Back in the days of John Humphrey Noyes before he got suspended for posting a study indicating there's viral persistence in epithelium of kids, because everyone includes kids.
How does a twit like this get 108K views propagating “what if viral persistence is REAL”?

It’s almost like we are back to banning twitter accounts for insisting SARS is airborne!
WHEN the rest of non-SARS experts acknowledge that “viral persistence is a thing”, we will be one step closer to acknowledging the true immunity dysfunction threat of SARS
LongSARS (aka #LongCOVID) most resembles #MECFS during the viral persistence phase & Lupus (#SLE) afterwards. Both of those diseases have “mysterious” unknown viral causation. But nobody is familiar with Lupus or Lupus vs AIDS minor differences. Everyone understands #AirborneAIDS
SARS ability of genetic recombination to produce variants that will evade whatever new challenge of immunity is why "herd immunity" &"endemic" are impossible vs SARS.

We have known for decades there's no such thing as "herd immunity" against HCoVs!

This SARS human beta-coronavirus is a perfectly evolved viral pathogen that only kills the host years after infection, same as AIDS patients.
Nobody dies of AIDS!

AIDS patients die of opportunistic co-infections and early-onset immunosenescence (Inflammaging) leading to cancer death before age 65 (retirement).….
Here's an overview of what’s happening with #XBB15 immunity evasion. Here's a new pre-print explaining how #ORF3a & #ORF7a downregulate MHC-I by distinct mechanisms which interfere with MHC-I assembly, facilitating immune evasion.…
"Along with accessory proteins described before (ORF8 and ORF6), we add to the burgeoning literature on how SARS-CoV-2 evades adaptive immune responses by showing how ORF3a and ORF7a act on MHC-I, which furthers our understanding of the pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2"
I frequently discuss SARS ability of "genetic recombination" and compare it to "throwing box of nails off the roof". This is because the basic coronavirus reproduction "structure" doesn't exist.

SARS reproduction is so flawed, it shouldn't work.

SARS #mRNA viral replication occur in cytoplasm using genetic recombination, viral reproduction method is unique adaptation from ORF8. Adapted reassembly structure permits significant addition, deletion or substitution.

Add a co-infection other viral pathogens also reproduce in cytoplasm such as #RSV, #Ebola, #influenza or #Mpox - now there's two boxes of nails being thrown from roof.

SARS flexibility of genetic recombination allows co-infection substitution is why SARS is so dangerous!

Improves all other pathogen ability to evade human immunity.

Especially dangerous since the most prolific virus mankind has ever minimized is #EBV…
SARS reproduction is like throw box of 1000 nails off roof and 10 stick in ground form new copy. If other virus is present, dormant or latent in cytoplasm, throw two boxes of nails.

Low probability success? Yes.

Repeat 1 million times per day.
The 990 nails that do NOT form new copy becomes free floating protein in cytoplasm causing havoc.

Nails enter adjacent cells, causing havoc.

Nails enter bloodstream causing havoc.
There is some of these protein type are unstable protein on own and fold to compensate missing electrons.

Misfold protein with missing electron is another name for PRION. Upper case HAVOC.
These misfolded proteins accumulate into plaques and clog vesicular pathways in various systems. Causing permanent scarring to the liver, lungs and brain.

Prion (misfold proteins) are well-studied in neurological disorders.…
We are only getting started to understand how the neurological disorders from viral persistence of SARS are similar to the neurological disorders of AIDS patients. @dbdugger…
@dbdugger Once understand SARS, know SARS acute infection is not threat. Threat is persistent SARS infection (Long-SARS) amplify all other pathogen.
Minimizers saying "not everyone who is infected is affected by viral persistence". You could be right!

Remember, nobody is conducting viral persistence testing to produce any evidence. Autopsies cant be conducted while patient is still alive & tweeting.…
We could end the worldwide spread of #SARS/#RSV/#influenza/#Ebola/#mPox/#MERS TOMORROW!

The only people who say this is impossible are those who weren’t there last time we eradicated SARS in 2003 and a powerful airline executive lobbyist group.
We eradicated SARS before using 3 simple NPIs;
- N95 grade PPE w/eye protection
- testing & tracing
- isolation of the infected.

