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Why 2024 isn't in a favorable position to @BJP4India and @narendramodi

#1 Selfishness

a) Modi's attitude of I, me and myself
b) Hijackijng a democratic party and doing hit job on own party leaders of tall stature
c) promotion of Crony Capitalism and selective corruption

#1 Selfishness

d) Always on self promotion mode and blame Congress for BJP govt failures
e) Always on Election campaign mode and destroying local state leaders to promote own image. (Ex: Karnataka loss)
f) cheaply claiming credit for others' work

#2 Hindutwa


g) Modi promised to end Cow Slaughter but even after 2nd term didn't bring the bill
h) Modi delays declaring RamSethu as National Heritage site but spends on Islamic tyrants tombs
i) Playing cheap politics over Ram Mandit by delaying it.

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You can read my Independent op-ed on the flawed report on #antisemitism in the NUS by signing up for free.… Here's a thread of takeaways from the piece.
Lawyer Rebecca Tuck KC was commissioned by the National Union of Students to report on allegations of #antisemitism in the NUS. Published last month, her report's findings are deeply flawed.1/14
I was interviewed in person by Tuck, and am quoted twice in the report. But I was dismayed by what I found. First, a woeful lack of transparency.2
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17.07.22 #Freiheit #StopAgenda2030 manifestação em prol da liberdade e contra a agenda 2030 da ONU .. Lichtenfels Alemanha
17.07.22 #Freiheit #StopAgenda2030 #AntiNATO #AntiWHO manifestação em prol da liberdade e contra a agenda 2030 da ONU .. Aschaffenburg Alemanha
17.07.22 #Freiheit #StopAgenda2030 manifestação em prol da liberdade e contra a agenda 2030 da ONU .. Steyr Austria
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Retrouvez sur le site #CommunistInternational un article appelant à l’action le 9 juillet en soutien à la #GuerrePopulaire en #Inde.…
Ci-dessous, quelques extraits traduits. Image
"les peuples luttent et gagnent mais sont trahis par les faux leaders. Dans ce sens, la question de fournir une direction correcte,qui sert réellement le peuple,devient cruciale et c'est dans ce contexte que tous les opprimés et exploités devraient tourner leurs yeux vers l'Inde"
"Aujourd'hui, dans différentes parties des campagnes de l'immense géographie du pays, des comités populaires #révolutionnaires ont été mis en place. Dans ces comités populaires, la terre a été distribuée à son cultivateur…"
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Higher #import duties to tackle the #BOP problem is the wrong advice. It won't deliver on the intended objective. Why? 🧵👇…
1\ The #CAD is the result of a Saving/Investment imbalance. The sustainable solution to the #CAD entails policies that increase #saving.
2\ #Import duties might be a patch that in the short run curbs imports, but they will curb #exports too. Why? B/C they increase the profitability to sell at home, so firms shift from export to domestic markets. Import duties are implicit #export taxes. They won't reduce the CAD. Image
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🔥🔥 1 500 000 000 $ANTI burned 🔥🔥

20d ago, @smartlinkHQ launched a new token, thereby launching a new token standard for #Tezos ecosystem

Welcome Fungible Deflationary Asset (FDA) 🤗 #ANTI

A lot has happened lately 😈

This thread is intended to help you catch up quickly 🧵
What is $ANTI ❓A reward token across the @smartlinkHQ ecosystem

Why #ANTI ❓To stop the selling pressure previously coming from the rewards distributed in #SMAK

Why a new token standard ❓To include an auto burn mecanism on the token…

#DeFi #Tezos
Indeed, FA1.2 standard requires sending tokens to a burn address manually & transferring a specific portion to our treasury

The FDA automates the entire process🔥

This make $ANTI special among #DeFi token, often either inflationary either manually burned...or both #CAKE

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The #Truth is:
The #Empire (#NATO) cannot create a #No-#Fly zone over #Ukraine, because the #Russians already did that in what is called:
The #Russian #Strategy of #A2AD:
What is Anti-Access/Area-Denial (#A2AD)❓
A2AD denies an adversary’s freedom of movement.
AA –inhibition of enemy military movement into an area of operations.
AD – denial of enemy freedom of action in areas.

