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BREAKING: #BNNUganda Reports.

Uganda halted schools across the country on Friday to combat the spread of Ebola, despite the health minister's claims that new cases had decreased. #Ebola #Uganda #Health
The decision to close schools two weeks before the end of the school year was made earlier this month in response to the deaths of eight youngsters from the extremely contagious sickness.
However, the number of new cases documented in Kampala and the epicenters of Mubende and Kassanda has decreased in recent weeks, according to Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng. "The major breakthrough in Uganda's Ebola war is...
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1. An overdue #Ebola update:
Something appears to be working in Uganda's Ebola Sudan outbreak, though I should stress that all I have to go on right now are data released by the Ugandan government. Per their latest SitRep, there hasn't been a new confirmed case since Nov. 12.
2. No new cases, no new deaths. The outbreak is currently holding at 163 confirmed & probable cases & 77 confirmed and probable deaths. #Ebola…
3. A chart in the latest #Ebola SitRep shows 4 districts have had their most recent case within the past 2 weeks. The incubation period for Ebola is up to 21 days, so they aren't out of the woods.
These are only confirmed cases; I'm not sure when the last probable case was.
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BREAKING: #BNNUganda Reports.

The Ugandan government has been criticized following a major marathon event organized by MTN at a time when the nation closed its schools, restricted movement in the central districts of Mubende and Kassanda, and is tracking and limiting travel out
...of the nation while encouraging social distancing in order to combat the spread of Ebola. #Ebola #Health #Uganda #National
The Sunday morning marathon, which began at Kololo Airstrip in Kampala city center and was flagged off by the country's Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, drew over 22,000 participants after a two-year absence owing to the Covid-19 pandemic-related lockdown and restrictions.
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I will never
understand & nor accept
that governments act
public health preventions
to limit
airborne biohazard transmission
let rip #SARSCoV2
speeds up arise
of immune evasive vocs

dysregulate intrinsically
immune responses w/o knowing longterm sequelae
ask them why!
ask for plan B!
ask for surveillance!
ask for prevention!
ask for public health measures to prevent airborne crosscontaminations of #Biohazards

#SARSCoV2 #EBOLA #monkeypox #tuberculosis #RSV

ask for clean air rules indoors
don't be silent📢🔊
collective denials are dealy, history told us to be aware of gaslighters, I don't recognize world
no media reports
about strange
ph strategy
@Weltspiegel_ARD @ZDF @phoenix_de @DLFNachrichten

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#Ebola #Colorado
#StaySafe #Uganda #EbolaSudan @B0tSci #IDTwitter
"In Colorado, health officials are tracking multiple people who recently arrived from high-risk areas..." MORE
2/ The current Ebola outbreak is related to what's known as the "Sudan strain," but the virus is spreading in Uganda. "It's worrisome because previous Ebola vaccines & treatments do not work against this strain. The virus can kill as many as 1/2 of those MORE
3/ who get it. Ebola now is spreading in Kampala, Uganda's capital, a densely populated city of > 1.3 M.

"Mortality is high, between 40-50%. So, this is not insignificant."

"The likelihood of us seeing a patient is next to zero.
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "I’m joining you from Bali, 🇮🇩, where the @g20org Summit has just concluded. Over the past 2 days, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with several 🌍 leaders and to address the Summit itself"-@DrTedros #G20

@DrTedros @g20org "My message was that, as #COVID19 has demonstrated, when health is at risk, everything is at risk. Conflicts around the 🌍, #ClimateChange, & global crises in food and energy security have now overshadowed the pandemic as the most pressing issues for world leaders"-@DrTedros #G20
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1/ I'm growing increasingly worried about #Ebola in Uganda.

Over the past few days, cases have been reported in previously unaffected districts, rates have started increasing, & the MoH sit reps were plagued w/ errors.

All signs point toward a deteriorating situation.
2/ Over the past week, confirmed Ebola cases have been reported in the Masaka and Jinja districts. This is the first time EVD cases have been reported in these districts.…
3/ As @sneweyy reports, when new cases show up in previously unaffected regions, that is a sign contact tracing efforts may be failing.
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1. Short #Ebola 🧵
Another health worker has been infected in Uganda's Ebola Sudan outbreak, a 23 yo woman working in Mubende district. Here's hoping she recovers.
2. Uganda's health ministry has been downplaying the scale of its outbreak by refusing to add probable cases to case/death counts. They aren't just doing it to overall cases, they're doing it with health workers too.
They say there have been 19 HCW infections + 7 deaths.
3. But if you look inside their situation reports, there is one table in which they list probable cases (all probable cases are people who died without being tested). If you look there, you see that in addition to 19 confirmed HCW cases, there've been 7 probable HCW cases.
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JUST IN: #BNNUganda Reports.

