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WaPo has a long hit piece on a filmmaker who, after extensive study, became concerned about vaccine safety. They made the story fit a standard template: "internet radicalized young man into supporting jihad." This is a case study in fascist propaganda.…
The reporter is troubled that this young man has failed to display proper enthusiasm for a coronavirus vaccine THAT DOES NOT EXIST. No one is allowed to wait for the data; the WaPo demands total faith in ALL vaccines *a priori*. Scientific reasoning is now a thoughtcrime. #Orwell
Peter Jamison of the Washington Post *genuinely believes* that anyone who questions the Pharma narrative in any way is equivalent to a jihadi -- even as the Pharma narrative collapses into total ruin all around us. The bourgeoisie has completely lost the plot & lost their minds.
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Belgien spricht dem internationalen Haftbefehl gegen Lluis Puig und den katalanischen Präsidenten Carles #Puigdemont @KRLS seine Berechtigung ab. Warum geht das nicht auch in Deutschland, @die_regierung? #Puig #Katalonien #Catalonia #Catalogne #Catalunya… ImageImageImageImage
Hitler, Franco & die Falange. Unter NS-Herrschaft stellte Deutschland nicht nur Kampfgerät und Soldaten zur Niederschlagung der Spanischen Republik zur Verfügung, sondern förderte aktiv die ideologischen Ziele der Franco-Faschisten: #Katalonien #Catalunya
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The comparisons with #Orwell & 1984 now too numerous to ignore. It's something of a parody of a prediction of course (you hope), but the early days of #IngSoc and #BigBrother are described in terms that ring true right now. Here's how that society comes to be:

A thread 👇
There exists an eternal system of classes, the high, the middle and the low. Nobody cares much for the low and they're basically ignored. Revolution happens when the middle overthrow the high. They do this by taking over the institutions.
An leftist middle class sees a chance to get their way and take charge, and creates an environment of #groupthink where compliance is essential. Those who disagree are removed & must be re-educated. The #ThoughtPolice have infiltrated our homes with technology. Nothing is private
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Hola, como sabeis el otro día en mi articulo expuse un poco de como se financia Greenpeace. Lo hace sobretodo a través de donaciones de Fundaciones.

Reconozco que no tengo ni idea sobre dichas fundaciones, solo se que mueven ingentes cantidades de dinero...así que hilo va.
@andrei_kononov @desamparadosb @janayaish @chirigotero74 @LaVozDeEuropa @eleritzo @Guayomedo @GoOutTheBox1 @_humanIam_ @kimikante El tema es que una persona @soymikos a la que Greenpeace sigue me dijo que no se fiaba de los datos que yo estaba aportando...
@andrei_kononov @desamparadosb @janayaish @chirigotero74 @LaVozDeEuropa @eleritzo @Guayomedo @GoOutTheBox1 @_humanIam_ @kimikante @soymikos No fiarse de lo primero que lee uno es una aptitud muy acertada y obviamente yo la comparto.

El caso es que se iba por los cerros de Úbeda y me preguntaba a mi quien había fundado Greepeace.

¡Como si me importase a mi eso! Sigamos...

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“...people usually gain power through traits and actions that advance interests of others such as #empathy, #collaboration, openness, #fairness...when they start to feel powerful or enjoy position of privilege, those qualities begin to fade....(1)
...The powerful are more likely than other people to engage in rude, selfish and unethical behaviour” #RebeccaSolnit citing #DacherKeltner on his work studying relationship between empathy and power
“If power generates a cushion of obliviousness around it, those of us with power need to counter it. That means, first, treating people with respect, regardless of their status: not taking the invitation to disdain or ignore” #Solnit
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A few thoughts on the #Catalunya crisis from a foreigner living here (1/n)
1 - You need to know & respect the specific history of Catalunya in the context of Spain during the 30s. Reading #Orwell’s “Homage to Catalunya” is a good start.
2 - Recall Spain went through a major civil war with over a million dead, and their “transition” to democracy was very different than Germany’s and Italy’s (more “continuity”). Barcelona was the anti-regime / anarchist capital for a period. Some wounds are still open.
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I am not making any judgement for or against Maduro.

Any government that approves (let alone overtly or covertly supports) regime change coups in other countries is asking for trouble.

Please explain to me what is materially different in the ructions in Venezuela vs France.
Let the people of any given country sort their govt out
👉🏼without direct or indirect fomenting of revolutions and civil wars by foreign governments

Normalising regime change coups and civil wars in order to install puppet govts, and enable corporate raiding is asking for trouble
What’s the difference between Venezuela and France (bar Macron being a western approved neoliberal globalist)?

Do you think it could possibly be - oil and gas?😏

Isn’t it odd how regime change wars occur in countries w oil and gas and other resources wanted by foreign interests
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In politically correct #Orwell America, the missteps of relatives before your birth will cost you decades later in your own life. I wonder how many skeletons are in #EliLilly's closet.…
#EliLilly has:
- Exploited prison labor
- Covered up teen suicides in early Prozac studies
- Jacked up the cost of insulin to boost their revenues
- Lilly pleaded guilty to illegal marketing of Zyprexa, which the FDA approved only for bipolar disorder & schizophrenia. They marketed the drug as a treatment for dementia and for pediatric uses. Lilly paid $2 billion to end the criminal investigation and settle several suits.
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#Orwell #BigBrother #MinistryofTruth #TRUTH #Newspeak
Trying again. This 5-part #Meme thread, which T aggressively blocked the 1st time I tried to post, shows the LEVELS of T's #Cen$orship. Please RT own risk as it will put you on the #LI$T.
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