Russia’s Anti-Access Area Denial 👇Click👇
👉…👈 Image
Ow... We forgot:
This map is of #Before the current #Crisis.
Now there is a new #Big #Red #Circle around #Belarus (that is now also pink) and #Eastern-#Ukraine (that is now shaded pink // green).
#A2AD in full action.
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Campaigning for equality and recognition of human rights in sport - Kristen Worley #57 by LawInSport via #soundcloud…
In this podcast Kristen Worley, athlete and, equality and human right campaigner, talks about her personal journey campaigning for the equality and human rights to be recognised in sport.
This journey led Kristen to take a landmark case to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario against the Cycling Canada, the Ontario Cycling Association and the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).
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In silico identification of natural products from Centella asiatica as SARS-COV-2 main protease (M pro) inhibitor. 1/n

❌❌❌ #ritonavir #molnupiravir in #COVID19
No more #tryglyceride #mutagenesis
Anti-Inflammatory and anti-vascular leakage effects by combination of Centella asiatica and Vitis vinifera L. (Grapevine) leaf extracts.
#antiinflammatory qualities #anti #vascular #leakage effect…
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Second part: on #ProventionBio #Provention $PRVB #anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody #teplizumab under #FDA consideration for the “delay of clinical #Type1Diabetes #T1D in at-risk individuals”.

Upcoming questions cont’d:
(4) If risk/benefit is acceptable, which target population is deemed suitable by the FDA? There were proponents of 3 options in EMDAC: (a) Stage 1 + 2, (b) Stage 2, or (c) Stage 2 + family Hx of T1D (= inclusion criteria of TN-10).
(a) is unlikely, I think, my vote is with (b). With regards to age, I think >8 years (as in TN-10) will be a requirement, given the SEs associated with teplizumab.
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On May 26th @StateBank_Pak released #Pakistan's disaggregated #trade statistics for April '21. We now have 10 months of the FY21. Some analysis in #thread below. 👇👇👇
#Pakistan #exports of #goods & #services grew by 6.2%., surpassing the US$25 billion mark. (2/n) Pakistan exports of goods and services, first 10 months of F
By #destination: substantial increases of shipments to #China and the #USA. Stability with #Afghanistan, and contractions in shipments to #UAE.

[#export growth to China and USA is confirmed by mirror data analysis] (3/n) Pakistan exports by destination, in million USD. (source SBP
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I would say that society is at fault. The government was not behind Jenny McCarthy, Oprah, Dr. Oz, etc.
#vaccine #VaccinesSaveLives #VaccinesWork #MedTwitter #ScienceTwitter
What the government DID do wrong: “#security” & espionage via vaccines Frankenstein monster unleashed on Muslims

If the US government does do things like this it’s not a “#conspiracy

...all while what led to #CapitolRiots was brewing 🤦🏻‍♀️

If Prius-driving Whole Foods-consuming suburbanites would STOP #misinformation #disinformation to #trauma ridden #refugee populations


the jobs of minority & Muslim doctors would not be so hard

This is lack of *societal* control
of the most privileged
who HARM
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I don't do this often so please bear with me. Here's a thread about the alarming developments in #Greece & #New_Democracy's hard-right/#authoritarian turn.👇This photo by D. Tosidis (credit: EPA-EFE; Source:
ANA-MPA) can act as an intro to the thread. 0/…
So, is #New_Democracy govt driving #Greece towards democratic backsliding? Today after we witnessed yesterday's disgraceful images of #police brutally attacking & arresting protesting students inside the country’s biggest university is a sadly fitting day to pose the question. 1/
If we take #Hungary & #Poland as exemplary cases in the literature & as points of comparison, the answer is likely to be yes. The most common symptoms of democratic backsliding mentioned by scholars seem to be manifesting in #Greece since July 2019 with disturbing consistency. 2/
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“And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up..."

