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Someone asked a strange question about #MetaWhale earlier. I responded to it, but it made me kind of shake my head a bit. Because most questions regarding $MWG just need you to read the documentation. When you do if you are smart (and people who are reading this obviously are)
Will just get it. The question was this:

"Just like any volume token, your pitch is in your use cases. Please outline a use case that is beneficial towards the hyper-deflationary aspect of the token."

The question itself shows just how little they have read regarding #Metawhale
And it seems there is a new trendy buzz term "volume token".

Those of you who *HAVE* read the #MetaWhale documentation understand how one dimensional this questions is, when in fact $MWG is so much more.

Its pretty simple really.
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"#Codius" What is Codius?

Codius is the most advanced smart contract platform that will ever exist. The project was said to be put on hold in 2015, that was a lie. It was never put on hold..

Continue Thread... Image
#Codius will be smart contracts with integrated payment processing and a variety of privacy options. One more time.

Codius will be a smart contract platform that offers multiple privacy options (if required) and "payment processing integration".
No other platform can compare, no other platform will have a direct connection to the world banking system.

#XRP and #Codius are going to be used to manage the entire 1+ Quadrillion Dollar derivatives market. XRP is not a "currency" it is a store of value, digital #gold.
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Why #MetaWhale #GOLD (aka $MWG) is one of the best places to park your memecoin moon earnings.
Everyone seems like an expert trader right now, during bull markets thats what tricks inexperienced people into gamblers ruin.
Watching the transaction history of $MWG, you can start to see smart traders who have taken advantage of the moon missions from memecoins parking profit into it. Why? Because they know that "profit" can be fleeting, on something that is backed by nothing.
The reason why it has any value at all is because of hype. Nothing backing it means that eventually the hype fades, or worse gets taken over by a few people who control the whole supply (This unfortunately happened to #dogecoin, even @elonmusk has commented about this)
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(1/4) Cash flow valuation of $CERT.v + sensitivity analysis'. Based on current resources and with conservative AISC's. As the models state, this company is undervalued even if it only had 1 one of the the 2 assets. Imagine what happens when @CerradoGold updates the resource soon. ImageImageImage
(2/4) I encourage people to play around with the models using their own expected #gold price and future production. Here you can see what is expected by the management: Image
(3/4) A lot of companies have great potential, but look at how solid this company is at low gold prices. Based purely on Brazil, this company could be trading close to a $300M mcap in 3 years with 1200 gold (more than 2X from here). Blue sky potential speaks for itself!
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Why you should only ever buy gold mining stocks and not gold.
This is going to make me unpopular with some of you, but I am going to explain why you should never buy gold. Do not confuse this with owning gold mining stocks though.
Gold is a store of value. This is true. In Roman times one ounce of gold would clothe a men nicely and the same is true today.
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An interesting convo happened in the @defi_labs_ TG the other day (btw if you aren't in there here is the link:…)

It was about $MWG in the terms of a superior form of #YieldFarming, and it really kind of blew my mind. Here is a thread regarding it.
For those of you who don't know many #defi projects have a "farming" component. The basics of this is you 'stake' (lock in) tokens and you get a 'yield', in the form of either reserved tokens from the overall supply, from a governance token, or from fees, or various other things.
Its very similar to oldschool #staking and #masternodes that were *very* popular years ago (and proof of stake is still very popular, #eth is even moving to proof of stake).
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1) @lexfridman's podcast with @Breedlove22 was one of the best collaborations I've heard in a long time. Here's my notes on topics like
- sovereignty
- money = value/energy storage
- desire for something from nothing
- inflation is dicivilising
- volatility
- #Bitcoin

*Read on*
2) Over time, sovereignty becomes more decentralized putting more power into individual hands. From pharaohs in ancient Egypt holding absolute power to today where individuals now vote for leaders.

Extrapolating further, people may eventually become their own governments.
3) @Breedlove22 believes money is many things: a store of value through space and time; the most marketable good in existence; a tool to discover truth; an extension of our mind; and ultimately how we quantify and digitize our analog concept of value creation.
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Genau das 👇 ist d. Knackpunkt beim #Verschwörungsglauben: Während #Vernunft nach #KarlPopper darin besteht, auch eigene #Thesen immer wieder zu überprüfen, werden #Verschwörungsmythen wie #QAnon, #Islamisierung, #Kulturmarxismus einfach in neue wie aktuell #GreatReset übersetzt.
Für jene von uns, die ihre #Weltanschauung auch an #Wissenschaft ausrichten, sollte aber klar sein: #Falsifikation schmerzt. Der verschwörungsgläubige #Dualismus (Wir Guten vs. die Verschwörer) bietet scheinbar #Gemeinschaft & #Sicherheit (2/4)
Zudem werden Menschen mit #Verschwörungsglauben nicht nur psychologisch & politisch, sondern vor allem auch finanziell manipuliert: #Querdenken, #Esoterik- & #Gold-Verkäufe sind wesentl. auch Geschäftsmodell. Wenige verdienen an der #Angst vieler... (3/4)…
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I have added newly listed $CERT.v to my portfolio the last few weeks. I see it as hidden gem that could be one of the best performers in 2021. @CerradoGold is a #gold company with a producing asset in Argentina and a possible world class project in Brazil.

