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THREAD Once again we are deeply disappointed with @NEUnion's understanding of #safeguarding. The NEU is once again putting politics ahead of what is in the best interests of children. Their latest statement on conversion therapy demonstrates this acutely.…
The @NEUnion statement is full of generalisations & ignores all evidence & considered responses to the consultation that have been put forward by groups concerned about children's welfare. #conversiontherapy #edutwitter #womenEd #teachertwitter #UKEdChat #safeguarding #SLTChat
We would urge @MaryBoustedNEU to read our statement where we explain very clearly why including gender identity in this bill would harm children #safeguarding #edutwitter #WomenED #conversiontherapy…
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[THREAD] If an enormous number of people end up traumatised by therapists who are doing their work by the book, within the ethical framework of their profession, then maybe there is something fundamentally wrong with that type of therapy.
There are many ABA therapists who, upon hearing of the trauma of ABA survivors, will tell you that "my ABA is not like that" and "you'll always have a few bad apples".
I've heard a few autistic people speak well of their behaviour techs. So the "it depends on the therapist" principle is sometimes true, but not for the reasons you may think.
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Remember when reporting on the #conversiontherapy ban that:
1. Many trans people are lgbq and attempting to change their sexual orientation would be easily hidden in gender conversion "therapy"
2. Lots of cis lgbq people are gender nonconforming and attempts to make them straight are also easily disguised as attempts to prevent them becoming trans *even if they were never likely to be trans*
3. "Conversion Therapy" or sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts are OLDER than the idea of sexuality and gender identity being different things (cont'd)
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The Scottish Parliament is set to debate banning #ConversionTherapy at 2pm.

Need a primer to the debate? Here are the key points.

Conversion practices refer to practices intended to change or suppress an individual’s sexual orientation or transgender identity.

Conversion practices are undertaken with the intent to change another person.

It is not simply expressing an opinion, faith, or distaste at someone’s identity or behaviour but rather a concerted effort to change another’s sexuality or transgender identity.

Conversion Practices Happen in Scotland.

Exact numbers are often difficult to come by given the covert nature of conversion practices.

But from our research and the testimony of survivors there is a strong body of evidence to suggest that they are common in Scotland.

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[THREAD] Principles, values, rules, (dis)obedience and (non)conformance
Children have a natural sense of justice.
The world is complex and messy.
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The US medical establishment is not the first to use artificial hormones as a form of #conversiontherapy. Meet Nazi dr Carl Vaernet, who implanted artificial hormone glands into gay men at Buchenwald. #antifascism
Read more: by @PeterTatchell (1/4)
@PeterTatchell Alan Turing, a British scientist convicted of homosexual acts in 1952, was an early victim of hormonal #conversiontherapy. He was sentenced to #estrogen therapy, and died two years later, likely by suicide.

Read more: by @yayitsrob (2/4)
@PeterTatchell @yayitsrob This type of #conversiontherapy is even more prevalent in #Iran, where homosexual acts are punishable by death. Iranian #lesbians and #gay men are being pushed into “sex reassignment.”

Read more: by @BBCHamedani (3/4)
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THREAD: #ConversionTherapy is still around, but in the 21st century, it’s being rebranded as progressive. Today, Lesbians United is delving into the rampant medical abuse of #lesbian and #gay youth in the US. (1/10)
The science is clear: girls who are attracted to other girls are being targeted for medicalization. This is #ConversionTherapy, plain and simple. Src: #lesbianrights #SaveTheTomboys (2/10)
How are young lesbians being targeted? Through a DSM-V entry that treats non-conformity to stereotypes as a symptom of mental illness. Young #lesbians often fit this description. #SaveTheTomboys (3/10)
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We need to talk about #genderdysphoria. First: what is it? Let’s ask @APAPsychiatric: #gendercritical #womenwontwheesht (1/9)
@APAPsychiatric It’s true that some kids experience distress or confusion over biological sex. But studies show that those feelings are likely to resolve on their own during puberty, without any interference. No diagnosis or medicalization needed. #mentalhealth (2/9)
@APAPsychiatric Up to 98% of kids who experience distress over #biosex desist naturally, depending on the study. Find the most recent study, in which 88% of subjects desisted, here: #healthcare #science (3/9)
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1/10 Some #CharitySoStraight top tips for your charity in 2022 #Thread

