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Lützerath lives! The world is watching and fighting for #climatejustice!

The village of #Lützerath, in Germany has become a crystallization point in the global fight against coal and other #fossilfuels.

🧵 (1/9)
(2/9) It is on the brink of the biggest coal mines in Europe which are owned by the biggest #CO2 emitter in Europe, the fossil fuel megacompany #RWE.
(3/9) The village was occupied by climate activists for 2,5 years to stop RWE from digging the coal under Lützerath in solidarity with the fights of indigenous and most affected people in the #GlobalSouth
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1/9.⚡️BREAKING⚡️: This morning @vanessa_vash, @GretaThunberg , @luisaneubauer and @SumakHelena spoke at the World Economic Forum (#wef23) in @Davos about and open letter to #FossilFuel CEO's —signed by 850k+ people— calling on them to end the fossil expansion. Climate activists Greta Thunberg, Vanessa Nakate, Helena Gua
2/9. This letter is a Cease and Desist Notice is to demand that #FossilFuel CEO's immediately stop opening any new #Oil, #Gas, or #Coal extraction sites, and stop blocking the clean energy transition that is urgently need.
3/9. The letter highlights that #FossilFuel companies KNEW for decades that fossil fuels cause catastrophic #ClimateChange. That they MISLED the public about #ClimateScience and risks (#LossAndDamage) and
DECEIVED politicians with disinformation sowing doubt and causing delay.
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1/ NEW REPORT: Our first ever Canadian Pension Climate Report Card reveals Canada’s major pension funds are not on track to protect pensions from the worsening #climatecrisis or to align their portfolios with a safe climate future. #cdnpoli

A 🧵. Read on!
2/ Canada's pensions must do much more to develop and implement credible Paris-aligned climate action plans, fulfill their fiduciary duty to invest in members’ best long-term interests, and protect retirement security in a world that limits global heating to 1.5°C. #cdnpoli
3/ The report finds a high level of inconsistency among pension funds with a collective >$2 trillion in AUM, with the degree of urgency, detail, transparency, and ambition varying widely for managing climate-related risks and opportunities across the sector. #climaterisk #cdnpoli
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1/ Calgary-based NuVista Energy is reporting record oil and gas production and allocating $450 million in capital expenditure to further increase production in 2023. #ableg #cdnpoli…
2/ This clearly violates IEA and IPCC emissions pathways for limiting global temperature increase to 1.5C, which require oil and gas production to immediately and rapidly decline. #fossilfuels #climatecrisis…
3/ On January 1st, NuVista corporate director Deborah Stein joined the Board of Directors of the Ontario Teachers'​ Pension Plan @OTPPinfo. #onpoli #onted #cdnpoli…
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🧵PART 1🧵
SELLING-OUT #AmericanTaxpayer's
¬RUSH COAL phase-out
¬PUSH invest in EVs/renewables
¬US commit $100B
¬Honor OLD #ClimateChange Agreements
@WEF @WHO want #Democrat POWER GRAB of #AMERICA
#KlausSchwab of #WEF
Violates #InalienableRights
ForcedGunControl #Biden's
#ExecutiveOrder 14067
Using Race/Bias/Belief/Credit
a Subjective
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Here is my take on #COP27 outcome(s) on #climate #mitigation based mostly on fieldnotes from COP, focussing on #FossilFuels, #JustTransition & #equity/ambition dichotomy.@TheIndiaForum @girmanipal @CentreMarcBloch @FU_Berlin @NavrozDubash @ClimateDiplo 1/8…
I argue, "Despite alarming evidence about the pace of cc, #COP27 failed to raise mitigation ambition. While the 1.5°C limit was salvaged in the end, the lack of consensus on fossil fuel phase-down/phase-out scuttled the possibility of meaningful action in the coming years." 2/8
Not only are #industrialized countries' mitigation commitments grossly insufficient to meet the 1.5°C limit, their efforts to sidestep their pre-2020 commitments, Paris decisions & delink developing countries' mitigation efforts from #climatefinance dilute #equity. 3/8
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@KevinClimate "We've developed this term 'net zero' which allows us to move the burden of reducing emissions out to future generations, out to 2050 and beyond. It’s vacuous. Completely meaningless. It’s Latin for kicking the can down the road."
Source: How Wealth Inequality Fuels the Climate Emergency: @GeorgeMonbiot, Scientist Kevin Anderson on COP26 11 November 2021 CUMBRIA COAL MINE WILL BE "NET ZERO", SAYS GOVE Hugo Gye 7 December 2022 #GoveLies #PeopleDie #UnfitForParliament
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Today, agri stakeholders & 🇪🇺 representatives are discussing the future of food & farming #AgriOutlook

But given the last attacks on green farming reforms, the @EU_Commission’s event might recommend sticking plasters rather than look at long-term solutions for #foodsecurity

A🧵 Image
Agribusiness & right-wing political allies are using the war in Ukraine as a pretext to water down #EUFarm2Fork

They claim global #foodsecurity is under threat & we need to ↗️ food production. How? With more synthetic #pesticides & #fertilisers of course!