See thread below: Image
Management is top-class and very experienced in South America. Mark Brennan is the CEO, and he has previously taken Largo Resources from a $25M Mcap to $1.5B Mcap, sold Desert Sun Mining to Yamana for $686M etc.
Capital structure:
- $59M Mcap
- C15M in cash from recent financing at 1.35 CAD
- 70,55M o/s and under 84M f/d
- Management/insiders own 42% f/d, institutional approx. 30% and retail approx. 30%
- $15M in stream to finance Argentina project + $30M in debt to previous owners
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Today's as good a day as ever to post & pin my targets to my profile, so here we go. My timeline is Aug-Sept:
From Lows:
Gold Majors up ~75%
Gold Jrs up ~75-100%
Silver Majors up ~100-150%
Silver Jrs (GV Sitfolios) up ~150-200%
I'll add a few specifics. Gold: $NEM 90-120 $ABX 32 $AUY 9-10 $SSRM 25-30 $FNV 180-200 $RGLD 160-175 $SAND 13 $IAG 6-7 $HMY 9-10 $WPM 65-75

Silver: $AG 35-46 $CDE 18-25 $HL 13-18 $MAG 30-35 $SILV 17 $PAAS 60-75 $AXU 5 $ASM 2-2.84 $FSM 14 $EXK 10-13
Wider range on the silver miners because there is a very good chance silver stops short of 50, ~44ish, as people don't want to miss selling it like they did 10 yrs ago, or momentum algos go nuts & we overshoot a lot. It's going to be VERY difficult to time & sell the high.
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#XRPHolders 🆚 @SEC_News Thread:

@HesterPeirce was interviewed by @ThinkingCrypto1 and said that she was trying to get people at the @SEC_News to stop thinking about the token as a security but instead on how the token was being packaged and sold.
I tweeted out, in disbelief, saying “that’s only been the law for 75 years.”

The Supreme Court in #Howey didn’t conclude that the oranges 🍊 were Securities, but it was the “scheme” and the totality of circumstances surrounding the transactions between the parties that was held
to be an investment contract. But it’s not just the #Howey case that has made it crystal clear that the token itself IS NOT a security.

#BTC, #ETH, #XRP, #Gold, #Soybeans, #copper, #coffee and any other product or commodity can be marketed, packaged, sold and distributed
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Gold is dead.

And that’s exactly why I am positioned.

The turn is in, a wrap-up of evidence here in this thread ⬇️

#preciousmetals #metals #gold #silver

the dominant intermediate #gold cycle in the new bull market runs 1y (it was shorter last bull)

while we claimed the 2 bottom 'live'when it happend, Nov 30 and mid March, this yearly cycle retraced 0.618 to the tick, while indicators are all turning UP on weekly levels

#gold with 3 trading days left, the monthly candle is shaping up as a reversal.

watching close early next week

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after digging deeper than ever over the last few months,

the Silver Sitfolio is like seeing Naples and die
we have arrived to the point of perfection. mindfullness.

take out $30 and this goes nuts

#gold #silver #juniormining #preciousmetals #mining…
Patrick @badcharts1 is right. After having numerous calls with management, digging on fundamentals I can only say: it's all in the charts.

Also the future, visible by past strength.

having a hard time holding my top 10? I don’t think so. Unlocking value month after month.

2. Image
Add some spice with the positions 11-20 and further.

These will outperform to the upside, once momentum kicks in. More risk, more fun.

Why? it's all in the charts. Spurt higher, then consolidate for many many many months. Violent setup.

positions 11-20:

3. Image
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A small thread on various historical data analysis and trading strategies articles that I have shared so far. #TradingSystem #AlgoTrading 1/n
"Is long strangle strategy profitable?"…
"Is #Intraday trading profitable?"
Every long term investor was once a Intraday trader.

If you avoid the below three mistakes, intraday trading is definitely profitable.…
"The best way to invest in #StockMarket, follow this simple rule"

Let’s consider two different scenarios,

Market crashes after your investment
Market rallies after your Investment…
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While #sentiment for gold is most definitely depressed and close to historic extremes...

chart via @MacroCharts Image
The Bullish Percent index for the gold miners/equity sector is not as extreme: Image
Here's another breadth metric, the percent above 200EMA. It fell to almost 10% on Mar 8th and since then it has bounced strongly: Image
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Investing in #Tungsten
I start off each series on investing in a different metal talking about mineralogy – this will be no different! There are 2 commercially valuable mineral types in tungsten – scheelite (calcium tungstate) and the wolframite series (iron-manganese tungstate.)
Scheelite is generally speaking easier and cheaper to recover than wolframite, mainly because it is recoverable via gravity and flotation means whereas wolframite only by gravity. Scheelite fluoresces which can make a trip to an underground #tungsten mine very interesting!
Both scheelite and wolframite are brittle meaning that they are liable to produce unrecoverable slimes during processing. These #tungsten minerals have a very high specific gravity though, of 6 g/cm3 and 7 g/cm3 respectively, making gravity separation relatively simple.
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Scorched earth crypto legislation through enforcement is likely the worse US regulatory policy error ever made. As cash becomes CBDC, we'll make any value transferable as a currency, to be denominated in fiat of user's choice, meaning fiat no longer needed
Fiat's primary draw is two-fold:
1) It cures the liquidity, fungibility and portable ailments that plagued direct physical barter, and
2) Countries only allow their national fiat to be used to pay their mandatory taxes.

