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🚀 Day 2 of One Planet Fellowship’s #Science Week is on at the #Corum of @montpellier_ !

This morning focuses on #Climate in #Africa with several GIEC (@IPCC_CH) speakers 🎤

Let’s go! ⤵️
@AWARDFellowship @Agrofondation @Cirad Image
🫶🏾 First introductions by Damien Conaré, General Secretary of @UnescoChairFood, Mylène Aycard-Gueydan, General Secretary of @Agrofondation, and Vincent Blanfort, Co-leader of the Strategic Scientific Field « Climate Change » in @Cirad ImageImageImage
Let’s dive in the most recent @IPCC_CH #ClimateReport w/ a focus on the impacts of CC on the African continent

🎤 To start off, Aida Diongue Niang, Meteorologist and Technical Advisor @meteosenegal, set the scene walking us through « Physics and CC » (IPCC/GIEC Group 3 writer)
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I put the latest #IPCC Synthesis #climatereport into a set of 35 haiku / #sciku. Obviously this is my personal interpretation, not an official 'translation'. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless. (Link to the full sciku set at the end of the thread.) @thescikuproject @IPCC_CH Image
Earth is heating up:
1.1 degrees, rising,
all caused by humans.

SYR SPM A.1.1, A.1.2, Footnote 8, Figure 2.1 Image
Widespread rapid changes,
Climate extremes felt worldwide,
Loss and damage now.

SYR SPM A2, Figure SPM.1(a),(b) Image
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.@antonioguterres at #IPCC #ClimateReport press conference sends another clear message :

"The climate time-bomb is ticking.

But today’s IPCC report is a how-to guide to defuse the climate time-bomb."

Here is how 👇🏼
@antonioguterres "1.5oC is achievable. But it takes real climate action on all fronts -- everything, everywhere, all at once.

Humanity should come first and every country and every sector must be part of the solution."

@antonioguterres @IPCC_CH

#IPCC #ClimateReport #FossilFuelTreaty
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TODAY @IPCC_CH released its most comprehensive assessment of science of #ClimateChange, impacts & solutions.
This is not the first & won’t be the last wake-up call, but it’s a unique moment.
I was in Interlaken 🇨🇭 for the last 9 days.
Here’s a🧵with my take #ClimateReport👇 Image
Before I start... Let's step back đź‘Ł

Here's a @ciel_tweets & @BoellStiftung analysis on the @IPCC_CH's Synthesis Report #ClimateReport

If you missed it, that's a great starting point to understand what #AR6SYR is and why it matters:…
Negotiations of the Summary for Policymaker highlighted the clash between the indisputable #ClimateScience & mainstream economic models underpinning mitigation pathways, perpetuate a business-as-usual approach. Incredible work of CSOs put a spotlight on #FossilFuels. Image
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Now live-tweeting the #IPCC #ClimateReport press conference, sharing results from the largest scientific effort to analyze the #ClimateAction needed for a livable future for all.
Follow here and in this THREAD:
"The pace and scale of what has been done, and current plans, are insufficient to tackle climate change. We are walking when we should be sprinting. Impacts include illness and death, damage global economy, threaten our life support system." H-S Lee, #IPCC #ClimateReport /2
Effective, equitable action now can lead to more sustainable, just world; benefits for people and nature. Many feasible and effective options. Must cut global GHG emissions by almost half by 2030 "if we want a chance to stay at/below 1.5°C" H-S Lee #IPCC #ClimateReport /3
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So that you are not caught by surprise by the @IPCC_CH Synthesis Report next Monday, let’s get prepared looking at the conclusion from the reports it synthesizes.
Let’s talk about WGIII report today. #ClimateReport #AR6
The report is on mitigation of climate change, i.e. human intervention to reduce emissions or enhance the sinks of greenhouse gases.
The report synthesizes scientific knowledge on past emissions and future emission pathways, emission reduction options, climate change policies, their financing and the innovations they require.
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Afin de ne pas être pris par surprise par le rapport de synthèse du GIEC lundi prochain, préparons-nous en regardant les conclusions des rapports qu'il synthétise. #ClimateReport #AR6
Aujourd’hui, parlons du rapport du groupe III.
Le rapport du groupe II du GIEC @IPCC_CH évalue les connaissances scientifiques sur les solutions et trajectoires d’atténuation, i.e. de réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre, dont l’accumulation dans notre atmosphère est la cause du changement climatique.
Le rapport synthétise les connaissances sur le bilan des émissions passées et les perspectives d’émissions futures, les options de réduction des émissions, les politiques de lutte contre le changement climatique, leur financement et les innovations qu’elles requièrent.
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Afin de ne pas être pris par surprise par le rapport de synthèse du GIEC lundi prochain, préparons-nous en regardant les conclusions des rapports qu'il synthétise. #ClimateReport #AR6
Aujourd’hui, parlons du rapport du groupe II.
Le rapport du groupe II du GIEC @IPCC_CH évalue les impacts du changement climatique, en examinant les écosystèmes, la biodiversité et les communautés humaines aux niveaux mondial et régional.
Il examine également les vulnérabilités ainsi que les capacités et les limites du monde naturel et des sociétés humaines à s'adapter au changement climatique.
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So that you are not caught by surprise by the @IPCC_CH Synthesis Report next Monday, let’s get prepared looking at the conclusion from the reports it synthesizes.
Let’s talk about WGII report today. #ClimateReport #AR6
WGII report assesses the impacts of climate change, looking at ecosystems, biodiversity, and human communities at global and regional levels. It also reviews vulnerabilities and the capacities and limits of the natural world and human societies to adapt to climate change.
Its report was published in February 2022.
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Afin de ne pas être pris par surprise par le rapport de synthèse du GIEC lundi prochain, préparons-nous en regardant les conclusions des rapports qu'il synthétise. #ClimateReport #AR6
Aujourd'hui: rapport du groupe I sur les fondements scientifiques du changement climatique. Image
Le groupe I porte sur les bases physiques du changement climatique. Son rapport a été publié en août 2021.
Lisez-le, ou au moins son résumé:
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So that you are not caught by surprise by the @IPCC_CH Synthesis Report next Monday, let’s get prepared looking at the conclusion from the reports it synthesizes. #ClimateReport #AR6

