Brining multiple threads together into this long thread - Highlighting core themes from the #UkraineInvasion

Human Kindness
Bravery defiance
Winning hearts & minds
Emergency Services response

As ex vice chair #EmergencyPlanningSociety @TheEPSLdn

#StandWithUkriane 🇺🇦 💙💛
Part 2 Bravery & defiance as a country, its citizens and the global community #StandswithUkraine 🇺🇦💙💛
Part 3 Winning Hearts & minds

This war is lost to Putin and the world is now captured by #StandWithUkriane 🇺🇦💙💛
Part 4 #EmergencyServices responses are challenging enough at the best of times but perilous within a conflict zone

Special #StandWithUkriane shout out for Ukrainian emergency services 🇺🇦💙💛

Cc @globalfireforum @TheUKFireForum
Part 6 key people and resources

@PhilipIngMBE all things military

@Andy_Scollick military intel & phenomenal #Ukraine knowladge

@LucyGoBag go to emergency planning, resilience & disaster recovery

@SpencerGuard urban warfare info

@ThecitizenAID civilian trauma guidance app
Slow to load but invaluable guide to defending a city…
@Andy_Scollick discusses #Ukraine efforts to ensure the government survives this conflict by segregating ministers within the country and in neighbouring countries.
Thanks to @LucyGoBag + @RSPCA_official for pet advice during emergencies

Aware this was problematic during #HurricaneKatrina as people didn’t want to abandon pets but there’s been many lessons learnt since then.
Key @BBCNewsnight trusted press contact @lewis_goodall calling for people to talk about their experiences of crossing the borders from #Ukranie - he’s close to the border & DMs open

@LabourSJ you have an urgent case in need of international press support - pls cross post details
Must read thread by @sumlenny on how war will change Ukraine, Russian and Europe
Key journalistic contacts for #Ukraine coverage

@lewis_goodall @BBCNewsnight looking to talk to refugees crossing border from Ukraine

@carolecadwalla @guardian @ObserverUK general coverage

@BethRigby @SkyNews UK political coverage

@CliveMyrieBBC foreign correspondent

Extending the list of expertise on #Ukriane

@Selyst - ex mil helps with sticky security problems

@ChrisHunter1001 weapons technical & news commentator - if memories correct Russian speaking.

@HasisD - Emergency Planning - Disaster - Resilience + more
Professional Bodies & Academic Contacts

@TheEPS1 Emergency Planning to CBRNE

@SocRiskAnalysis @SRAEurope Risk Analysis

@warstudies - kings college london war studies dept

@CSTPV Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV)
@nicholadrummond is a respected authority on military matters & his latest report makes for grim reading

If these reports are true then as Nicholas suggests war crimes & genocide are being committed + commands a international response

💙💛 #StandWithUkriane 💙💛
The situation in Europe is now all the more fragile as Putin places the Russian nuclear deterrent on standby

What’s more worrying is seeing military commentators concern & no exit or deescalation strategy in place - if anything Putins upped the anti!
Translation for those who missed it #Putin & #Zilensky meeting their defence ministers

If pictures speak a 1000 words - then this one speaks volumes

From body language to criminal investigation we know you can’t fake a smile - the eyes are truly the window to the soul.
Huge phycological boost for all

Not uncommon for troopers to have mascots or war pets & the relationship is always mutually vs the consequences
Top brief on current situation from a respected military authority

Succinct & depth of detail.

#StandWithUkriane 🇺🇦
Russian forces believed to have targeted this #Ukraine school

Many of which will now be used as relief & refuge stations for the displaced.
Before finally signing off here’s the caution to the West following #putins threat of nuclear response

What’s his end games compromise if #Ukraine & West accepts or exit strategy or will it take Russians ousting #Putin?…
Adding @carolecadwalla long thread on the #GreatInformationWar & complexities behind #Putins invasion of #Ukraine

Tagging onto the #GreatInformationWar

Ex Finish PM @alexstubb sets the record straight on Finland’s @NATO membership and status
⚠️ Breaking News

Atomic Energy Informed by #Ukraine counterparts that missiles have hit the radioactive site
Earlier in the evening we saw #Russian forces deploy salvos of MLRS missiles against Kherson

#StandWithUkriane 🇺🇦
Various report of #thermobaric weapons being used against #Ukraine position
This clip shows the #thermobaric rocket launder platforms - of the type deployed against #Ukraine
Another clip of what’s believed to be a #thermobaric missile detonation 8& #Ukraine
Example of #thermobaric missile launchers being used against #Ukraine ImageImageImageImage
Images of a #thermobaric launchers and their devastating effects on positions ImageImageImageImage
Comparison between the USA Mother of all bomb (MOAB)
The more powerful #Russian #thermobaric Father of all bomb (FOAB)

These powerful weapons suck all available oxygen into create a more powerful blast - incinerating everything within its detonation zone 150-300m ImageImage
Further confirmation a nuclear disposal site near #Ukraine capital of #kyev had been hit by missiles

Risks to life and environment have been flagged by @UN Atomic Energy Authority
Strategic update from @MarkUrban01 @BBCNewsnight

Appears the #Russians may link fronts & consolidate.

