OK #Covid_19 #COVID19 #Covid #uspoli #canpoli #ukpolitics #EU #worldpoli are you or one of your family members one of the 1/100 predicted to get severely ill from #Omicron the #COVID19 #Covid_19 #Variant despite being 3-4X vaccinated and following public health advice?
And so it seems world leaders around the globe have finally come together - to declare that 1/100 people with #Omicron experiencing severe disease and/or death is an acceptable number for "a productive economy" - what does that mean if YOU or an at-risk family member is 1/100?
First you must accept the cold hard fact that nobody any longer gives a single solitary flying shit that you or your family member(s) are now after 2 years of "we're all in this together" staring down the very short barrel of a rapidly increased mortality risk from #Omicron.
I cannot stress this enough: If you or a family member are the 1/100 facing severe disease from #Omicron, you are now 100% left to your own devices to try and survive the next 10 weeks from your booster date. As that seems to be #EpiTwitter's magic number of immunity decline.
BUT! Here's the thing. Most of those of us staring down that "you are the chosen ones...to DIE" 1/100 number have absolutely been dealing with bullshit #Eugenics attitudes like this our whole entire lives. It's a thing; in "Western" societies we are viewed as economic burdens. In
"Eastern" or "Communist" societies we're viewed as "useless eaters" so really all "sides" of the political "spectrum" hate us. Especially now. Do you realize how inconvenient it is, for politicians, that ONLY 1/100 will have to experience severe disease or die from #Omicron?
Why is it inconvenient you ask? Because it's not a high enough number to justify to the 25% of rich people who think we are "useless eaters" (east) or "economic burdens" (west) lockdowns, shutdowns, or any kind of broad-based societal measures to stop the #pandemic. But,
..inconveniently, 1/100 of us are now going to experience severe disease or death from #Omicron. Everyone knows this. Nobody cares.

Does it have to be so? Eh, I'm stubborn, I wanna live and I want my at-risk family members to live through the #COVID19 #pandemic. Useless or not.
That's right 1/100! Nobody gives a shit about you or your family? Fine! It's go time! Here is what you can do:

1. Find respirators that fit well and work. No exhalation valves. This may be moderately to extremely difficult depending where you are

2. Remember March 2020?
3. Yes that's right. Work from home, or stay home, unless it's absolutely essential you go out.

"Absolutely essential" BTW does NOT mean "I need to get out of here because I'm going stir crazy" it means:

Medical appointments.

These USED to be available
by delivery or virtual but again: No one gives a shit these things are not "normal" and are "inconvenient" to the 25% who lose money from them. So. This is our life now. If you want to keep it.

Fomites are also a thing again. Because #Omicron sucks ass.

And so! #LockdownLife it is! Only this time the 1/100 locking down are completely hung out to dry because:

Stores are now cancelling online orders without explanation.

Items are deliberately being marked "in-store purchase only".

Looking at you smiley face evil empire....
But here's the thing. There are local restrictions in some places, which means you may be able to get curbside or delivery for a limited time. TAKE THIS ADVANTAGE WHILE YOU CAN. Wait a few days to let the sterilizing and social distancing kick in then stock up. REALLY stock up.
Dry goods. Lots of dry goods. Canned food is definitely getting too pricey. I do NOT mean the overpriced Manchurian Qovidiots' buckets of dehydrated dog food the religious grifters are selling. Rice. Pasta. Beans. Dehydrated eggs if you're not vegan and can find them. Etc. Now...
...you will be looking at about six months' worth if you can afford it. 1-3 months if you can't afford it. Borrow a bit if you can but not too much. If your medications aren't covered, the same goes for these. If they are covered, get as many months ahead as you can. If you get
..pushback, plead the weather. In the northern hemisphere it's winter. In the southern hemisphere it's summer. Both are less than tolerable due to climate change. Your medication provider MAY be sympathetic to your family's #Omicron risk but don't count on it. Plead transport or
..weather or whatever will convince them.

Once that's done? Be aware that hospitals in some jurisdictions are now unable to handle emergencies. As r/HermanCainAward keeps reminding people "Don't do anything unsafe right now." For those at risk of severe disease from #Omicron it
..is a little more than just "don't go motorcycle riding". It's more like: monitor your fall risk VERY carefully and minimize at all costs. Don't eat anything that's a little sus, no matter how much the food waste irks you or costs you. Freeze everything! Don't run with scissors.
Monitor any "pre-existing conditions" and if you can get meds, even if you've been lax before, it's time to start being religious with your regimen. Set reminders or alarms if you're having issues with this. Don't run with scissors.

Pinch every penny til it screams for mercy and
..pinch it some more. Pay clearance/sale prices on essential items only. Fuck the politicians howling about "Make the economy come ROARING back!" That economy they want to preserve wants to see ylus and our family DEAD. Never ever forget that. Ever. Remember this, if you survive.
*wants to see us and our family dead. Never ever forget this. Ever. Not even when the pandemic is over. If you survive it.
Also! That 1/100 caseload for #NotMild #Omicron, a month-and-a-half later, is now seeing (in #cdnpoli) almost 30% of cases, 10.5% of hospitalizations, and 11.5% of deaths amongst 3x vaccinated with disabilities. Deaths in this cohort are up 1.5% since the data up to December 25. ImageImageImage
There's a typo in @GovCanHealth's data it should say Jan 1 2022; this is from the Daily Epidemiological Report for January 19 2022. Here is the previous data from December 18 and 25 respectively showing increasing trend of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths of the vulnerable. ImageImage
Note increased trends across the board, cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, are up, and continue to rise alarmingly in a very short timeframe. Please read the whole thread. ⬆ #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #NotDeadYet #Eugenics #Omicron is #NotMild
Updated to January 8. Note the #cdnpoli feds are lagging in posting deaths data for the at-risk populations in the dark green bars. This is deliberate #Eugenics for the #economy. ImageImageImageImage

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