Scroll for the truth Image
There's no EU #foodproduction issue!

Global production of grains & wheat, leading 🇺🇦🇷🇺 food exports, is high & there's no global food supply shortage

The industry's narrative is just a smokescreen to maintain industrial agriculture 🏭

& policy-makers are buying it

(c) FAO👇 Image
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🧡 19 people are appearing in court today to face charges associated with #M25 and art actions as the group continues to demand that the government halts all new oil and gas licences and consents.

#FossilFuels #ClimateCrisis #COP27 #A22Network #UK #Climate
Amy-Rose, 20, from Bromley, appearing at South Crown Court today said:

“If you feel outraged by the actions of Just Stop Oil supporters, ask yourself how things have got to this point? Imagine how you would feel if it was your son or daughter locked away for doing what's right”
⚖️ Hannah Hunt, 23 and Eben Lazarus, 22, both from Brighton are at Westminster Magistrates Court to face trial.

🖼 They glued onto the frame of Constable’s Hay Wain at the National Gallery in London after covering it with a reimagined version in support of Just Stop Oil.
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Ian Affleck for Croplife Canada forgets what #CEPA stands for & makes a case for pesticide manufacturers, commodification of food, reduced environmental & human protections. #dckurek more of a comment than a question guy simping for #BigAg #oilandgas 🧵…
Increased yields do not equate increased nutrition. Increased yields, increased profits? #volume
The fact that GoC wants more agricultural/water monitoring is consistent w academic research showing harm to aquatic species, bodies of water, whole ecosystems… ImageImage
So many substances are not removed from use because agricultural lobbyists keep asking for delays. That's not science, that's lobbying. ImageImage
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1/30.📢NEW BRIEF: “What happened at #COP27 on #LossAndDamage and what comes next?” which details #COP27’s outcomes on issues related to #LossAndDamage and ways forward as we look to #SB58 and #COP28.

Full brief here:…

See some key takeaways below🔽 Image
2/30. Ahead of #COP27 the key issues that were expected to be discussed included:

1⃣Establishing a #LossAndDamage finance facility (or fund);

2⃣The operationalisation of #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage;
3⃣The integration of #LossAndDamage into the New Collective Quantified Goal (NCQG) on #ClimateFinance;

4⃣The inclusion of #LossAndDamage in discussions under the #GlobalStocktake of the #ParisAgreement;
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At 8:00am, #JustStopOil supporters marched slowly onto the road at Shepherds Bush Green, demanding @RishiSunak halt all new oil and gas licences.

#CivilResistance #A22Network #COP27 #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough #M25 #FreeLouis #FreeJosh
💬 Hannah Smith, 20, a student from London said:

“Why is the government refusing to listen? The people of this country have had enough, and we deserve better from our leaders. Don’t let them convince you that we can’t make change. When we move as a collective, we have power.”

We are Just Stop Oil.
We are demanding.
That the British government.
Immediately halts.
All new oil and gas licences and consents.

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis #London #UK #Government #FossilFuels #CivilDisobedience #COP27
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📌#COP27 is over. So much happened over past 3 weeks at & around the COP…
👀Time to look back / to look forward
Here is a thread of threads to review the good, the bad & the ugly in relation to key aspects of COP27, by some of the most astute observers of the process
2/ Before delving in specific policy developments, one must take a step back & remember stakes and expectations from the broader community, esp. after decades of procrastination by decision makers.
Luckily @vanessa_vash set the context right before #COP27
3/ 2022 was also a year of big scientific reports that were expected to remind us all of desperate urgency to take rapid action against root causes of climate emergency as well as to deal with existing impacts.
@KHayhoe has a great pool metaphor for you
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A lot happened at #COP27 which will make the base for future #Climate negotiations. If the rifts deepen, expect a v bleak scenario with of course no 1.5 degree goal or saving principles of #equity and #cbdr. Here's a compilation of @htTweets stories on #COP27 in sequence
In a first in UN Climate negotiations, #LossandDamagefunding put on the official agenda of #COP27…
Climate funding: Should emerging economies pay? Row emerges after Antigua and Barbuda PM says emerging economies and big polluters like India and China should pay up for #LossandDamage…
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A friend of mine asked me if I liked my electric car ⚡️ and what were the advantages of driving electric ☺️

I told her this was the best purchase I ever made and began listing why ⬇️ Image
The most obvious and the reason I got interested in #EV back in 2006 is fighting #ClimateCrisis, the biggest issue Humanity has ever faced. #EV emit way less greenhouse gases than #FossiCars, even taking into account slightly higher emissions during production 😊
This is true even with the dirtiest electricity ⚡️ grids like Poland’s 🇵🇱 which is mainly powered by coal 💨

Also the same #EV becomes cleaner over time when the grid incorporates less carbon intensive electricity ☺️
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1/18.📜#COP27 OUTCOME: Members of the @LossandDamage Collaboration share their thoughts on the outcome of #COP27 on all #LossAndDamage elements.