Health Ministry officials have said that the Ebola cases are gradually stabilizing in Uganda. The country has recorded 137 cases since the outbreak began in September. #Uganda #Ebola
Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, Uganda's health minister said that the country's cases are gradually stabilizing, as shown by trends in the last week.
"We have never done any modeling for this Ebola outbreak. Not Ministry of Health, not the scientific advisory committee, not the National Planning Authority. So that modeling was done by them., said Aceng.
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1. Short #Ebola thread:
@WHO issued an update — a DON — today about the Ugandan outbreak. It's been nearly 2 weeks since their last. The scarcity of detail coming out on this outbreak continues to surprise & concern me. I believe that's Uganda's call.…
2. The latest SitRep from Uganda reports that there have been 157 confirmed and probable #Ebola cases & 54 confirmed and probable deaths. They will not add the probable cases so we have to do the math ourselves. I added those arrows.
3. @WHO's update gives a breakdown of #Ebola cases/deaths by affected region. Eight regions have had cases but Mubende and Kassanda have been the hardest hit. Two — Bunyangabu & Kagadi — seem to have contained transmission. Neither has had a case in >40 days.
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
"In recent weeks, we have spoken about a surge in #cholera outbreaks around the world. The latest country to be affected is #Lebanon, which is now suffering a severe outbreak after nearly 30 years without cholera"-@DrTedros
"Since the first [#cholera] case [in #Lebanon] was confirmed just over one month ago, the outbreak has spread across the country. There are now more than 2,700 cases, with 18 deaths"-@DrTedros
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BREAKING: #BNNUganda Reports.

The Uganda Ministry of Education says eight children have died in the country's current Ebola outbreak. Schools will be required to decontaminate all classes and sanitary facilities that host Ebola-positive children. #health #uganda #ebola #polio
The initial 21-day lockdown in the two districts of Kassanda, which is nearby and where the most cases have been documented, and Mubende, where the first case was reported, has been extended by the Ugandan government.
Uganda has suspended a nationwide polio vaccination campaign due to growing fear over an ongoing Ebola outbreak in the country
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1. #Ebola thread.
Uganda's health minister, @JaneRuth_Aceng announced today that the special measures put in place in mid-October to stop spread of the disease have been extended for another 21 days. Among other things, they block movement in & out of the 2 worst hit areas.
2. Those areas are Mubende & Kassanda districts. @JaneRuth_Aceng said to date there have been 132 confirmed #Ebola cases & 53 confirmed deaths. She didn't mention the 21 probable cases & deaths; they bring the outbreak totals to 153 cases & 74 deaths.
3. The health minister said a weak health system, myths & misinformation, a belief in witchcraft & exhumation of dead bodies to perform cultural rituals are obstructing efforts to control the #Ebola outbreak.
1 exhumation lead to 43 people contracting the disease & 6 deaths.
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To support the response to the #Ebola outbreak in #Uganda 🇺🇬, @CEPIvaccines, @gavi & WHO outline a plan to:
🔸 accelerate research
🔸 ensure access to investigational doses
🔸 facilitate scaling up & access to any subsequent licensed vaccine

📌 Halimah Adam, a Nursing Officer of Mubende Regional Referral
There are currently no licensed vaccines (or therapeutics) for #Ebola disease caused by the Sudan ebolavirus.

More research is urgently needed: several candidate vaccines appear to be suitable for evaluation in a clinical trial during this outbreak.

📌 A Hygienist prepares nurse in dressing room before joining t
By embedding research at heart of the #Ebola outbreak response, 2 goals can be achieved:

1⃣ to evaluate potentially efficacious candidate vaccines to potentially contribute to end this outbreak

