Men Are Scum - Story #Thread
Battery full! I unplugged my phone then sat on the edge of the bed as I scrolled through notifications from different social media platforms, some needed to be replied immediately but no, I just wasn't in the mood to reply them yet. I was still going through the notifications
then saw a tweet from one of my feminist idols, the tweet read thus:

"I'm about to do a thread, another experience...*sighs* men are just scum"
I wasted no time diving into her twitter timeline, I followed the thread with rapt attention and retweeted, it was indeed a
bitter experience she had gone through all because she had decided to love a scum that called himself a man. Over time I had drawn strength from her tweets & tweets from other ladies like me who had gone through hell in the name of love and at the hands of men, men! Evil species,
I would give anything to wipe out every man from the face of the earth, yes, that was the depth of my hatred for the cursed specie called "males" and you won't blame me, I suffered abuse as a child, my Dad always hit my Mom & I up for no reasons while my two brothers watched
scummy brothers never made any attempt to stop him, but how could they when my older brother was always hitting me too and my younger brother was just a sissy. My Mom got divorced and married another man, the new scum she married raped me a couple of times, when my Mom found out,
she confronted him and there was a fight, I saw him push her, I saw her fall & hit her head against the wall and that was the end of my Mom. She died on the spot. The scum responsible for her death fled, but karma wasn't gonna let him go far, as moments later he died in a car

As far as I was concerned, I was an orphan and as such I had to hustle to see myself through school, I did all sorts of jobs, both legit jobs and despicable stuff to make money, well, except rituals and that was because I never got the opportunity, the unspeakable
stuff I did made me hate men more, you may want to ask "how?" For instance; I did, moved and sold drugs- my dealers/suppliers/customers were all male. I was a sex worker with the glorified name "escort" and all my pimps & clients were men. At some point I was made to sleep with
dogs by men to please men, to name a few despicable things I did. Disgusting life I need, because I was under some oath and contract to the devilish human specie called men. Well, the "hard work" paid out, I was rich and did my M.Sc
but I had lost a lot, no friends, no family, I lost my dignity, lost my pride, lost my confidence, I almost lost the will to live but Twitter came to the rescue.

I became a twitter addict and I loved it, it was easy for me to relate with other ladies who shared similar
experiences like mine, plus it was just the perfect platform to market my organic skin & hair care products, 98% of my clients were from on there and the business was thriving well. In no time I had joined the twitter feminists/"men are scum" movement and all we did was prove to
whoever cared to read our tweets that men were indeed scum and the world would be a better place without them. With every second spent on Twitter my hate for men grew exponentially, I avoided dealings with men as much as possible. No matter how obvious I made it seem that I hated
men, they just wouldn't stop coming, they kept coming in droves all day everyday and experience had taught me they were just after my hot body. Such scum!
The few I had let into my heart had disappointed me, they either fled when I gave them a sneak-peek into my dark past or after they had enjoyed the sugar of my "poompoom" & my money, scummy lot! Just a sneak-peek & they would just scamper away, men were such weaklings
and it irked me that they were left alive to walk the face of the earth.

Like I said earlier, I had become a Twitter addict and it felt so good, I got so addicted that I began to unconsciously seek validation from my Twitter clique and idols and it was such a sweet feeling
especially when you knew your group had your back anytime, any day.
Ophelia was a member of my twitter clique and we soon became friends in real life, I liked her 'cause she was strong-willed and a core feminist, sometimes I felt her hatred for the men folk was greater than mine
suggesting that the best solution to wiping the male folk would be to abort male pregnancies as soon as the scan showed what sex the child would be. Some Whites corroborated the tweet and went further to give an analogy which implied that male babies violated women in that they
came through the female "poompooms" with their tiny "weenies" without consent, which was equivalent to rape. Wow! Who would have thought it that way?!

On twitter I had a lot of friends, in real life I had only two close friends, Ophelia and Lolo and both of them were like
"word & opposite", I preferred Ophelia to Lolo though for various reasons, Lolo didn't share any of my views about men, she always scolded me like I was a child and it always made me cry. I know you're wondering how and why we were still friends, well she was a very wise lady
that taught me everything I knew about being an entrepreneur, I was also attached to her because she always looked out for me, even when I didn't deserve it, also she wasn't one to hide her feelings, she always said it the way it was without sugar coating or mincing words.
Ophelia on the other hand never got upset or maybe she did but never showed it, we vibed well, shared similar views, we were both feminists that believed in the annihilation of men, we didn't believe in equity or equal rights because we believed we were a much superior being than
the male folk.

