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Following up on prior thread, this is interesting.

Basically, R’s wanted to sneak a time bomb into the bill that would allow them to use future failures to hit growth targets to trigger automatic cuts to programs like Medicare... 1/

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That provision would have caused Paul Ryan to become so engorged, he’d have to call his urologist.

The rich get tax cuts predicated on a lie today. The poor get cuts to aid when those lies become evident.

It’s an evil f***’s fantasy.

However, the Senate rules guru just shot it down - which means the current bill has no provision for what happens when its math proves horribly untrue. 3/
The only way to reconcile that are to either:

1) Say “Who cares?!” and pass a bill that could send the country trillions further into debt; or
2) Add provisions for future tax increases when necessary.

Option 1 may be a bridge too far for the alleged deficit hawks.

Option 2 would require undermining the tax cuts themselves - since the math is an obvious lie and those automatic hikes WOULD get triggered.

So, the Senate just got themselves into a pickle.

Their entire bill is built around robbing the poor to further enrich the wealthy - and now their means of accomplishing that just sprung a leak.

It’s gonna be an interesting night/couple days.

Given the above, I don’t see how they get to a revision that will please all parties - and then please all parties again in the House.

While slight, I suddenly have a glimmer of hope.

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