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The Dollar Standard:

The US Economy fell from 40% of World GDP in 1960 to just 25% today.

However, 79.5% of all world trade is conducted in US dollars.

84% of all non-domestic debt globally is US Dollar debt.

Around $100trn of global debts are denominated in US Dollars.
Total US domestic non-financial debts are $80 trn (and rising fast).

The Fed balance sheet is currently $7 trn.

If this recession is morphing into a global solvency event (which by definition is a slow miserable grind, not a shock and awe event, which is a liquidity event),
then the current strategy of the Fed trying to stave off debt impairment is near impossible but they will try and haha, the money printer will go Brrr...

But the dollar will continue to rise as demand for dollars rises.
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#RBI cut by 40bps each of these👇
#Repo rate to 4%
#ReverseRepo to 3.35%
#BankRate to 4.25%

Decision was reached after 5:1 vote,with #ChetanGhate,lone voice calling for 25 bps cut

#MPC meet was held ahead of schedule from 3rd-5th,June

#EMI #moratoroum extended by 3 more months
Moratorium extension till 31st August 2020,is both timely &reflective of @narendramodi govt's alacrity--Big relief to #MiddleClass

Measure to convert #moratorium interest payment into #TermLoan payable in FY21,is helpful

This will reduce #NPAs &stress on banks' balance sheets
#RBI's cut in #Repo will reduce cost of funds&extension of #moratorium will be supportive of financial stability;#Rates across #YieldCurve will move lower from current levels

Fall in #ReverseRepo rate will disincentivise banks from #hoarding #liquidity&coax them to lend

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So how important is RSI DIVERGENCE? Very!! Check charts for #SP500, #Oil, #EURUSD (all neg. divergence) and for #Volatility (pos. divergence) - and you tell me! 👍#HZupdates
Then take a look at this chart for #XAUUSD #Gold. Massive neg. divergence - even stronger the last 5 months as it rallies in massive RISING WEDGE. Tell me again, that Gold cannot crash!
May also add.... Gold sentiment at 91!
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Patent Applicant: Microsoft Tech Licensing

Topics: Bill Gates, Vaccine Enforcement (that will fail), Bitcoin/Crypto/Digital Currency, Gold, Treasury, America's Freedom

Read On!…
2/Gates clearly still has indirect control of Microsoft via Gates Foundation owning MSFT & other stock. Look at examples like this Blockchain patent to determine who is & isn't a vaccinated person & create an enforcement mechanism to try to replicate what China already does? 🤔😳
3/Bill Gates One World Order with Bitcoin? 🧐

This surprised me.

Had a good idea of how involved he is in vaccines.

Had no idea how involved he was with Bitcoin/Blockchain & how it intertwined with many other things. @PunishDem1776
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Gold Bitcoin 2020s
by Paul Jones & Lorenzo Giorgianni (10 pg, tweet thread)

Re: #Gold $Gold $GC_F $IAU $GLD $PHYS & #Bitcoin $BTC #BTC $USD
Our collective Debt Addictions & Obviously Fiat Currency Expansion is a Hard Habit to Kick
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Veteran hedgie #PaulTudorJones puts c2% of his assets in #BTC.“What was surprising 2 me was not that Bitcoin came in last [as store of value], but that it scored as high as it did. Bitcoin had an overall score nearly 60% of #financialassets w/ a market cap 1/1200th of that”[1/2]
"...[Bitcoin] scores 66% of #gold as a store of value, but has a market cap that is 1/60th of gold’s outstanding value. Something appears wrong here and my guess is it is the price of #Bitcoin." Read his 'May 2020 Macro Outlook' in full here: >>> [2/2]
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Bringing #MSMEs back must be our top priority. It's not going to be easy. But, @PMOIndia @narendramodi must explore ways of recapitalizing them thro' multiple options. The entrepreneurial spirit must be maintained & sensible risktaking enabled. This thread is on how to do it.1/n
Firstly, the problem is simple to understand. #MSMEs have run out of capital. Were running low even pre covid. But, #Covid_19 depleted them severely. To comeback, they need fresh, start up capital. Else, restarting is very tough. Here, we see only one saviour -Govt. @PMOIndia.2/n
When we say #MSMEs can only be helped by Govt, let us first set ground rules. The idea is to recapitalise them swiftly so they work doubly hard to return to good shape, return monies & emerge stronger. Subsidies are not sought as freebies Giveaways are temporary & returnable.3/n
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[Thread] Certifications

A non-comprehensive, non-linear summary of Dr. Craig Wright’s professional certifications.

National Security Training Academy
Security Industry Course and Firearm Certificate of Achievement - Granted in 1992

Brisbane YMCA Youth Club
Best Military Tactics - Granted in 1988

International Systems Security Professional Certification Scheme - Granted in 2005

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Here we go..

