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1/ Ukrainian TVD, Day 80-88. The past 9 days has seen one of the most fluid periods to date in the Russo-Ukrainian War. The most significant developments have been the surrender of Ukrainian forces in Mariupol & the Russian breakthrough around Popasna. #UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine Image
2/ Weather Outlook. Forecast for the next 10 days will see reduced cloud cover with little inclement weather; favorable conditions for air & artillery strikes as well as ground assaults. Wind speed and direction will reduce the effectiveness of artillery strikes in general. Image
3/ Kharkiv OD. The Ukrainian counteroffensive has likely stalled due to recent Russian spoiling attacks in the Ternova & Rubizhne area. Russian forces retain a shallow 10km strip of occupied territory on the border within artillery range of Kharkiv. #Kharkiv Image
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I want to give an assessment about the state of the war and what I think how it will continue. Moreover I want to address shortly the dispute between #ScottRitter and @GonzaloLira1968.
Eventually I want to add a political dimension to the whole picture.
#Ukraine #Russia #Kiev
First of all I want to state, that I do support Scott's assessment about the current state of the operation. Why? There is a special military operation ongoing, whose objective is, to free #Novorossiya, and probably either integrate it into #Russia or establish it as a new
country. Of course, because #Russia is considering #Novorossiya as Russian land, and the people as Russians. Therefore Russia is advancing extremely carefully, to preserve the population, as much as possible. If someone ask the question, how this
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#UkraineRussianWar Update - No confirmed changes in control of terrain today. #Russian forces focused on consolidation and preparation for assaults on Soledar, Severodonetsk, Lyman & New York. There was an an overall decrease in #RUAF attacks today, but an uptick in shelling. Image
#Ukraine repelled attacks S of Dovhenke, around Ternova, Severodonetsk & Lypove. #Russia is consolidating gains W and NW of #Popasna to prepare for future N, W & S assaults there to expand its zone of control. Around Kherson #Russian forces continue to build permanent defenses.
Pro-#Russian sources are concerned #Ukraine is about to counterattack in the vicinity of Kherson with "23 BTGs, totaling 20,000 troops." in order to force #Russia out of Kherson and back over the #Dnipro River. #Ukraine has been massing troops in the area but so has #RUAF.
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NEW | #Russian forces intensified efforts to encircle and capture #Severodonetsk on May 21 and will likely continue to do so in the coming days. Read today’s update from CTP and @TheStudyofWar:…
#Russian troops in #Luhansk Oblast will likely move to capitalize on recent gains made in the Rubizhne-Severodonetsk-Luhansk-Popasna arc to encircle and besiege #Severodonetsk—the final Ukrainian strongpoint in Luhansk Oblast.
#Russian troops are likely reinforcing their grouping around #Kharkiv City to prevent further #Ukrainian advances toward the international border.
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NEW | #Russian forces are likely preparing for #Ukrainian counteroffensives and settling in for protracted operations in Southern #Ukraine. Read today’s update from @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar.…
#Russian forces may have made marginal gains to the north, west, and south of #Popasna in order to continue their offensive on #Severodonetsk from the south.
#Russian sources may be overstating the number of Ukrainian defenders who have been evacuated from the Azovstal Steel Plant as of May 20.
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#Kharkiv - #Russian forces struck the newly renovated Lozova, #Ukraine Palace of Culture (A community center) with a cruise missile. The center was recently renovated and hosted theatrical performances, concerts and events for the community. It has been completely destroyed.
The aftermath of the #Russian cruise missile strike.
This was likely a KH-22 Air Launched Cruise Missile as seen in the photos below. The strike was geolocated to 48.8791612, 36.2984821. A stock photo of the center is displayed below for reference. 7 people were injured in the strike including an 11 year old girl.
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⚠️⚠️ GUERRA DE UCRANIA - DÍA 86 ⚠️⚠️

1. Estamos en el día 86º de la invasión de #Ucrania.

*⃣ Zelenski asegura que la región oriental ha sido “completamente destruida” por las tropas del Kremlin.
*⃣ Bucha: nuevos vídeos recogen la ejecución de ocho ucranianos.

2. Toda la información que puede reunir el día de ayer, la tienen en este otro hilo.
3. Situación general.

Las tropas rusas continuaron sus avances al Oeste y Sur de Popasna y tomaron el control de algunos poblados, Trupillia, Volodymyrivka, Nova Kamyanka y Troits'ke. Está en duda si ya tienen la localidad de Soledar, junto a la carretera Lysychansk-Artemivsk.
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Good morning! Day 86 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

This is the daily thread, with news and analysis updated throughout the day.

