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Today the missus @DeyShenoy tried to log into her @ICICIBank account using her credentials, but she was instead logged into some OTHER account! That random account appears to wrongly have her phone number on record. What the heck is happening, @ICICIBank_Care? @suchetadalal
The @ICICIBank mobile app is luckily still working for the missus @DeyShenoy, except it now shows email address of that OTHER account. But each time she tries to use her username & password to access her account online, it logs her onto the OTHER person's account! @suchetadalal
This gargantuan (and bloody dangerous) mix-up of accounts is happening due another account having a wrong phone number linked to their account! If just a wrong phone number can cross-connect net-banking account log-ins, how safe are any of our accounts, @ICICIBank? @suchetadalal
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UIDAI forcing banks to ONLY hire Deloitte (a UK) firm for audits, giving it a monopoly, pay it ₹1,94,700 a unit is for the mandatory internal security audit for Aadhaar & also pay for the travel, boarding and lodging of Deloitte officials!
The #Aadhaar CIDR is neither w/UIDAI nor govt of India but is owned by a pvt US agency that is contractor for the FBI & CIA. Deloitte, the ONLY agency allowed by UIDAI to audit Aadhaar cybersecurity of Indian banks, also has an FBI connection!…
Ti put his thread in context for those of you who are unfamiliar about what has been stated by army veterans before the Supreme Court about how India's Aadhaar biometric data base is practically in the hands of the FBI & CIA.
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The current state of India
Is much worse than an emergency

👉Rapists rshielded
👉Mobs allowed to lynch minorities, dalits in d name of religion
👉People are looted by high taxes and anti ppl policies
👉Freedom Of Expression and speech is suppressed
👉Farmers are allowed to die
Journalists are murdered
👉Ppl showing mirror to govt are called anti nationals
👉Youth are being mocked at by being told to sell pakodas and paan
👉Foreign relations with neighbours are at all time low
👉Elements supported by govt are unleashed to create a civil war like situation in d country
👉Rioters and hatemongers are let lose by Govt to promote #Pradhan #Mantri #Divide and #Rule #Yojana
👉Complainents are being arrested and tortured #ModiEmergency
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Chillingly, the 10 stages of #Aadhaar : India's enforced biometric ID.
#1. Classification: People are divided into 2 groups. Those who have #Aadhaar (the good people). And those who don't have Aadhaar (the bad people). We don't have this classification for any other ID in India.
#2 People are forced to self identify using #Aadhaar as a single centralized biometric ID, for everywhere they do, everything they have. It's linked to birth, death, marriage, ration, pension, bank, property, school, online shopping, app cab. This happens ONLY in a fascist state
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When you wrote this, hopefully you had read it our aloud, the inconsistencies abound. A few points
1) There is no law requiring mandatory usage of Social Security Number (SSN) in the United States. STOP MISLEADING
SSN =PAN in India. It does not have any biometric data.

The Social Security Administration regularly suggests that if asked to provide his or her Social Security number, a citizen should ask which law requires its use
If the #Aadhaar database stores nothing secret, imp and even if it leaks like sieve, why @UIDAI has taken and will continue to take measures to ensure that its database remains secure? Why waste taxpayers money?
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Globalize identity, not #Aadhaar : Using one single database and identity management scheme for everything will not work.
A couple of weeks back, Bill Gates committed his globe-girdling foundation to the goal of spreading Aadhaar to the world. This is a good idea wrapped up in a terrible idea.
Aadhaar’s premise – that the poorest of citizens has the most to gain from the efficiencies that strong, fast, inexpensive identity authentication offers in improving public services, payments, credit and healthcare – is undoubtedly correct.
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1/2 #Fintech mafia at work - @oxigenwallet bal vanished. No SMS/email intimation. Initially they denied that I even have an a/c tho I can log in! Even tnx history has vanished. Luckily have old screenshot of tnx history. Now forcing #Aadhaar KYC even to take a complaint
2/2 Note that @OxigenCare doesn't accept any other doc for KYC. No response from them upon telling them I don't have Aadhaar & KYC cant be mandatory for utilizing existing bal
@just_outspoken @Stupidosaur @suchetadalal @Consumer2Court @thebharatseva @ConsumrConxion
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Now that the lawyers have run their marathon and we wait for the top court to rule, a small personal diary note thread on #Aadhaar & me.

