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My deleted #Instagram stories from 2020 #COVID19 @Plandemic3Movie Image
4/5/20 Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/10/20 No one was even close to saying this in public at the time other than @RonPaulInstitut and @RobertKennedyJr Image
@Plandemic3Movie #Gandhi quote posted 4/13/20, NO ONE LISTENED! Image
@Plandemic3Movie Instagram Post 2/12/20 @TheAnarchapulco @DollarVigilante First Muzzled Waitress ImageImage
@Plandemic3Movie 4/14/20 NO ONE LISTENED! especially during the george floyd riots when covid disappeared and the media destroyed anything even resembling true independence and self-defense against government Image
My deleted #Instagram stories from 2020 #COVID19
4/15/20 #orwell Image
4/15/20 I had to watch the sunset from here because the government owned it, the beach, and all of nature. It was crawling with Mexican Cops, they had already threatened me twice. 1000% Certifiably Insane! @WorldAltMedia #extortion #sunset Image
@WorldAltMedia 4/15/20 The Owners of The Sunset #pigs Image
4/15/20 Poppers Galore, totally essential during a "Pandemic" Image
4/15/20 Lockdown Sunset #COVID19 #pigs
Taping off one of the healthiest places on earth. @RobertKennedyJr Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/17/20 Some fun (Racist) Math Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/17/20 Charlie Chaplin as Adenoid Hynkel giving us an warning from 1940 about 2020... NO ONE LISTENED!
Maybe they should cancel him like they did to @rogerwaters 😜
@Plandemic3Movie 4/17/20 Then 2 months later you were a bad person for NOT protesting, and remember Covid totally disappeared from the media for three weeks? Memes from that era to come. #MLK Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/17/20 We still needed to be reminded of all our War Criminal "Leaders" during lockdown #FreeAssange Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/18/20 Never forgot that hospitals were empty during the "height of the pandemic" other than a few killing fields in NY Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/18/20 FINALLY someone started to do something, it took over a MONTH of lockdown! #California #slaves
@amirzenofficial Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/18/20 Bill Gates announced all 7 billion people on earth must be vaccinated for #COVID19 How did he know? What kind of inside information did he have? And they did it 9 months later! #arrestbillgates #VaccineGenocide #NeverForget Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/18/20 Same Script @RizzaIslam Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/18/20 Venice Beach Skate Park Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/18/20 A bit of Freedom left, and an open restaurant. In Mexico if you had the right friends you could stay open all lockdown! #vivaMexico
@Plandemic3Movie 4/18/20 SCIENCE Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/19/20 Melinda Back In The Day @unhealthytruth Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/19/20 Yeah sure, people loved to be locked down unable to work, so they needed "Conservative Donors" to tell them they needed to be free :/ #MSM666 Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/19/20 @Antiwarcom Smedley Butler Speaks The Truth, Just as Appropriate for The Lockdown Era Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/19/20 George Carlin quotes are also essential during Lockdown Tyranny #WokeMindVirus @RobertKennedyJr Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/19/20 Spraying toxic chemicals to prevent The Cooties all over the public spaces in Puerto Vallarta during Lockdown... SO FUCKING STUPID! @WorldAltMedia
4/19/20 More Angles of Them Spraying toxic chemicals to prevent The Cooties all over the public spaces in Puerto Vallarta during Lockdown... SO FUCKING STUPID! @WorldAltMedia
@Plandemic3Movie 4/20/20 We are now just beginning to pay the price, many places in the world have already paid dearly. NEVER FORGET what @realDonaldTrump did!

@RepThomasMassie was right! so were @RonPaulInstitut @DanielLMcAdams @ThomasEWoods and @RobertKennedyJr Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/20/20 Vitamin Defiance Image
A postcard I kindly made in Mexico for my hometown of @santamonicacity from a photo I found on @SantaMonicaProb taken 2 blocks away from where I grew up, this was months before the Floydian Maoists destroyed downtown, they also burned up a car on this street, stay tuned for more. Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/20/20 Great Brady Bunch style meme making fun of the muzzled killers #epstein #Masks Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/20/20 @realDonaldTrump trying to impress Jeffrey Epstein. #trump #epstein Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/20/20 Post "Defiant" residents clean the sand out of the Venice Beach Skatepark by @amirzenofficial #commiefornia #plandemic unfortunately the #COVID19 tyranny in LA went on for another 2 years or so after this. Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/20/20 Yes, hospitals were bribed by the government (@realDonaldTrump) to put the word "Covid-19" on death certificates, even in early April enraged family members were speaking out. please share with Hilder Mason if you are on Zuckerberg Facistbook, RIP to Dad. 🥲BASTARDS! Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/20/20 Remember when the Coronatards were commenting "Darwin Awards" & "Walking Corpses", on this photo using the hashtag #floridamorons and the photo was actually from California in 2018? I do. #NeverForget The Fake Jacksonville Lockdown Beachgoers R.I.P.😭 Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/21/20 About to eat a Smokin' Hot Lockdown Pierna Torta Plate while sitting in a real restaurant!
