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The PLAN C 📚

This is the most important thread I have written so far

It will set you on the right path going forward and help you realize what YOU want 🧐

▪️ What is PLAN C?
▪️ Why is it so important?
▪️ Realization
▪️ Risks vs Benefits
▪️ Mistakes
▪️ Having a PLAN C

▪️ What is PLAN C?

The Plan C is to realize why you are here, what is your goal & to HELP YOU follow it at all times going forward.

Once you do it will remove the stress from your trading/investing in a big way.

Must for beginners, great for PROs.

▪️ Why is it so important?

Cause most of you are just running around trying to chase quick riches, jumping from fear to greed without any plan and that's why you struggle so much

This thread will guide you to set a plan and stick to it. Now let's get to it.

▪️ Realization

There are 4 types of people in this space:

🔹 In it for the tech - Minority
🔹 In it for the tech & make money at the same time
🔹 Understands the tech, doesn't care, follows the trend, makes money
🔹 Chasing quick riches - Majority

Whichever category you are in (except for the first minority one - about 2%), you are here are to make money.

However each of us can be looking for a different kind of money and once we explain that, your plan and psychology will start to differ.

Here is the big thing...

You need to realize why you are here & what do you want to accumulate

Do you want as much of #Bitcoin? #ETH? $LUNA?


You wanna accumulate more #Stablecoins? More Fiat money?

You do not need to answer that just yet, but you'll have to later on

This is very crucial going forward in your journey, whichever path you choose.

It's not that one is better than the other.

It's that one is better than the other for YOU!

Once you choose, you need to write it down, put it in front of your screen & follow it to the core

▪️ Risks vs Benefits

Whichever direction you end up choosing, all provide their own benefits & their own risks.

Some people are more risk-averse than others, have different motives and so on, here I'm gonna describe them and you can choose whichever fits you.

Accumulating #Stablecoins

Most people still think in terms of fiat money.

You use them to buy your everyday stuff, your neighbor uses it, your country uses it, and generally, it is easier to think in the $ terms.

If you decide to accumulate $USD / $USDT / $UST / $USDC / $BUSD / $DAI or whichever other #StableCoin I'd call it the more conservative strategy

Below is why 👇

The positives:

🔹Less risky
🔹Can be less stressful with the right mindset
🔹Do not care about which direction the market takes
🔹Accumulation of the currency you can use in everyday life
🔹Not being involved at all times in the market and taking a rest time

The negatives:

🔸Exposed to inflation
🔸Won't earn you as much as #HODL
🔸Watching the markets pump without you and being ok with that
🔸Year on year you'll be able to buy less & less crypto (in most cases)
🔸Most likely loosing the #BTC value

How to effectively use it? 💡

If you choose to go for this path your goal is to accumulate fiat money. Duh?

But in practice, it means you do not care at all if the market moves 10% / 100% or 1000% without you.

And it will happen all the time.

All you care about is that if your portfolio was 10000$ at the beginning of the year, it is more than that at the end of the year.

If you double it to 20000$ you are happy and do not care about the market anymore as it will be here another day/month with yet another move.

You can take a rest and wait for another opportunity. Stress-free. Portfolio growing in $ terms.

However, you will have to learn the market WILL 100% move without you and you need to be ok with that because you understand there will be other moves in the future.

Accumulating #Bitcoin / #Ethereum / $LUNA or whatever ecosystem you choose to believe in

I personally try to accumulate as much #BTC as I can because I believe that one day it will flip #gold mcap (apx 600 000$) and decades later will be used to pay for everyday stuff

Whether that will be true or not doesn't matter.

I have done deep research and do believe in that so that is my plan & I act accordingly

But the same thing could be even said about #Gold / $LUNA or anything & you could be trying to accumulate as much of it as you can

The positives:

🔹Beating the inflation
🔹Exposed to #crypto / Asset at all times
🔹Do not miss the moves
🔹Full profit potential of the underlying asset
🔹#HODL in most cases outperforms the rest

The negatives:

🔸Lot of stress #HODLing through the bear market
🔸Your portfolio can go down to -80% in dollar terms
🔸Lots of risk on the table if your idea is wrong/changes

How to effectively use it? 💡

If you choose to go for this path your goal is to accumulate as much #Bitcoin (Or any other asset)

In practice, it means you do not care at all if the market moves down 50% / 60% or 80% vs $

All you care about is accumulating more #sats

You can accumulate more #BTC by either

1) Buying more with fiat money
2) Trading #ALT / $BTC pairs
3) Selling #BTC to buyback lower (can work nicely if correct but if wrong you'll buyback less)

I'll also use this window to say Im currently trading with @PrimeXBT as u can hold #BTC as collateral & trade against other pairs on both sides

If you register with my link, enter promo code 'Jackis' & you can receive up to $7,000 on your deposit


So all you care about is that if your portfolio was 1 #BTC at the beginning of the year, it is more than that at the end of the year.

You do not care about the $ drops because you are playing the long game

After all 1 #BTC = 100 000 000 #Satoshis


You are exposed at all times. Lots of risk & lot of stress during big $ drops. But if the narrative is true then you won. The #Saylor game

However, you will have to learn the market will be doing 50% or more drops with you & you need to be ok with that, time & psyche wise

▪️ Mistakes

These plans however do not mix up, which is what everyone is trying to do and is the biggest mistake everyone makes.

You cannot have both.

You have to choose one and stick to it. Period.

Our psychology unfortunately works against us in this regard.

Everybody would love to be part of every move while not experiencing the drawdowns. But it's impossible.

That's why it is so important to choose one of The Plan C strategies.

▪️ Having a PLAN C

So as you can see both plans have their pros & cons

Again, it's not that one is worse than the other but rather which one is better suited for YOU.

The important thing is that you stick to it and that you actually have one

I also urge you to write it down and put it next to your screen cause you will need to remind yourself when it gets hard.

This is not a tip, it's a prescription. Cause once you do write it down, it becomes real. Just stop being lazy and do it!

I hope that lots of you finally get on the right track, suited just for YOU & will do way better in the years to follow

As always these threads take a lot of free time and sharing & liking them costs nothing but can help others too

So please consider it, thanks for your time 🙌

• • •

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