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WHO published its Management Response Plan to address the findings of the Independent Commission on allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation during the 10th #Ebola outbreak response in #DRC ⬇️
The plan outlines short-term actions focusing on the most urgent Commission's recommendations, but also describes the actions that WHO will undertake over the next 15 months to improve its policies and procedures.
WHO is committed to supporting the survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation in #DRC including with livelihood support.
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1. #Ebola news: The new outbreak near Beni in the northeastern part of DRC is a flare up of the 2018-2020 North Kivu outbreak, genetic sequencing by Congo's @inrb_kinshasa has confirmed, @SoceFallBirima told me. This outbreak is not a new spillover from nature.
2. The first confirmed case in this new outbreak was a 3 yo boy who died on Oct. 6. Comparison of the genetic sequence of virus from this boy showed it most closely compared to viruses sequenced in July 2019.
This is the 2nd flare up in North Kivu from the 2018-20 outbreak.
3. The 1st flare up in North Kivu happened earlier this year. This new flare up is not linked to the Feb. cluster of cases, comparison of the sequences shows.
@SoceFallBirima says an investigation is underway to figure out how this flare up ignited & if there are more cases.
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Media briefing on Independent Commission's review of the allegations of sexual abuse & exploitation during the #Ebola 2018-2020 outbreak in #DRC…
"In October last year, I appointed an Independent Commission to investigate allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse during the response to the 10th #Ebola Virus Disease epidemic in North Kivu and Ituri, in the #DRC"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "The commission was co-chaired by Aïchatou Mindaoudou, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs & Social Development of 🇳🇪, & Julienne Lusenge, an internationally recognized human rights activist and advocate for survivors of sexual violence in conflict, from #DRC"-@DrTedros
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Mal was Neues von #Ebola. Das Virus kann nach Jahren im Körper wieder aufwachen und Ausbrüche auslösen.

Außerdem evtl relevant für #Covid19. Es ist dabei nämlich völlig rätselhaft, wie und wo ein RNA-Virus so lange im Körper aktiv bleibt.
Die Sache ist halt: Ins Genom wird der Kram nicht eingebaut, und die Virus-RNA kann nicht einfach jahrelang in Zellen rumliegen. Das heißt, um so lange im Körper zu bleiben, muss Ebola sich eigentlich weiterhin vermehren.
Eine plausible Hypothese ist, dass das in so genannten immunprivilegierten Geweben passiert. Das sind so Sachen wie Augen oder Gehirn, bei denen Entzündungen unterdrückt sind, weil sie irreparable Schäden verursachen können. Dadurch sind Viren da sicher.
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Wow! The kids are going to be alright!! 🤩🤩🤩 I had an amazing time with @GranbyGators 5th graders this am.

We discussed #COVID, #vaccines, #Ebola, #Influenza, #WestNileVirus, #LungTransplantation, and becoming a physician-scientist.

I'll share some of their awesome ?s below
- When will vaccines for kids be available?
- Do kids get any say in participating in clinical trials?
- How long do you think this pandemic will last?
- If kids get vaccinated, will we still have to wear masks in school?
- Where did COVID come from?
Lung/Solid Organ Transplantation
- How do you replace the heart or lungs? Our bodies will die if you take out the heart or lungs.
- Can you transplant a brain?
- How do you know if the donor lungs are good (and not crusty)?
- The lungs have to be the right size, don't they?
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LIVE: Inauguration of the WHO Hub for pandemic & epidemic intelligence with @DrTedros & Chancellor Merkel…
🎉 The WHO Hub for pandemic and epidemic intelligence is officially inaugurated by @DrTedros and 🇩🇪 Chancellor Merkel
"It is an honour and a privilege to be here today for the opening of the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence.

I want to begin by taking you back to 2015, when the terrible West African #Ebola outbreak was just beginning to be brought under control"-@DrTedros
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1. The last couple of days have been so busy I haven't updated on #Ebole in Côte d'Ivoire. Here goes:
At present there is 1 confirmed case, a young woman who travelled by bus (buses?) from Guinea to Abidjan. There is also a suspect case. I'd bet that's a case.
2. @WHOAFRO says there are also 9 contacts who've been identified and are being monitored. I would be surprised if that total doesn't change a lot. This woman had a long journey & at a point was on a bus with 70 people. This is likely a complex investigation.
3. I was told just now by @WHO that there still isn't confirmation of the species of #Ebola involved. Not sure why that isn't known yet. The working assumption has to be that it's Ebola Zaire because they are using vaccines that target the Zaire species. Won't work for others.
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"Ceci n'est pas une #pandémie"

