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Remember when Tony was on the Masked singer? I have been trying to tell EVERYONE #WHY the entire world has done all they have & for who ...
So many left truth hidden in plain sight for 10-20-30 -100 -300 Years ..

Waiting for 1 person to be born..
I showed EVERYONE for who
Without trying to sound conceded or make it seem like I was/am beating my chest because I'm not. I only have been showing to give/bring comfort to everyone in knowing it's been over, everything is fake & the only reason why EVIL is doing all they are to YOU 'THE PEOPLE'/World
Is because I exist ..
None of it could be faked & people are so lost & out of balance seeking attention from all this are failing to see WHY "Celebs"/white hats had to do all they did to preserve TRUTH given to them by ones like John Jr/Travelers in time ..
All anyone chose
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Time to pay close attention to #China & #India's comprehensive #DataProtection bills. Why? Because they are coming probably by the end of 2021, they are giving 'data subject' rights to app 2.7 billion people & they legislate DP where the US is absent: 1/…
In this panel that opened the #GPS2021 online sessions for @PrivacyPros, I explore with Barbara Li and Malavika Raghavan @teninthemorning some of the context & background leading to these two legislative developments in China and India, as well as the burning topics of ... 2/ localization, international data transfers, private rights of action and enforcement. There was so much more to talk about - we promise to be back with a follow-up and a deeper dive into individual data subject rights and other practical topics. Why the time pressure? 3/
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/18/2021…
Thought-detection: AI has infiltrated our last bastion of privacy | VentureBeat…

#AI #privacy
mRNA Platform: Drug Discovery & Development - Moderna

#development #discovery #drup #platform
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#Conte sale al Quirinale per il #ConteTer, ma in parlamento non ottiene i voti. È l’ora del #GovernoDraghi.

L’ex presidente #Bce riceve l'incarico dal Presidente della repubblica, fa il suo discorso programmatico parlando di #generazioni future, di #produttività, #sostenibilità.
Umiltà e pragmatismo. Di #ZombieEconomics e #DebitoCattivo.

In Camera e Senato si spellano le mani, i giornali riportano commenti estasiati e prolisse biografie che iniziano dal collegio dei gesuiti per passare dal Britannia.

Il Paese è in #LunaDiMiele.
Honey moon con sondaggi pro Draghi che fanno invidia a Xi Jinping nel politburo.

Ottiene la fiducia con percentuali bulgare: lo ha votato tre quarti del parlamento. Uniche mosche bianche, guardate con spregio dai giornalisti in Transatlantico, sono solo un paio di partiti
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🚨THE STORM IS COMING - Pay Attention

Trump was in Alamo Tx at the Border wall.

Promises Made, Promises Kept. The Wall is complete.

Any other promises? Symbolism is important..

Alamo - 'The Last Stand"

What happened at the Alamo?
Lost that small battle but won Texas' freedom!
I shall never surrender or retreat. Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism, and everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid with all dispatch. VICTORY OR DEATH!
Did you pay attention to the speech? It got interesting if you knew what to look for.

He started the speech at 2:10pm CST.

This is interesting. Let's go to EST
310 -

He is talking about a SPEECH, MILITARY... odds of that?

It gets better...

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Four Work Trends Set to Boom

Some food for thought for the new year...

#TechForGood #FutureOfWork

Thread (1/8)…
1 - More Ways to Earn

Chefs 🧑‍🍳
Gamers 👾
Teachers 👩‍🏫
#crypto freelancers 🚀
and Pet Caretakers 🦮🐩🐶

#GigEconomy #careers

Thread (2/8)
2 - More Ways to Learn

Massive investment in lifelong learning and reskilling

Estimated at $7 trillion by 2025 @holoniq

#Education #EdTech #HigherEducation #Learning #Disneyfication @packyM @satyanadella @LambdaSchool @lyndagratton

Thread (3/8)
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#Cycle20201222 -- conditions for all 9 cycles

Your cycle: bMth + bDay + yr + 1

Eg: Lionel Messi (born Jun 24): 6 + 24 + 2020 + 1 = 8 yr

For the Q movement, today is a 4 (test) yr,
9-4 (Test) mth


See any cycle of the year so far:
"#Cycle2020mmdd" in search
1 yr, 6-7 mth, 1-7 day -- Depth day. Great study day. Deep dive!

