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Short thread on inflation
1- I have been listening to what experts have been saying about inflation & its impact on various parts of the economy in recent weeks. Many think inflation is a modern phenomenon & somehow the FED, fiat money, or capitalism created it. #Inflation
2- Inflation is old.. thousands of years old, when people used all kinds of things as money. Inflation existed even when gold & silver were used as money.
The main reason for my thread today is this:
Anglosaxon experts must read about inflation in other languages & cultures.
3- The quantity theory of money was NOT introduced in Europe in the 17th century as European books claim. It was introduced in Egypt 300 years earlier in a book written by a scholar called: Al-Maqrizi
#Inflation #Money #Egypt #Economics
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🧵Transparency and Proof of Reserve of #Gold Backed Tokens

CACHE Gold $CGT (current) - + @chainlink Proof of Reserve…

PAX Gold $PAXG (43 days outdated) - 5 page "Attestation report" to cover $600+ million -
Tether Gold $XAUT (133 days outdated) - 4 page "Attestation report" covering more than $80 billion in assets, just a few paragraphs are dedicated to $XAUT the 246,524.33 ($450+ million USD) ounces of #gold #Tether claims to hold…
. @kinesismoney (534 days outdated) - #Kinesis promised to deliver audits twice per year but has failed to provide any audits for 534 days and counting. They have not provided any explanation for the lack of audits other than "#COVID" has prevented it.
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Der digitale Euro kommt. Nahezu alle Zentralbanken der Welt arbeiten derzeit an Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Aber was bedeutet das genau? Ein Thread zum #digitaleuro und #bitcoin 🧵👇
2/ Zunächst: Ein digitaler Euro ist nicht das, was wir sehen, wenn wir unser Online-Konto öffnen. Ein digitaler Euro ist programmierbares Zentralbankgeld, das in den kommenden Jahren weltweit kommen wird.
3/ CBDCs sind auch eine Antwort auf Bitcoin. #Bitcoin basiert auf einer dezentralen Blockchain und Pseudoanonymität. Damit das System dezentral und somit unbeeinflussbar bleibt, braucht Bitcoin Energie. Das ist das #ProofofWork-Mechanismus. 
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It is 1975 and oil oil exporters and importers try to find solution for broken monetary system.

An interesting history 🧵🧵🧵
How could oil producing countries keep their purchasing power in times of turbulent seventies?
#Gold #Oil #MonetaryAffairs #IMS
Few years before 16 January 1979 when the Shah had fled Iran...
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🧵 Here's how I make 43% APY on $USD (and my $EUR, $ETH and $BTC) by utilising a fully regulated brokerage service called #Freeway. Perfect for bear markets and I personally believe it is safer and with a better R:R than e.g. $UST on #AnchorProtocol or $USDD on #TRON. 1/20
❗ This is my own research presented in an objective manner. I include a few of my own opinions. Not financial advice, do your own research, be aware of the risks. Learn about #Freeway here (referral link, but using it boosts your rewards by 2%): 2/20
📜 Background: founded in 2017 as #AuBit, rebranded to #Freeway. Global team of 40+. Formally registered operations registered in Greece, UK, and Germany (prime brokerage), Estonia (licensed virtual currency exchange), and Seychelles (business operations). 3/20
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🧵 An attempt at an objective review of #YieldNodes. A #masternode service that has generated an average of 10% a month on #stablecoins for 3 years to date. Like everything in #crypto it is high risk. I present the pros, cons, benefits and risks, as objectively as possible. 1/12
What is it? #YieldNodes offer managed masternoding, pooling investor funds, and managing the infrastructure and profit distribution. Here's a link for you to #DYOR. It is a ref link which means I receive a small commission on any deposits you make.… 2/12
What are #masternodes? Here is the investopedia definition and a link for you to research in your own time. Masternodes have been a commonly used part of #blockchain infrastructure for many years so it is nothing particularly exotic or innovative.… 3/12
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This #AkshayTritiya buy gold smartly in this 3 ways 💛

• Gold Exchange Traded Fund (Gold ETF)
• Gold Savings Fund
• Sovereign Gold Bonds

Let’s dig deep ⤵️

▣ Gold ETF 💰

Representing physical gold in dematerialised form. 1 Gold ETF unit is equal to 1 gram of gold.

All you need is a demat & trading account, and you could purchase it just like shares. Units will be backed by 0.995 finesse of physical gold by the fund house.
▣ Gold Savings Fund 💵

It’s an open-ended Fund of Funds scheme that invests its corpus into an underlying Gold ETF, which, in turn, invests in physical gold & you don’t require a Demat A/c & Trading A/c to buy units.

You may even start SIP of as little as Rs 500 per month.
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1/ #Bitcoin Supply and Demand🧐

Fiat currencies are a phase-out model and financial repression destroys much wealth. The latest inflation numbers shake up the bond markets. #Fed 2022 hawkishness hit another ATH after Employment Cost Index (ECI).