Over to @PhilipIngMBE @Andy_Scollick for what this means to #UkraineResistance
Yesterday complied detail & photos on why #Russian cluster bombs sinister casings - specifically target children

Seen this in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Syria - now #Ukraine

A percent intentional fail to detonate on primary deployment in civilian areas to cause secondary deaths Image
Here’s more examples of brightly coloured & shaped cluster bomblet’s which specifically target children to kill or maim. ImageImageImage
@bellingcat has been tracking the deployment of cluster bombs in #Ukraine since 2014 & the more recent #Russian invasion

In the early days of the 2022 conflict, the use of cluster munitions even appear to have impacted sites around schools and hospitals…
Cluster bombs are indiscriminate, that is why there have been long-standing efforts to ban them

Convention to this effect entered into force in Aug 2010 & some 119 countries have signed up, agreeing not just to destroy their stocks of these weapons but to halt their manufacture Image
Not only do cluster bombs have a devastating impact on the intended target, whether a military or as were seeing in #Ukraine civilian targets

The unexplored bomb-let’s can be strewn across a wide area awaiting a child to think it’s a shiny & colourful new toy with deadly effect ImageImageImageImage
Footage of #Russian MLRS use on the #Ukraine city of #Kharkiv

Area heavily populated with civilians

💙💛 #StandWithUkriane 💙💛
Not sure of the ordinance used in this one but savage all the same & unexplored munitions will be a ongoing threat to civilians.

Any weapons technicals on who can please advise on the ordinance + destructive force + advice for #Ukraine civilians

💙💛 #StandWithUkriane 💙💛
Adding to the experts list

@nicholadrummond - top military commentary + more pointed analysis & doesn’t suffer fools!

@pinstripedline - outstanding military & political observations - replicated but never equaled

@Justin_Br0nk - air power & check out today’s post
Part 7 International demonstrations - new sub thread

See also international aid + hearts and minds

Please help post the main international demos to this thread

💙💛 #StandWithUkriane 💙💛
London & U.K. #StandingWithUkraine

Excellent thread on #Putin putting nuclear forces on alert + what this means

It’s one of many CBRNE threats used to put fear into the civilian population & use as leverage during negotiations.

Remember the worst thing about fear is fear itself & he’s a master manipulator 💙💛
Update 5 thread from @WarintheFuture

Incorporates the early @DefenceHQ & post asking why #Russia hasn’t deployed its full air support?
Reminder why international pressure is so important

So that these covenants are maintained or those responsible are held for war crimes

💙💛 #StopWarInUkraine 💙💛 Image
⚠️ Warning - viewer discretion advised

Yesterday imposted a thread on the indiscriminate lethality of #thermobaric rockets

Today we sadly see the full force of their destructive power

International community must #StopWarInUkraine & condemn this indiscriminate war!

An important and pointed position statement on the call for “No Fly Zone” vs which will take @NATO into a direct conduct with Russia


An mutually agree “Safe Zone”

As @b_judah indicates we have to be very careful of the language a we do not want a war with Russian people.

• • •

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More from @SteveMcfirerisk

Feb 26
We need more of this - much more of this from the international community before the air bridges & resupply routes are severed.

@GOVUK what assets are being deployed to #StandWithUkraine
Needs more of these also

Reports of Netherlands also dispatching 200 Stinger Missile to #StandWithUkraine
Now Germany subscribes to send 1000 anti-tank & 500 stingers

#Russians pls you-have to stand down and get they boys & girls back home. This is a war which can’t be won as the world #StandWithUkriane
Read 56 tweets
Feb 26
Note what looks like polystyrene being added to make the Molotovs more potent - acting like a plasticiser or home made napalm.

A truly horrible but sadly necessary defensive weapon in this context unless the world rearms or better reinforces #Ukraine
This image says it all wife’s, sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers forced to prepare for war.

#StandWithUkriane 🇺🇦 Image
Saw this the other day and wanted to add it to the thread

A well known #Ukranian politician who needs to the know the world
Read 44 tweets
Feb 26
#Ukraine is winning the hearts and minds of a world 🇺🇦💙💛
We can’t ignore the human impact of this #UkraineInvasion

The conflict has to stop before more children are killed, injured or traumatised

#StandWithUkriane ImageImage
A leader #StandWithUkriane

💙🇺🇦💛 Image
Read 27 tweets
Feb 21
⚠️ #EssenFire

Images of a burn out residential block earlier this morning from German City of Essen.

Reports 3 people take to hospital for smoke inhalation

Building appears to be low to mid rise & completely burned out after 100 occupants evacuated.…

Reports suggest fire started around 2am & spread to block involvement within 20mins

Appears the fire compartments failed early stage by what mechanisms is unknown…
Read 7 tweets
Feb 18
Doing a thread on #StormEunice building failures - from the millennium dome, scaffolds down & cladding failures

Pls post to this thread or DM pictures, footage or thoughts

We have a number of press enquires for support & pls state if you any your footage cited or featured
Note this work is self funded & undertaken in the public interest + informs wider representations to @GOVUK on #publicsafety

We don’t charge for this, have any cost recovery but instead requests that any applicable media fees are donated to @LondonFire1666 #BurnResearchCharity
#StormEunice leaves the O2 arena roof in tatters this afternoon
Read 33 tweets
Feb 15
@ahillslegal @LisaR8624 Few things

building safety risk is classed as a risk arising from

I) fire spread

II) structural collapse or partial collapse

Not risks of damp or mould etc

Note limit to “fire spread risk” not ignitability, combustibility or flammability.

Fancy legalese again by @govuk
@ahillslegal @LisaR8624 @GOVUK Ok assuming the material had a potential to ignite, combust etc

Are they only looking at the consequences of the spread and not the probability

Will they introduce risk grades low, medium, high or very high

Which ones will make the cut for funding - all, some, very high etc
@ahillslegal @LisaR8624 @GOVUK What test or performance standard will be applied to fire spread risk

Inhibit, restrict, limit to first item, component, compartment or other extent

Interesting fire spread picks-up not only cladding, balconies, insulation but cavity barriers & then compartments, fire doors etc
Read 5 tweets

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