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So you go to your doc to discuss the use of a ketogenic diet to treat your mental illness and or neurological disorder, and they are like, "Oh no! the evidence is not good enough to do that!" or some such... what do you do? 🧵(1/9)
Well, if you like your doctor and you don't want to go get a second opinion from some other epic low-carb informed doc, you're going to need to educate them.
You tell them this 👇(2/9)
"Why wouldn't I want to use a ketogenic diet as an intervention? There are many advantages, but from a scientific standpoint, we have over 100 years of evidence supporting its safety and efficacy in epilepsy. (3/9)
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But for the #Facts that weren't argued until it became apparent that some things about this attack aren't a ❝good look❞ for Pelosi.

🔨During the 9-1-1 call, Paul referred to DePape as a ❝friend;❞
🔨Both men were in their chonies, why, Marshy?;

I get it, nothing we know about DePape indicates that he represents MAGA! Back to the ❝e.g.'s❞:

🔨Many have heard the 9-1-1 call, why isn't it ❝out there❞ for ALL of us to hear?;
🔨3 Officer's responded, where is the body cam footage?;
🔨Speaking of ❝Cam footage❞...

...where is the security cam footage?;
🔨Pictures of the French Doors where DePape supposedly entered, show the glass on the ground outside. How does one break-in, by breaking the glass out? Enquiring minds, Marshy. Seriously.

The bottom line is simple: If you don't want...
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Tell me again about smuggling, cupcake...

Do you need more? Mkay...……

When the DimWit-o-cRATs do it to Republican states it's ALL GOOD and TOTALLY LEGAL! No Statute quotes, none of your "it's across state liiiiiiiines

...whiny BullScheiße. And, these were UNACCOMPANIED MINORS, NOT "Asylum Seekers" - THAT Scheiße is👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼, but NOT the other way around? GOT IT🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼❗

This, isn't a HUMANITARIAN CRISIS? Cruel & Unusual Punishment in MY Conservative *frikk'n* OPINION, you...
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How do you keep everyone in their homes glued to their TV screens While The worlds largest Military STINGr Takes place ? …

Shortage of Donuts?
Shortage of Duff Beer?

Pick - A - Card - ANY - Card ! ImageImage
Toe 2 Tow

Heels up
All Healed Up

Clear Your Mind, HEAL !
FREE Your Mind, HEAL ! ImageImage
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Hail to the Chief.
Tay, I know it’s ultimately ur choice/decision at the end of the day but how does your dad feel about Elvis being the Pastor that day? …
King is the pastor for King & Queens Wedding, extraordinary times we’re living in. ImageImage
It’s UR day, I want U to have the day U always dreamed of, I want it to be everything & more.
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.@AustinCreedWins , NINTENDO 64/Regular …

Kong & Zilla, United as 1 for the time being … Common enemy, MECHA Zilla ..

Matrix Resurrections — 🌈 Time !!!
Mortal Kombat — Winning Time !
The Mandalorian
Home Sweet Home ..
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Вот и всё. Как мы все прекрасно поняли¹ ещё 5 марта, платная подписная музыка РФ покидает². Прощаемся с Яндекс.Плюсом (с @yandexmusic, но без «Музыки» «Плюс» и не нужен). 👇👇
Судя по всему, ранее загруженные записи лицензированы на год, их пока в сервисах слушаем. Однако новых³ записей в музыкальные стриминги глобальные правообладатели уже не дадут. Мы старое «дослушаем», думаю максимум до конца года или даже сентября?
И будет амба вместо ABBA. Впрочем, кому в сентябре (!) в горящей т. н. РФ будет дело до музыки…
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К закрытию¹ Deezer в РФ (сервис Леонида Блаватника, уважаемого, Warner Music Group). Не факт, что глобальные правообладатели вообще продолжат лицензировать записи на музыкальные стриминги в РФ и дальше. Передавать музыку за «Линию фронта», почти буквально. Зачем²?

(тред 👇)
Разумно прямо сейчас сохранить³ плейлисты, лайки, любимые альбомы Со Всех Стримингов, включая российские @yandexmusic, VK на локальный комп, хотя бы текстом в .txt.
Под вопросом, для меня, судьба записей: Warner, Universal, Sony, десятков фирмачей из Believe Digital, Beggars, [PIAS], Orchard, CD Baby/Merlin… Да всех! Слишком много ключевых правообладателей инкорпорированы за восстановленным Занавесом.

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#Boom #Rechtsprechung #Schadensersatz

LG München I Endurt. v. 20.1.2022 – 3 O 17493/20, GRUR-RS 2022, 612 spricht einen immateriellen SE iHv 100 € zu, weil die dynamische IP-Adresse an #Google (konkret: Google Fonts) in die USA übertragen wurde!…
Wesentliche Aussagen des Gerichts:

- Die dynamische IP-Adresse stellt für einen Webseitenbetreiber ein personenbezogenes Datum dar, denn der Webseitenbetreiber verfügt abstrakt über rechtliche Mittel, die vernünftigerweise eingesetzt werden könnten,...
um mithilfe Dritter, und zwar der zuständigen Behörde und des Internetzugangsanbieters, die betreffende Person anhand der gespeicherten IP-Adressen bestimmen zu lassen.
- Dabei reicht es aus, dass für die Beklagte die abstrakte Möglichkeit der Bestimmbarkeit der Personen...
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#Boom du #photovoltaïque au #Vietnam - de moins de 1 % des consommations électriques couvertes à plus de 15 % en deux ans

⬇️ THREAD ⬇️
1⃣ Le gouvernement Vietnamien fixe un objectif de capacité installée de 4 GW à horizon 2025, et de 12 GW à horizon 2030 [1].
2⃣ Fin 2018, le parc installé au Vietnam est d'environ 600 MW et couvre moins de 1 % de la consommation électrique.
3⃣ En 2019, ce sont 4,8 GW qui sont installés essentiellement au sol.
4⃣ En 2020, ce chiffre monte à 11,1 GW, dont 9,6 GW en toiture, quasiment la capacité qui a été installée en France en l’espace de 15 ans.
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This is what NY has on the table right now.