Please don't Rainbow Wash your charity brand this year in #Pride season (it's never a good look) Meaningfully engage with your #LGBTQ+ stakeholders + audiences instead #Authenticity #RainbowWashing #branding
2/10 Think about how your charity depicts the people it works with. Do you show a diverse range of people including #LGBTQ+ / same sex couples online/in your marketing collateral? Consider what message this sends to potential employees + service users if not #CharitySoStraight
3/10 think about what data you collect when you're recruiting + consider how you can use that data to benefit your #LGBTQ+ employees. You can't support the needs of your workforce if you don't know who they are! #diversity #CharitySoStraight #recruitment #CharityRecruitment
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When you're an autism organisation run by ABA promotors and you choose to have your autism conference in a country 🇬🇭 that also happens to be one of the most notorious for its abuse of LGBTQ+ people, then we need less reminding that ABA and #ConversionTherapy are the same thing.
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A deliberate, systematic silencing of the people most likely to be labelled that way, and an attempt to prevent them from helping others like them.
#ThisIsProfoundAutism: It's about power. It's about denying the agency of people who cannot talk, for the sake of power and money.
#ThisIsProfoundAutism: It's about holding up the self-injurious behaviours of profoundly marginalised people as an excuse to deny them agency and repeatedly abuse them using #ConversionTherapy. #FollowTheMoney…
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This mother is fleeing Ontario where those in authority would have continued imposing #ConversionTherapy on her child without her consent and without the child's consent. They just don't call it Conversion Therapy.
If it's #ConversionTherapy, but they're not calling it that, what ARE they calling it? Well, probably "ABA", but...

...#ConversionTherapy hides within many programmes which have provincial funding in Canada in spite of the #conversiontherapylaw: EIBI, IBI... They strip victims of the right to consent.
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@DavidLametti The Ontario government is still SPONSORING #ConversionTherapy and has recently allocated several million dollars to training new RBTs to deliver this. Are you going to stop them?
@DavidLametti Here's one of the companies that benefit from the Ontario government's sponsorship of #ConversionTherapy for disabled children. Parents and providers have lobbied hard to keep this pseudoscience going, and the government agreed.
@DavidLametti Do you need more direct evidence? The Ontario government is sponsoring #ConversionTherapy. Will you stop them, or are you going to make child abusers exempt from prosecution if the victims are disabled?
#BanABA #FollowTheMoney
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Question 3 of the Public Consultation on #ConversionTherapy is also very important, especially for anyone approaching legislation from an abolitionist view point. There are proposals that target organisations above people, which are the ones I would personally support more than
- Criminalisation of individuals, especially knowing that Criminalisation and imprisonment etc disproportionately affects minority groups.

In the event of the legislation pulling a bait and switch it is important that we choose the right things to support and not support.
Removing profits, preventing CT folk from holding office in charities and protection for people being sent overseas for #conversiontherapy are - to me - far more important in tackling the lasting presence of Conversion Therapy in the UK, than Criminalisation of individuals.
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If is important to realise that the legislation around #ConversionTherapy includes references in every place it talks about protecting people from being converted 'from being transgender' also 'to bring transgender'.

Now, no one is forcing people to be transgender, but its -
- very important that this legislation does not get twisted.

There are VAST differences between talking about what it means to be transgender and exploring personal gender, to what is defined as Conversion Therapy, but this is one to watch.
Vitally, the legislation discusses what Consent is, and certainly people talking about what it is to be transgender are doing so in consenting contexts (as discussed above), but it could be jumped upon by bad faith actors.
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Starting to look at the governments #ConversionTherapy documents. I wonder what the @BACP, @UKCP_Updates @BPSOfficial @BPSSexualities @BritPsyCouncil @ncs_counselling @PinkTherapyUK all think about the highlighted section here? I especially wonder what the #MoU2 think.
I also want to point out that there is a brag about us being in the @ILGAEurope top 10.

The UK was first in 2015 or 2016.
In 2021 we have slipped to 10th. What does that tell you?

#lgbt #banconversiontherapy #transphobia #inequality
Furthermore, counselling is not a regulated profession, so how will they legislate for this? How can they call #ConversionTherapy "abhorrent", then state that adults can consent?

Everyone at risk of conversion therapy is vulnerable, not just children.