But those community-level precautions (abandoned 2022) were dependent on international travel surveillance & quarantine (never implemented in 2020).
SARS acute phase CFR could start to plateau, however, it’ll never reach endemic by definition.
There’s a theoretical limit to number of infection a person can sustain until LongSARS is a certainty - where any healthy adult incurs immunodeficiency.…
Yes, that's a study of 5 million Americans who were previously fitter than the rest of the American population or they would never have served for their country. This study was previously minimized as "just a pre-print" and "those retired with comorbidities".
No longer preprint.
We do not have a cure for SARS viral persistence.

We are as far removed from developing a cure for SARS as we are for developing a cure for AIDS or cancer or old age - which is likely to be the same cure.
There are three factors which will significantly impact acute phase deaths;
1) waning immunity from vaccination & horrible communication on boosters,
2) society relaxed & safety measures minimized,
3) patients rarely die twice.

Wave #29 will have lower acute deaths.
As a SARS & MERS specialist, I don’t subscribe to the mass extinction level theory. We know SARS results in long, slow death. In 5 yrs we will notice LTC homes closing & consolidation of homes when they should be booming w/Boomers. In 10 yrs anyone over 80 will be rare.
HIV doesn’t kill during acute phase. HIV patient die early onset immunosenescence (InflammAging).

Unknown cancer.

Mysterious hepatitis.

Spontaneous bacterial encephalitis.

Death “FROM” HIV, not death “WITH” HIV!
We learned from MERS (CFR of 30%) there’s a persistent viral infection of renal epithelium. Hard know when patient alive, no liver pain indicator. Hard also to conduct autopsy when patient still breathing.
Health of Liver is critical to health of patient!…
SARS targets ACE2 receptors and renal epithelium have highest concentration of ACE2 receptors. Liver injury (#NAFLD) is often associated with any viral infection but with SARS the injury is two-fold, 1) hepatic viral infection and hepatic clogging.…
The greatest misinformation propaganda ever tweeted was that this SARS is novel.

I mean "not novel" in every epidemiological sense.
We know from 20 years of SARS clinical observation that death from SARS occur well after 90 days post-acute phase. We didn’t dismiss patient symptoms as "LongSARS" or "Brain Fog" sufferers, we referred to them as "SARS Survivors".
True advancement of SARS knowledge was MERS. Was not 30% LongMERS patient, instead 30% of MERS patients died, providing autopsy specimens. MERS allowed us to determine there’s viral persistence of single-layer epithelium cells in our SARS patients.
#LongCOVID is persistent SARS infection where HCoV only clears when epithelium cell regenerates. For normal URT, 5-7 day.

Renal cell regeneration from insult is 500-787 days. We have long-known recovery from immunity insult requires multi-system recovery.…
The advancement of SARS persistent viral infections as a source of GI system dysfunction provided a direct association to human lifespan. End-stage SARS due to depletion of CD4+ T cells and secondary infections is exactly like end-stage human HIV.…
NAFLD is nothing new.

What’s new is we are blaming the victims. We are using commorbity of obesity & diabetes likely caused by SARS to blame patients for making “unhealthy life choice” when we never informed them of proper prevention or danger of SARS.…
"NAFLD is the most common chronic liver disease, affecting about 25% of the Western population, and is linked to chronic low-grade inflammation, impaired immune response, and microvascular endothelial dysfunction"…
Tell me you don't know anything about NAFLD without telling me you don't know anything about NAFLD if you think unhealthy nutrition is the cause of 25% of NAFLD occurring in richer nations when poor nations have poorer nutrition.
You are probably reading this and hopping back and forth from Google mountain of scientific knowledge on #NAFLD, thinking « why have I never heard flu/cold cause #NASH before »?

Why? Only affects 10% of kids!
Render them obese!
Victims with comorbidities!…
Prior to 2019, Minimizers of HCoV-OC43 (common cold) easy to point a finger of blame at victims for poor diets. Except poor nations with actual poor diets less affected. Difference is working parents who can’t afford to keep kids home when they are sick.…
Poor nations don’t use medicine to mask colds!