#BTC the safe haven? We're long on Bitcoin. Charts are our own opinion, not finan
2/ To understand the current stage of crypto development, we can use an analogy and compare the number of cryptousers with that of the Internet. We are in the year 2000 of the Internet👀👀👀
3/ There are a lot of indicators for trading.But the main thing is that more and more people are using crypto (demand/wallets⬆️), although after 3rd halving hardly any #BTC are being mined (supply).

This leads to scarcity and stronger demand than supply.Thus,#Bitcoin price rise! We're long on Bitcoin. Charts are our own opinion, not finan
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It's weekend and it's the end of the month. The #markets are closed.

So there is the perfect time to analyze the #momentum & relative #strength of the markets.

This information is relevant for all #investors, but especially for #trend #followers 📈📈📈


The #momentum of the markets are one of the most powerful forces in the evolution of the #asset #prices.

The #reversion to the mean is the opposite force, which is equally powerful. Momentum works on a short and medium term (up to 3 to 5 years).
There is a ton of academic research related to the momentum and the benefits of using it and relative strength. But presenting it this is not the purpose of this #thread.

Relative strength is actually a comparison between the #momentum of two or more #markets.
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#MCProOpinion: For India, a closer political alignment with Europe will not just help New Delhi push for closer commercial ties with Brussels, but also raise its heft in global geopolitics.

Read at:…

by Abhijit Kumar Dutta | #NewDelhi #India #TradeDeal
#MCProOpinion: Auto stocks have been in the doldrums lately. What are the factors investors need to track to see whether a turnaround is in the offing?

Read at:…

#Auto #AutoStocks #Capex #Employment
#MCProOpinion: How do returns from investing in gold compare to those from fixed deposits or equities? This is how they stack up.

by Shishir Asthana | #Invest #Gold…
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Gold 101 $GLD #GOLD
This is my framework for gold. It may be different from most.
Gold has two purposes
1. For consumption in jewelry, decorative and industrial use
2. As a currency and store of value

Number 1 makes gold a commodity. I'm going to ignore this purpose

2 is big
Two important things about gold as a currency is that for these purposes has a fixed quantity and it pays a negative interest rate. That negative rate is the cost of storage and protection.

Let's start with the negative interest rate. We can compare any other currency to gold
On this basis alone. Fiat offers a positive interest rate in most circumstances. This is a downward pressure on gold and also explains partly while the change in real yields can be inversely correlated with gold. Essentially it's the interest rate differential often discussed
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1/ Could the #LME #nickel fiasco happen to the #Comex #gold and #silver market?

On my recent Twitter Spaces with @PalisadesRadio I mentioned that we may have a problem with current and future availability of gold and silver bars from the expanded refiner list.

Please retweet!
2/ Back in 2020, the #CME expanded the list of approved refineries whose bars are eligible for good delivery to the Comex. This was due to overwhelming demand for physical product and to maintain an orderly market.…
3/ 51 #LBMA approved gold refineries had been added to the eligible brand list for the COMEX 100 (GC 100) gold futures contract. Of the 51 refiner brands, the top countries represented are 12 refineries from China and 7 from Russia.
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Is inflation always bad for the economy? 🤔

Let's find out in this thread ⤵️
Inflation is viewed as a warning sign of a suffering economy by some, while it is viewed as a sign of a thriving economy by others.

But what does it actually mean? ⤵️
Mostly the term "inflation" is used to characterize the economic impact of rising oil or food prices.🛢️📈

If the price of oil rises from $75 to $100 per barrel, input prices for a factory would rise, as well the transportation expenses which will affect the final goods.
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Versión en español ⬇️

Spanish Version ⬇️
🇵🇦 Ley Panamá blockchain, cripto, metales preciosos tokenizados.

21/04/2022 fue un gran día.

Panamá logró un gran paso hacia la integración del sistema financiero tradicional con las nuevas tecnologías y economías digitales🥇

Se aprobó en la cámara legislativa, el primer debate de una ley que mejora la economía de un nuevo Panamá.

Esta ley es un compendio de 3 anteproyectos de grandes mentes innovadoras y diputados del país; @gabrielsilva8_7 , Cenobia Vargas, Roberto Abrego, entre otros.
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🇵🇦 Panamá Blockchain, Crypto, Tokenized Precious Metal Law

21/04/2022 was a great day.

Panama achieved a great step towards the integration of the traditional financial system with new technologies and digital economies🥇

It was approved within the legislative chamber, the first debate of a law that improves the economy of a new Panama.

The law is a mix of the 3 previous drafts of great innovative minds and deputies of the country; @gabrielsilva8_7 , Cenobia Vargas, Roberto Abrego, among others
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1/ A major milestone in the history of money took place last week. On April 5, 1933, FDR signed Executive Order 6102, which placed extreme limitations on gold ownership in the U.S.

What catalyzed this move? And what was its broader impact?