@Plandemic3Movie 4/21/20 Remember when they prevented the entire world from playing Basketball? I do, and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank @RobertKennedyJr for reminding us in recent interviews, this was a time when not even @jimmy_dore would have him on, RFK was a worldwide pariah. Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/21/20 I posted Malcolm In The Middle in Spanish for some reason. @BryanCranston
@Plandemic3Movie 4/21/20 A post by @RobertKennedyJr about Kill Bill Gates "We are the guinea pigs" He was warning all of you not to take the jab 9 months before it came out, but no you needed to "work" or "travel" COWARDS! and now you pay.
@Plandemic3Movie 4/22/20 Flu and Pneumonia Deaths 2013-2020 Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/22/20 Empty makeshift "Covid" ward, i went to every hospital in town, all ERs and waiting rooms were empty
4/22/20 MORE EMPTY HOSPITALS ImageImageImage
@Plandemic3Movie 4/22/20 Yes, people were stupid enough to think this was real Image
4/23/20 Many people went full Coronatard that i never expected, one was rapper Necro who's brother @ILLB1LL and his re-homey @TheLordGoat used to rap all kinds of sick NWO shit. He was selling masks even, even did a be afraid of covid song. He was just one of many though. Image
4/23/20 Remember all the Celbritards broadcasting from their Mansions telling everyone how wonderful lockdown is and how it will save lives to force everyone from working and earning money? Pelosi's infamous Ice Cream interview, that and more on photo 2 from the @Corbett_Report ImageImage
@Plandemic3Movie 4/24/20 "Can #COVID be spread though farts?" The infamous headline from the @TheTorontoSun April 22, 2020. Guess they figured the @JustinTrudeau screencap gave the headline more credibility. It's still up too but with an even more absurd pic.… Image
4/25/20 When the WHO announced that a the so called virus with a 99.97% survival rate can get caught more than one, no immunity from so called "infection" absurd logic on so many levels, and a myriad of lie layers. Image
4/25/20 Remember when everyone went nuts and said that @realDonaldTrump said to inject bleach? Well, it was easy the next day to find a selection of way worse chemicals, ones that they have been injecting into babies and children for many years. #VaccineGenocide Image
4/25/20 Government Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/25/20 A large portion of women, men and the 180 other genders acted like Nellie Olsen but way worse, like Nellie on SSRI Meth. Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/25/20 This was a bad enough problem before Covid, imagine how screwed up the co-called vaccinated are. Intuition is fucked! Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/25/20 Remember when the CDC sent out all those Coronavirus "tests" that were tainted with Coronavirus? I actually forgot until just now. It's just so typical of government it blends in with the rest. Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/26/20 This meme keeps changing over time, but back in April 2020 it was nailed. Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/26/20 More Racist Math by Bradley Thomas with the Murray Rothbard profile photo who seems like he hasn't been reinstated on twitter, or maybe he just deleted it, big props. Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/26/20 YES Image
4/26/20 I had been thinking of Jim Jones since Lockdown started, it was like living in Jonestown already long before the koolaid injections came out. Found some great photos that I've used over the past three years. Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/26/20 A Classic. Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/26/20 The Zombies never woke up to this. Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/26/20 Yes, being right all the time is the road to everlasting ignorance. I doubt this simple, easy to understand comment made any of them think. Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/26/20 USA admitting that government bribed hospitals to put people on vents (90% of whom died) and to put covid on death certificates and every other piece of bureaucratic paper. And of course we knew long before this was published Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/26/20 Another great meme posted by @RobertKennedyJr back in the day Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/27/20 My first foray into Spanish memes after a month of living in Mexico. #tesla Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/27/20 Oh man was this relevant back then, now the challenge is not actually letting this kind of psychology work on us now with the injected, is an altered DNA still human? I have no idea, but they do act weird. quote by Aldus Huxley posted by @manceraymond Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/27/20 All they saw for months and months on end during lockdown, then they came out, YIKES! Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/27/20 My two favorite @SouthPark episodes is one meme, I saw South Park and then BOOM they turn into mask loving jab pushing shitheads, I never would have believed it if I didn't see it. #NeverForget Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/27/20 The First Mariachis to come out and play since Lockdown began in mid March, they were the only ones for a while, they kept adding members one by one over time.
Seeing these guys was very emotional after a month of nothing but unhumane behavior
4/28/20 Enter The Bakersfield Doctors, Dr. Daniel Erickson and Dr. Artin Messihi, the first to try to let the world know that there is nothing out there to be afraid of, boy were they brutalized. Note this hit piece and click the @elonmusk tweet read read the comments. Image
and a turd doctor, also read the comments, lol
4/30/20 YES Image
@Plandemic3Movie 4/30/20 More of that universally dreaded kind of tweet, one that uses common sense and is a wonderful precise description of a law of nature that is absolute, there are no exceptions to this law, zero, none, zilch, nada. @ChrisRossini @RonPaulInstitut @elonmusk @RobertKennedyJr Image

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