4.1 BACK TO [#satan] GETTING "EVE-IC-TED" FROM #GOD'S @WhiteHouse

IMO, #REVELATION 12:12 occurred shortly after @POTUS took office

"the great #dragon was cast out, that old serpent 🐍 called the #Devil and #Satan, which deceiveth the whole world"

"This MONSTER came and worked its [WHORE]ible [WHORE]ible "SPELL" over the world"



"We're going to get back..." to #Christ

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De kwestie rond de verboden #corona demonstraties in Berlijn (zaterdag) begint een interessante te worden. Een korte uitleg. #draadje Image
De Berlijnse Senaat heeft zo'n 10 demonstraties verboden, omdat er sterke vermoedens zijn dat mensen zich niet aan de regels voor mondkapjes en afstand zullen houden.…
De autoriteiten baseren zich daarbij ook op de vorige grote demonstratie van 1 augustus, waar het inderdaad mis ging.…
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WHO cites vaccine hesitancy as a top 10 threat to global health. It’s not the “hesitant”, though. THEY ask questions and consider the answers. It’s the rabidly anti-vax who are the threat. They make salacious claims that aren’t supported by credible research.
Anti-vaxxers parrot what they hear in their eco chamber. They suggest every malady is caused by #vaccines.
They claim >50% of kids suffer from “chronic dz”. You’d have to consider obesity a chronic dz in order to make that claim. Vaccines do not cause obesity.
Anti-vaxxers claim pediatricians, who are the lowest pd of any specialty, give #vaccines to line their pockets. Anyone saying so has never worked as a pediatrician. We have devoted our lives to serving children. We have sacrificed greatly to do so. Do not wipe your boots on us
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“Lanny Wiles saved the prominent seat for Veselnitskaya at the 6/14/16 hearing on “U.S. Policy Toward Putin’s Russia”

"Former Florida Trump campaign chair Susie Wiles talks Russia scandal"
"Lanny Wiles, the husband of Florida Trump Campaign Chair Susie Wiles, saved a seat for a Russian lawyer at the heart of the current scandal involving Russia, the President’s son, son-in-law, and campaign manager."
"Florida Politics caught up with Susie Wiles on Sunday afternoon, when she explained that her husband was doing non-profit work with an American firm involved in Russian baby ADOPTION, but she could not recall the name."
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Interesting read !
John Brennan was the American progenitor of political espionage aimed at defeating Donald Trump. One side did colluded with foreign powers to tip the election — Hillary’s....
Seeking to retain his position as #CIA director under #HillaryClinton , #Brennan teamed up with British spies and Estonian spies to cripple @realDonaldTrump candidacy. He used their phony intelligence as a pretext for a multi-agency investigation into #Trumpn, which led the #FBI
to probe a computer server connected to #TrumpTower and gave cover to #SusanRice among other Hillary supporters, to spy on Trump and his people.

#JohnBrennan ‘s #CIA operated like a branch office of the #Hillary campaign, leaking out mentions of this bogus investigation to the
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1. Since hundreds were killed by the #Paris #terrorist attackers at #CharlieHebdo in Jan/2015: at the #Bataclan #concerthall and the #StadedeFrance in #Paris# in Nov/2015 and on la #PromenadedesAnglais in Nice on #BastilleDay 2016, #French #police have been on #alert 24/7.
2. Each #police #investigation leads to more and more potential #suspects and those with links to #suspects being placed on #terroristwatchlists. In addition, #France has a high number of returning #radicalized fighters returning from #Iraq and #Syria and presenting real risks.
3. Consequently, #France's #terroristwatchlist reportedly grown to15,000+ names. We can't expect #French police and #anti-terrorist teams to monitor thousands of people 24/7. The best we can hope for is #citizen and #police #bravery combined as well as some luck.
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