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Appropriating the term “microaggression” to describe how White conservatives feel about being criticized and ostracized for their willful bigotry, misogyny and blanket ignorance is the epitome of White privilege and fragility. Stop it.
How about Conservatives just stop being hateful and stupid if they can’t tolerate the backlash that comes with their political ideology? No one’s forcing them to be bigots or vote for other bigots, and if they feel aggrieved and ostracized they should make better choices.
There’s nothing more played out and pathetic than White people threatening to be more selfish, hateful and stupid in retaliation for being called out on the same by the groups they continually seek to oppress. Be more inventive alfuckingready, y’all aren’t breaking any news.
In case you’re keeping track, this is the same nihilistic bullshit we heard from the Bernie or bust Bros. Essentially all they’re saying is when you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression. They’d rather burn America down than share the American Dream with POC.
This is abuser mentality. It’s the most privileged group in American society telling everyone else to suffer its abuse and subjugation and just keep quiet about it. It’s unapologetic White male supremacy, and textbook sociopathy and authoritarianism.
All they’re saying is that people who use their votes as a tool to oppress other people (read Republicans and folk who are Independents pretending they aren’t Republicans) will double down on their oppression in response to criticism/resistance. They’re proud to be deplorable.
None of this shit is a novel concept, there literally would be no viable GOP to speak of right now if the White American majority hadn’t been voting in retaliation for passage of the Civil Rights Act/Voting Rights Act for the last FIFTY YEARS. They vote to spite Black faces.
YES, we’re picking on you because you’re a stupid, racist, sexist fuck. NO, we won’t stop just because you’re crying fragile bigot tears.
Grow up or shut up.
STOP begging us to take pity on, feel sorry for, or temper our disdain for the people who are willfully metastasizing this hateful cancer and fascism in America. You can’t whine or bully us into silence or submission, so just give up on that fantasy now.
Outlets like the @nytimes, and really the whole MSM in general are still on a wild goose chase for lame excuses that will explain away the blatant bigotry, misogyny and ignorance of the voting White American majority.
Please take note that the more egregiously bigoted the Trump cabal behaves, the more vociferously the media lies, obfuscates and blames the oppressed for the willful words and actions of the oppressors.
It’s NOT a coincidence, it’s fascism.
Please take note that you aren’t reading story after story about White men and women being unlawfully profiled, harrassed, detained, brutalized and/or killed by the cops. You aren’t seeing their families being ripped apart and deported for sport.
Yet and still the White Republican base and its White enablers in the media insist on perpetrating the fraud that diversity and the fight for social justice have proven so detrimental to White America to the extent that it *had* to wage a culture war to protect and save itself.
What they’re saying is they want to oppress other people without anyone ever holding a mirror up to their hateful, hypocritical faces or having to endure any degree of condemnation for their atrocious belief system. They never stop expecting undue privilege or respect.
They will manufacture bullshit terminology like “reverse racism” and bastardize the sociology of racist/sexist microaggressions to evade any accountability for religiously using their votes to institutionalize bigotry and misogyny.
These mental gymnastics are required because bigots are sniveling cowards who hold hateful beliefs that they’re too afraid to own or attempt to defend in mixed company. They need scapegoats for cover and excuses for comfort.
No matter how many self-serving op-eds White American culture publishes, the fact remains that Trump/the @GOP thrive on the bigotry and ignorance of the predominantly White people who voted for them and spread their propaganda for profit.
Blame THEM if you need scapegoats.
They voted for Trump and White Nationalism in retaliation for 8 years of a Black POTUS and First Family. They voted for hatred and ignorance because hope, change and stronger together were too much to ask from hopeless bigots who fear loss of skin privilege and absolute power.
They vote @GOP in retaliation for the civil rights movement and the Union winning the Civil War. They’ll never run out of feigned grievances or people to hate and subjugate. Don’t ever bite your tongue for these fuckers, they don’t deserve decorum, patience or acceptance.
They voted @GOP in 2016 and every election 50 years back because they’ve been effectively propagandized by the Southern Strategy and baited with fantasies of apartheid for that same duration. Tell the fucking truth about it for once.
Stoking misplaced White rage and resentment has been the Republican Party’s ONLY political strategy for over FIVE DECADES now. Anyone who’s still pretending this isn’t the case or blaming the opposition for it is lying & aiding/abetting the coverup on behalf of White supremacy.
There AREN’T good people on both sides, there are bigots and good people who oppose their hateful words and deeds on the other side. False equivalence and fake feelings only serve to sharpen the distinction.
Translation: the White man isn’t getting enough accolades for his oppression and fascism so the beatings will continue until he feels sufficiently manly and all powerful again.
Ponder the unmitigated gall and White privilege it takes for them to expect respect and acceptance from the world around them when they’ve done absolutely NOTHING to earn it. Imagine the lack of empathy it requires for them to demand a free pass from the targets of their ire.
White supremacy wants to hate and oppress you with your consent and approval. It writes op-eds, wraps itself in the flag, and waves its Bible around to distract you from its atrocities. It pretends to be a martyr. It lies in the face of the truth, in broad daylight. Don’t let it.
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