What does the new #IPCC #ClimateReport say in plain language?
I'll try to highlight what the Summary for Policymakers means with zero jargon in this THREAD. ipcc.ch/report/ar6/wg2/
If I slip or something is still unclear, let me know & I'll try to explain better!
Here goes 1/n
Scientists are certain: #ClimateChange threatens people and life on planet Earth. If humans fail to rapidly reduce emissions "we will miss a brief and rapidly closing window to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all." #IPCC #ClimateReport D.5 2/n
#ClimateChange has already harmed people and nature around the world. The most hurt are poor people, and places that feel climate impacts strongly because of their physical settings, like mountains, deserts, coasts, small islands, polar regions.
#IPCC #ClimateReport B.1,B.2 3/n
Almost half of people on Earth, up to 3.6 billion, live in places where they are at high risk of harm from #ClimateChange. Unfair social processes like colonialism + weak and unfair government policies and political processes worsen climate harms.
#IPCC #ClimateReport B.2 4/n
It will warm more between now and 2040, and that is very bad. If the world limits warming to 1.5°C [by decisively shutting down #fossilfuels], life will be much better for people and nature than under more warming, but still worse than today. :(
#IPCC #ClimateReport B.3 5/n
How warm it gets in 2040 and beyond depends on how fast we cut climate pollution now. The faster we cut emissions, the more feasible it is for people and nature to adjust and be okay. Shit really hits the fan at 2°C and beyond. #IPCC #ClimateReport B.4 6/n
Climate risks like drought, wildfire, and heatwaves worsen each other. Climate solutions that work against nature rather than with it (like thoughtless tree planting), or attempt to fight the fucking sun, risk making things worse. #IPCC #ClimateReport B.5 7/n
If we warm over 1.5°C, it will cause severe problems that cannot be undone, even if it cools later. Cooling after 1.5°C will be harder because nature will have lost a lot of carbon from burned and dying forests, drying wetlands, & thawing permafrost. #IPCC #ClimateReport B.6 8/n
Climate adaptation is the process where humans or nature adjust to #climatechange to minimise harm. So far, people are doing a bad job at climate adaptation. Current efforts are unfair, disorganised, minor, short-sighted, and not put into practice. #IPCC #ClimateReport C.1 9/n
There are effective options to adapt to climate change that can be put into practice. They requires a lot more money than the pittance currently invested in climate adaptation. Effective adaptation should right social wrongs and multi-solve. #IPCC #ClimateReport C.2 10/n
It is not possible to adapt to every harm caused by #climatechange. "Soft" limits mean options exist, but aren't currently used; they can be overcome w/ more money & better policy. "Hard" limits mean no options exist to avoid harm (warm water corals) #IPCC #ClimateReport C.3 11/n
Efforts to adapt to climate change are often making the problem worse. Real solutions need to be long-term, address multiple risks at the same time, include affected groups especially local and Indigenous people, and work with not against nature #IPCC #ClimateReport C.4 12/n
Here’s multisolving thread @bethsawin :)
Governments need to pay for climate adaptation; this helps unlock private finance. Must spend now to get benefits we'll see >2030. Climate education & litigation, + social movements, promote climate action. Fair policy must include those now left out #IPCC #ClimateReport C.5 13/n
Our current path risks locking in a degraded, poor, unfair, dangerous world. This is more likely the hotter it gets. We must choose justice & inclusion, value diverse kinds of knowledge, and take care of nature if we want a healthy, thriving world. #IPCC #ClimateReport D.1 14/n
To limit warming & adapt to 1.5°C, governments, businesses, individuals + organisations must work together across space & time, prioritize fairness, resolve value conflicts, respect rights, include those who've been left out, respect local conditions
#IPCC #ClimateReport D.2 15/n
People are moving to growing cities. Thinking of cities as just buildings & roads will lock in harm. Cities should include residents in green planning. Rich people should pay to help poor people adapt to climate change, especially in slums.
#IPCC #ClimateReport D.3 16/n
People need nature to have jobs and to survive. People need to protect 30-50% of the Earth, especially places where nature is healthy now. Nature can't stay healthy above 1.5°C. Don't plant trees where they don't like to grow. #IPCC #ClimateReport D.4 17/n
If humans don't rapidly cut climate pollution from now until 2030, we will be locked into misery. A good world is very tough to have over 1.5°C warming, impossible over 2°C. We need to work together, educate, share info & money, do & be our best. #IPCC #ClimateReport D.5 18/n
Thanks for reading my summary of #IPCC #IPCCReport #ClimateReport (TLDR: it's bad). 👆
If you're ready to take high-impact, evidence-based #ClimateAction, from your own life to changing systems of money, power, and policy, please join us at wecanfixit.substack.com. We need YOU 🙏
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Feb 28
Live-tweeting from #IPCC #ClimateReport launch now. @antonioguterres calls it "An atlas of human suffering and a damning indictment. Nearly half of humanity are living in the danger zone, many ecosystems are at the point of new return, NOW. The global energy mix is broken." 1/n
"#FossilFuels are a dead end" for planet, economy. Adaptation investments work, should be 50% of climate finance. "Delay means death, now is the time to turn rage into action" says @antonioguterres.
From #IPCC #ClimateReport press conference here
"We are on course to reach 1.5°C w/i next 2 decades. Temps will continue to rise unless world takes much bolder action. Severe #climatechange impacts are already happening. Adaptation can be effective but there are limits for us and other spp" #IPCC chair Lee. #ClimateReport 3/n
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I'm live-tweeting today and tomorrow from the #SustainabilityFrontiers conference. Follow for insights on where #SustainabilityScience is now, gaps, and how we create just nature-society relations.
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Nov 24, 2021
I have so many thoughts on climate motivations and framings that I wrote an inadvertent thread. I work to help people find their climate agency through identifying their leverage points for high-impact climate action (personal, collective, systemic). "Guilt" is the wrong framing.
Hypothesis: The focus on "guilt/shame" frame in climate debates is related to high prevalence of "purity" values in the US (Moral Foundations Theory), whereas more secular Europe centers values of care/harm and fairness/cheating.
(thread ☝️)
Would love to hear expert views (or better, data!) on plausibility of my hypothesis on climate guilt (previous tweet)-- @KirstiJylhae, @kristiansn89, @Zlevo, @WynesSeth, @brittwray, @DoctorVive ... also does this imply guilt works for those NOT centering the value of "purity"??
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Nov 24, 2021
Interesting to see @fstockman essay in @nytopinion out the same week as our study of the #flightfree movement. It shows the discourse we identified in Sweden is indeed spreading- though I find Americans persistently mislabel moral responsibility as guilt.
At my 2017 @oredev keynote, I asked @googlemaps to show CO2 emissions along w/ time as a metric to inform trip choice & help “maximize meaning, minimize carbon”. This tool has become a reality! Which is good! Bc people are bad at estimating climate impact:nytimes.com/interactive/20…
3/ In particular, @WynesSeth & co have shown that people underestimate the climate impact of flying (and overestimate the climate benefit of recycling).