Today, let’s focus on the WGI report on the physical science basis of climate change. Image
WGI is on the physical science basis of climate change. Its report was published in August 2021.
Read it, or at least its summary:
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Our final #IPCC WGIII #ClimateReport on climate mitigation is out!

Yes, it took since April till now to finalise the design of drafts, copy editing, type setting, and figures. (Can’t take credit for any of this!)

Download those nice files here:…

Other resources:

Frequently Asked Questions:…

SPM Figures and their underlying data and metadata:…

NEW Fact Sheets by sector and theme, summarising key findings:…

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Our @StockholmPlus50 Pre-Summit event on fossil fuels as a threat to a healthy planet kicks off in a few minutes.

Follow our 🧵 or tune into our livestream now:
@StockholmPlus50 Archbishop Anders Wijryd digs into why many faith leaders are joining the call for #FossilFuelTreaty and putting their names on the interfaith letter:
@StockholmPlus50 .@jrockstrom shares his frustration that we are still continuing with rampant fossil fuel production when it has linked directly to more deaths than the COVID-19 pandemic has. We risk destabilizing the entire planet when we should hand our children a livable planet, but we're not
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‼️ NEW ‼️

Analysis from @ciel_tweets & @boell_stiftung: "#IPCC Unsummarized: Unmasking Clear Warnings on Overshoot, Techno-fixes, and the Urgency of Climate Justice" ➡️…

Key takeaways in this thread 🧵👇
Early this month, the @IPCC_CH published the Contributions of Working Group III to the Sixth Assessment Report.

The subject? Mitigation of #ClimateChange.

#IPCC #ClimateReport #ActOnClimate
Like previous #IPCC Reports, this one demonstrates:
đźš©#ClimateChange is a present emergency
đźš©Each increment of warming accelerates the scale & severity of the crisis
đźš©Phasing out ALL #FossilFuels is the quickest & most effective way to end #ClimateChaos.…
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Every Monday in April, we will be sharing some recent climate news we think you should see and some actions you can take.

Read through the 🧵below and find way to be a faithful climate advocate this #EarthMonth!
UN warns Earth 'firmly on track towards an unlivable world'.

“Limiting warming to 1.5C requires global greenhouse gas emissions to peak before 2025 at the latest and be reduced by 43% by 2030.”…
Here's the thing about that dire #ClimateReport: We have the tools we need to fix things.

