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Robert Mueller Is The Resistance

1. The investigation by Robert Mueller is
“mission creep”
or actually
“creeps on a mission”.
2. Andrew Weissmann attended Crooked H’s election eve party w/the hope of celebrating her victory.

Weismann, known for vicious & shady dealings in the past, is the lead prosecutor in the Mueller witch hunt.…
3. It was immediately after Crooked H’s loss that Crooked H’s team formed the opposition to @POTUS @realDonaldTrump ’s election, claiming Russian interference.…
4. Acc to the book "Shattered" written by Liberal Jonathan Allen (a Politico editor), & Amy Parnes who (writes for 'The Hill') Clinton Camp hatched the Russia narrative 24 hrs after her loss as an excuse for their campaign failure!……
5. Crooked H publicly joined the ‘Resistance’ movement against the @POTUS .
Weissmann, one of her fans, also holds the resistance movement to President @realDonaldTrump ’s presidency “in awe”.…
6. Mueller’s lead prosectr Weissmann ('legal terrorist' by colleagues)& mbr of anti-Trump resistance as revealed in email obtained by JW 2fellow resistance mbr Sally Yates aftr she refused 2comply w/ @POTUS @realDonaldTrump ’s order 2 issue a travel ban.…
7. Weissmann gushed:
“Im so proud. And in awe. Thank u so much. All my deepest respects.”

He was proud that one of the @POTUS ’s top executive staff mbrs resisted the @POTUS ’s orders on a travel ban whch cleared all judicial barriers 2date bc its w/in the @POTUS ’s authority.
8. @JudicialWatch president @TomFitton calls Weissmann’s email
“an astonishing and disturbing finding.”

Robert Mueller’s right-hand "legal terrorist" & "pit bull" is obviously partisan.
9. The awe-inspiring Sally Yates is the one, who in her testimony to Congress, informed WH Counsel Don McGahn that General Michael Flynn made untrue statements abt his talks w/Russian ambassador, &discussed w/McGahn possible criminal prosecution of Flynn.…
10. Under Oath
GRAHAM: "Let me ask you this, did anybody ever make a request to unmask the conversation between the Russian ambassador and Mr. Flynn?"

YATES: "And again, Senator, I can't answer a question like that, it would call for classified information..."
11. GRAHAM: How did the conversation btwn a Russian amb & Flynn make it 2 "Wash Post?"
YATES: Which 1of us are you asking?
GRAHAM: Ms Yates.
CLAPPER: That's a great qstn.
CLAPPER: All of us wld like 2know that & I don't knw the answer.
YATES: Yeah. Nor do I know the answer 2that.
12. That testimony & ILLEGAL UNMASKING became not only relevant in the process to "Find-a-Crime" ....a crime of "lying" but it is precisely the item
which Robert Mueller later used, to charge General Michael Flynn of doing.
13. Andy McCarthy says
"Yates rprt might b relevant 2any investigation of @realDonaldTrump .
"The day aftr firing Flynn, Trump had the WH mtg at which, acc to the testimony of fmr FBI dir James Comey, Trump pressured Comey 2drop the Flynn investigation...”…
14. In the eyes of Mueller, if @realDonaldTrump knew Flynn lied to the FBI, he was asking Comey to drop a case against someone he knew had committed a crime.

Of course, this is all part of the plan
-Destroy @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
by any/all means.

Flynn = Collateral Damage.
15. On the other hand, if @realDonaldTrump didn’t know Flynn lied at the time he suggested Comey go easy on Flynn, then he wasn’t asking Comey to drop the case.

If Mueller is looking at obstruction of justice or of an FBI investigation, Yates wld become a prominent witness.
16. Yates testimony will be challenged.
17. Major Garrett CBS:
“Srcs w/direct knwldge say that then-acting Atty Gen Yates NEVER told WH Counsel Don McGahn that fmr NtnlSecAdv Gen Flynn lied or that he was under FBI investigation-a version of events that contradicts Yates sworn Sen testimony.”…
18. Sally Yates honesty will, however,
be judged by the man
who holds her “in awe”.
(and Robert Mueller's "Legal Terrorist" In The @realDonaldTrump Investigation)
19. The anti-@realDonaldTrump "Resistance" by Obama aides began in earnest before the election in July 2016 while he was campaigning for @POTUS and continues to this very moment.…
20. Then-FBI Director James B. Comey began a criminal investigation of the @realDonaldTrump campaign, in whole or part, based on a dossier financed by the Democratic Party w/an aim to destroy the Republican candidate.
21. The dossier, funded by the DNC; the Clinton campaign & the FBI was garbage opposition research w/information supplied by the Kremlin itself.