2 yr, 7-9 mth, 2-9 day -- Rest/big picture day. Sensitive numbers.

3 yr, 8-2 mth, 3-2 day -- People day, AM best. Test year almost here...
4 yr, 9-4 mth, 4 day -- Test day, month and year. Caution in all ways.

5 yr, 1-6 mth, 5-6 day -- Decisions to be made, expand your thinking.

6 yr, 2-8 mth, 6-8 day -- Strong harvest conditions.
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This is a great story. TrumpCrook goes to the FBI to find crooks. Get crooked himself. Boom. #WhyDoenstBarrAnswerMyCalls?…
One clue that someone might be in big trouble.
Should give shout out to @DavidCornDC and
@dfriedman33 for reminding us that the law trumps...bribery. I also encourage people to remember that tucked up under all criminality is George Nader, Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon and a cast of dozens. All waiting for the phone to ring.
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[THREAD] 🌊 Petite plongée pour découvrir un animal bien particulier et complètement fascinant. Il vit dans les eaux chaudes du bassin Indo-Européen. Laissez-moi vous présenter la crevette-mante paon ! 🦞🌏 #CSTgre #AnimauxFantastiquesIRL Crédit photo : Philippe Gui...
Également nommée « Squille multicolore », "Odontodactylus scyllarus" est un petit crustacé stomatopode mesurant jusqu’à 18cm de long. Il doit son nom à ses belles couleurs vives. Magnifique, n’est-ce pas ? #souslocean Credit photo : Dorothea OLD...
Les mâles arborent des couleurs vert brillant. Les femelles seront davantage olivâtres à brunes. Pour les jeunes, le corps sera plutôt jaunâtre.
En-dehors de ces belles couleurs, la crevette-mante paon possède des capacités incroyables ! Par Jens Petersen — Travail...Crédit photo : Stéphane ORE...Crédit photo : Charlene McB...
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Um, you guys...

The DOJ just DISSOLVED Purdue pHarma.

So, not only do #WeThePeople absorb that $8B into our national treasury, #WeThePeople will also benefit from the proceeds of producing OxyContin. It is a responsibility and we must be vigilant to treat and prevent opioid addiction. But the sum total recovery for the US gov > $8B.
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Voici un #sonicboom, généré par un #avion qui passe la vitesse du son. Mais comment ça se passe du coup ? Un thread d’Acoustique qui vous explique le lien entre les avions et les trompettes. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
J’ai lu 2 3 bêtises sur le #sonicboom ici et là, en lien avec les évènements de #Paris. Du coup je me permets d’apporter quelques éclairages, humblement évidemment :-)
Premièrement, @ProfDuthoit vous a fait des dessins pour y voir plus claire :-)

Le phénomène serait donc dû à une sorte d'empilement d'ondes. Heh, en fait, pas que...
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I’m going to miss the NOTORIOUS #RBG this is breaking so MANY 💔💔

We have to keep the FIGHT for #GenderEquality #CivilRights FOR #WOMEN
We also need to think of her family during this time—they should be in our 🙏
#RIPRuthBaderGinsburg 🙏😢😢😢💙💙💙💙💙
#Vote in her memory
#Resist TRUMP & #GOP

She sent a letter to her granddaughter
“When I die I don’t want #DonaldTrump to replace me”
a LOSE to 🇺🇸

#Resisters WE CAN’T LET HIM
#VoteBidenHarris2020 for 🇺🇸
#RBG would be so proud of

#Women #LGBTQ #CivilRights VOTE FOR HER too 💙
#Republicans WOULD NOT ALLOW a Democrat SCOTUS from Obama to be picked

BUT let’s mourn her FIRST—THANK God we had her on the bench, and her wonderful life..and then..