"The report is pretty clear; we have kind of all the solutions we need. When you look at what we's not solutions that we've never heard of."…
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Looking for key takeaways from the @IPCC_CH's 6th Assessment #ClimateReport on buildings? Look no further:…
1. Operating efficiency. Without strong policies to support true deep energy retrofits (achieving at least 80% whole building energy savings), we will not achieve Paris goals. Half measures impede further mitigation by locking in poor performance.
2. Renewable Energy. It highlights that for us to achieve a renewable energy future, we must maximize efficiency, and it recognizes that including energy generation in buildings is a step toward creating distributed energy systems. Buildings can become prosumers.
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These are our 5 takeaways from the #IPCC report on #mitigation, looking at what it means for the #waste sector. Spoiler: we need to cut emissions as fast and furious as we can, and reducing #waste, #plastic and being more materials efficient can help lots…
As the report points out, the #waste sector remains the largest contributor to urban emissions after the energy sector, even in low-carbon #cities. Urban areas themselves represent the lion’s share of global emissions, and it's increasing: from 60% in 2000 to 67% in 2015.
So, the @IPCC_CH #ClimateReport recognises that cities can significantly reduce emissions, but this requires systemic transformation: #circulareconomy, #inclusion, #equity, innovative technologies can make a huge contribution towards low carbon urban devel'mnt

The 5 takeaways
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The essential takeaways from the #IPCC #ClimateScience report in 10 pictures!

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction 🧵 1/10
Here we skip the doom and gloom part. Cause we all know that by now. Here we focus on action. #IPCC

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"A litany of broken climate promises, a file of shame cataloguing empty pledges that put us on fast track to an unlivable world & climate disaster. This is what science tells us will result from our current energy policies." @antonioguterres 👏🔥
#IPCC #ClimateReport presser 1/n
"Government and business leaders are saying one thing and doing another. Simply put, they are lying. Climate scientists warn we are close to tipping points that could lead to irreversible, cascading impacts." @antonioguterres
#IPCC #ClimateReport presser 2/n
"Current climate pledges mean 14% increase in emissions. We need 45% cut by 2030. The dangerous radicals are not activists, but countries investing in new fossil fuel infrastructure, which is moral and economic madness." @antonioguterres đź’š
#IPCC #ClimateReport presser 3/n
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#IPCC #AR6 Working Group III SPM and Full Report on "Mitigation of Climate Change" is now available
🧵on key figures and tables from Summary for Policymakers
#ClimateReport Image
Key figures & tables from the #IPCC #AR6 WG III Summary for Policymakers
SPM.1: Global net anthropogenic GHG emissions (GtCO2-eq yr-1) 1990–2019
#ClimateReport Image
Key figures & tables from the #IPCC #AR6 WG III Summary for Policymakers
SPM.2a: Regional GHG emissions, and the regional proportion of total cumulative production-based CO2 emissions from 1850–2019
#ClimateReport Image
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So that you are ready when the @IPCC_CH WGIII report on mitigation is published, a short guide to “decode” the statements in the summary for policy makers, with an example from WGII summary. #AR6 #ClimateReport
Statements are numbered. SPM meaning summary for policy makers. The letter is the section of the summary. The first number corresponds to the headline statement (i.e. the key message). The second number is the more precise message supporting the headline statement.
Sentences are qualified with confidence statements (e.g. very high confidence). These confidence statements are based on the type, amount, quality, and consistency of evidence (e.g., mechanistic understanding, theory, data, models, expert judgment) and the degree of agreement.
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As @IPCC_CH 56th session continues this week towards the approval of the WGIII's assessment report on mitigation, you surely have a question: how does the IPCC approve reports? #ClimateReport #AR6 Image
Well, it is all explained here:…
I’ll copy the points for you: Image
2. Image
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Alors que la 56ème session du GIEC @IPCC_CH se poursuit cette semaine en vue de l'approbation du rapport d'évaluation du groupe III sur l'atténuation, vous avez sûrement une question : comment le GIEC approuve-t-il les rapports ? #ClimateReport #AR6 Image
Eh bien, tout est expliqué ici :…

Je vous en traduit les points principaux:
Au terme de l'élaboration d'un rapport, les gouvernements membres du GIEC approuvent le rapport. Le processus d'approbation repose sur un dialogue entre ceux qui utiliseront le rapport - les gouvernements - et ceux qui l'ont rédigé - les scientifiques.
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While we are working towards the approval of the summary for policy makers of the @IPCC_CH WGIII report on mitigation, meet the people who made this report. #ClimateReport #AR6
Here we are in one of the “physical” meetings we had. Four were planned, two could happen, and two were held online due to the pandemic. Also incalculable number of meetings online in smaller groups along the way…
On the picture you can see the WGIII bureau members, who are leading the whole process, with the help of the amazing Technical Support Unit team, and the coordinating and lead authors of the chapters as well as chapter scientists.
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