Huge thanks to community of people who have widened my wisdom of how society works. Fellow helpless people helping each other.
It started sometime in 2011, when I knew nothing, enrolled along with family.But our enrollment packets were lost, EID wasnt even searchable. I did write some emails to support, but yielded nothing more than, please enroll again. As the need wasn't real, did not enroll.
Parents gave up at a later date, enrolled, got UID successfully generated. I resisted, mostly because of laziness, but did not have developed trust enough to enroll. On random browsing sessions, have heard Usha Ramanathan on YouTube, but never took deep dive into issues.
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#Aadhaar hearing. Rejoinder to continue. Gopal Subramanium Sr. Advocate is ready and waiting for the Bench to assemble. Will try and capture as much as possible in tweets, but is tough to keep pace when he is in his zone and in full flow :)
GS: On all notifications on Section 7. Each of the notifications are in furtherance of the dignity of the individual. If that is so, there is no question of imposing conditions when dignity is an inherent and inalienable right.
Sikri J asks about deduplication and therefore reaching the correct targeted beneficiary.

GS: If it is indeed such a affirmative action law, it needs to stand constitutional scrutiny. Stated purpose of the law is not necessarily the proper purpose of the law for constitutional..
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Reported a security issue of #Aadhaar demographic authentication API without any access restriction & was on unsecured protocols. This allows third parties to access APIs without being a AuA. Similar security issue has been previously reported.…
If you saw demographic authentications for your #Aadhaar on UIDAI portal, but you haven't done it. It's likely a third party who is trying to verify your details. As demographic authentication does not require any permission from the Aadhaar holder
Aadhaar is truly a broken system designed by people who have no idea about Information security, apart from the vested interest to make profits from it
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Last #Aadhaar hearing (day 38) will begin shortly. Petitioners will conclude the rejoinder.
Senior advocate Gopal Subramanium will continue his submissions.
GS: Is Aadhaar really affirmative action? Is the act an enabler or is it in the guise of enabler? The act is not an instrumentality to deliver services. It is only a means of identification.
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#Aadhaar hearing thread. Rejoinder to resume. Before that the Court is pronouncing a fab judgment.

On whether parliamentary committee reports can be taken judicial notice of as evidence of facts. SC answers in the affirmative.

DYC J reading his concurring judgment....
.....and part of His judgment is the assertion that the constitutionalism in India now is about moving from a culture of authority to a culture of justification. (Recall this exchange also came in the course of Aadhaar hearings when Sr. Gopal Subramanium pointed this out)
Rejoinder hearing resumes. Sr. Counsel Shyam Divan continues his submissions.

Refreshes the Court's memory on Prof. Manindra Agrawal's report and the conclusions he drew from that for the Court.
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#Aadhaar (day 37) hearing will begin shortly. Senior advocate, Shyam Divan will resume his submissions.
SD is reading out UIDAI'S answers to the questions posed by the petitioners.
SD says that banks and telecoms we're linking Individuals Aadhaar with their bank accounts and mobile numbers without their permission. It's called inorganic seeding.
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Thread on Billgates connection to #Aadhaar. Does he know enough to comment (of course he knows a lot more, deep intentions, interests). Now that he himself has repeated the fact that, his "charity",WB are interested in it, like to fund the initiatives, lets look at larger picture
Read "Digital Poverty Stack". I will summarize these posts

Part 1…

Part 2…

and add additional context on players.
Note that @India_Stack and Level One Project are parallel initiatives in India and Africa respectively? Why only these two geographies? Why not elsewhere?

Besides the usual guinea pig theory, the other common thing is, these are geographies where "Development finance"
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#Aadhaar rejoinders commence. Shyam Divan begins for petitioners. Thread.
SD says he wants to reiterate many agreements between P and R.