Consumption is not the only role where we can make a climate difference, but high emitters do need to tackle overconsumption.
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Nov 22, 2021
Our new study traces an important shift in not just attitudes, but also culture, re: travel behaviors.

Flying is shifting from an aspiration, or accepted hypermobile lifestyle, to a contested norm of Staying on the Ground.

Congrats @SaraUllstrom for leading this work!!
Please see our new study tracing the "Takeoff of Staying on the Ground" (flight-free movement for climate) @katerav @jloistf @EricJLyman @themadstone @sarahkaplan48 @katherine_dunn @daisydunnesci @JannikeBK @sverkerlenas @adamvaughan_uk @MLKristola
Academics into sustainable mobility, please read/share our new study on the rise of the #flightfree movement: @JKSteinberger @diana_nbd @WynesSeth @cityatlas @coralsncaves @KevinClimate @StuartBCapstick @steviedubyu @ThierryAaron @TyndallCentre
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Nov 17, 2021
"Talking about #Climate in a Rapidly Changing World"
Fabulous @DrKateMarvel keynote on writing for the public (even if it might hurt your academic career), an Up Goer Five abstract, diversity, poetry & more. THREAD of highlights:

(Env. Research 2021 conference, @IOPPublishing)
Climate discussion in the US has (too) long focused on denial-- not "believing" scientific facts. But we don't just face denial, but also apathy and misunderstanding and helplessness and despair. More data, reports, powerpoints does not change people's minds, says @DrKateMarvel
Some real talk -- climate scientists like @DrKateMarvel face harassment and name calling for clearly communicating science. #scicomm won't help and might hurt your academic career. BUT-- the world needs scientists speaking out, and we should do it anyway. 3/
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