I highlighted the word carrier, for a reason. My brother and I used to get strep throat, repeatedly. We would get rid of it and then #BOOM, get it again. As it turned out, our mom was a "carrier" of the Strep bacteria.

She got treated for strep even though she never showed a single symptom and we didn't get strep throat again. Not "NEVER" but it ceased to be back-to-back infections.

What's are these CovIDIOTS going to use as their basis for suspecting someone is a "carrier?"

What is the treatment that a carrier or a person with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 can receive to ensure they are virus-free and unable to infect anyone else?

Note: THERE IS NO mRNA-shot or treatment that can even PRETEND to meet that standard. So...basically, they can isolate...
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Our final speakers today is @taabaman who is speaking now on the inflammasome! #BIIAtTheBedside
@taabaman A series of proteolytic events leads to pyroptosis AKA #FireryCellDeath
@taabaman Check out his work published in Cell Chemical Biology in 2017!…
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33/ Heartbreaking stories of vax injuries/deaths.

Sen. Ron Johnson's panel discussion in DC, w doctors, researchers, & victims.

No evidence the vacks offers benefit.

The rona flu ain't deadly, but the CDC/FDA/NIH treatment protocols & vacks are.…
34/ In pf!z3r's own study, more k!ll3d by the vackseen than the placebo group.

Deep State Operation, the #Plannedemic: Death by fraud, by remdes!v!r, & now by vacks.

It's time for the arrests & trials for #CrimesAgainstHumanity.…
35/ Most doctors & hospitals have become paid a$$a$$!n$ of the Deep State.

"Fauci knew remdes!v!r was deadly, but fast-tracked FDA approval Oct 2020 as the primary treatment rona patients. Patients across this country were not treated, but murdered."…
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Remember when Tony was on the Masked singer? I have been trying to tell EVERYONE #WHY the entire world has done all they have & for who ...
So many left truth hidden in plain sight for 10-20-30 -100 -300 Years ..

Waiting for 1 person to be born..
I showed EVERYONE for who
Without trying to sound conceded or make it seem like I was/am beating my chest because I'm not. I only have been showing to give/bring comfort to everyone in knowing it's been over, everything is fake & the only reason why EVIL is doing all they are to YOU 'THE PEOPLE'/World
Is because I exist ..
None of it could be faked & people are so lost & out of balance seeking attention from all this are failing to see WHY "Celebs"/white hats had to do all they did to preserve TRUTH given to them by ones like John Jr/Travelers in time ..
All anyone chose
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Time to pay close attention to #China & #India's comprehensive #DataProtection bills. Why? Because they are coming probably by the end of 2021, they are giving 'data subject' rights to app 2.7 billion people & they legislate DP where the US is absent: 1/…
In this panel that opened the #GPS2021 online sessions for @PrivacyPros, I explore with Barbara Li and Malavika Raghavan @teninthemorning some of the context & background leading to these two legislative developments in China and India, as well as the burning topics of ... 2/ localization, international data transfers, private rights of action and enforcement. There was so much more to talk about - we promise to be back with a follow-up and a deeper dive into individual data subject rights and other practical topics. Why the time pressure? 3/
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/18/2021…
Thought-detection: AI has infiltrated our last bastion of privacy | VentureBeat…

#AI #privacy
mRNA Platform: Drug Discovery & Development - Moderna

#development #discovery #drup #platform
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#Conte sale al Quirinale per il #ConteTer, ma in parlamento non ottiene i voti. È l’ora del #GovernoDraghi.

L’ex presidente #Bce riceve l'incarico dal Presidente della repubblica, fa il suo discorso programmatico parlando di #generazioni future, di #produttività, #sostenibilità.
Umiltà e pragmatismo. Di #ZombieEconomics e #DebitoCattivo.

In Camera e Senato si spellano le mani, i giornali riportano commenti estasiati e prolisse biografie che iniziano dal collegio dei gesuiti per passare dal Britannia.

Il Paese è in #LunaDiMiele.
Honey moon con sondaggi pro Draghi che fanno invidia a Xi Jinping nel politburo.

Ottiene la fiducia con percentuali bulgare: lo ha votato tre quarti del parlamento. Uniche mosche bianche, guardate con spregio dai giornalisti in Transatlantico, sono solo un paio di partiti
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Four Work Trends Set to Boom

Some food for thought for the new year...

#TechForGood #FutureOfWork

Thread (1/8)…
1 - More Ways to Earn

Chefs 🧑‍🍳
Gamers 👾
Teachers 👩‍🏫
#crypto freelancers 🚀
and Pet Caretakers 🦮🐩🐶

#GigEconomy #careers

Thread (2/8)
2 - More Ways to Learn

Massive investment in lifelong learning and reskilling

Estimated at $7 trillion by 2025 @holoniq

#Education #EdTech #HigherEducation #Learning #Disneyfication @packyM @satyanadella @LambdaSchool @lyndagratton

Thread (3/8)
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