It was elevated beyond belief..thanks to the FAKE news non-stop shoveling this manure 2the public as FACT knowing it wasa CRAP SAMICH
22. One of DOJ’s senior 4th flr investigators Bruce Ohr -demoted bc he met w/creator & funder of dossier, Christopher Steele & Fusion GPS (where Bruce's wife Nelly worked) founder Glenn Simpson, during the campaign in 2016 & shortly aftr the election.…
23. The dossier was used 2spy on Carter Page (collateral damage) &others.
Mueller removed lead investigator Pete Strzok in July whn Strzok’s anti-Trump, pro-Crooked H emails 2his FBI mistress became known but Mueller hid it fr Congress despite repeated calls 4Strzok 2testify.
24. Jeannie Rhee, (also a lead in the Mueller probe of @realDonaldTrump ) served as a personal attorney for Obama administration officials, Ben Rhodes represented Clinton Foundation, & even donated thousands of dollars to Crooked Hillary’s campaign.…
25. Andrew McCabe, heavily involved in all the investigations, as was Strzok, had serious conflicts of interest -Comey said he had no problem with.…
McCabe’s wife was recruited by Crooked H & Bill’s frnd & fmr fundraiser Terry McAuliffe.
26. A total of 40% of campaign contributions 2Andrew McCabe wife’s campaign came fr Crooked Hillary donors.
27. Nine (9) members of Robert Mueller’s "Resistance" (oops, I mean Investigative Team) are Democrats & Crooked Hillary &/or Obama donors.

It’s not clear abt the others but
They ARE NOT Republicans
and They ARE NOT @realDonaldTrump supporters.…
28. Obama holdovers & Obama himself remain a problem.

Obama’s staff have also been fully engaged in pushing "the collusion" story and investigation despite ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE of a crime. (by @realDonaldTrump or his campaign)
29. John Brennan, O’s CIA dir & fmr campgn adv, pushed the investigation during the campaign. He supplied Comey w/names of Russians w/whom Trump assocs made any type of contact.
30. Brennan testified to Congress he provided a list of referrals w/out knowing what was discussed, The Washington Times reported.…
James R. Clapper, Obama’s director of national intelligence,
called the @POTUS "unfit for office."
31. “I really question his (@POTUS) fitness to be in this office,”

Clapper told CNN after a fiery @realDonaldTrump speech in August.…
“And I also am beginning to wonder abt his motivation for it.
Maybe he is looking for a way out.”
32. Obama holdovers in @realDonaldTrump ’s admn as well as forces from the outside hope to overturn the election, not because of policy, but because they have successfully demonized the opposition with personal attacks.…
33. These loyalists are said to incl many Obama holdovers, incl key NSC personnel who work directly for senior Obama aide Ben Rhodes, who has become a central suspect in the leaks of damaging classified information to the press.…
34. Democrats, media, & Mueller’s team are determined to indict @realDonaldTrump his allies, friends, and even his family.

If not for collusion, for obstruction, if not obstruction, lying or some other process crime.…
35.NYT story Feb 14 based on “former American officials” to fire up the narrative.“Ph recrds &intercepted calls show mbrs of @realDonaldTrump 2016 campgn &other Trump assocs had repeated contacts w/sr Russian intel officls the yr b4 the election, acc to 4current &fmr officls,”
36. The Times story was based on Obama holdovers’ & former Obama staff’s information.

Almost the entire story was wrong, according to Comey’s testimony b4 Senate Select Comm on Intel 4mons later.

Comey immediately notified Congress the story was not true.
37. But it served the purpose & its fake news conts to reverberate.
This isn’t simply random attcks, there's orderliness & timeliness 2the leaks & indictments.

There are roll outs when the @POTUS has a success abroad or in the economy.
It is a stealth coup.
38. Obama and his staff said they unmasked & leaked out of fear that the @POTUS and/or his staff were colluding with the enemy.

There has been ZERO evidence of colluding (except w/Crooked H & her Cabal) after an investigation that began over a 1 full year ago.
39. Obama's CIA actively &publicly opposed @POTUS @realDonaldTrump.
Take Mike Morell’s endorsement of Crooked H…
“In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation,” Morell.
40. Robert Mueller doesn’t care abt the appearance of impropriety
the FBI & DoJ refuse 2provide Congress w/any information
The media is 100% opposed to the @POTUS & puts out false narratives or distorted, opinionated info 2 hurt the @POTUS .
41. Obama runs a subversive organization that leads violent protests when the time seems right.

