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Been pondering @GeorgeMonbiot 's #Regenesis and the reaction to it for months. The struggle is that it implicitly acknowledges and accepts a view of humanity and the rest of the biosphere as distinct from each other in the most fundamental way. 🧵1/10
Monbiot is making us acknowledge something obvious. We can wander through rewilded or sustainably managed land, but alone among species we can no longer all subsist on it. 2/10
Hard to hear, and it threatens the idea of #foodsovereignty, at least in the privileged north. 2.5/10
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A mini thread.

What do you do with your sweet potato peels? Amaara as known in my native language, can be used to make flour. Gluten free to be precise.

As taught by my grandma, I wash mine, dry them, &grind into flour that I use for baking,porridge and ugali. #Foodsovereighty ImageImageImage
Since I struggle with gluten. I am always exploring with different flours. For baking, I mix the sweet potato peel flour with cassava flour and make bread. I should mention that the flour has a sweet taste because of the natural sugar in the sweet potatoes. And zero bloating💃 Image
For porridge, I mix it with finger millet,groundnuts,sesame,and cowpeas. This is for both fermented and non-fermented porridge.

For ugali, I mix it with cassava and millet flour.

#foodsovereignty #valueaddition ImageImage
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Lots of people who grow veggies probably use their back garden but what about all of that available space in the front?
A lawn can look lovely but wouldn’t lots of fruits and vegetables look even better? If you only have a small space in the front of your house you can utilize containers for growing veggies.
It can also be a lovely way to cultivate friendships with passers by….it could even be the start of a community growing group where you coordinate who grows what.
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If you have no outdoor space at all to grow veggies, that’s not the end of the matter. Image
It’s almost guaranteed that there is some unused space within your community that would make the ideal spot for a veggie patch and for bringing people together, it’s just a case of finding the area and talking to the right people.
⁃ @whitemoor_garden_project on Instagram are a great example of finding an urban space. Watch them transform it on their page.
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1/ This @guardian article by @GeorgeMonbiot on pasture-fed meat is not only dangerously divisive within a movement already struggling to save the planet from env. destruction, poverty and runaway climate chaos, but it's also disappointingly misinformed 🧵
2/ Production & consumption of animal products MUST be reduced, but there's no need to eliminate it completely. Livestock are important to nutrition security,fertility rotations,conservation grazing of wildflower meadows, not to mention the livelihoods of small farmers worldwide
3/ #FoodSovereignty deeply embodies equity and “fair share” meaning for everyone to have a right to food and the means to produce what they need to nourish their communities we have to find a balance between land for livestock and land for other uses...
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🧵Institutions like the @WorldBank claim to be leading the way on climate action.

The truth is much of its investment in "climate-smart agriculture" is really just protecting the profits of the corporations that are fuelling the #ClimateCrisis and the #FoodCrisis. 1/8
Corporations have co-opted food & climate spaces — pushing the idea that the #FoodCrisis is a production problem that can be solved by increasing yields.

Only, we already produce enough food to feed everyone. In fact according to @FAO, we produce enough for 10 billion people.2/8
Market controls, monocropping and land concentration are solutions to an underproduction issue that doesn't exist.

They're great for corporate profits but they don't address the real causes of poverty, hunger & climate collapse — they make them worse.… 3/8
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"[T]he whole world’s inexcusable mistake. We could have avoided so many deaths if a Basic Income had been introduced to the world. UBI will reduce humanity’s aggression and destroy the economic, political, and psychological causes of war."--Irina Soloveva…
Can Alondra Nelson Remake the Government's Approach to Science and Tech? - POLITICO…
#OfficeOfScienceAndTechnologyPolicy, #InstitutionalLeadership, #OrganizationDesign, #DepoliticizationOfScience
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⛔Toxic #Pesticides alert!⛔
+50 representants of org. signed an open letter demanding @EU_Commission that the #SUD reform is ambitious enough & contains strong legally binding use reduction targets, ensuring that farmers r supported in the transition
Other demands include:
- Not postponing the much-needed reform of #SUD
- Making sure that all EU food&feed safety standards r upheld
- @EU_Commission stands by its commitment 2 #F2F & Biodiversity Strategies,transitioning away from current model & its reliance on external inputs
What are we talking about?
Well, the #EUFarmtoFork and Biodiversity Strategies are two pillars of the #EUgreendeal hugely under attack from vested interest lobby groups, now cynically using Ukraine war as an excuse to postpone green policies.
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The story of Black people in the #EnvironmentalJustice movement is rooted in the civil rights movement and the fight for racial justice. #CJABlackCaucus

