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What an absolutely irresponsible thing for the @bcndp to do. They don’t care about British Columbians, they just care about power. Im not seeing much difference between them and the @bcliberals.
The @bcndp supported Site C, LNG, fracking and old-growth logging. Their governance is nearly as bad for the environment as the @bcliberals and they had to go crawling to the @bcliberals for support because @BCGreens refused.
The issues around #SiteC, #LNG, #Fracking and #Wetsuweten have shown that the @bcndp are not committed to reconciliation.
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Article in The Telegraph.
The dangerous guidance on what constitutes #ConversionTherapy is denying comprehensive psychotherapy from our confused children. Many would be homosexual, some autistic, some in flight from bodies violated by Child Sexual abuse. Let psychotherapists practice their profession
Allowing only #Affirmation is the real #GayConversionTherapy. The NHS should reject the Memorandum of Understanding that confuses Sexuality with Gender Identity.
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We welcome this statement by @trussliz.

The abhorrent practice of gay conversion therapy, especially for children, must end.

#LGBT #ConversionTherapy #safeguarding #edutwitter #WomenEd #SLTChat
We trust that part of the research will be
’s promised inquiry into the four-fold increase in referrals of young girls experiencing gender issues to

#LGBT #ConversionTherapy…
The recent #newsnight contained testimony from whistleblowing clinicians that many of these girls were suffering internalised homophobia and/or had suffered from homophobic abuse or had homophobic family members.

#LGBT #ConversionTherapy #safeguarding Image
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Right #conversiontherapy a brief explanation of the current UK situation
Under the memorandum of understanding (2) NHS Staff, members of the @BACP, @UKCP_Updates, @BPSOfficial, @ncs_media cannot try to make an lgbtqaai person cis/het/allo
Nor can we say its better to be c/h/a
The MOU (2) sets out an explicitly affirmative stance.
We can work with shame and distress around identity, we cannot collude with that shame and distress being justified (as in agreeing being cis/het/allo is better morally)
We can certainly work with questioning and uncertainty
MOU 2 you ask - so is there an MOU1
Indeed there is, it excluded trans and asexual people from protection from #conversiontherapy
MOU 1 was published in 2015
When MOU2 was published the Royal college of Psychiatrists and Church of England Syndod refused to sign it
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#conversiontherapy there is no question the barbaric torture of conversion therapy needs banning now BUT please let’s not be sidetracked into allowing Liz Truss to appease the LGBT community with this important but obvious gesture whilst dumping on Trans lives and rights ..1/4 ImageImage
Please let’s make sure Boris still hears the vital message to grant the clear wishes of the 70% majority who answered the GRA consultation, and to abandon any removal of trans rights to the use of single sex facilities & the rights of trans kids to receive life saving care 2/4
My fear is the timing of a totally pointless petition- please explain why on earth a survey is needed now to ask if conversion therapy torture should remain? I’m sure it’s already been decided- so it’s to force us to focus on this & allow Liz Truss to claim she has listened 3/4
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Susie trying to justify what she did to her child...#ConversionTherapy
She even throws people with DSDs under the bus into this conversation. Try saying men are women and women are men and see how many people believe you! The language is designed to confuse.
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I never graduated from high school because I was expelled for being a lesbian and then got put through conversion therapy and attempted suicide. So my 16 year old self is going to listen to Obama's commencement speech tonight.
I feel compelled to add that I did go on to college and made a little something of myself, publishing a couple dozen books and doing some banging journalism. But I have such empathy for the 2020 graduates who are being kept from the pomp and the comraderie. This is a hard year.
In reading through responses to this tweet of mine which wenr unexpectedly viral, I was so saddened by how many women said they had been deprived of their graduations because they got pregnant. (No boys were, though.) I hope they all were able to take some comfort in Obama, too.
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#conversiontherapyban discussion at @cityofcalgary : @EWoolleyWard8 says we need Criminal Code changes, and that we are not a welcoming city yet. 1/n
Relates having heard from a member of the public whose life was destroyed through #conversiontherapy.
@Ward4Ward1 says he does support this, but we need to do it "properly" and not overreach. 3/n
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So, I’ve been listening to this podcast, this morning. In it, ‘Joanne’ talks about sustaining her marriage through her husband’s transition to live full time as ‘Helen’ @transwidows #AGP…
First of all, h/t to @Quieten_Down who first alerted me to the podcast
‘Joanne’ is gaslit throughout the podcast, but the most heinous part comes when ‘Joanne’ tries to explore her need for sexual intimacy, as a heterosexual woman. I’m concerned that what ‘Joanne’ experiences is #ConversionTherapy @BACP
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False @jerseycornelia
People are imprisoned & killed for being gay.
I don't have the same rights you have. I have been fired from jobs, denied housing, thrown out of public accommodations, expelled from HS, put in a mental hospital for #conversiontherapy for being a #lesbian.
You dismissing the impact of #homophobia on the lives of millions, @jerseycornelia, is saying that you really couldn't care less about the oppression and violence that #LGBTQ people suffer.
You might want to read up.
I wrote this for #Stonewall50…