I'd like to thank @RayDalio, the Fed, and all IYI central planners alike, for the opportunity to point out holes, fallacies and stupidities in your policies & associated arguments

And most of all, thankyou for being Bitcoin Accelerationists…
2/ I was baffled by a number of claims & statements @RayDalio makes, despite his supposed grasp of economics & money, and despite his claim to have worked closely with a number of historians & the like in order to put this together.
3/ In this short & succinct beat down, I intend to correct some of the important primitives Dalio suggests he has a grasp on, particularly the following...

Money. His definition is partly accurate, but very cheap & misses the deeper role money plays in society..
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#Gold + related mining stocks state of the union. Not a technician by any means, just providing snapshot of what I am watching. Was only limited to 25 charts so if you have an idea please share. I posted ones that are looking to make new highs, weekly, 5y.

Marathon Gold $MOZ.TO
Agnico Eagle $AEM
Dundee Precious Metals $DPMLF
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#Gold No changes to my LT target: 800-890 USD! We have massive BEARISH PATTERN and divergence! Wedge may be done and hence crash imminent! However, we may(!) see a rather strong rally beginning of next week! Why? See next tweet!
The BEARISH pattern implies, that we must be looking for beginning of Decline. Short term, we may(!) have first 5 wave decline - yet we have not seen acceleration (w3). So, wave (2) may still be playing out - with pot. wave up to 1740s - generating all-good feeling!
This would align #Gold structure with #EURUSD structure. Hence, a ST rally before the crash sets in for both #Gold and #Euro. Strong #USD will crush Precious Metals and all other currencies. Take care!!
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Join me tonight at 7pm est for #DiggingDeeper on @PatriotsSoapbox with @BWDeadcat and @PinataDrunk

Tonight's Show Prep:

Updates in the #Flynn Case, #Harvard & #SiliconValley calling for "China Model" #Censorship, Barrick #Gold Mines & More #WWG1WGA
Lots of New Qs! Get in here!

Review of recent Q posts, Flynn Case, Harvard and Silicon Valley pushing "china model" of censorship...

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This is a MASSIVELY Bearish pattern. No question about it! #Gold can rally higher from here (yellow) or it can break from here. But there is nothing Bullish about this. And the speed by which this will be resolved.... whoa!! The resolve is for entire correctional move since 2015!
And we have this for US 10 yr. Bullish C wave coming!
And we have this MASSIVE Bear Flag (wave IV) since 2015 on GDX. Gold will crash!
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#Gold is by end of the day and inflation gauge. See strong correlation below. Now - consider what happens to inflation as #Oil and #Commodities plummet! Then think - what may happen to #Gold... yes?!
an inflation gauge
Another perspective! The sharp decline in inflation is bad news for #Gold and #Silver
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The market is more bullish than it ever has been and all these people are selling.. There is a reason why 90% of the market loses.

Here is why bears are wrong and will miss out on the biggest buy opportunity in history...
This is probably the most obvious comparison to make...

#NASDAQ and #Bitcoin show strong similarities. Just like the Nasdaq, we smashed through a long term trend line before we went to new all time highs.

Everyone is panic selling Bitcoin now for the same reasons.
Here is the next comparison that I think most people ignore..

The #Bitcoin bear market followed the #Gold market cycle from 1976-2000. Even though Bitcoin didn't immediately break to new all times, the emotional psychology stays the same.

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Are you utilizing candlestick patterns in your analysis. Select candlestick patterns can be helpful with your chart pattern analysis. Study bullish and bearish patterns and see if they support your conclusions at major inflection points.

My go to source
In this week's update I've discussed couple of interesting candlestick patterns in conjunction with my chart pattern identification.

$IAU #GOLD #ETF formed a bearish reversal candlestick pattern known as shooting star.
A shooting star is a bearish candlestick with a long upper shadow, little or no lower shadow, and a small real body near the low of the day. It appears after an uptrend. Shooting stars indicate a potential price top and reversal.
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1) Ons Altın'da bir aydır devam eden kısa vadeli yükseliş trendinin 17 nisan itibariyle kırıldığını görmekteyiz. Bu kırılım ile satış baskısı arttı ve fiyat %23.6 Fibonacci düzeltme seviyesi olan 1677 seviyesine kadar yaklaştı. Buraya kadar gelinmişken 1677 testi mümkündür..#gold
2) Günlük vadede 1694 pivot seviyemiz. Bu seviyenin altında haftalık kapanış gelmesi ve haftalıkta oluşan gravestone star mumu satıcıların elini şu an için güçlendirdi. Bu tarz mumlardan sonra genelikle satış gelir ama kesin değildir. Düşüşler alım fırsatı olarak da görülebilir..
3) Kısa vadede al-sat yapanlar için 1677-73 destek bölgesidir. Bu destek bölgesi altında 4 saatlik kapanış görürsek, bu düşüşün devam edeceğini gösterir ve 1634 beklenir. Ama kırılım gerçekleşmezse, alıcılar fiyatın düşük olduğuna kanaat getirip tekrar alıma geçeceklerdir..
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@VOLG_DE_DATA @wmiddelkoop 1) This is a very hard question to answer. US #gold has not been audited since the 1950's and there are rumours that much of the gold in Fort Knox has been replaced by fakes. Rob Kirby claims to "know folks who have copies of the original shipping docs".…
@VOLG_DE_DATA @wmiddelkoop 2) Hence the question to Q, with his interesting replay that the #US has the #gold and that it shall destroy the #FED.