He’s also behind much of the media sourcing.
42. Former federal prosecutor, Sydney Powell, calls the Mueller team
“creeps on a mission” who are practicing “outrageous abuse of power”…
43. Days ago, Obama compared @POTUS @realDonaldTrump to Hitler at an Economic Club in Chicago.…

Obama also lamented not passing stringent gun laws.

Its unprecedented for a past president to behave in this way.

But THIS.....
This is
"The Resistance."
44. But I digress.
Let's go back in time ...2009, when Mueller ran the FBI.
45. I'll betchya didn't know
FBI (Mueller's FBI) asked a "Russian oligarch" (Oleg Deripaska) to spend millns of his own dollars to fund an FBI-supervised op to rescue a retired FBI agent, Robert Levinson, captured in Iran while working for the CIA in 2007?…
46. Let's not focus on the prisoner, but instead at the Russian Oligarch:
His name sound familiar?

Yes, he is the same Oleg Deripaska who has surfaced in Robert Mueller’s current @realDonaldTrump -Russia-Collusion-Invstgtn &who was sanctioned by the Trump administration.
47. The Levinson mission is confirmed by more than a dozen participants inside &outside the FBI, incl Deripaska, his lawyer, the Levinson family & a retired agent who supervised the case.

Mueller was kept apprised of the operation, officials told me.
48. Some aspects of Deripaska’s help was chronicled in 2016 book by rprtr Barry Meier, but sources prov extensive new info abt his role.… They said FBI agents courted Deripaska in 2009 in a series of secret hotel mtgs in Paris; Vienna; Budapest, Hungary&DC.
49. FBI Agents persuaded the aluminum industry magnate & Russian Oligarch, to underwrite the secret rescue mission of the American in Iran.

The Russian billionaire insisted the operation neither involve, nor harm his homeland.
50. “We knew he was paying 4his team helping us &that ran into millions,” US officl in the op confirmed.
1agent who helped Deripaska was Andrew McCabe, the fired FBI dep dir who played a seminal role starting Trump-Russia case, multiple srcs confirmed.…
51. Deripaska’s lawyer said the Russian ultimately spent $25 million assembling a private search & rescue team that worked with Iranian contacts under the Robert Mueller's FBI’s watchful eye.

Photos & videos indicating Levinson was alive were uncovered.…
52. Then in fall 2010, the operation secured an offer to free Levinson.
The deal was scuttled, however, when State Dept become uncomfortable with Iran’s terms, acc to Deripaska’s lawyer & the Levinson family.
FBI officials confirmed State hampered their efforts.
53. “We tried 2turn over every stone we cld 2rescue Bob, but every time we started 2get close, the State Dept seemed 2always get in the way,” said Robyn Gritz, retired agent who supervised Levinson case in 2009, when Deripaska first cooperated, ..
54. ...but who left for another position in 2010 before the Iranian offer arrived.

“I kept Director Mueller & Deputy Dir [John] Pistole informed of the various efforts & operations, & they offered to intervene with State, if necessary.”
55. FBI officials ended the operation in 2011, concerned that Deripaska’s Iranian contacts couldn’t deliver w/all the US infighting.…
Levinson was never found;
his whereabouts remain a mystery, 11 years after he disappeared.
56. “Deripaska’s efforts came very close to success,” said David McGee, a fmr federal prosecutor who represents Levinson’s family.
“We were told at one point that the terms of Levinson’s release had been agreed to by Iran & the US& incl a statement by then-Sec of State Clinton
57. ... pointing a finger away from Iran.
But, At the last minute, Clinton dec not 2make the agreed-on statement.
”The State Dept declined comment & a spokesman 4Clinton did not offer comment.
Mueller’s spokesman, Peter Carr, declined to answer questions,
As did McCabe.
58. The FBI had 3 reasons for choosing Deripaska 4a mission worthy of a spy novel....
~1st his aluminum empire had business in Iran.
~2d, FBI wanted a foreigner 2fund the op bc spending money in Iran wld violate US sanctions & other laws.
~3rd, agents knew Deripaska in 2006 was banished fr US over rprtsof ties 2organized crime & other nefarious activities.
60. FBI rewarded Deripaska 4his help.
In fall 2009, acc to US entry records, Deripaska visited D.C. on a rare law enforcement parole visa. And since 2011, he's been granted entry at least 8 times on a diplomatic passport, even though he doesn’t work 4the Russian Foreign Ministry.
61. Former FBI officials confirm they arranged the access.
Deripaska said in a statement through Adam Waldman, his American lawyer, that FBI agents told him State’s reasons for blocking his U.S. visa were
“merely a pretext.” ...
62. “The FBI said they had undertaken a careful background check, & if there was any validity to the State Department smears, they would not have reached out to me for assistance,”