We will CELEBRATE HER LIFE & ignore the HATERS tonight
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¿De qué color es el caballo BLANCO de Napoleón ? Una lección sobre la paciencia, By mi abuela

Recuerdo, el día que mi abuela me hizo esta pregunta 🤣: « Nuna de ¿qué color es el caballo BLANCO de Napoleón »? Y yo, con una seguridad FÉRREA, le respondo: ¡AZUL! 😬 #Genia 1/7 Image
Ella me dice: « Nuna, ¿te repito? Y yo: No, es Marrón...en fin dije como 5 colores 😅. Y ella me contestó: « Nuna, lo dice la frase: BLANCO ». 🤦🏽‍♀️ 2/7
Siguió: « Eres una niña muy despierta y curiosa, eso es bueno. Sin embargo, te ACELERAS y a veces no reflexionas. No es el que responde PRIMERO, es el que responde BIEN ». #Boom 💥 🤯 🎤 3/7
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.@TGowdySC tells @MariaBartiromo He thinks John Durham will find a mixture of FBI/CIA responsible for the Start of the Trump campaign working with the Russians.
.@TGowdySC Says view this thing in three parts.
.@TGowdySC Was doing really good then #Boom the RINO Kicks in overdrive.
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#BOOM !!! 💥 @BienaimeClmence is back !! Avec un nouveaux format vidéo ! 😍
🎥 Découvrez ici l'échauffement #EBP du Handballeur réalisé en collaboration avec Nicolas Foucher Pro et inspiré par l'article de Andersson et al. !
🤓 Ref pour les collègues 🔥 :…/andersson_2016_bjsm_preventing-overuse-s…
3ème partie 💪
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1. Here is my 3rd thread on the Bible’s “Future Proves Past”. As mentioned before, it is not a coincidence that the majority of Anons are Christians or spiritually sensitive men and women.
2. Q uses many phrases over and over again to crystalize a point. “Future proves past”
“Learn our comms”
3. The #Bible has many similar phrases as well.
”That it might be fulfilled”
“Thus, you know that I am the Lord”
“He who has an ear, let him hear!”

A sample below Image
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1. Here is my second attempt at decoding the #Bible using Q’s method of communication, hopefully this will lead to another mini biblical #boom for the edification of the church.
2. Those who have followed Q’s communication closely know that Q creates connections to Q’s post using various methods (gematria, timestamps, image filenames and so forth)
3. As we are approaching #DarktoLight, let us examine how significant it is being the Children of Light.
“For ye were once darkness, but are now light in the Lord: walk as Children of Light”
Ephesians 5:8
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ComEd, largest utility in Illinois pleads guilty to bribing Public Official A from 2011-2019 in exchange for official acts of the Illinois legislature to help the company.
First glance says PO A is Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan!
Commonwealth Edison is confessing to the crimes as part of a deferred prosecution agreement with a $200M fine and a requirement that they fully cooperate & hand over the #receipts many of which are detailed in the information & agreement! Image
If ComEd fails to produce in accordance with the agreement over the next 3 years, DOJ can prosecute the corporation for the crimes they have already confessed to! Image
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1. To all #Qanons who reads the Bible, allow me to decode the #Bible and I hope this will end with a little mini BIBLICAL #BOOM!
2. Q comms are highly inspired by the #Bible. It is not a coincidence that the majority of Anons are Christians or spiritually sensitive men and women.
3. Q uses many phrases over and over again to crystalize a point.
“Future proves past”
“Learn our comms”

The #Bible has many similar phrases as well.
“”That it might be fulfilled”
“Thus, you know that I am the Lord”
“He who has an ear, let him hear!”

A sample below Image
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