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#Shaking detected

5.4MB #Magnitude #Earthquake
5.4MB #マグニチュード #地震

Mandijan, #Isfahan, #Iran


Deep 30Km
深い: 30km

2021/02/17| 18:35:37UTC
GPS: 31.09, 51.47

reported by #emsc_Seismicportal
According to USGS:

"26 km Northwest of Yasuj, Iran""
"イラン、ヤースージュの北西26 km"

#Iran #Earthquake


According to official estimates, more than 43 people have been confirmed injured so far, while the townspeople of Siskat wanted to stay outside for fear of aftershocks. The earthquake occured at 22:05 local time

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On January 9, Iranian citizens once again took to the streets to vent their anger at the regime’s plundering and profiteering policies. People from different walks of life continued #IranProtests, by at least seven rallies and strikes in various cities.…
#IranProtests on January 9:
1–Rally of Medical Staff
2–Rally of Tehran Stock Market Shareholders
3–Municipality Destroys a Shed
4–Rally of Dey Bank Stockholders
5–Sit-in of Laboratory Sciences and Medical Genetics Ph.Ds.
6–Rally of Haft-Tappeh Workers
7–Rally of Truck Drivers
#IranProtests on January 9:
1—Rally of Medical Staff
#Khuzestan province—medical and health staff affiliated to the Health Ministry’s Health Change plan once again rallied in front of the local health department.
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#manuscripts #ShiiLaw this is a collection of the works of Shaykh Luṭfullāh al-Maysī (d. 1032/1622) MS Kitābkhānah-yi Burūjirdī in Qum 255 1/ Image
Shaykh Luṭfullāh was a jurist in the age of Shāh ʿAbbās and is perhaps best known to posterity through his mosque in the Maydan-e naqsh-e jahān in #Isfahan 2/ Image
Shaykh Luṭfullāh was born in Mays in Jabal ʿĀmil (southern Lebanon) and migrated with his grandfather Ibrāhīm to the Safavid realms and #Mashhad where he studied and where he was appointed briefly as a custodians of the endowments associated with the shrine 3/
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This is how the terrorist Ayatollahs of #Iran's Islamic Regime have terrorized Iranians. By means of executing Political prisoners since 1979. They falsely label peaceful protesters as murderers to justify their execution. #MustafaSalehi will be executed within next two hours. Image
Unfortunately, #MustafaSalehi was executed by the #Iran's Islamic Regime in #Isfahan this morning. He is the first of 10 political prisoners who have received death sentences recently over their participation in #IranProtests of 2018 & 2019.
#اعدام_کنی_انتقام_می‌گیریم Image
And @Twitter ghost banned me because of tweeting about execution of this man. @jack why does your Twitter ghost ban me always after reporting about protests in Iran or execution of the political prisoners?! Image
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There is No difference between #Basij terrorists & #ISIL! #IRGC's Basiji militiamen attacked Jewish Tomb of Esther and Mordechai in #Hamedan yesterday & the Christian graveyard of #Eslamshahr today. There is No difference among #Iran's Islamic Regime (#Jaesh) & #Daesh! ImageImage
This is not for first time that terrorists of the Islamic Regime are destroying graveyards where none-Muslims or enemies of extremist Islam are buried in #Iran. It started with destruction of tomb of #RezaShah the Great, founder of modern #Iran by Ayatollah Khalkhali in 1979: ImageImage