One day I suggested the ladies of feminist/men are scum twitter organize a hangout, they agreed and I volunteered to host, I felt so elated when the leader of the feminist/men are scum twitter gang sent me a DM commending me and offering to assist in the

A date was fixed, a private beach was the venue. Lolo didn't approve of the party, but she still assisted with the preparations. On the said date I was shocked at the turnout, they were much more than I expected and it was a good thing we had prepared for a large
turnout, being the host made me so happy, because it was the first time I was hosting anything and hosting something big. The party went well, now I could place live faces to the tweets, I noticed something about the gathering was off but I just couldn't place it and I wasn't
even bothered, everyone was looking happy, even Lolo was happy even though she was in a different world, yeah, she came with her fiance and they stayed apart from the rest of us. I studied the whole scenery from a vantage point, the happiness Lolo and her fiance exuded was
totally different from the ladies, I don't know, but theirs felt natural while the ladies' felt like they were acting a script. "I thought this was supposed to be a private beach?" A voice said from behind, I looked back to find the feminist twitter Queen herself.
"Oh it is" I muttered, still dazed that I was standing right in front of my role model who wielded so much power on twitter.
"Then who are those ones over there? I thought it's a strictly female affair" She said, pointing at Lolo and her fiance
"Yeah, that's just my Sister with her fiance , I'm sorry she doesn't share our views but she contributed a lot to this though" I didn't know where the lie about Lolo being my sister came from, anyway she was like a Sister to me.
"Alright" she said with a sigh "Nice get together you arranged" she added
"Thanks" I could feel myself blushing

She looked at Lolo for a while then muttered something that sounded like "love is beautiful" as she turned to walk away, I could have sworn I had her correctly.
I wasn't sure I had heard her well, I looked at Lolo and her fiance playing in the sand, giggling like kids, oblivious to those of us around them. For the first time in a very long while a certain feeling was trying to let itself lose, a feeling I had imprisoned, a feeling
I thought was no longer there. My gaze shifted to the ladies and to my surprise, most of them had their gazes fixed on Lolo and her fiance, from the looks on their face I could tell they all craved a relationship like that and that was all shades of weird because this was
supposed to be a feminist/men are scum/man hate group.
It seemed like Lolo and her fiance were stealing the whole show and making the ladies mushy including me, so I signaled the DJ to turn the music up, alcohol kicked in, then the ladies got their groove on.
One major highlight
of the party was when Ophelia got very high and started blabbing about her "boyfriend", how she had offended him & how it made her feel really bad. I wasn't sure whether it was Ophelia talking or the alcohol, we were all too high to be bothered. In all, the party was a success
but I still had this feeling something was missing.

Months later, we were still the active self-proclaimed unapologetic feminists/men-are-scum advocates on twitter that no social media troll dared mess with, if nothing, it was increasing my fanbase, most especially my organic
skincare clientele, life was good till Lolo told me she was getting married soon. My friend told me she was getting married, a normal human being would be happy for her friend but I wasn't happy and don't get me wrong, I wanted the very best for her,I just felt her getting
married would create a hollow in my life 'cause she was like a friend, Sister, Aunt & Mom rolled into one.
"Lolo, are you sure about this decision to get married?" I asked
"Oh yes, why? you don't want me to get married?" She asked
"I do, it's just....I'll be forgotten" I replied
I was close to tears.
"No boo, how can I, you'll still have me and those your other friends" She said as she hugged me
"But have you given it a thought? I don't want you getting into something and finding out you can't know all these marriage stuff"
"Baby, don't worry, we'll all be fine in the end... let me tell you, if I looked back at all I had been through with men and didn't move on or allow old wounds heal then I would have had every reason to join your group of men-haters, but for the reason of missing a good thing
forever I decided not to, you really can't hold all men responsible for the sins of a few, baby girl don't allow your past let your present disturb your future, there are really good men out there."
Even with all the assurance, a certain gloom took over me and I didn't understand
why, hanging out with Ophelia wasn't helping, I discovered something about her that made me feel worse, she had a man in her life and she was getting distracted, as she barely had my time again, she was either texting away or on the phone with him and what's worse,
she was hiding it from me whilst maintaining the feminist/men-are-scum persona on twitter. Wasn't that being two-faced?