They keep their sick kids home. Poor nations take "the common cold" very seriously and keep the sick isolated.
#ZeroCovid is possible!

We could end the worldwide transmission and spread of this RSV/flu/SARS #syndemic TOMORROW!

A full return to normal is possible in mere weeks using simple NPIs (not lockdowns).

• • •

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Dec 24, 2022
CLL - Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia.

Depleted Lymphocyte B & T cells from persistent SARS-CoV viral infection of renal epithelium cells will no doubt lead to acquire all kinds of immunity dysfunction and will appear as CLL.

#AirborneAIDS #AirborneCLL
Patients are being tested for digestive disorders and diagnosed with CLL months after a SARS infection that nobody is testing for or tracking - because attempting to detect the viral persistence is invasive procedure.
What I really like about this study from just before the pandemic is use the term “repeated insults”!

Are they discussing lymphopenia draining naïve t-cells during graft procedure? YES! Guess what persistent renal infection would look like! Donated liver!…
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Dec 21, 2022
Airborne AIDS

HIV t-cell depletion test and HIV antivirals treatment is diagnosis and treatment not being offered to long term SARS patients.

If #LongCovid talks like a duck, and #LongCovid walks like a duck, duck off denying SARS is not airborne AIDS!
The entire #MedTwitter community is arguing over itself about terminology specificity!

When the other anti-science side is inventing fucken “immunity debt” terminology to minimize and misinform!
There’s ZERO interest in funding research to support what China has already evidenced about antivirals treatment!
Read 46 tweets
Dec 11, 2022
Médecins sans frontières is being slammed here. High income nation create own healthcare burden and choose to impose inequality to their own people!

A remote hospital won’t have 75% overhead consisting of managers and therefore 75% less bullshit, red tape and politics!
Why are some doctors abandoning their rich nations?

Because those rich nations already abandoned their own people and HCW have a bullshit threshold!
Some provincial political leader from a small northern nation I won’t name, last week announced that doctors “needed to step up” to deal with the burden of crisis in children’s hospitals.

The week before they declared financial Wage War against doctors AND nurses!!!
Read 8 tweets
Nov 30, 2022
@NjbBari3 @farid__jalali All three of you are partially correct. I find it fascinating everyone here is batting around theories of autoimmune disorder when political forces have opened up a population level experiment but nobody is collecting data.
@NjbBari3 @farid__jalali Prior to this SARS outbreak the most common infection that lead to lymphopenia was HIV. Now we are seeing varying degrees of autoimmune disease but nobody is applying the simple AIDS tests of t-cell depletion!
@NjbBari3 @farid__jalali The trigger for cytokine response and cause of lymphopenia are more likely a result of prion creation of persistent viral infection which damages all systems including immunity.
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Nov 29, 2022
I won't sugarcoat this fearmongering.

Candida auris typically infects patients with weakened immune systems. C. auris causes invasive candidiasis (fungemia) in the bloodstream impacting the CNS & multiple organs.
C. auris has attracted attention b/c of its drug resistance, earning the cool name "superbug". But, it's not supposed to infect 600 "weakened immunity" non-patients:
2022-4,616 (not including this recent outbreak)…
A gentle reminder the US/CDC abandoned the WHO's #PrecautionaryPrinciple in 2020. This is the IPC/CDC page for C. auris today, lot's of handwashing, zero isolation of vulnerable patients: Image
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Nov 19, 2022
@EvanBlake17 These are interesting development but you seem to be using a oversimplification of ZeroCovid policy and are apparently unaware of medical diagnosis and treatment options recently developed by China.
@EvanBlake17 First, China’s ZeroCovid policy is mostly focused at international travellers and international points of entry. The “Managed Isolation” used by Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan & Canada’s Northern Territories are the integral part of ZeroSARS.…
@EvanBlake17 I have breaking news; Chinese leadership was draconian before pandemic. But PH measures for pandemic was not draconian. Field hospital for infected is best example, often deemed “draconian”. However, US, UK & EU infected patients in ER next to “not-yet” infected is not draconian?
Read 13 tweets

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