1. This an immensely large project.
2. First such attempt in a democracy.
3. Surveillance is unconstitutional. (Although R disagree that aadhaar creates a surveillance state).
SD refreshes the memory by citing to @samirkelekar and Jt Dsouza affidavits and shows how Union filed an affidavit by Prof. Manindra Agarwal as late as 9th March. He wants to read that affidavit first.

CEO talked glowingly about him, a Godel prize winner.
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#Aadhaar hearing. A-G now trying to argue how Lokniti order actually constituted a direction to government. Thread.
Reading Lokniti order and the Bench's recital of the Union government affidavit in that order.
DYC J asks how the linking is relatable to Section 7.

Sikri J points out that petitioners wanted something and Govt agreed. where is the question of a direction, he asks.

A-G says "your Lordships judgment....what more?"

A-G then reads the interim orders...
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#Aadhaar (day 36) hearing will begin shortly. State will conclude it's arguments today.
Attorney General K.K Venugopal commences his submissions. Repeats that Article 110(1)(g) is a standalone provision. There can be a bill that does not relate to 110(1)(a)-(g) but is still covered independently under 110(1)(g)
AG: Therefore the Aadhaar bill did not have to to be passed by the Rajya Sabha. RS could only make recommendations.
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#Aadhaar hearing. Second half of Day 35. Thread. @ZohebHossain continues his arguments for UIDAI and the state of Maharashtra.
Cites various other statutory provisions including CrPC and IT Act that provide for reasonable search and seizure and how they have been challenged earlier and have passed constitutional muster.
Next argument on Section 33(2) and the point petitioners made about the phrase 'national security' being undefined and vague.
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#Aadhaar (day 35) hearing will begin shortly.
Advocate Zoheb Hossain will continue his submissions for State of Maharashtra and UIDAI.
ZH hands over a bunch of international charters and covenants to the bench on harmonization of socio-economic and civil political rights.
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#Aadhaar hearing. Gopal Sankaranarayanan, Adv. arguing for @ccsindia, intervenor in the matter.
DYC J begins by interjecting GSank to say one does have multiple identities but Aadhaar does not destroy those identities. As a father or a husband, of one's citizenship etc.
GSank: Aadhaar as a number who identifies me as a beneficiary of a subsidy, benefit or service.
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#Aadhaar (Day 34) hearing will begin shortly. Advocate Gopal Sankarnarayanan will continue his submissions.
J. Chandrachud: Aadhaar section 7 seeks to identity the beneficiaries that require subsidies. It doesn't take away other forms of identity.
GS: Aadhaar is a no.which helps identify people who need subsidies. Many don't need that identity.
GS says he supports Aadhaar for the control, security and safeguards it provides but section 139aa of the income tax act takes away those.
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Here's a breakdown of our latest story on #Aadhaar. It makes the following key point: The most immediate sec/privacy is not a data breach, but Aadhaar-seeding
Aadhaar-seeding is resulting in searchable databases of the sort that we describe in this story. This is not about biometrics, this is about geo-tagging everyone's homes and putting them in a giant searchable database
"Creating public, searchable, digital profiles of minorities makes them potential targets of attack," said Kavita Srivastava, who has investigated scores of communal riots as National Secretary of the People's Union for Civil Liberties.
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#Aadhaar (day 33) hearing will begin shortly. Senior advocate Rakesh Dwivedi appearing for State/UIDAI will finish by lunch today.
RD: What sort of control does UIDAI have over RE? Fair and reasonable safeguard under Article 21.
RD: Data under REs is segregated. There's no way to aggregate that data as there are over 300 REs.
J. Sikri: what about an individual RE collecting data?
RD: lets take the example of Vodafone. what will vodafone do with the authentication data? They can't track any individual.
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#Aadhaar (Day 32) hearing will begin shortly.
Senior advocate Rakesh Dwivedi will resume his submissions for the State/ UIDAI. He's likely to finish by lunch tomorrow.
RD quotes two professors from Georgetown university and Stanford law school on conflict of human rights.
Also cites a book of Emmanuel Kant.
RD discusses reasonable and legitimate expectation of privacy from a UK judgement. Says context is very important. A criminal might not have any expectation of personal autonomy whereas a common man will.
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