One day I was taking a stroll, then I suddenly felt very weak, I decided it would be best to just cross the road and take a bike back home, just as I got to
the middle of the road, a dizzy spell hit me, it hit me so hard my legs gave way, I collapsed right there on the road and seconds before I hit the ground and blacked out I saw a car swerve probably to avoid hitting me- anyway that was all I remembered.

I came to much later
, feeling woozy, I looked around me and didn't need to ask where I was, the question was how had I gotten there? I was going to get out of the hospital bed, but the throbbing headache that started when I raised my head made me change my mind and just stay put.
"hey baby you're up...thank God" Lolo said as she came into the ward with the Doctor, a nurse and another young man.
" did you know? How did I get here?" I asked
"Well, about how you got here, this 'ere young man was your ambulance, if he hadn't gotten you here as fast as he did, it would have been a whole different sad story" the male Doctor said while examining my pulse and heart rate.
"His car even needs serious repairs 'cause I think, while trying to avoid hitting or running over you, he had to swerve away from oncoming traffic and into a barricade" Lolo added.

"I'm so sorry" I muttered to the man.
"It's okay, what's more important is your life and I'm glad I was able to rush you down here, plus I saw a message from Lolo on your phone's notification and felt she would be the best person to contact" the man said.
"Okay, now that we are cool, it's time for you to get some rest" the Doctor said to me with a warm smile as he ushered Lolo and the young man out.
"Doctor" I called out
"Yes my dear patient" the Doctor answered.
"What's wrong with me?" I asked
"oh, it's nothing serious, you just need lots of rest, but you'll be under observation for a while" he replied with a wink.
"how long?" I asked.
"Well, that would depend on how well you rest, & while you're at it, don't think about'll be fine in no time" They left
the ward.
I was at the hospital for seven days, it's not like my condition was that bad, in fact by the third day I was fit as a fiddle, but truth be told I enjoyed the attention I was getting from the Doctor, Lolo, her fiance and the good Samaritan, the pampering made me prolong
my stay at the hospital four more days. Somehow I liked the Doctor even though he was male, he would come chat me up and make me laugh, the female Doctors I had gotten used to previous times when I visited the hospital were very cold compared to this Doctor.
Was I beginning to get soft?
On the last day at the hospital, I went to the Doctor's office for my bill.
"No, Ben already took care of everything" he said.
"Ben?" I asked
"yeah, Ben, the fella that brought you here...nice young man"
"hmmm" was all I could mutter as I was dazed.
Lolo came to take me home from the hospital, she was also shocked when I told her what the Doctor told me about Ben footing the hospital bills, I wondered how a total stranger would do all that
"he's a gentleman"
"I must send his money back to him" I replied
"And why?" Lolo asked
"Because I don't want to be indebted, so please call him & tell him to send his account details" I answered
"Hell no Ma, this one is your cross, I saved his number on your phone at the hospital, so call him yourself, but please thank him first before your foolishness takes over"
Lolo retorted, and I felt like crying.

The rest of the trip back home was in silence, which at that moment was the best because with Lolo's mood, anything else I said could result in my getting the most painful dress down of my life which in turn would make me weep like a child.
She dropped me at my gate and drove off without coming in, she was still upset and I couldn't tell if it was because I asked her to call him or because I wanted to pay him back, perhaps both. If I knew Lolo very well, each time I got her into moods like that, she always called
back about five minutes after or ten minutes tops just to check me up, but this time she didn't.
I called Ben a couple of times, he neither picked nor returned the calls so I sent him a text thanking him and asking for his account details so I could pay back all he spent on his
car and my hospital bills, he never replied the text hence I gave up trying to contact him.
Months went by, still no response from Ben, I wanted to believe something had happened to him, perhaps he changed his phone or maybe he was dead, because I couldn't understand the fact
that a man would go out of his way to be that nice for nothing.
and disappear without a trace, it just wasn't possible with men because no matter how nice they seem, they would always remain scum. I intended to talk about the whole thing on my twitter timeline
It gets more interesting....

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