Also @jerseycornelia, attitudes like yours contribute to circumstances like this, which I reported on this week:

REPORT: Almost half of #LGBTQ youth consider #suicide…
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Well, @ashcleigh, as a gender outlaw, I've written extensively about white women & hetetosexual privilege for decades in journalism and books. As a victim of male privilege, which began with being hospitalized at 16 for #conversiontherapy, I am well aware of its impact.
But I as a white woman in a mixed race lesbian family living in a black neighborhood in a majority black city, @aschleigh, I am acutely aware of my white privilege. In white America it's easy to ignore that privilege; in a black neighborhood it's unmistakable.

White women have an obligation to WOC.
Straight women have an obligation to #lesbians, bi and trans women.
Non-disabled women have an obligation to #disabled women.
Women of means have an obligation to poor women.
We all have obligations to marginalized and vulnerable women.
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This doesn't work in a crisis. In the Reagan/Bush years I was getting arrested in protests because my friends--men your age and younger--were dying.
My activism and that of other ACT-UP, Queer Nation and Lavender Menace people like me didn' t allow for politeness.
While I am thrilled that that work we did to save lives & gain rights has allowed you to be married, in the military & run for president, @PeteButtigieg, your not recognizing that many of us do not have white, male or cis privilege is unsettling. #LGBTQ people are still dying.
The trans ban is real. Efforts to roll back healthcare for #LGBTQ people is real. The exponential rise in hate crimes against us--all real. It's essential you recognize that platitudes when black people are being shot, women are having their bodily autonomy revoked won't work.
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.@TulsiGabbard You seem unfamiliar with your own record on this issue.

You led actual protests in HI against #LGBTQ people.
You called gay people "homosexual extremists."
You stopped funding to schools, saying you didn't want "homosexuality promoted."
.@TulsiGabbard You refused to back initiatives to address anti-gay discrimination in the schools, claiming--even as you,an elected official, were discriminating against #gay people--that there was no discrimination against gay teens, which has been well-documented for decades.
.@TulsiGabbard Your support and endorsement of virulently anti-gay groups included working for an organization that promoted the dangerous pseudo-science of #ConversionTherapy.

Here's my in-depth investigation on it for @damemagazine. Please read it.…
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Think how hard #KarenPence had to work to find a school promoting hate curricula near DC.

Karen Pence will teach part time at a Christian school in the DC suburbs that does not allow #gay students, parents or employees to be part of its community
My viral story on Pence from right before the #Inauguration.

Mike Pence Wants To Turn You Straight: Trump's Homophobic VP and Cabinet… #KarenPence
It's not surprising that #KarenPence is supporting #homophobia.
Her husband is one of the nation's leading proponents of the horrific practice of #conversiontherapy.

My investigation for @damemagazine:…
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She's the perfect #GOP candidate, though.

Tulsi Gabbard ‘regrets’ past anti-gay activism as she prepares for presidential race.…
"As Democrats we should be representing the views of the people, not a small number of homosexual extremists."--#TulsiGabbard

Ten percent of the population are "homosexual extremists."
She's never withdrawn that statement nor apologized for it.
#TulsiGabard also opposed research on #LGBT youth, saying, "many parents would see the study as an indirect attempt by government to encourage young people to question their sexual orientation."