Things reaching boiling point in the #Donbas with danger for both sides and mass destruction once again.
Most British media this morning leading with news of @ZelenskyyUa's comments that east #Ukraine has been destroyed by #Russia

An update this this story for starters, where unfortunately the death toll is now 12 in #Severodonetsk alone, 50 houses destroyed
While the frontline in the east is described as "frozen" by some, it's not true. Not much movement with Ukraine generally holding strong

But there is one area of concern with a few thousand #Ukraine troops at risk of being surrounded as Russia opened up a spur in #Luhansk region
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#Kharkiv Axis - #Russian troops have attacked and recaptured Ternova and Rubizhne NE of Kharkiv after intense fighting. #Russia has remained intent on keeping a buffer between #Ukrainian troops and the #Russia/#Ukraine border. This assault is meant to restore that buffer.
Vovchansk - After more than two days without any news from Vovchansk and the recent capture of Ternova & Rubizhne, we assess that the #Ukrainian probing attacks near the town were light infantry that found a route across the Donets River and conducted harassing attacks.
It is almost certain that this force has retreated or been destroyed now. The most likely course of action is that the #Ukrainian's attacked the town and then retreated back across the river. #Ukraine has been conservative with its offensive maneuvers since the start of the war.
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NEW | #Russian forces are continuing to suffer shortages of reserve manpower, causing the Russian military command to consolidate depleted battalion tactical groups. Read today’s update from CTP and @TheStudyofWar:… Image
#Russian and proxy authorities in #Mariupol are struggling to establish coherent administrative control of the city. Image
The #Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) claimed to have encircled #Ukrainian troops in #Zolote and #Hirske. Image
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Day 85 of #Russia's war in #Ukraine

"Russia's continuing their offensive in the northern #Donbas...but no major shift in territorial control by either side" per senior US defense official
"We continue to see the #Ukrainians continue to claw back territory north and northeast of #Kharkiv" per senior US defense official

#Russia|ns reinforcing north of #Kherson
"Weather's been an issue over eastern & southern #Ukraine" impacting #Russian naval & air ops, per senior US defense official

But #Russia also pulled back dramatically number of airstrikes around #Mariupol
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ICYMI: #Britain's @DefenceHQ says #Russia "has fired senior commanders who are considered to have performed poorly during the opening stages of its invasion of #Ukraine"
Per #Britain's @DefenceHQ:

- LtGen Serhiy Kisel, who commanded the elite 1st Guards Tank Army, suspended for failing to capture #Kharkiv

- VAdm Igor Osipov, who commanded #Russia’s #BlackSea Fleet, likely suspended
#Britain's @DefenceHQ warns #Russia's Vladimir #Putin may be losing faith in Russian Chief of the General Staff Valeriy Gerasimov

"Gerasimov likely remains in post, but it is unclear whether he retains the confidence of Pres. Putin"
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Ha appena iniziato a parlare Mario #Draghi in #Senato.

Riporterò i passaggi più importanti del suo intervento.👇
#Draghi: "La guerra in #Ucraina è giunta al suo 85esimo giorno. La speranza da parte dell'esercito russo di conquistare vaste aree del Paese in tempi brevi si è scontrata con la convinta resistenza del popolo ucraino".
#Draghi: "La Federazione Russa si è ritirata da ampie porzioni del territorio ucraino per concentrare le sue forze nell'area orientale del Paese. Anche qui l'avanzata russa procede molto più lentamente del previsto. Nell'ultima settimana le forze ucraine hanno ripreso il
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Day 85 of #PutinsWar

#Ukraine has put up remarkable resistance; even in #Luhansk they continue to frustrate #Russia despite a smaller army + fewer weapons.

The latter is changing with help of allies. Putin's running out of time to complete the "operation"

Here's Thursday's 🧵
More on this news from last night:

Russia is saying that Deputy commander of the Azov regiment, Svyatoslav Palamar was among those to "surrender"

Known as "Kalina" he is the best English speaker of the leaders and fronted the recent press conference.

#Russia has just published another video of what it's calling #Azovstal prisoners of war. The Geneva Convention forbids ID, so I've taken a few screenshots of the scenes.

Presumably this is from last night's laying down of arms by the Ukrainians.

#StandWithUkraine ImageImageImageImage
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There are preliminary reports that today #Ukraine air defense shot down the second in a row Russian newest light bomber Su-34 ($40-50 mln) in the sky above the northeastern #Kharkiv province.
Audio from the downed today Russian Su-34: [Woman’s computer voice] "Aircraft #1-6. Left engine fire. Turn on the fire extinguisher." [Pilot] I was shot down [W] "Right engine fire. Fly-by-wire system malfunction (СДУ)" [Pilot screaming at the end].
"Here are $50 mln on fire," says a #Ukrainian soldier from #Mykolayiv while filming the burning rubbles of the newest Russian multirole jet Su-34. (Very interesting shrapnel holes are in its nose. What anti-air missile could have downed it?)
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Day 84 of #Russia's war in #Ukraine

Russia making some "incremental progress in the direction of the #BlackSea" near #Kherson & #Mikolayiv, per a senior US defense official

