei drehenden) Rechtsaußenflügel um Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt #Gaetz, Lauren #Boebert, Ted #Cruz usw.
In diesem Kontext ist wichtig zu verstehen, dass McCarthy absolut nicht mit moderaten Konservativen der Vor-Trump-Zeit vergleichbar ist, etwa
Senator John McCain oder auch nur George W. Bush (der allerdings aus anderen Gründen - *räusper* Irak, Folter *räusper* - ziemlich radikal war). Denn McCarthy hat sich wie kaum jemand sonst für seine eigenen Ambitionen in den Dienst Trumps und seines autokratischen Projekts
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Für jene, dir wach sind. Willkommen zur vielleicht letzten 14. Runde #McCarthy. In wenigen Minuten geht's los. Livestream gibt es bei C-SPAN:
#McCarthy braucht entweder 3 weitere Stimmen oder muss entsprechend auf Enthaltungen hoffen.
Biggs bleibt ein Gegner von #McCarthy und stimmt für Jim Jordan.
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Chi ama la politica non può non appassionarsi a quanto sta avvenendo negli #USA per l'elezione del nuovo #speaker della Camera.
Kevin #McCarthy, ex leader di minoranza per il Partito Repubblicano, candidato principale alla guida della maggioranza dopo le #Midterm, sta
giocando la partita della vita. E per ora la sta perdendo.
Rapido quadro della situazione: la maggioranza del Gop alla Camera è risicata: 222 seggi contro i 212 dei Democratici. Per diventare speaker, ovvero presidente della Camera, McCarthy ha bisogno di 218 voti. Questo
significa che può perdere per strada solo 4 voti. C'è un problema: una frangia di deputati Repubblicani radicali (non che McCarthy sia un "moderato", è pur sempre vicinissimo a Donald #Trump) composta da Andy #Biggs (Arizona), Matt #Gaetz (Florida), Bob #Good (Virginia), Matt
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Lin Wood break down with recieipts....
My opinion on writing this just a week ago was dont do anything to cause division. Pleas forgive me, read in its entirety before judging. 1
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Linwood was loud, erratic, truth speaker, semi good story teller, bold, reputable, honest, faithful, Jesus follower, rubble-Rouser, exposing the Cabal without using an anonymous persona. Doing what we all want to do and thats scream from the mountaintops all that is fookery....2
I have one side, the Truth. I started looking into Wood when a public spat surviced with Gen Flynn and I went all in. When I started, here is where my head was at. Gen Flynn what? Immediately said ok if he is a shill then when did it start?.....3
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#GOPPedoRing trends after prominent Republican indicted for sex trafficking a minor: 'Hey #QAnon we found them'

Strategist and campaign manager #AntonLazzaro was indicted Thursday on 5 counts of sex trafficking and 3 counts of obstruction of justice

Speaking of wrestling, Rep. #GYMJordan (R-#Ohio)is accused of looking the other way as more than 100 former #OhioState students were sexually assaulted by a former athletics doctor.

Six athletes said that Jordan had to know what was going on.

Then there's Judge #RoyMoore, who allegedly molested multiple teen girls.

Oklahoma Trump campaign co-chair, state Sen. #RalphShorty (R) was caught in a hotel room with underage boys.

Don’t forget about #Trump entering the dressing room at Miss America pageants
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“Orlando medical marijuana entrepreneur arranged access to US Rep #MattGaetz for the top executive at a cannabis-industry co. looking to do business in Florida, while at the same time pressing the co.’s leader to donate $10K to Gaetz’s reelection...”…
“The entrepreneur, Orlando hand doctor #JasonPirozzolo, in Sept. 2017 invited the CEO of the company, Alternate Health Corp., to a small fundraiser that Pirozzolo was planning to host for Gaetz at an Orlando hotel...
during a conference organized by #Pirozzolo’s American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association. The #Canadian company had developed medical marijuana monitoring software & was lobbying state officials to make #Florida doctors & dispensaries use it...
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Former #Gaetz Confidant Pleads Guilty and Agrees to Cooperate

#JoelGreenberg, a former tax collector in #Florida, admitted to sex trafficking a minor and agreed to help in prosecutions of others.

#Greenberg admitted that he and unidentified others had paid a 17-year-old girl for sex and that he had provided her with drugs.

He admitted that he “introduced the minor to other adult men, who engaged in commercial sex acts” with her
Greenberg, has met with prosecutors, and told them that Pedophile #Gaetz had sex with the girl and knew that she was being paid

Mr. Greenberg also admitted that he had stolen money from local taxpayers, committed identity theft and defrauded the federal government.

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@secupp 1. It greatly bothers me when #Reporters say that #GOPLawmakers #Privately #Complained about @MattGertz...remember they did the same for the #FormerGuy......but no one talks publicly! Perhaps if the #Lawmakers & #Journalists hadn't covered.....
@secupp @MattGertz 2. for #MattGaetz, the #FormerGuy & others the #Scumbags wouldn't have done as much damage as they did. #Journalists have gotten too chummy w/the #Politicians they are suppose to report on! By hiding how #Incompetent the #FormerGuy & his staff were the #GOPLawmakers & the.....
@secupp @MattGertz 3. reporters are complicit in the deaths of 550,169 Americans! Allegations of #Gaetz's behavior while serving in FL's House first surfaced in 2013. Nothing was done then & it looks like #Gaetz's disgusting behavior only got worse.....…
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This sex crime investigation begun on Gaetz by Trump's DoJ is hardcore, and him trying and failing to get Tucker Carlson to give him an alibi live on TV is to die for.
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‘Matt #Gaetz Is Said to Be Investigated Over Possible Sexual Relationship With a Girl, 17’

‘An inquiry into the Florida congressman was opened in the final months of the Trump administration, people briefed on it said.’

‘Rep. #Gaetz Under Investigation for Alleged Sexual Relationship With 17-Year-Old Girl: NYT’

‘Rep. Matt #Gaetz eyes early retirement from Congress to take job at Newsmax’

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#Goodnews aus den #USA

Das Oberhaupt der rechtsradikalen #ProudBoys, Henry #Tarrio, wurde in #Washington wegen Sachbeschädigung und Mitführung zweier Schusswaffen-Magazine festgenommen. /TN #TrumpTapes #Republikaner…
Der Chef der #ProudBoys wurde festgenommen? Kein Grund für seine Jünger, sich zu mäßigen - die prügeln sich in #Washington kräftig mit der Polizei. "Thin Blue Line" am Arsch? /MS
#Trump-Supporter haben die Absperrungen am Kapitol in #Washington (#USA) durchbrochen und versuchen das Parlament zu stürmen. Ach du Scheiße. /MS
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9/11 Memorial Glade: A monument to responders, survivors who paid for the Saudi attacks w/ their health

Thousands of responders died of illnesses related to their work on & after 9/11, & tens of thousands more are being treated for illnesses.

We will never forget.

The Balance Has Shifted: The Data on Impeachment Favor Moving Ahead

Twitter Slams Barr For Comparing His Return to DOJ to D-Day Invasion: 'Equal Parts Delusional, Arrogant and Idiotic

Mexico Agreed to Take Border Actions Months Before Trump Announced Tariff Deal

“Heshmat Alavi is a persona run by a team of people from the political wing of the MEK. This is not and has never been a real person.”


The WH had used Alavi’s article to justify its decision to terminate the Iran nuclear agreement.

Let that sink in.
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