Like the #GOP claims sex education encourages them to have sex?
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For all the people in my mentions telling me that Tulsi Gabbard is "for peace" as their response to why it's okay that she's a virulent homophobe.
Tulsi Gabbard's anti-#LGBTQ+ past could hurt presidential hopes…
Tulsi Gabbard once touted working for anti-gay group that backed conversion therapy…
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Oh look--AOC was adorable AND cool in HS. She was also so smart she won 2nd prize in the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair with a microbiology research project on the effect of antioxidants on C. elegans' lifespan.

But @AnonymousQ1776 is an adult with a tweet.

I wish I had video of myself being cute in HS.
I got arrested for political protests, got expelled from my all girls HS for being a #lesbian & was put in a psych ward for #conversiontherapy.
I am so glad AOC had fun in HS.
Brava her.
(Pic of me at 16.)
Folks are sharing this fab HS video of AOC as gotcha.
She excelled in HS science--winning prizes & even having an asteroid named for her.
She also danced, like we ALL did in HS.
She's the youngest woman EVER in Congress
We should ALL be dancing about that.
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On #NationalComingOutDay I wish I could tell the 16 year old me that she'll survive.

I had been expelled from my all girls high school for being a #lesbian.
I had been put in a psychiatric ward for #conversiontherapy.
I had been separated from my gf.
I don't want other #LGBT teens to experience what I did--the self-doubt, suicidality, cutting, anorexia--the many forms of self-harm that we learn/teach ourselves as ways to cope with lives that feel fraught, to take control we don't have.
#NationalComingOutDay ❤️💜💙💚🧡💛🖤
Knowledge is power.
Embrace who you are--there is so much strength in that.
Don't let other people define you.
Don't let other people claim you aren't "really" who you know yourself to be.
#NationalComingOutDay ❤️💜💙💚🧡💛🖤
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I looked up @lgbtmap's resources showing which states have passed bans against #conversiontherapy on the basis of sexual orientation for minors. The states are CA, WA, OR, NV, NM, IL, VT, NH, RI, CT, NJ, DE, and MD + D.C.….
Here are the relevant portions of CA's law: "This bill would prohibit a mental health provider, as defined, from engaging in sexual orientation change efforts, as defined, with a patient under 18 years of age."
“Sexual orientation change efforts” means any practices by mental health providers that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation.
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Happy #Pride
I was expelled from my all-girls high school for being a #lesbian & put in a mental hospital for #conversiontherapy.

I became an #LGBT activist to prevent that from happening to other girls like I was.
Yet conversion therapy is still legal.
Happy #Pride
I memorialize every #lesbian who died hidden in the shadows because of #homophobia, who was forced into compulsory heterosexuality, who was made to live a lie. You deserved better. We honor you by making a safer world for lesbians today. Amen.
On #Pride I think of the #lesbian who became my mentor. She propelled me forward into lesbian #feminist writing. #AudreLorde opened a door for me I didn't know existed. I am so grateful she was in my life and left such a legacy for #lesbians.…
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There was no #LesbianVisibilityDay when I was 16.
I was expelled from my all-girls high school for being a #lesbian & put in a mental hospital for #conversiontherapy.

I became an #LGBT activist to prevent that from happening to other girls like I was.
On #LesbianVisibilityDay I memorialize every #lesbian who died hidden in the shadows because of #homophobia, who was forced into compulsory heterosexuality, who was made to live a lie. You deserved better and we honor you by making a safer world for lesbians now, today. Amen. 💜
One of America's greatest poets was a #lesbian--#AdrienneRich. When she died March 27, 2012, I wrote this tribute to her, illuminating her work and life.

Diving into the Wreck: A Remembrance of Adrienne Rich…
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I stand with @JoyAnnReid
I stand with black women.
I stood with black women in 2005.
I've stood with black women since I was a child & my parents were Civil Rights workers.
I will stand with black women till my last breath.
If you do NOT stand with black women, ask yourself why.
As a #lesbian, I hope people will stand with/for me.
They don't always, because being an ally takes work.
But I welcome allies, no matter how long it takes folks to get there.
We must believe in people being able to #change.
None of us has perfect politics nor personal lives.
Every day people change.
People who were racists realize they were wrong.
Men who were misogynists realize women are people.
Homophobes realize they were wrong.

We all have the power to realize we have been wrong and to change.
Embrace change.
It's how we heal the world.
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