Russian also making some progress in #Donetsk
#Russia|n progress overall "fairly limited...a few kilometers maybe every day" per a senior US defense official
#Russia|n military offensives becoming smaller, more localized - US seeing "a shrinking of their offensives & their goals...using smaller units" per a senior US defense official
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#Kharkiv Axis - #Ukrainian troops have bridged the Donets River in 2 locations, moved a large assault force across the river and attacked #Russian forces 90km NE of Kharkiv along critical #RUAF supply lines. #UAF may have seized the town of Zarichne and are still attacking NE.
This video may be the more northern bridging that #Ukrainian troops are using to push towards the city of #Vovchansk, which sits atop a critical supply route that feeds the #Izyum Axis with equipment and manpower from #Belgorod. h/t @5inan_
#Russian leadership is undoubtedly moving troops into the area to counterattack this surprise assault by #Ukraine. If #UAF can capture #Vovchansk they may be able to establish a permanent bridgehead on the E side of the Donets River and use it to attack #RUAF to the S.
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ISW: #Russian forces may look to hold some positions around #Kharkiv "to prevent Ukrainian forces from getting within striking range of the Russian city of Belgorod, a key supply hub for Russia's military."

Russian forces will likely seek to maintain condensed positions near Kharkiv-Belgorod highway to prevent Ukrainian artillery from striking the outskirts of Belgorod City and defend their ground lines of communication near Vovchansk, approximately 90 km northeast of Kharkiv City.
This activity is notably different from previous Russian withdrawals from around Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Sumy earlier in the war when the Russians pulled completely back to Russian territory.…
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#Kharkiv Update:

#Ukrainian forces reached the #Russian border in an unspecified location northeast of Kharkiv City on May 15.…
Russian forces around Kharkiv City are notably trying to hold the border and prevent Ukrainian troops from advancing further north, as opposed to previous Russian withdrawals from around Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Sumy earlier in the war, which saw them pull completely back to Russia.
Russian troops may seek to retain positions in Ukraine and continue artillery strikes on Ukrainian positions in order to prevent Ukrainian forces from getting into tube or rocket-artillery range of the outskirts of Belgorod.
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Segnali di un cambio di tattica imminente da parte di Vladimir #Putin arrivano dal Donbass.
I russi avrebbero infatti iniziato a scavare trincee, ad innalzare barriere in cemento armato. Indizi della volontà di assumere una postura di natura difensiva su territorio ucraino.
Mossa volta a consentire la messa al riparo delle conquiste territoriali sin qui operate nel #Luhansk. Forse barlume di lucidità proveniente dal Cremlino, presa d'atto dell'inefficacia delle proprie truppe sul terreno di battaglia.
Per l'ISW, i 🇷🇺 vedono come prioritaria la battaglia di #Severodonetsk. Nome che spezzato - Seversky Donets - evoca terribili incubi a Mosca, almeno ai sopravvissuti ad una delle batoste più pesanti inflitte dall'esercito 🇺🇦 nel tentativo di attraversare l'omonimo fiume.
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Day 82 of #Russia-#Ukraine - Fight focused on the #Donbas w/both sides exchanged artillery fire

"They [#Russia] did not make significant territorial gains..." per a senior US defense official
NEW: US seeing heavy fighting in #Donetsk w/#Russia making small gains to the west, per a senior US defense official

Could be an attempt to link up with other Russian forces
"No progress" on #Russia|n attempts to cross #Donetsk River, per a senior US defense official

"They have been stymied, just about every effort"
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Thread: 16 May 2022: Day 82 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Israel denies the reports that it had agreed to send Blue Spear anti-ship missiles to #Ukraine via Estonia…
#France's President Macron has ideas about how to approach #Russia that were self-evidently dangerous to European security half-a-decade ago.
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🧵1949+ hrs since #Ukrainian Patriotic War of Independence was started by #Russia full scale attack & 3007? days since #RussiaInvadedUkraine
Another day of war, still a serious situation, reports from frontlines of more russian fascist attacks, almost 20 separate attacks...
Russists apparently again shelled #Mariupol #Azovstal with incendiary phosphorus shells, there were some reports of UAF movement north of #Kharkiv towards the border, but official sitreps mention that Russists are focusing their actions in the area on hindering UAF advance...
But I guess ppl should realize that situation is still rather serious, dangerous and without total sanctions and blockade, which are still not implemented, Russians can still wage this irrational war of genocide, even though indeed p*tin's goals in this war are unachievable...
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🧵🇺🇦🗣️My daily Kenneth Gregg /#UkraineRussiaWar report: "There is an increased connection between the #Kharkiv front and the #Izyum front. Ukrainian forces are now close to the border with #Russia and, for example, the village of Sereda on the Russian side has come under fire.-->
2)"The Russians are reinforcing their troops at #Bryansk and in the #Kursk area in fear that Ukrainian forces will attack across the border. The Russians try to evade the Ukrainian counter-attack at Izyum by advancing south-east. The Siverskyi Donets area is more lively: -->
3)" the Russians have captured Oleksandropillia and have reached Viktovrika and Komushuvakha. In other words, they have broken through the 1st line of defense but since the Ukrainians have very strong fortifications in the 2nd defense line, they are sure to be stopped there. -->
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