#P2PEconomy addresses 1), leaving only 2 as a use for cash
Those skilled in arts of wealth maintenance, investment mgmt realize that fiat is the most expensive asset to hold. It's:
1) Taxed the highest
2) debased the most (inflation)
3) has the lowest returns
Why hold fiat cash when you can spend assets/commodities directly via VeDeFi?
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1. Good morning, everyone! Turns out it's not so simple for me to purchase shares of @Vemanti $VMNT. I must adhere by SEC Rule 10B-18. Our counsel is drafting up the memo. Will share with you.

Also, I want to give you a brief summary of what we're working on.
2. We have:

- #fintech M&A transactions which we expect to close by end of Q2. These are already-established players in their respective markets. One w/ 2M+ users. Part of our pan-Asia strategy. This will take us to another level in terms of P&L fundamentals and growth.

- a multi-layer yield #Blockchain #Stablecoin #Crypto project with key partners. Working through the operational details. Aiming to launch this in Q2. Goal is to use #cryptocurrencies to power #fintech products and services that real people and businesses can use.
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I'll do you one better. There WAS a catalyst. It's just already passed:

"When real yields go positive, the correlation between negative yields and gold will break."

Lo and behold. Since the 8th, the 10 year has gone more negative.

And #gold is up...
And just to put in in simple terms this time, cause people have been asking for clarification:

Bond yields aren't going up for technical reasons anymore.

They're going up cause of the solvency crisis having morphed into a crisis of faith.

No one WANTS bonds anymore!
So why hasn't the market crashed *today*?

Well, conversion rates and legacy rules. Pension funds can't just start selling their treasuries en-masse.

The Fed is still buying $90B a month, which isn't enough, but it's something which still affects the markets.
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1/ ‘Statement of Facts’ from USA Justice Departments case against JPM (JPM signed full agreement):

“JPM Precious Metal traders used deceptive orders to benefit clients#s order to artificially lower price at which the hedge-fund could then buy cheap”#silversqueeze Image
2/ how many times did JPMorgan manipulate the price of precious metals ($Gold #silver):

“In tens of thousands of trading sequences”

#silversqueeze #SilverStimulus JPMorgans unlawful practice...
“By placing Deceptive Orders, the PM Traders intended to inject false and misleading information about the genuine supply and demand for precious metals into the markets, and to deceive other participants in those markets into believing something untrue about supply & demand” Image
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#GoldPrices are falling and the world’s biggest market for the yellow metal is hoping for more shoppers…

By @pabsgill
@pabsgill #GoldPrices are finally falling after a year of being on the rise. And, people in the world’s biggest market for gold, India, are taking advantage of the opportunity.

@pabsgill Benchmark gold futures in the country have dropped 20% from a record high in August last year of ₹56,200. They are basically a deal to trade gold at terms decided now but with a settlement date in the future.

#Gold #GoldPrices
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Bitcoin is in the spotlight these days but let’s not rule out #gold. Let’s assume that in coming years the current fiscal/monetary regime were to produce the same kind of 10% growth rate (CAGR) in the money supply that the 1930s/1940s & the 1970s produced (THREAD/1)
Looking back, both periods produced a 10% CAGR for M2 that lasted at least 10 years and that took M2 from below its long-term exponential trendline to above it. Both these previous periods produced a strong advance in the above-ground market value of #gold relative to M2. /2
What if we see this pattern again? What do I think that would that mean for the price of gold and how might this dynamic change now that #bitcoin has entered the scene and seems to be cannibalizing gold? /3
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One of the RICHEST man in #India died in #DELHI 3 days ago bt the news didn't get any attention.
It ws not called a SUICIDE or MURDER.
Infact it ws not even called an ACCIDENT.

#Muthoot's son ws brutally K!lled 11yrs ago.

A short video👇

Why is it that every1 hs merely posted CONDOLENCES for his family?
NO ONE, hs raised an eyebrow on how he died.

This is my 2nd video on the BIGGEST MAFIA that exists there. It lets no one mess with 'em.
I hv posted links to the other in this video.
I hv only spoken abt things that can be backed up with PROOF.
If I wr to go by speculations, then there's a lot more to add.

I am sure, TRUTH can never be hidden, it shines bright like the sun--- when the time is right.
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