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#Autism hitting the headlines & trending - good

I was diagnosed as Aspergers last year - I’m still just me

Yesterday I had a overwhelming day

Last week I had an overwhelming week

Last month I had an overwhelming month

Last year I had an overwhelming year

This sums us up 💚
Last decade was overwhelming at times but thankfully not all the time, just some of the time but then a breakthrough comes, it’s always does.
I work on complexity and at times challenging assignments.

Problems so big: no-one fully understands the issues, never mind devise solutions.

Problems often rattle around for days, weeks, months, years, or decades & in one case a century.

Like I said big complex problems.
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" Stanford faculty may “purchase a leasehold interest.” Buyers sign a “ground lease” with the university, and then faculty members pay rent to Stanford ..
This unique structure dates to the university’s founding by Leland and Jane Stanford.."

"The Boston firm Shepley, Rutan, and Coolidge collaborated with Frederick Law Olmsted to develop the university’s final architectural plan.."
Frederick Law Olmsted was also the landscaper for the Vanderbilt's Biltmore Estate

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My coming out story as the first openly gay Saudi man:
My name is Abdulrahman Alkhiary and I was born by the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. Education was a top priority to my parents, and despite my #ADHD and #Dyslexia, I succeeded in schools when we moved to the United States.
#NCOD Image
While at Kansas State University I excelled socially and scholarly, joining many organizations related to my Political Science major, and working as a legislative administrative assistant for a Kansas State Senator and a consultant to the Riley County Police Department.
On February 22 while living with my parents in Manhattan, Kansas, they asked me to a private meeting. This was odd because just a week earlier my parents and I met, and it was uncommon for us to meet two weeks in a row, so I became nervous. #NationalComingOutDay
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A team of researchers under Prof. Braj Bhushan & Prof. Shatarupa Thakurta Roy @IITKanpur & Dr Alok Bajpai have developed an assistive application to help children with learning & writing disabilities commonly known as #Dyslexia & #Dysgraphia.
According to the data available, India has a large number of children with undiagnosed Dyslexia and Dysgraphia, which hampers the development and learning of the children.
@EduMinOfIndia @dpradhanbjp @MoHFW_INDIA
The team of experts have developed this novel assistive application by acknowledging the need for additional support for such special children.
@PBNS_India @DDNewslive @PTI_News @MIB_India
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Hello! I gave a long-ass interview for a #Bloomberg @business @bloombergtax article on Ernst and Young @EYTwitter's new neurodiversity initiative as a mental health expert and #actuallyautistic person and I'm glad to see that my opinion was IGNORED and TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT! 1/
The piece: "Growing EY Initiative Promotes Neurodiversity in the Workplace"… 2/ (prepare to cringe)
I'm going to just hope that the journalist I spoke with @TzulRichard (2023 journalism school, intern?) was overridden by his editors incl @JeffMHarrington. Because he was thoughtful and listened well during the interview. But what they published was a puff piece on EY program.
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Our meta-analysis is published - prek/kindergarten RAN *robustly* relates to later reading ability in English.
Please share with those 🧑‍🏫👪who need to advocate for including #RAN in a #dyslexia #screening battery. Open access paper! #RANmeta…
Dr. Sean McWeeny started this meta-analysis in 2018. He has become such a star in this area of work. He co-developed the SnowGlobe tool to automate searching each paper's refs and future citations to ensure we had excellent coverage of the literature.
Sean, PhD student Jinnie Choi, & a great team of undergraduates in the @nulearnlab screened well over 4,600 articles for inclusion in the analyses. Final count included 67 studies with 10,513 participants. We used analyses that let us look at multiple effect sizes within studies.
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2018: Applicants with #dyslexia NOT allowed to join MBBS (NMC)
2018: Mumbai HC DENIED admission; Delhi HC allowed admission
2019: NMC: Dyslexia ≥ 40% & ≤ 80% disability allowed
#NEETUG2022: Only those with ‘SEVERE dyslexia’ can avail of disability quota benefit in NEET 1/ 🧵 Photo of a doctor wearing a...
The brochure states that dyslexic candidates need to submit two forms (Appendix XV & XVI). The certificate must mention ‘SEVERE’ under the Dyslexia category to enable the candidate to get the benefit of the disability quota 2/ #NEETUG2022 #Disability Front page of NTA's NEET-UG...
Form-1 also asks for the details of the Dyslexia Association meaning that rather than a medical authority, NGOs will attest. Why UDID then?
Form-2 is a newly introduced Certificate to be produced by Dyslexic Candidate from the Principal of School/College last attended. 3/ #NEET Page 26 of the NEET-UG 2022...Screenshot of Appendix - XV...Screenshot of Appendix –XVI...
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Hi @jared_w_smith I really enjoyed your talk on typographic accessibility however there are a couple of things I’d like to pick up that I think would are worth a discussion at least.
The main one was about dyslexia. There is so much misinformation about this condition.
Despite the cultural definitions which seem to include unrelated syndromes and traits, Developmental Dyslexia to give its proper name is a developmental disorder to do with phonological pricessing, see…
The definition becomes muddied by psychologists who diagnose the symptoms, which could be caused by other things and attribution of unrelated traits and syndromes such as Irlen and mirroring, where there are as many dyslexic and non-dyslexic cases.
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I'm #dyslexic. I was diagnosed 30 or more years ago. So I say with respect, stop calling #Dyslexia a super power. It belittles & glamourises a condition that is to many crippling & leads to terrible anxiety & self esteem issues. I struggle to read, I struggle to understand
What I've read. I struggle to process information & convert it to long term memory. I struggle with the lesser known fun that is false memories because of this processing deficit. To maintain an average academic ability, my brain had to work twice as hard as others.
Sure, I have a slightly different way of interpreting the world around me, this new #DyslexicThinking that LinkedIn is promoting. But it comes at significant cost. Now, it is going to be desirable to say you're dyslexic, when in reality you probably are not.
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#Dyslexia is a lifelong learning difference that impacts 20% of the population. #Dyslexics are poor at processing language, struggle to comprehend, speak, read, write, spell or calculate. It is irreversible. #DyslexiaAwarenessMonth
Headaches from reading & writing,alphabets & numbers jumping around, confusing deadlines, not being able to judge time, are all part of their daily challenges to survive. Low self-esteem & high anxiety is common.
#DyslexicMinds are wired differently.They think creatively, r innovate & think outside the box,often solving problems others can’t.DyslexiaAwarenessMonth
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Very late in doing my annual reading this year. I am not teaching #WesternDLD2 this Fall (on sabbatical) so other tasks were prioritized this summer. Starting now for 2021...
I'm interested in's oracy framework & the emphasis on students learning through talk & to talk.
I'm wondering if children with #DevLangDis in these classrooms do better. It echoes themes @57Justice raised in her @CLTTJournal lecture. Image
This Accepted article on supervisor responses to patient microagressions directed to their medical students is interesting & helpful. Importance of pre-brief, following student preferences, bearing witness & creating educational safety. See fig 1 for guide…
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My experience with Children who had #Dyslexia.