the Russian said.
63. Hold Your Horses: It's About To Get Rough...
Over the past 2 yrs, evidence emerged tying him (the Russian Oligarch Deripaska) to former @realDonaldTrump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, the 1st defendant charged by Mueller’s Russia probe w/money laundering & illegal lobbying.
64. Deripaska once hired Manafort as a "political adviser" and "invested money with him" in a business venture that went bad.…
Deripaska sued Manafort, alleging "he stole money."
65. Mueller’s indictment of Manafort makes NO MENTION of Deripaska, even though prosecutors have evidence that Manafort contemplated inviting his old Russian client for a 2016 @realDonaldTrump campaign briefing.…
66. Deripaska said he NEVER got the invite
& investigators have found ZERO evidence it ever occurred.…
There’s NO public evidence Deripaska
had anything to do with ANY election meddling.
67. Deripaska also appears to be 1of the 1st Russians the FBI asked 4help from, when it began investigating the FusionGPS “Steele Dossier.”…
Waldman, (Russian's lawyer)until sanctions hit, gave a detailed accnt, some of which US officials confirm.
68. Two mos b4 @realDonaldTrump was elected @POTUS , Deripaska was in NY as part of Russia’s UNs delegation when 3FBI agents awakened him in his home; at least 1 agent worked w/Deripaska on the aborted effort to rescue Levinson.…
69. During an hour-long visit, the FBI agents posited a theory that…
"@realDonaldTrump ’s campaign was secretly colluding with Russia to hijack the US election."
70. “Deripaska laughed but realized, despite the joviality, that they were serious,” the lawyer said. “So he told them in his informed opinion the idea they were proposing was false.…
‘You are trying to create something out of nothing,’ he told them.”
71. The FBI agents left though the FBI sought more info in 2017 from the Russian. Waldman declined to say if Deripaska has been in contact with the FBI since Sept,…

So why care about some banished Russian oligarch’s account now?
72. Two reasons.

~1st, as the FBI prep'd 2get authority 2surveil/unmask figures on Trump’s campgn team, did it disclose to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) that 1of its past Russian sources "waived them off" of the notion of @realDonaldTrump -Russia collusion?
73. Second,
the U.S. government in April imposed sanctions on Deripaska, 1of several prominent Russians targeted to punish Vladimir Putin using the same sort of allegations that State used from 2006 -2009. ....
74....Yet, betwn those 2 episodes, Deripaska seemed good enough for the FBI to ~Ask him to fund that multi-million-dollar rescue mission.
~And to seek his help on a sensitive political investigation.
~And to allow him into the country 8 times.
75. Deripaska’s past FBI relationship
Some US officials wonder whether the Russian Oligarch’s "conspicuous absence" from Mueller’s indictments might be related to his FBI work.
They aren’t the only ones.
76. Harvard aw professor Alan Dershowitz believes Mueller has a YUUUUUGE conflict of interest bc his FBI previously accepted financial help from a Russian that is ( at the very least) a witness in the current probe.
77. “The real question becomes whether it was proper to leave [Deripaska] out of the Manafort indictment, & whether that omission was to avoid the kind of transparency that is really REQUIRED BY LAW,” Dershowitz said.
78. Melanie Sloan ethics watchdog:
"far more significant is whether earlier FBI op was legal:
“It’s possible the bureau’s arrangement w/Deripaska
violated Anti-deficiency Act, ....
79. which prohibits federal agencies fr obligations or expending federal funds in advance or in excess of an appropriation, and from accepting voluntary services.…
80. George Washngtn University constitutional law prof Jonathan Turley agreed: “If the operation w/Deripaska contravened federal law, this figure could be viewed as a potential embarrassment for Mueller. The question is whether he cld implicate Mueller in an impropriety”
81. Now that sources have unmasked the Deripaska story, time will tell whether the courts, Dept of Justice, Congress or a "defendant" formally questions if Robert Mueller is conflicted.
82. In the meantime, the episode highlights an oft-forgotten truism:
The "cat-and-mouse maneuvers" btwn Moscow & Washington are often portrayed in black-and-white terms.

But the truth is, the relationship is enveloped in many shades of gray.

*Right Adam Schiff?
83. Giant Hat-Tip to John Solomon

(But I'll Stay On Top Of This One....)
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