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Jul 2 6 tweets 4 min read
Declaration of the so called Afghanistan Ulema Gathering in Kabul, as expected, include items such as:
1. Support to/approval of the IEA
2. Pledge of Allegiance to the Taliban's Amir-ul Mominin, Hibatullah Akhundzada,
3. Call on the international community to recognise the IEA... The resolution include 11 articles, and similar to the Republic Government Jirgas' declarations, supporting the policies and actions of the incumbent govt. See below:
4. We (participants of the gathering) support the decree of the Amir-ul Mominin, that is banning opium #poppy...
Jun 30 20 tweets 16 min read
- Grand Assembly of the #Ulema of Afghanistan is now the official name of the TB's gathering in Kabul.
- There are rumors that Amir ul-Mu'minin will appear in the gathering.
- Some similar events in the Loya Jirga tent in the past were targeted by ISKP (rockets, Suicide Attacks). - The Grand Assembly of Ulema will be #chaired by Sheikh Mawlawi Habibullah Haqqani.
- According to the State-run Bakhtar News Agency, about 3500 people are invited to participate in the Ulema's gathering in Kabul City.
Jun 19 11 tweets 8 min read
There are rumors about the start of #Taliban's operation against their dissatisfied Hazara commander, Mawlawi #Mahdi Mujahid, in #Balkhab District of Sar-e Pul Province.
Here is a #propaganda video, showing the loyalists of Mahdi, welcoming him in Balkhab. Deputy of Mawlawi Mahdi, the most senior commander of the Hazara #Taliban, who has allegedly separated from the group, told BBC that the Taliban forces attacked their home town Balkhab...… Image
Jun 19 5 tweets 4 min read
The #UK #does_not_support anyone, including Afghan nationals, seeking to achieve #political_change through #violence, or any activity inciting violence for political purposes, in #Afghanistan, and will not allow UK soil to be used to plan or prepare it...… and we strongly discourage others from doing so.
To promote peace& stability, to deliver essential humanitarian support to the Afghan people& to address shared concerns on security, there is no alternative to engaging pragmatically with the current administration of Afghanistan.
Jun 11 9 tweets 7 min read
#Infighting between the #Taliban in Taluqan City, the capital of #Takhar Province reported today.
No confirmation/rejection of the news by the Taliban is available yet.
Video and Photos of the incident are unverified and copied from the open sources. Image While some pro-Taliban SM accounts wrote that the clash in Taluqan was between the Taliban&ISKP (Daesh) loyalists, but trusted sources from the area told me otherwise.
A group of (model 2021) Uzbek Taliban, last week, attacked Takhar prison&released their friends (ex-militias)...
Jun 11 8 tweets 7 min read
The first topic in the #Taliban Cheif Justice, Abdul Hakim Haqqani's book on the Islamic Emirate& its governance, is the #type_of_government. According to him, there are two main types of governments in the world:
1. A state& government whose Motto is collection of revenue/taxes. Image 2. A state& government whose Motto is Guidance (Propagation of Virtue& Prevention of Vice).
According to the author of the book, there is no need to give examples of Tax Govts, as they nowadays make majority or almost all of the world govts.
But governments of guidance are #rare. Image
Jun 7 5 tweets 3 min read
#Taliban's Chief Justice in his 300-page book also discussed #Elections. According to him, there is no confirmation for modern democratic elections in Islam& the Islamic nation did not recognize it. "If there was good in it, why would the companions of Prophet (PBUH) ignored it?" Calling it something imported from the non-believers, Sheikh Abdul Hakeem Haqqani, named five negative aspects of the democratic #elections, as follow:
1. Democratic elections create #disunity and encourage blameworthy tribal, party and linguistic fanaticism among the people.
Jun 6 5 tweets 3 min read
#Taliban's Governor of Kabul, Sheikh Neda Mohammad Nadeem, while addressing TB officials at a meeting on Sunday, said that the current situation in Kabul is not acceptable to us& we cannot afford to see it in this way.
He said that women are not wearing Hijab& IEA don't force it. Sheikh Nadeem explained that when the Taliban just announce #Hijab, then non-believers strongly react to it, while it is not practically implemented. This way TB cannot make the God happy & the people also remain unsatisfied. He recommended that the Taliban should make the God...
Jun 5 5 tweets 3 min read
The current Chief Justice of Afghanistan, Sheikh Abdul Hakim Haqqani, in his book named الإمارة الإسلامية ونظامها (The Islamic Emirate and Its System), which is basically explaining the Islamic Government, discussed various topics including the girls education & #women's work... Image According to Haqqani, only the Islamic Education for women is Wajib (obligatory), not the modern education.
He explained that women can also get modern education but only in the fields that fit them such as medical& tailoring, but not chemistry, geometry etc.
Then, if a woman ... ImageImage
Jun 4 4 tweets 3 min read
From 01 January to 31 May 2022, ISKP group has claimed responsibility for 93 attacks in Afghanistan.
111 attacks were claimed by the group in the same period of time in 2021.
After losing all territories in end of 2019, in the first 5 months of 2020, ISKP claimed only 24 attacks. The number of the #ISKP attacks in the east & capital Kabul still remains high (historical trend).
The increase of attacks by the group in the north of AFG & the expansion of the ISKP activities to some new provinces, e.g. Helmand (though unconfirmed), are new facts in the graph.
Jun 4 7 tweets 3 min read
ARTF & the #World_Bank approved 3 projects totaling $793 million that will provide urgent& essential food, livelihood& health services to Afghans. All 3 projects will be implemented off-budget out of the interim #Taliban admin’s control, through #UN& NGOs.… The 3 projects:
1. The Afghanistan Emergency Food Security Project will help in the production of food crops for smallholder farmers& prevent the further deterioration of food security. The project will focus on wheat production, supporting about 300,000 households in two rounds.