When I was in Mombasa, I was running a Madrasa with over 600 children for 3 years.
Some parents would remove their children from schools completely and make their children join the Madrasa fulltime so that they memorised the
#HolyQuran while getting tuition teachers to teach them in the evenings so that they don't miss out in their Secular Education.
3-4 years down the line when they are done memorizing the #HolyQuran, the go back to school and continue with their Secular Education.
I really admired
the dedication & the devotion these parents had towards the Book of ALLAH where they wanted their children to memorise the #HolyQuran. A Book that has over 600 pages and the child memorises it from cover to cover before the age of 12 years. This was a Noble Deed and the reward
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Welcome to #ImplementationThursdays!!! I'd like to dedicate this week's thread to parents/caregivers and their important role in any implementation effort. #ImpSci #DevLangDis #Dyslexia #ELAchat #SLPeeps
Lately, I've been reading a lot about parents/caregivers' perspectives of their children's communication disorders and their experiences around them.
For example, De Lopez, @Renagalway, et al. asked parents how they made sense of their children's speech and language disorders and how they described them across 10 countries…
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Welcome to #ImplementationThursdays!!! Last week, we discussed a bit about what #ImpSci is and what it can do to improve uptake of #EBP. This week, I want to focus on implementation strategies - things that you do to change something in your context and facilitate implementation.
Usually, when you do #ImpSci work, you begin by examining what in your target context influences implementation and whether it is acting as a barrier or a facilitator. Identifying barriers to implementation is important because these are the things that you want to change.
And the way to change them, eliminate them, is by using implementation strategies: strategies that address barriers and enhance the adoption of a particular program. Here is a nice summary by @ImpSciUW…
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Welcome to #ImplementationThursdays!!! This week, instead of reviewing an article, I decided to introduce implementation science and compile useful resources for anyone who might be interested. Here we go! #ELAchat #ImpSci #DevLangDis #Dyslexia
Let's start with the problem. The problem is that high-quality, evidence-based programs do not always end up in routine practice like schools. For example, a review showed that it takes on average 17 years for only 14% of research to be integrated into practice.
17 YEARS AND ONLY 14%! This means that programs that we know work are not used in routine practice and do not benefit those who need them. This means that our children with #DevLangDis and #Dyslexia for example do not receive high-quality services.
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I got a great reminder about Accessible v. Assistive Technology yesterday from @krista_bolen . Since so many students have #dyslexia but few have IEPs, we need to ensure they all can access classroom content through audiobooks and screen readers. Lets make all content accessible! Image
The movement towards accessible content is so important for so many people with disabilities. So many websites and classroom content barely useable for people with severe dyslexia. Why, you ask? Most tech has built-in screen readers - isn’t that good enough?

