It's pretty easy when the guy he was talking to works for Hakluyt (private Intel) and donated millions to the Clinton Foundation.

Downer known for ties to ASIS/Mi6/FVEY already.

Papa ↔️ Downer
Hakluyt ↔️ Orbis
Steele ↔️ Simpson
Fusion ↔️ USIC

#KeepAmericaGreat 🇺🇸
Alexander Downer is a life long deepstate puppet raised by a former life long puppet of the British Crown. He is a 100% in the pockets of the Clintons, McCain, and British Royalty.

This is the man who had a conversation with Papadopoulos about HRC emails.
London is the epicenter of foreign spies who collude and create "black PR" dossiers to blackmail the wealthy and political bleaders across the world.

This is where all the magic happens.
Hakluyt is also know as Pelorus both part of the Holdingham Group.

The company is headquartered in London and has offices in New York, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney.
Hakluyt boasts it doesn’t offer “off the shelf” advice but rather uses a network of key operatives across the globe to instruct on a country, government, industry or company’s outlook and exploitable strengths and weaknesses.…
Hakluyt & Company is named after a 16th-century geographer and economic intelligence specialist Richard Hakluyt who sat and listened to the tales told by returning explorers such as Drake and Frobisher. Then he wrote them up as 'Hakluyt's Voyages.

(Sort of like dossiers)
No coincidences..

Richard Hakluyt created a number of "New World" Maps

Of course they were in Latin.


So "Hakluyt"used information from explorers to create the "Orbis."

Where else have we heard Orbis recently?
Christopher Steele is a former British intelligence officer with the Mi6. He is also the founding director of ORBIS Business Intelligence, a London-based private intelligence firm.
The same Steele that created the fake Russian Dossier to smear Trump.
Also happens to be close to Oleg Deripaska and Sergei Skripal who was recently poisoned.
In the early 1990s Skripal was recruited by an MI6 agent Pablo Miller to gather intelligence which was given to Steele when he was still Mi6. Of course, Pable now works for ORBIS and was reported as being close with Skripal.
So we have two former senior Mi6 agents running very similarly named "business intelligence" companies in London. Where the PRIME Intel on Papadopoulos came from and the other produced the Russian Dossier. And we have a dead Russian double agent.

Very 007 esque?

Where is Q?
Downer has a long history of using Australia's intelligence agencies to illegally spy. He also is heavily involved with Woodside Oil.

Read here for some interesting Intel on his past.…
Woodside Oil is connected to the Leviathan Pipeline in Israel. This is the same pipeline that Papadopoulos did research for that supposedly got him the job with the @realDonaldTrump campaign.

Read more about Papadopoulos in this old thread...


Recap: Downer, a Clinton supporter, tells the FBI that the Russians have dirt on Hillary, based on a conversation with Papadopoulos in London. The FBI launches an investigation.

Clinton pays a former British spy for a Trump dossier used by USIC to spy on Carter Page and Trump.
Downer who is also currently under heat for the $25 million given to the Clinton Foundation for a deceptive HIV Initiative.…
All of these Private Intelligence firms work for energy (oil/gas) companies.

Just to try to explain the tangled mess in the Middle East over pipelines and the geopolitical power struggle take a look at this article.

Deeper down the rabbit hole with this mess in the middle East and the pipelines and oil fields.
Back to how this all started. Remember McCain and his never Trumper friends funded Fusion GPS and colluded with Brennan in order to bolster their "insurance" against Trump.…
Supposedly the head of the GCHQ Robert Hannigan, passed material in 2016 to the CIA chief John Brennan. The matter was deemed so sensitive it was handled at “director level."

Look at this article from a year ago to see how backwards they had it.…
Of course Obama knew who to contact for Russian intel. In 2008, Michael Hayden, the C.I.A. director, visited the U.K., and Steele briefed him on Russian developments. The following year, President Obama visited and was briefed on a report that Steele had written about Russia.
John Brennan and his circle were leaking to the British BBC’s Paul Wood that Brennan was the instigator of Comey’s investigation into Trump. Brennan, according to Wood, had received a lead from an intel agency that the Kremlin was funneling money into the Trump campaign.
Why is it that many of the leaked stories about an Obama administration investigation into Trump-Russia ties originated in the British press?