Check out the Black EJ Timeline and webpage
The Black #EnvironmentalJustice movement helped birth the #ClimateJustice movement of today. CJA’s Black Caucus is working to archive and tell these stories. Building narrative power through the collection of written, oral, song, and visual historical preservation.
The Black Caucus is working to develop a Climate Justice Peoples’ Teach-In geared towards Black communities and designed to spark the next generation of Black climate and environmental justice leaders.
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I'm live-tweeting today and tomorrow from the #SustainabilityFrontiers conference. Follow for insights on where #SustainabilityScience is now, gaps, and how we create just nature-society relations.
Hosts: @LUCSUS_LU & @SEIresearch, inspiration: @theNASEM,…
Don't miss the graphic recording of the #SustainabilityFrontiers conference here:…
The conference is NOT being recorded-- welcome to follow and engage live! 2/
Sustainability science is still defining itself, argues Vasna Ramsar. Concepts like #foodsovereignty drawn from Indigenous knowledge are gaining ground as part of #decolonizing the field. #SustainabilityFrontiers /3
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#LandGovernance: Today is DAY 1 of the Political Economy of Land Governance in Africa short course.

The class of 2021 comprises 88 land professionals from 29 African countries.

Thread 👇

Read more:
@NELGA_AU @PLAASuwc @UWConline @ECA_OFFICIAL @giz_gmbh
Colonial conceptions of customary tenure continue to inform conceptions of the customary today. The "customary" is not fixed from some time immemorial; it has been reshaped for ideological & political purposes.

Prof. Kojo Amanor, African Studies, Ghana
@UnivofGh @IASUG Image
@UnivofGh @IASUG It's thrilling to get to know the land officials, activists, professionals and academics from across the continent.... The next generation of African land expertise.

The Political Economy of #LandGovernance in Africa short course - now online. Image
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(1/10) Whew. We read that @nytimes piece “Learning to Love G.M.O.s” too… and let’s just say we’re not impressed. Let’s break it down. A #thread:
(2/10) This article is a pro-corporate ag spin piece. It’s the same pro-GM arguments we’ve heard again & again, repackaged. They argue we need GM for a) healthier food, b) better-tasting food, and c) more food for a growing population in a changing climate. That’s just not true.
(3/10) A) GM won't solve for healthier food b/c it doesn't address the underlying social, econ, & political drivers of deficiencies. Proprietary tech DOES line the pocketbooks of corps like @Bayer, though. Read more from @MarciaIshii on GM golden rice here…
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Friday 16 October 2020

"Food is our right: the struggle for equitable food systems"

Register here or follow the link to watch on Facebook
#WorldFoodDay #WFD2020 #AfricanFoodSystems #RightToFood @CovidCoalition @PLAASuwc @FoodSecurity_za…
Here's the programme for today's WorldFoodDay social dialogue on the #RightToFood and equitable #foodsystems with @FIANista @NETRIGHT @EsaffHQ @MasifundiseDT @abahlali_abm @FoodSecurity_za @boamonjane @afs_asa
Today on #WorldFoodDay we will be hearing from leading activists and academics from Africa and beyond about how the #RightToFood requires change in our food systems - something long evident in African agriculture @FutureAgrics @IDS_UK
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In April 2020, @IPESfood released its communique on #COVID19 'and the crisis in #foodsystems: Symptoms, causes and potential solutions". Important reading for all concerned about #FoodForAll & #HealthReImagined
"The COVID19 health crisis has brought on an economic crisis, & is [making worse] an ongoing #foodsecurity & nutrition crisis. In a [few] weeks, COVID19 has laid bare the underlying risks, fragilities, & inequities in global food systems, & pushed them close to breaking point."
"The lockdowns and disruptions triggered by COVID-19 have shown the fragility of people’s access to essential goods and services. In health systems and food systems, critical weaknesses, inequalities, and inequities have come to light."
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Thread 1. For many the main takeway from this report seems to people should 'eat less meat and become a vegetarian' otherwise we face a food crisis. Its clearly a good thing for many reasons to cut meat consumption - health, climate etc. But whats missing from this story....
2. Well first of all - 1 in 3 people already face hunger issues, close to billion face malnutrition not in the future but right now. So the hunger crisis is happening -but of course its happening to people in the global South so it only matters when it might impact 'rich' people
3. Yet a 1/3 of all the food produced is wasted and a 1/3 of all soil eroded. You would be forgiven for thinking this was a result of something magical that could only be fixed by 'individual consumers' changing their habits rather than this has been deliberately engineered.
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