Nope. (A thread.)
Screen Readers: Most work on only certain types of content. So if your website or class lesson has text, a graph, a map and a slideshow with text, our readers cannot access all the content. This is a huge issue with Florida Virtual School many students are using this year. Image
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An interesting (& common) question from a teacher on our Reading for Life Course:

"When teaching grade 3 and have a student arrive in your class at the start of the year wearing coloured lenses, and they have been wearing them for at least a period of 6-12 months,
I wonder how to tackle this with the parents because they have obviously sought help and this has been provided to them as the solution by 'the experts'.
By the time a student reaches grade 3 and they're behind in reading, writing and spelling, how far behind do they need to be to be considered dyslexic? Or are they just slower to make progress?"
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Here is Myth #2 for #DyslexiaAwarnessMonth 2020:
FIRST SIGNS OF #DYSLEXIA OR #READING IMPAIRMENTS CAN ONLY BE SEEN AFTER 2-3 YEARS OF READING INSTRUCTION. Nope. Early signs can be seen as early as preschool. Here is what to look for:
Numerous studies have shown that these skills are predictive of successful #reading acquisition as early as age 4 or 5:
Phonological awareness
Pseudoword repetition
Rapid Automatized Naming
Expressive/Receptive vocabulary
Letter (sound) knowledge
Oral listening comprehension
4 follow-up readings pl look at our review paper w @olaozpa & the wonderful work of many global researchers eg @CattsHugh @yaacovp @lervag M Snowling, C Hulme, @schotz @tiffanyphogan @deevybee @TheDrPT J Malatesha, H Lyytinen, G. Schulte-Körne, & many more
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We are back for #DyslexiaAwarenessMonth 2020 after all the wonderful feedback we received last year! Every Day we will bust another #dyslexia and #reading myth during the month of October:
MYTH #1 for 2020:
While the exact prevalence of #dyslexia/#reading impairments depends on many factors (e.g., the definition, the spoken and written language, diagnostic practices), we can say with great certainty that dyslexia/reading impairments are not rare.
Let's take a look at the numbers: The National Assessment of Educational Progress shows in their report that approx. 65% of 4th graders are not #reading proficiently and the numbers are similar for students in 8th grade. You can find the 2019 report here
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I thought I would share my personal experience of how I realized I was dyslexic. Everything started when I first came to UK to do my A-levels. I always struggled with writing but never understood why. In Russia back in 2007-2009 dyslexia wasn’t recognized as widely.
So when I came to UK, teachers in my school assumed all my struggles were due to the English language barrier. I couldn’t understand why my spoken English was so good but my writing English didn’t match it. It was so strange for me.
Then my school provided me with English tutor, who couldn’t recognize my dyslexia either. I do understand why not because I was only in UK for a year at this point and as international student chances of me being dyslexic were low.
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Anyone want to share their #AbleismTellsMe stories from the academy (or life) with us?
You can DM us if you want to post something anonymously!

#DisInHigherEd #CripTheAcademy #Ableism #AbleistAcademia
Anon 1
#AbleismTellsMe that spelling is equilivant to caring. Mispellings must mean Im stupid or dont care. #Dyslexia asks why people are more obsessed with letters than ideas
Anon 2
#AbleismTellsMe that I can't be successful without working 60 hours per week. The only way to be good enough is to work myself ragged to keep up
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Very honored that our #dyslexia & early #literacy milestone #screening platform @EarlyBirdLearn developed in collaboration with @yaacovp is a finalist for the New England Innovation Award 2020!!! Fingers crossed! 🤩
Meet all the #2020 #NEInno #Finalist…
Thank you @BostonChildrensfor all your support during the development of this! We could not have done this without your Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator!!! #grateful
Thank you @ne_inno for believing in us! #NEInnovation #NEInno
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The #DALwebinar with Dr Iris Berent is about to begin. We will be live-tweeting throughout. Join us! #DecodingDyslexia
We will be continuing the discussion on the #DALforum so join us there:

We will discuss the tension between what Science thinks #dyslexia is and what laypeople think what #dyslexia is. And why the difference matters. #DALforum
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