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Jul 24, 2012 —

Lieutenant General Michael T. #Flynn assumes command of the Defense Intelligence Agency after being appointed by President #Obama.

Aug 12, 2012 —

The DIA reports that opposition in Syria is being supported by the west and predicted the rise of ISIL or #ISIS. It also warns about the development of a proxy with support from #Russia, China and #Iran.…
Late Aug, 2012 —

The DIA reports that the opposition in Syria was driven by al Qaeda and other extremist Muslim groups: “the Salafist, the #MuslimBrotherhood, and AQI are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria.” #ObamaKnew…
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.@FoxNews | #TuckerCarlsonTonight | How much info is #Google getting from your phone?

Check this out, Two brand new phones, no #SIM cards and neither ever connected to a #WIFI


via @youtube
How many people caught this!

#WTF | what are they trying to tell us by having 911 on each of the phones.

Did this segment get recorded at 9:11am by coincidence or was this done deliberately
One more CREEPY thing about this segment is the fact the selfies were presented UPSIDE DOWN

Start using some critical thinking as to what else was meant in this news segment by #FoxNews

Last time “911” / “Upside Imagery” down was used was BACK TO THE FUTURE 🤔
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🤡 (1) Twitter has never been all that friendly to conservatives but more than ever accounts are vanishing, week long twitmo punishments handed out, IP bans, #shadowbans and now big accounts are under attack. Spoiler alert: it’s going to get worse and here’s why... #seanhannity
(2) We all got “the email” the one that basically debunked #RussiaBots but @SenFeinstein & @AdamSchiffCA still wrote a letter (more on that later) BUT did you read the blog $TWTR shared? Because it’s important they informed us they had partners helping now. Who are they?
(3) Let’s start with the big fish, Common Sense Media, based out of San Francisco, hugely funded and owned by James (aka Jim) Steyer and guess who his brother is??
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"#ChuckAndNancy" #LimousineLiberals #Politics -- #DemExit #EPluribusUnum

Genevieve Wood: Schumer Shutdown Makes Clear Democrats’ Real Priorities…

#SchumerShutdown | #tcot #PJNET
#LimousineLiberals #Soros #SJW #Antifa #LiberalFascism -- #DemExit #EPluribusUnum

Antifa Member in Custody After Hospitalizing 56 Year Old Outside ‘Night For Freedom’ Event…
| #tcot #PJNET
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1) Today's story is called The Brink.

They never thought she'd lose, now we understand the #NWO plan to destroy America, see 1991 Bush I vid. Obama took over the process from Bush II and embarked on an 8 year wrecking ball. #QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS
2) For years rogue operatives have been getting installed. Shadow government/#DeepState. All centers of #Government. Controlled by the wealthiest on the planet, most rogue was the CIA. Goal was complete control to dismantle. Check Out Barry's Book: Post American World #QAnon
3) The systematic leaking of classified intel was everywhere, so was exposure of #military assets. Instead if de-funding military (bad optics), you starve thru corruption. Notice #Mattis has a massive audit of DOD? Think why.……
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(1) #AboutStrzok This is #PeterStrzok . He is in his 40s. He works for the #FBI . He was the only person to interview @HillaryClinton , with no recording, on her #HRCEmail investigation .
(2) #AboutStrzok How many #STRZOK family members are there? There are only 100 total Americans out of 300 million with this name . You can Google this. #PeterStrzok must be unique in such a small family, right?
(3) #AboutStrzok The father of #PeterStrzok (ii) is Peter Strzok Sr, and he was in the Army core of engineers. Oh, he was actually a career expert in sanctions and nuclear activity in #Iran .…
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Knowing we have an unsealed indictment from #Maryland concerning an unnamed company I looked and found this. It always points toward #megatonsforwegawatts A program with Russia. #thestorm…
The timing is uncanny.
Its hard not to find lately a #UraniumOne article without mentioning #MegatonsForMegawatts.…
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1. Have been hearing a lot of buzz about HRC, Obama, Podestas possibly being detained at GITMO and or walking around with medical boots on. Let's have a look at their Twitter accounts shall we? #QAnon #TheStormIsHere
2. #HillaryClinton has not posted anything original since the 22nd. Two retweets on the 27th. Does anyone know if she has been sighted anywhere recently? Still wearing the boot as of Dec 14th. Does anyone know if she has been spotted since the 14th?
3. Obama posted this Christmas photo from 2013! Why re-use an OLD XMAS PHOTO? Perhaps because he wasn't available to take a NEW one? thoughts?
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#Tuesday question/answer. Was there a permanent Inspector General during #HillaryClinton tenure as Sec of State?
NOPE! So much corruption & criminality overlooked.
#FBI #IGreport #WhatHappened
#Mueller #POTUS #TRUMP
#MAGA #Strzok #McCabe
While we are now getting info on the corruption in the FBI at the highest levels, how can we forget Clinton fixer Patrick Kennedy?…
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.@RepCummings: #POTUS #Trump - If you don’t have anything to hide – let the #TrumpRussia investigations do their job. Period.
.@RepCummings: This is not some witch-hunt. This is a fight for the soul of our democracy. #Flynn #Russia #POTUS #Trump
How many of #POTUS #Trump's advisors have been linked to #Russia? #Manafort
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