What we know is that currently the #FED is printing dollars #Weimar style, which can be expected to result in #hyperinflation.
@VOLG_DE_DATA @wmiddelkoop 3) Alan Greenspan warned about this a while ago and talked about returning to the #gold standard. Remarkably, he mentioned the time before 1913, when the #FED was established:…
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#Gold Divergence since August 2019 on Weekly chart + entire price action since 2015 is correctional (= will be surpassed). Watch Out!!
#DUST setting up for explosive move higher....!
#Silver by far not confirming #Gold - and in a clear correctional pattern since Mid-March (after plunge)
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People trying to draw analogies with the #GreatDepression, wartime, or 70s stagflation are missing the point IMHO 1/x
GD was a ‘sudden-stop’ shock which ended the credit-boom lending to Weimar as the Young Plan looked in jeopardy. Made worse by politics (war debts, etc), #protectionism (Smoot-Hawley), Hoover call to maintain wage-rates, #FX chaos (esp. when Brits left #gold standard) 2/x
The initial slump & ‘secondary (financial vicious cycle) depression’ then perpetuated by #NewDeal boondoggle vote-buying, #FDR capriciousness, & Brain Trust cranks. This was much more a post-#GFC parallel than today’s #ContaminoBay #lockdown 3/x
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Good morning! 😀Fed is all in (again!!) - and this time there is a great confidence among traders (again!!) that Fed can has stopped deflation and supplied enough liquidity to the system. But is that really the case? Stay tuned for my perspectives #HZupdates
Let me start an nontraditional way - with a zoom in. This is #SP500 1 hour chart. I look for corrections and main directional moves. This is a correctional move - and it may have finalized! So - the main wave will soon set in again. Now - lets zoom out #HZupdates
The zoom in was of wave 4. It is correctional in nature - and will hence be 100% (or way more) surpassed. Notice - it managed to retrace to 50% Fib. I think we are really close to the next strong decline. EW gives us ~1800 for bottom of wave A = the illiquid deflationary period
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1. In the German news they now claim that a "global government" response may be needed to fight the #COVID19-crisis.
Of course the #NWO-pushers are pushing for a World Government. They always have & the #UN, the #IMF. EU-Brussels and many more will do so too!
2. That a more centralized response brings little can be seen with:
- The UN & #WHO: They failed to alert the world to a new Killer-Virus! The WHO was alerted to #COVID19 back in December 2019!
The UN was still playing the virus down end January 2020!
#Covid_19 #GlobalGovernment
3. A more centralized response brings little:
- The #EU under #VonDerLeyen has failed completely in the #COVID19-crisis. They rather push more mass-#migration (which will help spread the virus) & Von der Leyen cries that she can't push her new #GreenDeal harder!
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Russia’s central bank announced yesterday that it will suspend domestic #gold purchases on 1 April, with further decisions on gold to be made depending on market circumstances.
The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (CBR) had been a consistent gold buyer since 2006, reaching 2,279 tonnes of gold holdings as of March 2020 which accounted for 20.6% of total reserves. CBR’s announcement followed several signals that it was scaling back its gold buying.
The pace of buying had slowed from 274 tonnes in 2018 to 158 tonnes in 2019, and a discount to price at which CBR buys domestic gold was implemented in May 2019 to encourage producers to find other buyers.
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Hawaii Police Bulletin comms
Today 3/30/20
Big Island, HI News comms 7/7/19 Claiming Plantation Mall FL explosion the day after.

Each has
7 Magic Square

First, the matching occultism numerology 7 Magic Squares.


2+6+2=10 1+0=1
2+9+4=15 1+5=6

262+294=556 5+5+6=16

10.9% same line, omit zero
🎯 COVID 19

"seven fatal" ('spell'ed)
"7 fatalities"

D stacked, 4th letter, 44/BHO/HI

See "Plantation Closed" X2
above pic of HI News 7/7.

Here's Another Plantation 77° w/ Crescent Moon / Islam symbol.

"23 injured"
23 designates False Flag attack.

"23 injured" 'lava bomb' tour boat, 7/16/18. Islam New Year, John Jr Anniversary.

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