May 22 4 tweets 3 min read
#ISKP claimed responsibility for today's #explosion in #Kabul:
"Several #Taliban, incl. their commanders, were killed& wounded in a martyrdom bombing that targeted a gathering of them in the capital Kabul."
ISKP said that Shahram Mowahid, a suicide bomber, carried out the attack. On Sunday, an ISKP fighter managed to reach a large hotel where the Taliban were holding a “memorial” ceremony for its former leader, Akhtar Mansour, near Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul.
The martyrdom fighter managed to penetrate all the security barriers installed by the TB ...
May 21 17 tweets 7 min read
#Taliban's #Commission for Contacting Afghan Personalities& paving way for their #Return to the Country, released its code of conduct, or #Layha, in 15 articles. According to the first article, this commission operates within the framework of the political commission of the #IEA. 1. The commission is very important for the IEA& led by the Acting Minister of Mines& Petroleum, Sheikh Al-Hadith Shahab-ud-Din Dilawar. Members of the commission include, the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chief of Staff of the Defense Ministry, Director General of Intel...
May 18 4 tweets 5 min read
#AFG under the #Taliban rule:
1. TB prevented girls from entering Kabul university because of having colorful veils.
2. TB inaugurated an Aqsa-like symbolic #mosque in a roundabout, in PD5 of Kabul City.
3. U.S. took control of AFG's embassy&consulates in DC, New York&California. ImageImage “UFN, the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Foreign Missions has assumed sole responsibility for ensuring the protection& preservation of the property of the #Afghan_Embassy or its consular posts in the U.S.,” the U.S. State Department said in a notice.…
May 17 4 tweets 4 min read
Several #Taliban were wounded in an #explosion against their vehicle in PD17 of #Kabul City, today.
The area is home for both, urban network of ISKP and NRF. Kabul Police Spokesman, @khalidzadran01, confirmed to @pajhwok, that at least two civilians were injured in a roadside bomb blast in Kotal-e Khair Khana area, in PD11 of #Kabul City.
The area where the #explosion happened, is the border between PD11& PD17.
May 6 13 tweets 11 min read
According to the state-run @BakhtarNA, the #Taliban's Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice will tomorrow (Saturday, May 7), make an important #decree, about #Hijab ruling, public. While not released from the official addresses of the IEA yet, the #Taliban's new plan for the implementation of Sharia #Hijab in Afghanistan is a document prepared in two pages and signed by the seven senior officials of the Taliban, including the Minister for the Propagation...
May 4 4 tweets 2 min read
میخواهم در مورد یک برداشت نادرست عده ای از هموطنان خود، به شمول آوازخوان نامدار فرهاد دریا، بنویسم.
اردوی ما نه بطور شاید وباید "مجهز" بود ونه هم "سه صد هزار نفری". اردوی ما نه فرمان تسلیمی گرفته بود ونه هم بطور ناگهانی شکست خورد. برای معلومات بیشتر سری به گزارشات سیگار بزنید... Image آنچه من شاهد آن بودم وجود تشکیلات و افراد خیالی و #فساد گسترده ازسطح عسکر تا وزیر در نظام جمهوری بود. به استثنای افراد محدود پاک نفس، از سطح قوماندان کندک به بالا، همه خانه های مجلل چند صد هزار دالری داشتند، که از معاش دولتی امکان پذیر نبود. سرباز بیچاره هم مرمی و پوچک میفروخت...
May 4 6 tweets 5 min read
There are different views about a recent incident in #Attan near #Massoud's grave.
Few facts:
1. Those performed Attan, were not #Taliban. They were youths, mainly from south of #AFG, on a sightseeing tour in Panjshir. For sure, few Taliban also joined the Attan... ImageImageImageImage 2. #Taliban (as a religious and hardliner movement) are against any type of dance including Attan.
3. The Attan location was hundreds meter away from the grave of #Massoud& as said by some commenters, that Attan was not the 1st dance there.

To be clear, Attan in that specific...
Apr 22 5 tweets 6 min read
The #Khanaqa of Mawlawi Sikandar, was targeted in today's #explosion in Imam Sahib District of #Kunduz Province.
Dozens of worshipers were killed and wounded in the explosion.
Khanaqa is a Sufi gathering or worship place.
( #Taliban spokesman:
"A blast took place in a mosque in #Kunduz's Imam Sahib district.
33 civilians, including children, were martyred and 43 others were wounded.
We condemn this crime, wish the martyrs a paradise and the wounded a speedy recovery."
Apr 21 8 tweets 10 min read
#Explosions reported in #Kabul, #Nangarhar, #Balkh& #Kunduz today.
In Mazar-e Sharif City, a #Shia worship place was targeted. In Kunduz, according to @bsarwary's sources, an aid distribution site was the target. Explosions n other provinces were not as deadly as the 2 mentioned. According to @aamajnews24, 31 people were killed& 87 more wounded in the #Shia mosque #explosion in #Mazar-e Sharif today.
#Taliban downplaying the threat of ISKP, but the group was behind several deadly attacks in Afghanistan, since the Taliban took over the government in Kabul. Image
Apr 15 5 tweets 5 min read
#Taliban #arrested Yar Mohammad Rahmati, the head of Kabul office for Tebyan Social and Cultural activities center and locked his center.
The #Iran-backed #Shia cultural center in #AFG held a rally in front of Iran’s embassy in Kabul on Wednesday, to show solidarity with Iran ... ImageImageImageImage ...following a violent protest of Afghans against Iran, before Iranian Consulate in #Herat.
The recent anti-Iran protests in AFG started after videos went viral of Afghan refugees being mistreated in Iran.
Some of the Tebyan center activities were labeled as #illegal by former...