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This should be very interesting!
Lets see them try to stay relevant while putting their own spin on things...πŸ€₯
Tonight at 7, #InsideEdition
Aaaand they turned it into...wait for it!...
#Dyslexia !πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£
Omg, thanks for the laugh @InsideEdition

Sorry to tell you but #NothingCanStop the #Qanon movement, NOTHING!
Hey what does "Hamberders" mean? I missed that one...
@PatriotsSoapbox , any idea?
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After reading this, your thinking on the brain will not be the same. The thoughts are mine. The words from @nickwarren #tweetstorm cc @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower
#1 - They diagnosed me with #dyslexia when I was 43, but by then it didn’t matter.
#2 - I already knew my brain was different.
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@JulianElliott11 @ded6ajd looking forward to hearing from Professor Rod Nicholson about positive dyslexia - implications for assessment and support

Dyslexia 360 - looking at dyslexia in the round
Influencers for RN in #dyslexia research

Angela Fawcett
Jacob Bronowski
Tim Miles
Geoff Beattie

Impertinent questions
Three challenges

Harry Chaster - "We must teach them the way they learn."

Margaret Nicholson - trier vs excuses

@JulianElliott11 - not worth diagnosing dyslexia
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Here's a short thread (20 tweets Ha!) on why I ended up in Keith, Moray from #Norwich in Norfolk & why I wouldn't live in any other nation. This is about about how #Scotland became my home because of love & how this led to support for independence & #SNPOrganiser for Keith 1/20
For context - towards the end of 2014 I came out of a mentally & emotionally exhausting long distance relationship w/ an American, I had just started a degree in Computer Science @uniofeastanglia & found myself content in my own company & 'aloneness' .. 2/20
Scrolling my @tumblr blog, I came across a blog that I found interesting. in 1 post Mr McDonald had written about jumping some stairs in his flat, smashing his head on a door frame, and coming too on his floor w/ blood pouring out his skull. I thought it was funny. 3/20
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My name is Kayode @ogundamisi and the following thread is personal, it is not political, it is something I always do not want to talk about, or too embarrassed to acknowledge, but that changed last night during a conversation with my 12 year old daughter. It is about #Dyslexia
I started my formal education at Command Children School Ikeja Cantonment in Nigeria. Dad was in the Army as an 'order rank' but determined to have me attend the prestigious CCS meant for Senior @HQNigerianArmy officers got his boss then Major Dasilva to enrol me as his own son
Dad did not want me to attend Army Children School (basically for 'other ranks" Staff Sergeants down to Private in the Nigerian Army' he would pay my school fees (*More than half is salary) directly into Major Dasilva's account. That was how I ended up being in Command Ikeja.
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Here's my thread on being diagnosed with #dyslexia at 34.

I am currently in the 5th year of a part-time PhD program and just got diagnosed with dyslexia and potentially ADD (Jury's still out on that one).
I've had several well-meaning friends and family members question my need for a diagnosis or even warning me about getting diagnosed. The general concern seems to be that, since I am academically successful, dyslexia obviously can't have impacted my life too badly.
Since I am "fine", why should I try and get myself diagnosed with a "learning difficulty"?

There is a undercurrent in there that it would either be indecent of me to ask for special treatment or that defining myself as dyslexic might somehow affect my self-image negatively
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Full house on #CognitiveDiversity tonight!! #ServLab
Christine and Tom from Open Inclusion kicks off tonight #ServLab
How we think is shaped by many factors #CognitiveDiversity #ServLab
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In the last 24 hours or thereabout, a particular video of the Nigerian Inspector General of Police surfaced online. This has sparked up interesting conversations around the topic of Dyslexia on social media.

I will attempt to talk about this from a purely medical perspective.
While there has been arguments in support and in criticism of the Police boss, one that I find amusing is the suggestion that the gentleman has dyslexia. Just from the video, twitter fingers made a diagnosis of dyslexia.

Sadly that’s rather unfortunate.
Let’s talk on this.
What is Dyslexia?
Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty which causes challenges with reading, writing and spelling.

It's a "specific learning difficulty", which means it causes problems with specific skills used for learning, such as reading and writing.

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