#Basij militiamen who are equivalent of Sunni #ISIL are frequently attacking & destroying graves of Jews, Christians & none Muslims in #Iran. One of recent examples took place in #Isfahan. Basijis stormed #Armenian graveyard of the city & destroyed all gravestones on 19/12/2019. Image
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#Intisharat_e_mawla published the works of Muhammad Husayn Fazil-e Tuni (1880-1960), a famous teacher of Arabic literature and philosophy in #Tehran whose students include Javadi Amoli, Hasanzadeh Amoli as well as the historian of Persian literature Zabihollah Safa (1911-1999)1/ ImageImageImageImage
After studies in Arabic literature, grammar and rhetoric at Madrasa-ye Navvab #Mashhad, he moved #Isfahan where he studied with Jahangir Khan Qashqai (1827-1910), Shaykh 'Abdullah Gulpayigani & Mirza Muhammad Husayn Fisharaki (d. 1932) the latter students of Akhund Khurasani 2/ ImageImage
with Qashqai for 6 years, he studied the #Manzume of #Sabzavari (d. 1879), the #Shifa' of #Avicenna (d. 1037), and the #Tamhidalqawaid of #IbnTurka (d. 1432), a text that was emerging in the later #Qajar period as a tool for teaching philosophical mysticism #Irfan 3/ ImageImage
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A new printing from #Intisharat_e_Mawla of the classic #Persian philosophical summa of #Avicenna written for Ala al-dawla Kakuya the #Buyid ruler of #Isfahan 1/ ImageImageImageImage
Four parts - Logic, metaphysics, physics, mathematics, the last is not extant - the edition was first published 1952 as part of the #Avicenna millennium celebrations 2/
The text is often considered to be like a #Persian version of al-Najat but the logic more closely follows al-Isharat and the order where Metaphysics comes before Physics is more common in post-Avicennian works 3/
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A very large commentary by Shaykh Muhammad Sultanabadi known as Sultan al-‘ulama (d. 1382/1963) on the main modern #ShiiSchooltext on Shii #UsulalFiqh by his teacher Akhund Khurasani (d. 1329/1911) #ShiiLegalTheory completed in 1958 1/ Image
He also wrote a gloss on his teacher’s #Hashiya on the earlier #UsulalFiqh text of Shaykh Murtada Ansari (d. 1281/1864) Fara’id al-usul #ShiiLegalTheory 2/ Image
Sultan al-‘ulama had also studied with Mirza Taqi Shirazi (d. 1312/1895) in #Samarra #ShiiLegalTheory and philosophy in #Isfahan 3/
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The major work of the #Zahabi #Sufi of the #Safavid period Najib Riza Tabrizi known as Zargar (d. Isfahan c. 1698) Nur al-hidaya on mystical ideas and lexicon #ShiiSufism 1/ Image
Najib al-Din was born in #Isfahan in 1048/1638 and became a disciple of Muhammad Ali Mu’azzin Khurasani (d. 1672) arguably the first #Zahabi spiritual master - he had been author of Tuhfa-yi ‘Abbasi dedicated to Abbas II (d. 1666) on the identity of #Sufism and #Shiism 2/
A translation of the Tuhfa was done by Faghfoory around a decade or so ago #ShiiSufism 3/ Image
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(1/3) Parlante pri li mult canadeses morit in #Iran, Prim Ministre #Trudeau de #Canada ha parlat diplomaticmen, blamante in general li tensiones del region, sin queles "li victimes vell har esset in hem con lor families". Il emfasat que li ínnocentes es