2⃣ to protect populations at risk in the future

📌 Hygienists walk from dressing room to the nearby Ebola treat
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
"This week marks two years since the siege of Tigray began.
The Afar and Amhara regions are also affected by the conflict, but WHO and our partners have access to those regions and have been able to deliver humanitarian aid."-@DrTedros
"However, the humanitarian situation in Tigray remains catastrophic. As I have said before, the siege of 6 million people by Ethiopian & Eritrean forces is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world."-@DrTedros
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1. #Ebola thread.
The numbers in the Ugandan outbreak are rising pretty rapidly. Last week this outbreak was the 11th largest on record. It's now the 8th. There's a fairly big gap between 8th and 7th, but I would not bet against this outbreak moving further up the top 10 list.
2. One of the reasons I think this #Ebola outbreak could get a lot larger is just the pace of the recent growth of cases & the presence of cases in Kampala. But also, the followup rate of contacts listed in the latest SitRep from Uganda is not great.
3. Uganda has been boasting a contact follow up rate of in the mid-to-high 90% range. It's down to 88%. And that's of the contacts they know if. If they are missing cases, there are more contacts they don't know of.
The bigger an outbreak gets, the harder this job becomes.
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1/9 with @samhusseini we did a #deepdive investigation into the origin of the #Ebola2014 outbreak in W. Africa. The text is long. It follows up #Lableak Qs originally raised by @africanistpress and others. Below are distilled some of the key points.…
2) The orthodox origin story has negligible evidence to support it. No #Ebola was found at Meliandou, Guinea, or elsewhere in wild animals nor was it diagnosed or positively tested in 'patient zero' or his contacts. The nearest known wild source was a whopping 3,000 km away
3) The subsequent epidemiological investigation back from the first confirmed cases was also highly speculative. E.g. the father and others disagree that his family had #Ebola, even tho' the epidemiology was supposedly largely based on interviews. #Ebola2014
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CDC is closely monitoring the recent increase of Ebola Sudan virus cases in Uganda. At this time, there are no confirmed cases of #Ebola related to this outbreak reported in the United States. 🧵⬇️ Graphic that reads: “US Eff...
As part of the U.S.’s efforts to address this outbreak with the international community, CDC & @USAID are working closely with local, national, and international partners to enhance the country’s preparedness and surveillance. @MinofHealthUG Image of sign reading “Heal...
In Uganda, CDC is:
☑️ Supporting @MinofHealthUG’s surveillance efforts to detect/treat #Ebola cases
☑️ Researching how the outbreak began & studying bats (believed to carry Ebola virus)
☑️ Assisting w/ epidemiologic investigation, case recognitions, laboratory capacity Image shows man untangling ...Image shows a gloved hand h...Photo of 3 people standing ...
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1. Short #Ebola thread.
The outbreak in Uganda is getting quite large. Very concerning situation. But there's been some extraordinary good news. Merck, which makes the first licensed Ebola Zaire vaccine, has found it has 100,000 bulk doses of Ebola Sudan vaccine.
2. @sciencecohen reported on this amazing situation. Merck relinquished the IP for the #Ebola Sudan vaccine several years ago, but while it still held it the company made bulk vaccine as a hedge against an Ebola Sudan outbreak. It's still viable.…
3. @WHO is already planning a clinical trial of candidate vaccines which is supposed to start soon. The Merck vaccine, which stands a good chance of being effective, will surely be added to the mix. I wrote about the clinical trial late last month. #Ebola…
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JUST IN: #BNNUganda Reports.

Jane Ruth Aceng, the health minister of Uganda said on Sunday that, two more people in an isolation unit of Uganda's main hospital have tested positive for Ebola. This brings the total number of cases recorded in the facility to five.
These five confirmed cases in Kampala are the first known transmission of the virus in Kampala. This announcement of the Health ministry comes days after the information ministry said the Ebola outbreak was coming under control.
On Saturday, Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng said that three patients among 60 people in isolation at Kampala's Mulago Hospital tested positive for Ebola, a day earlier.
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Pictogram: get fresh air is insufficient
we need
AIRFLOW managment
infection prevention
potential airborne crosscontaminations
human pathogens
Sars CoV2
source control & removing infectious aerosols
to prevent
transmission by adequate
human infectious pathogen replicating
respiratory & alimentary tract
source of screenshot:
✔️… Image
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1. Short thread from @WHO's weekly press conference. Covid-19 remains a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), the @WHO emergency committee decided at a meeting last week. Today @drtedros said he agrees.
2. The EC chair, Didier Houssin, said for the first time at this meeting, the committee talked about the possibility of terminating the PHEIC. But the committee concluded it was too early to do so. Among other things, they want to see how this winter goes in the NHemisphere.
3. @DrTedros revealed that @WHO and partners have decided to effectively ration #Cholera vaccines, because of a global shortage. Normally cholera vax is given in 2 doses but will be used as a 1 dose vaccine. This strategy has been shown to be effective before.
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
"Last night I returned from the #WHS2022 in Berlin, 🇩🇪, which this year WHO co-hosted. I was very encouraged to see the level of commitment from leaders from government, civil society, academia & the private sector for addressing the most pressing health challenges"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "There was strong support for the international #PandemicAccord, which countries are now negotiating.

And yesterday, governments and philanthropic donors collectively committed 2.6 billion U.S. dollars to work toward ending polio"-@DrTedros #WHS2022
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