Did the Obama administration outsource its spying on Trump to the Brits, who had access to the NSA database?
Of course another thing these British Intelligence services are known for is working with journalist. In fact they employ them. So no shock they leak the details to be reported and use this to validate their "story."

Same thing Steele tried with Yahoo and BuzzFeed.
Why would the FBI/DOJ would allow this circular reasoning to grant a FISA warrant?

Why go after a known FBI informant Carter Page in order to get access to the Trump campaign?
Who sent Carter Page to the Trump campaign to begin with and who let him stay?


In September 2015, Fusion GPS was hired by The Washington Free Beacon to do opposition research on Trump. In spring 2016 when Trump had emerged as the probable Republican candidate, the Free Beacon stopped funding investigation into Trump.
The Free Beacon was created by Paul Singer and strongly tied to the Republican establishment. The chairman Michael Goldfarb was deputy communications director on John McCain’s failed presidential campaign.
Michael Continetti is the editor-in-chief. He started the website with Michael Goldfarb after marrying the daughter of Never-Trumper Bill Kristol. He is who hired Fusion GPS. According to Roger Stone it was Paul Singer who paid for the dossier.
Paul Singer is shady AF.

Read this to get an idea of the games he likes to play.…
So Fusion gave McCain the dossier after the election with the goal to alert the United States national security community to an attack on our country by a hostile foreign power. He then shared it with Comey and others in the IC.
McCain pretended to not know that DNC attorney Marc E. Elias and his law firm, Perkins Coie retained Fusion GPS to conduct further anti-Trump work on behalf of both the Clinton campaign and the DNC.
Apparently, Sir Andrew Wood, a former British ambassador to Moscow, said McCain first consulted him about the claims inside the dossier at a security conference shortly after last November’s presidential election.
Wood stated that McCain had obtained the documents from the senator’s own sources. “I told him I was aware of what was in the report but I had not read it myself, that it might be true, it might be untrue. I had no means of judging really."
Wood later claims he was asked by Steele to be the messenger and to share the dossier with McCain. 🙄
So where did Steele get the Golden Shower story? Well we now know that Hillary also had her operatives Sid Blumenthal and Cody Shearer working on another dossier to coaberate what Steele was alledging.
Who gave the FBI the Shearer dossier? The Shearer memo was provided to the FBI in October 2016 by Steele – who had been given it by an American contact – after the FBI requested the former MI6 agent provide any documents or evidence that could be useful in its investigation.
Shearer is a "hachet man" the perfect "open source" contact someone like Steele or Glen Simpson would hire to "research."

This is the guy who pushed the Dan Quayle was a drug addict story..…
Of course some anons on /pol/claimed to have created the story of the "golden showers" to troll the NeoCons. Probably not the case but with the way these people were gathering Intel I wouldn't be shocked.
Rick Wilson is the guy who asked Coulter if Trump "paid more for anal." He hates Trump and his supporters.

My theory is that he did catch wind of this and passed it to Rubio (Singer's guy) who gave it to Fusion GPS.

I bet he talked to Cody Shearer about the golden showers..
There is more to the Cody Shearer angle and how they used Alexandra Chalula and Yoni Ariel "research" to create a left wing Russian conspiracy theory.…
You may notice I haven't really mentioned much about the individuals within the DOJ/FBI that used all of this fake open source FOREIGN Intel and colluded with Obama/HRC/DNC to spy on Trump. You know like Bruce Ohr who was the contact for Steele at the FBI. Or McCabe. Or Strozk.
That's because they are the obvious fall guys for Obama, Hillary, and McCain.

Bruce's wife working for Fusion GPS..

McCabe covering up for Democrats and pusing Flynn out using shady 302s.

Strozk showing the world he is anti-Trump and wanted to stop him from being elected...
So back to Hakluyt...
We have some more "digging" going on in this thread:

More Connections made in this thread.
I forgot that @julianAssange had covered most of this in a thread in March.
Well it just validates most of what I was saying above with some other nuggets.

Forgot about this name as well:

Louis Susman

Are we ever going to find out who Fusion paid for their stories?

Pretty much what I was trying to connect....

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