Donc l'#EtatdUrgence est caduque, ....non?…
"Dès le début j'ai vu que quelq chose n'allait pas : aucune transparence, aucun fait démontré, pas de protocole ni d'éthique dans cette communication standardisée. Les experts sont absents de la salle de chocs."
Dr Astrid #Stuckelberger, qui a travaillé avec l'#OMS pendt 20 ans.
"Absolument aucun détail donné, pas de médecins. L'#OMS (#WHO) est un enfant de ONU/#UN: où est l'organe d'éthique et de régula° qui punirait des gens comme Tedros&C° qui mentent et ne font pas de la science? #Qui est au-dessus de lui? Faut-il en appeler à l'Assemblée Générale? "
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1. A short thread about the newly announced case of #Ebola in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast).
The diagnosis was confirmed by the Institut Pasteur in Cote d'Ivoire. This does not have the feel of a suspect case — the announcement sounds like @WHOAFRO is confident this is Ebola.
2. A critical point made by @MoetiTshidi, regional director of @WHOAFRO, is that this is the first time since 2014 that an #Ebola cases has been diagnosed in a major city. (I need to refresh my memory about the North Kivu outbreak.) Abidjan population: +4M.
Urban Ebola = not good
3. The @WHOAFRO statement says there's no indication this case, a man who traveled from Guinea, was linked to the Guinean #Ebola outbreak from earlier this year. Work is underway to determine the source of infection.
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1) Hi all – we’re back to share a few more facts about #Regeneron and our work to develop a monoclonal antibody treatment for #COVID19
2) Regeneron is the name of our company – we make many different medicines for many serious diseases & have been around for 30+ years. We are a group of now over 10K people, many of us scientists, MDs and/or engineers.
3) Our investigational antibody cocktail (REGEN-COV) has been extensively tested in clinical trials and received Emergency Use Authorization from the U.S. FDA. This is the same designation given to the vaccines currently available in the U.S.
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1. @WHO put out a meaty release today on the confirmation of Guinea's first detected #Marburg case. A thread.
The first known case, described in the local media as a 46 yo father of five, developed symptoms on July 25. No word yet on the source of his infection. Image
2. This #Marburg case occurred at Gueckédou, which is near where the 2014-16 #Ebola outbreak is thought to have started. Guinea's health system is underfunded, which helped Ebola take off there. But Gueckédou now has a lab to test for viral hemorrhagic fevers. Beneficial legacy. Image
3. The man sought medical care but his illness wasn't diagnosed as #Marburg. He was tested for malaria — a common occurrence when health workers don't know a viral hemorrhagic fever is circulating. After his Aug. 2 death, Marburg was diagnosed pretty quickly.
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1. @SoceFallBirima confirms there is a possible case of #Marburg in Guinea, at Gueckédou — where the 2014-16 West African #Ebola outbreak was first reported.
Samples have been sent to a reference laboratory for confirmation.
This would be West Africa's first Marburg outbreak.
2. For those who don't know Marburg fever, it is very similar to #Ebola — a dangerous hemorrhagic fever that transmits through contact with a sick or dead person's bodily fluids. Marburg outbreaks have been less frequent and generally smaller than Ebola outbreaks.
3. Things to know about #Marburg: There is no licensed vaccine & no approved drugs to treat it. There's been work on experimental vaccines & some Phase 1 trials, which suggests there may be some human grade vaccine available. How much would be a question.
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Ontmaskering van de #Virologie



Ontmaskering van de #Virologie
#LongCovid #Epidemiologie



Ontmaskering van de #Virologie
#LongCovid #Epidemiologie
Pseudo isolieren van een #Virus

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1/8 Das Hauptargument der #Impfzwang-Befürworter, eine #Covid_19-#Impfung schütze auch Andere, steht, da keine #sterileImmunität erzeugt wird, im krassen Konflikt zur Massnahmen-auslösenden These v.@C_Drosten, @CiesekSandra & Co., asymptom. Infizierte, wären das eigentl. Problem.
2/8 Mit der Behauptung, Asymptomatische /Präsymptomatische trügen entscheidend zum #Infektionsgeschehen bei, wurden #Maskenpflicht, #Massentests, #Kontaktnachverfolgung, und #Quarantäne für Kontaktpersonen u.a. begründet.
3/8 Geht man also von den Verlautbahrungen (#Geimpfte haben max. nur noch leichten Verläufe) und aktuellen Fakten (auch Geimpfte können sich infizieren) aus, so werden mit der #Impfung, zahlreiche zusätzliche Asymptomatische Fälle geschaffen.
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@MBVanElzakker and I are excited that our new paper on biological factors that may contribute to the development of LongCovid/PASC was published today:…
2/ The paper details mechanisms by which RNA #viruses beyond just #SARS-CoV-2 have be connected to long-term health consequences.
3/ It also reviews literature on acute #COVID-19 and other virus-initiated chronic syndromes such as post-#Ebola syndrome or #ME/CFS to discuss different scenarios for #LongCovid/#PASC symptom development.
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1. Guinea's latest #Ebola outbreak is over, @WHO declared today. The outbreak flared earlier this year in an area that 5 yrs earlier had been engulfed in the biggest Ebola event in history. This one was historic too — triggered by virus from a survivor.…
2. The outbreak was declared in mid-February, one of two #Ebola flare ups African countries fought this year as they battled Covid. The other was in DRC, in the area of the 2018-2020 North Kivu-Ituri outbreak. It has also been stopped.
3. There were immediate fears that #Ebola would spread across Guinea's borders, as the virus did in 2018. But the Guineans, with help from @WHO & other partners, kept this from becoming a big outbreak. There were probably 23 cases in this outbreak, 12 of them fatal.
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"Tomorrow, we expect the government of #Guinea to announce the end of its #Ebola outbreak. I would like to offer my congratulations to 🇬🇳 and the #healthworkers who helped to contain the outbreak at very high personal risk"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "Thank you also to our partners who provided financial and technical support.

