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Thread by @astrobebs: "How The Signs Perceive Other People: Thread - Based on archetypes of the signs - Can also apply to moon or Venus Aries: A player in the game […]"

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How The Signs Perceive Other People: Thread
- Based on archetypes of the signs
- Can also apply to moon or Venus
Aries: A player in the game. Aries is about games and the game they're always playing is Power. The other person is what's at the other end of the power dynamic. The question is: what's the power dynamic? Are you stronger than Aries? Are you a threat to Aries, or an ally?
That's why Aries is into friendly competition. That's why they're always over-asserting themselves, they're trying to secure their place at the top of the power dynamic.
Remember that the sun is exalted in Aries. The sun is at its strongest egocentric. The saying "the world doesn't revolve around you" does not fly with Aries, because their world really does revolve around them.
This does not mean Aries does not care about the other. In fact, you need things to revolve around you in order to be revolved around. They have to care about you, you need players to play the game. But they don't just want your compliance, they expect it.
If you are not willing to play this way, Aries' control over you is threatened. Sometimes Aries will try the other route to regain control, instead of competing with you by drawing attention to themselves, they'll overexert themselves in your friendship or relationship.
They'll overstate their loyalty to you. They'll overstate their commitment. The aim of all this is to provide some sort of insurance against losing your loyalty to their favourite game.
So who are you to Aries? You're either a cooperative player or or you're competition.
Taurus: their possession. Are you their friend? Their lover? Their daughter? Doesn't matter. There's a deal you're making with Taurus - spoken or unspoken - that you are theirs. Remember, they are a solid sign. They love concrete realities. They love to expect and plan.
When you are around other people, you may choose to replace Taurus. Taurus is highly aware of this. They fear this because they have a Plan. And if you are in Taurus' life now, they likely want you to be in it forever.
Threatening this plan = bad. Their plan is what keeps them working. Taurus is not lazy-- they ARE willing to work with a goal in mind. And they WANT to work, but they need this goalpost. If you remove the goalpost, they won't know what to do with themselves.
So, they become easily threatened by the possibility of anyone leaving their herd (pun intended). It can manifest as feelings of possessiveness, jealousy, and even need for control.
Don't forget that Taurus is very easily attached to constants in their life. Your presence feels like a constant to them. And if you don't appreciate this need for constancy, you are misunderstanding Taurus.
Taurus reacts to this misunderstanding by running a tight ship in an effort to stick to the plan they want. They are determined people but they are also realistic people. If you don't see a future with them in it, they will let you go. But only after you make this very clear.
So who are you to Taurus? You are their possession but you are also more than that: you are their routine, their plan, and their future. And y'all gotta know, Taurus doesn't hold anything closer to them than their routine. (Except maybe sleep)
Gemini: stimulation. A sign constantly in their minds. They're naturally bouncing from topic to topic, it's a little mind numbing to say the least. There's no turning off their thinking, so distraction is the next best thing.
Gemini has a million things they're interested in considering and thinking about. They want to bounce their ideas off something, and they crave conversations about these topics.
Stimulation is to them an intellectual pursuit. Sure, they want fun and entertainment and it's amusing to just TALK. But they want to learn and expand their view at the same time. That's why you'll see them often adopting views to rile others.
Gemini loves to go in one direction, learn about it, then try the complete opposite direction just to see what they can learn from the other side.
What you are doing for Gemini when you are engaging in conversation with them is giving them an opportunity to play out some part of something they've been thinking about forever.
There's a saying: A Gemini is willing to try anything, at least twice. Don't underestimate the curiousity of a Gemini. They want to talk about these weird things with you, they want to cover the ground of all thought.
Don't underestimate the value of what you are able to give them. Being there for them allows them to form the kinds of connections they crave. A lot of underdeveloped Geminis don't know how to build solid emotional connections, so having at least a mental connection is a step.
So, what does this mean? Who are you to a Gemini? You're an opportunity to spill the contents of their mind. You're novelty, a change of pace, and intellectual expansion.
Cancer: their shell. Cancer is all about the home, and as the hermit, they carry their home around everywhere they go. What will motivate them to interact with others, other than emulating the same nurturing, love, and comfort afforded to them by their home?
If you don't fit into the home they carry within themselves, Cancer doesn't want you. They take trust very seriously because they they're under a lot of internal pressure to make the smartest, sharpest choices to bring them closer to their ideal future.
Cancer's house (the 4th house) is about childhood, but Cancers themselves represent the young adult stage. They represent being out in the world- trying to curate for themselves a home away from the childhood home they likely idolized, a future that is as secure as it is safe.
Cancer takes their mother seriously because in their childhood she represented a lifeline to that reality they crave (safety, security). In their adult life they continue to try to form these attachments.
This puts a lot of pressure on whoever is on the other side, trying to be enough for Cancer, as they are competing with Cancer's favorite person, their mother.
Furthermore, just as the turbulence of young adulthood afflicts adolescents, Cancer experiences the same turbulence in themselves. Their passive nature (being a feminine sign) coupled with their modality (cardinal) means they want to be both recipients and instigators.
This is a difficult duality to reconcile, and explains their moodiness. They are a water sign at the end of it all, and represent that surface disappointment that defines the young adult era.
So what does that mean for whoever is on the other side? It means you are competing with Cancer's rollercoaster emotional nature when you are trying to fit into their life, and you must be patient with the fact that they take the promises and things you say very seriously.
Who are you to Cancer? You are a home.
Leo: you're either part of their tribe or you're threatening it. Are you in their tribe, earning your protection by recognizing their reign, or are you questioning them or otherwise coming for anyone in their tribe?
There's no doubt Leo is quite territorial, like the wild cat that represents them, but what distinguishes them is unlike Taurus they have a more readily aggressor energy when it comes to protection and possession.
Leo wants to know your loyalty and how you serve their tribe. They like to delegate roles, they have a natural presidential flair for this reason. They are passionate-- and they are stubborn -- so they will go to great lengths to get you to comply to their hopes for the tribe.
I think of Leo as the graduated Cancer, that's moved on from the shell of the home and the concept of a nuclear family to the expanse of a tribe that they creatively form, protect, and govern. The bringing about of a family as a means of their creative exertion.
5th house, associated with Leo, rules over matters of children and childbearing as well as creative processes. I believe this is highly relevant to how Leo looks to other people. The formation of their tribe is their art.
Their tribe is a mix of their family and friends, lovers and coworkers, depending on their other placements.
I believe Leo is as motivated by pride as they are by a desire to keep things the same (fixed sign) in how they move with others.
So who are you to Leo? Part of the fruits of their creative process, the tribe in which they govern and in exchange for your allegiance, protect.
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