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The UK Govt’s proposals for consultation on #BanConversionTherapy in England & Wales are out. Thread 🧵.
Tl;dr Good proposals that cover a lot but a worrying “consent” loophole and gaps around definition and support for victims.
@BanCTorg @stonewalluk #LGBT #LGBTQ 1/22
2/22 This is a ban on #conversiontherapy for sexual orientation and gender identity. It bans in all instances attempts to change the sexual orientation or trans identity of under-18s, vulnerable and non-consenting LGBTQ+ adults.

#BanConversionTherapy @BanCTorg #LGBT #LGBTQ
3/22 To be absolutely clear, the proposals ban perpetrators of conversion therapies in any forms trying to change a young person’s or vulnerable/non-consenting adult’s sexuality or trans identity.

#BanConversionTherapy @BanCTorg #LGBT #LGBTQ
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Here’s an article full of juice transphobic quotes from @maximebernier, which I will now break down in a 🧵, for anyone who believes they might have merit:…
In crafting that tweet, I discovered that @maximebernier has blocked me.
Anyway, back to his quotes…

He starts out strong by saying “the @peoplespca believes that adults can identify with the gender they want and undergo whatever medical procedure they want in order to change sex. They must be respected and enjoy the same rights as every Canadian”
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L'AMQG est 1 des 23 signataires de 13 pays d'une lettre ouverte à @EuropeanPATH.
@EuropeanPATH Avec @genspect (int'l) @Transgendertrd (UK) @OurDutyGrp (UK, D, AUS, USA) @GD_Alliance (CA) @GDSNsupport (EU) @post_trans (BE, DE) @CanalCorpoCerto (BR) @IKirjo (FIN) @BayswaterSG @anna_TTSB_GER (DE) GENID (Norway, Sweden)
Parents of ROGD kids (DE, UK, USA), La petite sirène (FR), Canadian Gender Report, Thoughtful Therapists (UK)
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Before you vote:
81 CPC MPs voted to restrict #abortionrights…
62 CPC MPs opposed a ban on #ConversionTherapy…
CPC policy document is full of antichoice policies.…

#prochoice #cdnpoli #Elxn44
CPC would force doctors to intervene on terminally ill newborns despite medical indicators and in opposition to parental wishes.
CPC supports doctors that put religion ahead of medicine and abandon patients
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“Building a Person”: Legal and Clinical Personhood for Autistic and Trans Children in Ontario (by @JakePyne)

"Despite open violence, Lovaas framed ABA as compassionate... Despite uncertain evidence, he presented ABA as scientific..."…
"Psychologist George Rekers, a key figure in the world of conversion therapy (and co-founder of the notoriously anti-gay Family Research Council), used Lovaas’s techniques to treat so-called “deviant sex-role behaviors” in male children."
The man behind ex-gay “conversion therapy” started out trying to make autistic children “normal”:
"Both projects were based on the same fundamental view: that it’s easier to change a child’s behavior than it is to destigmatize that behavior in society"…
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"Conversion therapies are pseudoscientific practices of trying to change an individual’s behaviour to conform to the social expectations of a particular culture using psychological and physical interventions."
"Various jurisdictions around the world have passed laws against LGTBQIA+ conversion therapy."
"However, the same underlying techniques of coercion continue to be applied to young autistic children and other vulnerable people, as can be seen in [the School of Psychology, University of Auckland] description of the scope of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)..."
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"By the time I came out of there, I weighed only 40kgs, could not speak well and only walked when supported."

We spoke to more than 50 survivors of anti-LGBT ‘#ConversionTherapy’ on a special investigation into these activities across East Africa.

Many of the interviewees said that family members had taken them to providers of this ‘therapy’.

LGBT identities are widely stigmatised in East Africa, and anal sex is criminalised and punishable with prison sentences in each of the three countries…
Our undercover reporter was told that being gay is “evil”, something “for whites” and a mental health problem
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Kickstarting our final day we have a talk on: How to make friends and influence people:A psychiatrists guide to lobbying and campaigning with Dr Jon Goldin - @DrJonGoldin, Sir Norman Lamb - @normanlamb, Luciana Berger - @lucianaberger and Dr Ben Spencer - @DrBenSpencer #RCPsychIC
We had some technical issues - apologies - we are back!
Raising an issue with a politician: @normanlamb - If you are communicating - politicians won't understand complex psychiatry language keep it succinct and clear communicative language #RCPsychIC
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