As you know, #Guinea was one of three countries that was affected by the devastating West African #Ebola outbreak in 2014 and 2015"-@DrTedros
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Eccoci qua! Secondo thread su origine di #SARSCoV2!
Dopo avervi spiegato perchè il virus potrebbe essere artificiale (ma anche no!), oggi invece vi raccontiamo perché NON abbiamo delle prove che il virus sia naturale 1/ Image
Se #SARSCoV2 è naturale, esiste un animale portatore, cioè animale in natura infettato da un virus quasi identico a quello umano. Non vale 92,4% del #coronavirus nei pangolini malesi, né 96,2% del virus trovato nei pipistrelli ferro di cavallo. Punto. 2/
Come per le scale in Harry Potter, anche ai virus piace cambiare. Pipistrello e pangolino potrebbero essere “serbatoio” naturale, da cui #SARSCoV2 è arrivato a noi, attraverso varie mutazioni e salti di specie intermedi. Il punto è ricostruire la mappa degli eventi. 3/
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Thanks @DrDavidACox for interviewing me for this article on #LongCovid. There’s also great info in the article on research showing #viral RNA in the brains of patients w/ post-SARS syndrome, and viral reservoirs in patients w/ post-Ebola Syndrome:…
2/ The article reads: “Amy Proal, a microbiologist who runs the @polybioRF which studies the causes of chronic inflammatory diseases, believes that small amounts of #pathogens that linger beyond the reach of the immune system in remote pockets of the body...
3/ “...known as reservoirs or anatomical sanctuaries, are at least partially responsible for a whole range of post-infectious syndromes. This includes long #Covid, but also a number of mysterious illnesses which have puzzled scientists for decades, such as chronic Lyme disease..
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-If someone in authorities took note of what I hv been writing for 2 yrs, maybe #covid wouldn't hv been so dastardly
-#China hs created #mutant monkey(human+monkey) designed to age faster than normal
-Now if in some way they unleash that DNA on a nation,that country will collapse

-#Wuhan virologist Shi Zhengli :Bat Woman’s 2015 paper said bat #coronavirus showed potential for human emergence
-They created highly infectious virus which targeted the human upper respiratory tract
-For experiment they used live mouse & his lungs got infected
-1 lab accident in Dec’19 infected 65 Vet Institute staff with brucellosis –causing fatigue, chills & joint pain, took months to recover
-Jan’20, renowned #Chinese scientist, Li Ning, was sentenced for 12 yrs prison for selling experimental animals to food markets
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WHO, @FAO, @OIEAnimalHealth and @UNEP have come together to launch a new One Health High-Level Expert Panel to improve understanding of how diseases with the potential to trigger pandemics, emerge and spread

👉 Image
The panel will advise on the development of a long-term global plan of action to avert outbreaks of diseases like H5N1 avian influenza; MERS; #Ebola; #Zika, &, possibly, #COVID19. Three quarters of all emerging infectious diseases originate in animals.

👉 Image
The panel will operate under the One Health Approach, which recognizes the links between the health of people, animals, and the environment and highlights the need for specialists in multiple sectors to address any health threats and prevent disruption to agri-food systems.
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"Earlier today, the government of the #DRC🇨🇩 announced the end of the most recent #Ebola outbreak, three months after the first case was reported in North Kivu.
I congratulate the govt, health workers, communities & all WHO staff who were involved in the response."-@DrTedros
“This has only been possible thanks to a concerted, comprehensive and consistent approach, using vaccines and therapeutics alongside proven public health measures, with empowered and engaged communities.”-@DrTedros

#Ebola #DRC🇨🇩
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🔴 𝕋ℍℝ𝔼𝔸𝔻 du 𝑪𝒐𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒄𝒉 03

1. [OMS]

L'#OMS, cette structure régulièrement critiquée pour son manque de transparence, se définit comme « l’autorité directrice dans le domaine de la santé international au sein du système des Nations Unies ».

VIDÉO 1/12 ⬇️
2. Bien qu’elle ait toujours été financée par des mécènes privés, cette part ne s’élevait qu’à 20% dans les années 1970, 80% provenaient des États membres des Nations Unies.
Or, aujourd'hui la situation s'est inversée.
Avec, à la clé, des "contributions volontaires spécifiées".
3. L'indépendance de l’#OMS fait doute. En effet, contre toute attente, la structure est de plus en plus dépendante de fonds privés, comme #BillGates, car elle manque d’aides publiques.
De quoi laisser craindre une prise d’influence sur des questions de santé publique.
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