🔗Read it here:…
2/18. 📢GOOD NEWS: #COP27 has established a #LossAndDamage fund! Following courageous and consistent championing for 30+ years by countries on the frontlines of the #ClimateCrisis. This is a historic moment that sets us on a pathway to #ClimateJustice.
3/18. During this time, climate-vulnerable countries were supported by the tireless efforts of #CivilSociety who have and will continue to demand that polluters #PayUp4LossAndDamage. We’ve put our heart and soul into this for decades now and we are not stopping anytime soon!
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1/25.📜It’s day thirteen of #COP27. We’re in overtime now and behind closed doors, Parties have been working with the @COP27P to find common ground on funding arrangements for #LossAndDamage.🧵
2/25. At 12:00 today @CANInt held a press conference to give a state of play update during which we heard from @mohadow of @PowerShftAfrica , @Eddypc of @CANRacCanada, @LiShuo_GP of @GreenpeaceEAsia, @RachelCleetus of @ucsusa, and @TasneemEssop of @CANInt.
3/25. Key messages included, @RachelCleetus on the G77 and China’s continued expectations for #COP27: "Climate-vulnerable countries came with a clear ask. They want a #LossAndDamage fund under the COP and the CMA. Then we can talk about getting it operationalised."
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🚨a wide set of #COP27 decisions is now distributed and once again the #ParisAgreement is used to advance false solutions promoting the status quo rather than accelerating radically the race to phase out fossil fuels... A overview of some key problematic decisions...
🧵1/ Image
2/ 🎩cover decisions: despite some good language on #Renewables, the #COP27 political outcome makes no progress on recognition of need to phase out ALL fossil fuels & only replicate Glasgow language without any recognition of ongoing #FossilFuels crisis… Image
3/🤡 cover decision also reuses language suggesting that coal emissions might be "abated" through future technologies - this language diverts away from unequivocal demand for an effective phasing out of all fossil fuels in line with science
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1/25.📜It’s day twelve of #COP27 and here is your daily #LossAndDamage focused thread. The intense negotiations on “funding arrangements" continue today after the release of a new text which contained a set of three options for a decision on a fund to address #LossAndDamage. 🧵
2/25. As summarised by @YebSano of @GreenpeaceSEA during @CANInt press conference these options equate to: “Option 1, we have a fund here. Option 2, we have a fund next year, Option 3, we don't have a fund, let's talk some more.”
3/25. However, it is very important to note — as we did earlier in an extensive thread— that “option number 1” is not in line with the G77 and China’s current proposal for an operating entity (be it a fund or facility) under the financial mechanism of the @UNFCCC.
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.#COP27 will end in hours/days🤔and the new cover text draft did reduce in length.
BUT what we cannot accept is the continued exclusion of priorities of vulnerable countries and the backsliding on the Glasgow Pact - this process must always be moving us forward!
CAN’s reaction⬇️
The #COP27 Cover Decision must include language on the equitable phase-out of ALL fossil fuels - coal, oil, AND gas.
A huge number of countries demanded this and the Egyptian Presidency must stop ignoring it.
Parties must avoid using qualifiers and loopholes such as “(un)abated”, “rationalize”, “inefficient”, “low carbon”, and “diversification of energy” which weaken commitments to the phasing-out of #FossilFuels and fossil fuel subsidies in the cover decision.
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‼️Happening NOW @CANIntl press briefing:

On the state of play of negotiations at #COP27 with a focus on #LossAndDamage and #FossilFuels

🗣️@mohadow @PowerShftAfrica, @catabreu_ , @MartinellChiara @CANEurope, @yebsan @GreenpeaceSEA

Webcast:… Image
At this #COP27 we are looking for #ClimateJustice and #ClimateAmbition. But we haven´t seen progress. @mohadow @PowerShftAfrica. Image
“You cannot have a LossAndDamage fund, if it doesn't deliver solidarity to those communities on the frontline that cannot adapt to #ClimateChange anymore. We are in need of international solidarity.” @mohadow @PowerShftAfrica
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Another draft of the #COP27 decision is out (the 2nd in 6 hours!) and it shows that much more work is needed in the next 48 hours to ensure this COP means progress over Glasgow. (Thread 👇)
Three things that are worrying and urgently need improvement:

1) We need to phase out all fossil fuels, not just coal. While some countries have made interesting proposals, none of those are included in the text. #FossilFuels
2) Fossil fuel subsidies: they now stand at $440 bn per year despite 13 years of governments promising to phase them out. The text needs to set a clear deadline.
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It’s #SolutionsDay at #COP27. Key solutions to the #ClimateCrisis:
‼️ Phase out all #FossilFuels, NOW not tomorrow
‼️ Halt #Deforestation
Forests play a vital role in:
🧯 Mitigating #ClimateChange,
🐿️ Protecting biodiversity, and
🫒 Supporting the lives and livelihoods of #IndigenousPeoples and forest-dependent communities.
The ability of forest ecosystems to fulfill these critical functions is increasingly threatened by deforestation and forest degradation.
Curbing illegal logging and #TimberTrade is a critical but neglected component in addressing global deforestation.
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