Time for a thread 🧵👇
2/ Upon entering office, FDR attempted to dramatically increase federal spending so as to stimulate the economy, which was rapidly sinking following the 1929 stock market crash.
3/ Yet his hands were tied by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which mandated that each banknote had to be backed by 40% of gold held in federal reserves. So for every dollar printed, the government would need to hold 40 cents of gold.
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1/x Minds over Markets🚩We would like to follow on from part 1/2🧵of our thread. If you missed it, look it up here.
💙LIKE🔁RETWEET⬆️FOLLOW to stay up to date!
thread below part 2/2🧵⬇️
#IotaOrigin #IOTA #ASM $ASMB $SMR #Mining
2/x Summary part1:The world's top gold producers are changing their strategy and increasing their resources through acquisitions. However, acquirable resources are limited while exploration investments are undervalued. What does this mean for African artisanal-small-scale mining?
3/x Exploration spending in Africa fell by $111 million in 2020. This represents a -10% drop and is a record low for spending in Africa. The biggest loser of the % cuts is the DRC, with exploration spending falling to $140 million at last count.
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We are now entering the second stage of the busting of the #everythingbubble.

On Mar 2, 2020 I laid out some thoughts for the sequence of events during and post the COVID shock. Time for a short retrospective and some ideas what may happen next.
The the initial market reaction to the pandemic and the lockdown was highly deflationary.
The easy part was predicting that monetary and fiscal policy would throw everything they had onto the “deflationary crisis”. Pointing out the chance of severe price inflation and the opportunities that lay in investing in commodities definitely was way more outlandish.
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#gold and #silver plus $gdxj and $silj looking so nice. Love the coiling action on the 6 month charts but the huge 10 year cup and handle looks explosive. We have set up for an epic squeeze and likely draining of LME and COMEX inventories. Their will be shenanigans…
Best get your physical or hold real physical etfs that don’t play with paper contracts. I own $pslv and $phys. I hold a balance of both as a cash alternative (cause I hate cash with a passion)

Just like nickel took off and the rules got changed at the LME. So will gold & silver
There are absolutely massive shorts in gold and silver. They will end up getting government support. The rules will be changed when the exchanges fail to deliver and longs will get cashed out. But the metals will run. Physical market will react with vengeance.
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Just so everybody knows where we're at with the #gold backed #ruble:

The announcement i'm waiting for now is the Russian central bank buying rubles for gold (selling gold) at a set price. I'd expect this to be higher than 5k per gram, more like 6k a gram.

This'd be a soft-peg
Right now, Russia's waiting for the RUB to appreciate further before implementing an upper band. If the RUB is worth less per gram than the peg they've got in mind, people would immediately sell it for gold and it'd drain reserves. Hence the delay.
I don't think a traditional hard peg is favorable, as stated, when the RUB exceeds the central bank price it'll drain their reserves. By keeping an upper and lower band, both can be moved individually and adjusted to market changes.

This will dampen RUB selling pressure.
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#G7 rejects Russia’s demand to pay for gas in #rubles
- #Putin announced last week that Russia would demand that “#unfriendly” countries pay for #naturalgas (#LNG) only in Russian currency from now on.… ImageImage
Russia’s #ruble payment plan leaves European gas buyers confused | 23 Mar, 2022
- “We can't predict at this moment what specific implications this will have for the gas trade,” Kehler
(it produces new flu waves called Covid19 producing billions in profits) ImageImage
#Credibility of #dollar and #euro ‘destroyed’ – Putin | Mar 23
- Moscow will use #rubles in #gas deals with “hostile” countries, the Russian president says. Image
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@vovka3232 #RussiaUkraine
The deputy commander of the Ukr 503rd Independent Marine Infantry Btn has been captured in #Mariupol. He say the remnants of the unit have broken up in small groups to try to make it through the blockade
@vovka3232 #RussiaUkraine
Georgian Dato Gobedzhishvili & Belorussian Dmitry Apanasovich from the "Georgian Legion" have reportedly been killed at #Irpen near #Kiev ImageImage
@vovka3232 #RussiaUkraine
First footage of combat use of the new #ISDM Remote Mining System in the #Kharkov area
More info in link…
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#gold the metal millennials say their generation doesn’t care about…

But, us Gen Z’ers also know they are a broke ass generation and experience extreme FOMO. They also pile into crap like $gme

It’s not a matter of if but when they greed buy gold.
Nearly everyone in my generation swore off #gold and #silver as relics in the late 90’s and piled into the future.. #tech stocks and #internet related businesses #dot-coms

Nearly everyone got their assess handed to them and destroyed a good chunk of their early savings
Savings that could have compounded greatly for them and worth a fortune 25 years latter had it been prudently invested in counter cyclical quality companies at the right time. But, contrarian investors performance, by definition, can only be achieved by a few.
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Hedge fund manager @Upticken is an optimist. But, these are complicated times...

And when things are as nebulous as they are right now, caution is the name of the game.

@Upticken tells @MarkRitchie_II he is steering clear of risk and is currently 80% cash & 20% #gold...
"This is no time to be a cowboy..." @Upticken
#Gold... "The Mona Lisa of charts."

@Upticken & @MarkRitchie_II on gold's moment...
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