#Occidental #Interlingue Image
(2/3) sempre tis qui suffre in conflictes inter grand países, e pro to on deve laborar por esser cert que un plu grand conflagration ne eveni in li region. Multes ha dit que #Trump es tam culpabil quam Iran (pro li subit mortation de #QasemSoleimani in #Iraq), ma quam alliate de
(3/3) long terme e grand partenero comercial con li #US, Canada nullmen vell voler esser tro criticaci contra it. Interim, protestes ha evenit denov in Iran in cités quam #Tehran e #Isfahan. On mey notar que mult dozenes morit in li avion de #UkrainianAirlines esset iranianes.
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#BREAKING: It is happening now across #Iran, Iranians have come to streets of their cities to protest against the Islamic Regime over shot-down of Flight #PS752 by #IRGC. Happening now in #Isfahan, protesters can be seen chanting: "#Khamenei is killer. His leadership is illegal"
In another part of #Isfahan, thousands of protesters have come to streets blocking them on the convoy of security forces during the #IranProtests against #Iran's Islamic Regime over shot-down of Flight #PS752 of #Ukraine Intl Airlines by #IRGC|ASF.
In another part of #Isfahan people can be seen protesting against #Iran's Islamic Regime over shot-down of Flight #PS752. They chant: "#Khamenei, resign, resign".
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#news from Iran
NO: 1
#Isfahan Province
angry farmers, over the new excavation of a canal by authorities to transfer river waters to a local steel that link to #IRGC, Using their own machinery, filled the canal.
#IranProtests @SecPompeo
#News from Iran
NO: 2
#Khuzestan Province
People say : "The government is not providing anything. None have been provided. Even the blankets they gave are filthy. Our homes are full of mud. Should we sleep on mud?"
#IranFloods @SecPompeo
#News from Iran
NO: 3
#Lorestan Province
The flood broke a bridge between villages
But #Rouhani's government does not do anything to rebuild the bridge.
#IranFloods @SecPompeo
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News from Iranian cities
NO: 1
#Khuzestan Province
#Hezbollah's terrorist forces deploy to #Iran's flood-prone areas to suppress any anti-government protests.
News from Iranian cities
NO: 2
#Isfahan province
New piping from Zayandeh River.
Mullahs’ regime, not only fails to think of people or come to their aid, but it increases the economic and life pressures on them using the #IRGCTerrorists.
News from Iranian cities
NO: 3
#Khorasan province
#Iraq's Hashad al-Sha'b's terrorist forces deploy to Iran's flood-prone areas to suppress any anti-government protests.
This terrorist group entered the city by #IRGC.
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Mike Pompeo is forming a dedicated group to coordinate and run U.S. policy toward #Iran as the Trump administration moves ahead with efforts to force changes in the Islamic Republic's behavior after withdrawing from the #nuclear deal…
Thousands of Iranians have protested in recent weeks against sharp price rises of some food items, a lack of #Jobs and state corruption. The #protests over the cost of living have often turned into anti-government rallies…
They are expressing unhappiness in widespread demonstrations since last December well before #Trump pulled out of the Iran deal. Strikes are increasing, with #vendors in the #Tehran Bazaar holding a work stoppage on June 25…
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إيران: ديكتاتورية الملالي (الملارشي) في مواجهة موجة من الاحتجاجات
Une grève générale ouvrière ça ne se décrète pas à jour et heure fixes c'est une lame de fond qui, plus elle est imprévisible, plus elle est profonde. #IranWideStrike #LisezRosaLuxemburg…
La nuit dernière à #KhomeyniShahr
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Tens of public calls for tomorrow protests against corrupted Shia clerics & authorities of Islamic regime in nearly all major cities of Iran such as #Tehran, #Tabriz, #Kermanshah, #Isfahan, #Shiraz, & even small cities are now spread in social media. #IranProtests
2nd Part: Tens of public calls for tomorrow protests against corrupted Shia clerics & authorities of Islamic regime in nearly all major cities of Iran such as #Tehran, #Tabriz, #Kermanshah, #Isfahan, #Shiraz, & even small cities are now spread in social media. #IranProtests
3rd Part: Tens of public calls for tomorrow protests against corrupted Shia clerics & authorities of Islamic regime in nearly all major cities of Iran such as #Tehran, #Tabriz, #Kermanshah, #Isfahan, #Shiraz, & even small cities are now spread in social media. #IranProtests
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In #Iran, thousands take to the streets for day two of anti-regime protests. Flashback to 2009 #IranProtests? So who is demonstrating now and why? I'll compare/contrast movements. Some thoughts & on-the-ground insights to follow:
The protests are largely targeting government economic policies, price surges on basic goods & the regime's economic & material support of Hezbollah & movements in Syria, Gaza, Yemen, etc. #Iranprotests #مظاهرات_ايران
But grievances have expanded, similar to the #GreenRevolution of 2009, which started out as a contested election but evolved into a movement against the entire regime..Now protesters' slogans are targeting President Rouhani & Supreme Leader #Khamenei #Iranprotests
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